Thursday, December 30, 2004

Is this a coincidence or what? 3 of my favorite people's birthdays are today! I'm sure you are sayin, "naw, its not my birthday, is it?" But anyway, here's a shout to those born on December 30th:

Lebron James, 20
Tiger Woods, 29
Kristin Kreuk, 22

So guys, if you want stars as kids, plan for a magical romantic night on March 30th.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hmmm...I almost forgot my password its been awhile. Naw, my passwords are always the same to everything - email, bofa, credit cards, paypal, work stuff - maybe i should change it now?

I anticipated a busy december, and i was right on. I kinda already want it to be 2K5 already you know? I'm sure I'm not the only exhausted cat and yall out there can empathize with me.

Let's talk about Vega$, part duex. So we leave thursday night, and when we arrive I call in sick for friday. I missed our office party, but its not like I haven't been to Dave N Busters before. No biggie smalls. Plus I have sick hours that are about to expire at year end. *Cough, cough.*

It's an accomplishment to get all our siblings together in the Bay, let alone anywhere else. But this time in LV all my siblings and siblings significant others (except my sis' BF - good!) were there, sans parentals. Now that I'm thinking about it, we were never ALL together at once. At the club, it was only us 5 brothers. At the telly's, we were missing Jon. Then Jon met up with us, but I wasn't there because I had a bball game to watch. Hmmm, better luck on christmas I guess.

So I didn't really care to go the LV again, but my squad was playing there! I was pretty amped for the Georgia Tech/Gonzaga game. Anyone who knows me just slightly or been reading these pages knows my love for the GT hoops squad. Damn i felt like a groupie travelling all the way to watch a 2 hour game. Anyway, I rocked my new black/gold jersey (along w/ my black/gold kicks) to the UNLV campus. Honestly the hottest girls the whole weekend were at the gym, not the tellys or strip club - umm not like i know 0=). Something about college co-eds I suppose. As for the game, we lost, and I was crushed and it ruined my whole trip. I even came up a few hun, but that couldn't make up for the defeat. (thank god i didn't bet on them! talk about double whammys).

I been doing a grip of shopping this month to, and not only for myself. Here is my xmas gift for me though:

I didn't buy from ISS though, since its probably the most expensive shoe site in the world (wide web).

This is for V-may:

Hope she likes it. And I doubly hope she doesn't check this page before the 25th. And yes its real.

I so wanna buy this shirt. But kinda hard to justify 30 bones on one:

And I bought other gifts too, but I swear sometimes $$$ or gift cards are the best you dig?

Probably the hardest thing to shop for is a Xmas tree. Yesterday I bought a 10ft noble fir and had it tied to my whip. And my whip is pretty small so I was kinda tripping when I brought it to my moms. Luckily the drive wasn't so bad. So I get home and of course I need help taking it down and putting it in. And of course no one was home or answering their phone. Since I've been working out and taking my vitamins and I brought that freaking tree in myself dammit. Just call me Paul Bunyan yo. Too bad my back still hurts.

Okay here's to more consistent posting! Notice when SV is on hiatus I don't blog as much?! Coincidence? Probably not.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Man I haven't blogged in 2 minutes.

Just came back from LV last night. Aside from the fact that I lost $krilla and it was mad cold and I played the worst round of golf ever, it was fun times. So much that I'm going back next week!

SV recap from 2 weeks ago: It was predictable. And how come CK wasn't in LL's nightmare of all her loved ones being dead? Maybe b/c she doesn't fear losing him? And why did Jason and LL break up during Xmas? Isn't that the worst time to do it? But yeah, to echo MSB's piece, it was a bit graphic. Man its gonna be awhile til the next one.

Go Gauchos! It will be especially sweet for UCSB to beat DOOK. This is men's futbol in case you're wondering.

Have a good weekend yall. (Man my blogs are becoming Callwave-length-like).

Monday, November 29, 2004

dang i haven't blogged in a minute.

Why did momz have to raise me right? So a few months ago, our company bought about $5000 in computers. I go through the paperwork and fill out the rebate forms and such. today we finally receive the rebate for 5 benjis. And it just says payable to "Regan Tacorda." No company name no address no nothing. And no one (besides myself) knows about a pending rebate. We cut the check awhile back and coded it and we move on. But whatever, I'm not gonna pocket the $krilla even though I would never get caught. $500 isn't worth it. Plus I'ma firm believer in karma - what goes around comes around buddies.


Man I can't wait until tomorrow, and not because its my dad's and ironically my uncle's (his twin) birthday. Nas' new joint drops (2 disc). Since 1994, I've bought all Nas' cds on the day that they've dropped (except for the kinda wack Nastradamus). That Jay-Z/LP collab drops (cd/dvd). And lastly the Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore combo drops too! Sadly I have to pass on the latter since I already own HG on DVD, arguably the greatest sports film of all time. Anyway, I was perusing through the sunday supplements, and I saw them for $11.99 $ $19.99 @ BestBuy! Man that's cheap for a double disc and 2dvd set. Then I opened up Circuit City, and they were only $9.99 & $17.99. Whoa cheaper. Lastly, target had them for $9.98 & $15.99 respectively! We have a winner.

You're probably thinking that I'ma get them at target, but you're wrong. I'ma get them at circuit city. If I go to target, I'd probably but $20 more of things I don't need, nullifying that $2.02 savings. Circuit City here I come!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

It seems I always get home at 7:59pm on Wednesday nights darn it. But it was worth it because I got my sidekick! At least I fulfilled one of my summer resolutions even though its basically winter time now =/. Anyway, not too much to talk about yesterday's show:

- I knew Lex was getting play, but not like that that he don't even remember faces!
- It looked like a Dell Jukebox, but I'm surprised the MP3 playa wasn't an Ipod, since Apple has/did frequent product placement in the show.
- Jason's moms is a weirdo, but I think she's a recurring character for a lil bit.
- I believe the Lionel has truly transformed into someone good.
- Man Clark is real gullible sometimes.
- Chloe still wants CK. And I don't blame her.
- I miss Lois. But I miss Pete more.

Aight next week looks freakin' crazy from the preview. First I thought I saw cleavage. Then I heard their conversation! Man it looks bananananananas definitely. But its probably gonna be a dream or a severe case of amnesia. I know how them writers and producers work.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Memoirs of a Sneakerhead, Vol XIV:

I've seen samples of these shoes many months ago, and when I saw them I had to have them. With the internet sneaker samples are exposed earlier and earlier, as there is no need to go to sample sales anymore. Shoot, I know what's coming out Winter '05 already! Anyway, these kicks don't have official release dates like Jordans, so basically when shops get them in they can sell them whenever. They aren't available at Niketown,, Eastbay, Foot Locker, etc, so it takes some effort to track some down, unless you have cake and are willing to shell out this much on eBay. But where's the fun in that?

A couple underground websites have them but they literally sell out in a minute. Word had it that it was available on this particular website. So on Friday I did that route as soon as I could, received my confirmation number and was relieved. But the worst email someone could get arrived: "I'm sorry, but your order was canceled." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" The hunt continues.

So I called around local shops last week, and murmurs of DLX in San Mateo was supposed to have them this Monday. On Monday morning I called feverishly, but no one picked up the darn phone! I thought they must be too busy giving people the shoes! You can't evade the Reegsta. So I said screw it, I have a good feeling about this and just drove down there and took my lunch break at 10:30. I done strolled in the store ready to pick up my 10.5s but homeboy was like "sorry bro, we didn't get them in yet." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" Whatever, so I just picked up a Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Vinegarette dressing from McD's and went back to work. The hunt continues.

Alas, after my umpteenth visit to Niketalk, someone dropped word that they dropped at HUF in the city. So basically I zigged when I should've zagged. Keep in mind this was around 4pm and traffic going to the city would suck. And I had a dinner date at 6pm. What's reeg to do?! Being the sly cat that I am, I made up an excuse that I had to pick something up (which wasn't really a lie) and slid out the back door. I'm ready to brace the traffic and parking situation in the city. The gift and the curse of living in the Bay: competing with many other sneakerheads, hoarders and posers for the limited allotment of kicks.

I'm a couple blocks away from HUF, and I already see a parking spot. Usually I would drive pass the store to find closer parking, but this being rush hour it probably would be more beneficial if I just parked and acted like Dash from The Incredibles. Plus I had adrenaline on my side. I dashed 1.75 blocks and calmly walked the rest of the way, since I couldn't be "HUF"fing and puffing into the store. I see the kicks on display. Whew. "10.5 please." He brings it out, I try them one. Damn they don't fit well, how about an 11? I try them on, but damn these are too long. I was gonna ask for a 10.75, but didn't wanna look corny in front of their "cool" workers. I pay a buck fitty plus tax on a pair of kicks that has a MSRP of $65 literally listed on the box and still walk out with cheesy face. The hunt is over (until the next one comes along).

Then I read that DLX SF has them and are selling them for $89. Great.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yesterday was the first episode of SV that I've seen "live" in awhile. I was a littler weirded out by the whole lana/isabelle transformation, but at least the show was primarily about her. She got a lot of airtime for once.

- it was a good episode right away when LL bought the spellbook off eBay haha. she mentioned she maxed out her credit card since she had to have it (i'm too familiar with the feeling!)
- man jason should've known right away that something was wrong with her, otherwise she wouldn't be talking like she was in the addam's family
- sometimes CK is affected by people's powers, and other times he's not. they aren't the most consistent bunch
- *whew* *whew* LL is a virgin (and lois isn't!). if you recall, i spoke about her losing it in Paris, but evidently that's not the case. *whew*
- CK is one also, and I'ma feel bad for any girl that gets it from him
- you think Jason would get some not only in Paris, but even for travelling halfway across the world. apparently not.
- lana is saving herself for clark (or me, whomever comes first - no pun intended!)
- haha imagine him doin the deed, and all this fire comes out of his eyes hahaha
- back to your PG show, but definitely PG-13 this season
- why did CK schedule the Princeton visit while his folks were out of town? was it for an athletic scholarship? in real life, ivy league schools do not give out those types of schollies, so naturally i wasn't able to get in harvard
- CK dancing makes me look like Ursher
- CK has another weakness - magic
- damn LL was sexy throughout the whole episode...wowsers
- she wore that backless top again!
- lex must have had other motives to get Jason axed...i ain't buying that, and not because I have no skrilla
- good to see LL and CK make amends, but only if CK revealed some cave secrets to her. obviously she's destined if that tat just appeared on here.
- when she showed CK her tat, I hope hoping she mooned him too
- i'll give this one a 4 out of 5

Happy Veteran's Day yall!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

60 Secs Reegview:
The Incredibles

I haven't been this amped to watch a flick in awhile. And this was even before all the word-of-mouth recommendations I heard! So we caught the last showing on a Tuesday and peeped it. And it was amazing! (thought i'd say "incredible" huh?) The animation, cinematography, characters, storyline, etc were all top notch. The detail, movements, sounds, shadows and everything else added to the realism. The water and hair looked all too real. The parodies and superhero references were ingenious and classic. It was a very fun and entertaining movie, and that's the understatement of the day. I freakin' was cheesing the whole way through. Just go peep it and you won't be disappointed.

I'll give it 4.5 kicks on my 5 kick scale.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Random (a)Musings for 11.09.04:

1. my nighttime routine involves watching the fresh prince on nick @ nite. how is uncle phil so big and carlton half his size?
1a. carlton banks = kanye west. they even dress alike!
1b. whatever happened to tatyana ali? she had that one single "all day long i think of you..."
2. so what does john kerry do next? i mean, it seems like any other job would be a let down right?
3. i wanted to go on a shoe buying hiatus for the month of november. that lasted a week =/
4. which is fine as long as i abide by the maxim: "own your possessions, don't let your possessions own you"
5. tape floss > regular string floss
6. how come a dude's GF can be called his wifey, but it sounds mad dumb if a chick's BF is called a "husbandy." i think i answered my own question.
7. fantasy league status as of this morning: 4 of 12, 6 of 12 and 4 of 10.
7a. goal for fantasy league by end of year: 1 of 12, 1 of 12 and 1 of 12.
8. white boy songs of the moment: the killers "somebody told me" and green days "blvd of broken dreams"
9. operation: KIT is running smoothly. some hiccups but am planning to have dinner with Miss Minn soon. sweeet
10. tentative december schedule: bachelor party, las vegas, arizona, tahoe, la (hopefully!), another bachelor party, christmas!
11. went to davis yesterday, and boy am i glad they didn't accept reegsta, since i really would've contemplated going there.
12. "everything happens for a reason"
13. it was a pretty good competitive weekend: on friday I played hold em with some coworkers and it was down to me and this other cat. we had basically an even amount of chips, with me slightly ahead. i'm holding A-2 and a 2-4-2 comes out on the flop. "ALL IN." Dude calls it and shows a 2-4!! A boat on the flop! "WTF" and i'm about to cry. whatever, i have literally 6 chips after the blind, and he's stacking 1000 chips. I'll get him next time I thought. But alas, Reeg comes back and wins. It made the Red Sox comeback look like little league.
13a. I also won a baby carrot eating contest. 33 in like 2 minutes. Could've been more but we ran out! i felt like kobyashi for a sec.
14. happy birthday swissely!
15. congrats for my older brother for asking the question to his wifey, and congrats to 'snup for the engagement too.
16. i NEED to go the the NaS concert next tuesday. tickets anyone?!

Friday, November 05, 2004

I don't think Lana has smiled this season. She dresses in dark gear, but I noticed her mane looked a bit reddish last episode. She's almost goth like! Man, her character did a complete 180 from prior seasons, not only in looks but moreso in personality. She's hellllla mad at CK, but of course he wasn't responsible for Jason's departure, otherwise he wouldn't be asking about him! Clark done saved LL's life about a dozen times, so she should at least cut the dude some slack like a seamstress altering a pair of pants. HA!

Anyway, Lex is getting more conniving by the episode. He had to be still studying CK, why else would he bring Mikhail up there. And why did he fire Jason? I realllly hope he doesn't like LL. That's a plot twist Reeg wasn't expecting. But hey, you can't blame the guy.

Props to the adult actors, since they play their characters well. And I hope Jonathan gets a cameo in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard flick.

New guilty pleasure show: Desparate Housewives. No really, its an entertaining piece. JC Chasez's girl is pretty purty...Eva something. Not Eva Savealot though.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Remember that Saved by the Bell episode where they competed to write the school's theme song their senior year? Zack wanted to be remembered for something other than his mischevious behavior and wanted to stamp his legacy on Bayside High. Everyone around him loved his song "Bayside is the School..." and he thought he'd win in a landslide. Mr. Belding then announced the result: a tie between Mr. Morris and Samuel "Screech" Powers rendition of "Give me a Home." Albert Clifford's reaction: "Man, there more nerds here than I thought!"

My point? Man, there are more Bush supporters here in the US than I thought! I knew there were a grip, but 59 million is insane-o. It makes me double think if we're living in the same country or not. Maybe he is the anti-christ afterall?!

On a related tip, anyone wonder how Screech always hung out with the cool people? AC was the jock, Zack was the ladies man, Kelly was the cheerleader, Lisa the Fashionista and Jessie the Pres. These cats are pretty high on the high school totem pole. Yet Screech was always kickin it with them. Which is cool. You'd think he'd be best buddies with that black nerd with the voice and glasses whose name escapes me right now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm pretty excited since this is my 1st election year that i'm voting. here are my prelimary votes for the major categories:

president - john kerry (i love ketchup and he wears a livestrong band, but these obviously aren't the reasons)

YES on prop 66 - so many minorities are unfairly jailed its no joke. cali spends more $krilla on jails than schools. 3rd strike offenders are getting life sentences for nonviolent crimes. the ads you hear about rapists and murderers walk the street? well they shouldn't even have the option for a 2nd strike let alone a 3rd strike...lock em up from the jump

YES on prop 68/70 - i love gambling and i hate that indian casinos have to alter their games to conform to state mandated regulations, but this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the potential revenue that that state can generate.

NO on prop 69 - usually whenever something involves the number 69, I'm for it. but not in this case. i mean, do we really need everyone's DNA?

YES on prop 71 - not because of christopher reeve, but the future of mankind (okay maybe a lil over dramatic) lies with medical research. it grants loot for researchers and schools, and i don't mind if some of my chips goes to this.

YES on prop 72 - man, its sad when i hear that sick cats can't receive health care simply because they can't afford it. but my wallet is gonna take another hit?! yeah, but we're gettin' taxed regardless. i'd rather use that money to help a brother out than something else.

Yall know that song Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development? there's a line that goes "Here's a dollar, naw brotherman, here have 2...a dollar is a snack to me, but it means a big deal to you." this is how i feel about our country. we have the wealth, but we need to be like a pair of legs and spread it!

Go vote yall.

So yesterday I was channel surfing in my whip, and I heard Mac Dre's new song on KMEL. Cool I thought, he's getting play. Then I had to make another trip, and I'm surfing again. One of Mac Dre's classics is playing on KYLD. He's getting airtime, but nothing like this. The first thing that came to mind was like, oh no, this can't be. It was the same ominous feeling when I got into my whip on September 13, 1996 and heard "Life Goes On" by 2pac. Mac Dre can't be dead?! I go home and its confirmed that his van got ambushed while on tour in Kansas City.

Cats outside the Bay probably don't know about Mac Dre. He paved the way for the E-40s and Too $horts of the Bay, and he's been making records since the 80s literally. I remember my classmate Bobby back in 7th grade used to sneak his tapes to class, and we'd alternate listening to his headphones. "Too Hard for the F^%&*n' Radio" to "California Livin'" to "The Game is Thick" to "Its Rainin' Game" to "Stupid doo doo Dumb" to the "Rompalation," he's been reppin' the bay for years. This cat actually made an album while behind bars! He was spittin for a whole album through a phone receiver.

RIP Andre Hicks.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is pretty wierd, but cool. Over the past week, I've corresponded with all my primary college freshmen fall '97 friends! Besides my OG roommates and all. Here's a recap:

Nimz (AIM) - doing his thing @ boeing, still being the same cat...squallah!
E-Fresh (phone) - working @ pulte homes, just bought a crib in burbank
Jasmin aka Callwave (AIM) - working about 80 hrs a week, moved down to Santa Monica
MSB (AIM) - the 1 i see most often, holdin' it down in the Bay with me
CK aka MissKim (email) - wished her a happy birthday, and i'm glad to retouch base with her after a couple years
David aka Chinnuts (AIM) - finally graduated from college this past june, working somewhere
G-Booze (phone) - thanks for the drunk dial, and i miss you too. but he said he didn't like me at first because I had some Jordans that he didn't have HA.

I guess Norm, Marie, and Rommel shouldn't count, since I talk to them often (thanks to the Yellowman). But it was cool hearing from the other cats (umm...not sure about DC though haha).

Thanks guys for breaking me into SB.

Man I haven't blogged so long I almost forgot my password. Okay, yes its thursday (anyone know why thursday is abbreviated as "R" on a calendar instead of "H"?) and maybe all 3 of you are expecting an SV update. But like I TiVo'd it, I'll write about that later. I need to gripe about work, which is something I rarely do, at least on this public space.

Today I effed up and am taking the grunt of it. I just wanna say that I could do 100 good things and 1 bad thing but only that blemish is noticed. Darn underappreciated accounting folk! Man, where's Linkin Park's cd when I need it? Anyhow, this reminds me of my other eff-ups in the past:

- Anyone remember when K-mart was filing for chapter 8 a few years ago? Anyway, they had about $300 million in debt, and they owed their advertisers (Chiat Day whom I was working for) about $12 million. We get the check in LA, and my boss tells to send it to the NY office. It was the biggest check I've ever held. I threw it in the wrong bin and that caused some anxiety since they couldn't track it down for awhle. Whew I still had my job the following week.

- Another function I had was processing checks. You know, like receiving them, tracking them, endorsing them and preparing the deposit for them. One time I actually stamped the back of the payment stub rather than the actual check and threw the check away! What a retard I know. Well luckily our runner (the cat who actually made the deposit) caught it while at the bank. He had to return, found me in the cafeteria, and told me of the situation. I had to dig in my can (whew luckily it was the same day) and pulled out the check. Thank goodness that my boss never found out.

- When I started my last job I was stoked that we had free bagels every morning. So here I am, cream cheesing my bagel. Thinking to myself, dang this CC melts fast, I didn't think anything of it until I took a bite out of it. Turns out it was whipped butter instead of cream cheese! Man that was hella butter.

- Again during this first month, I accidentally closed the current month like during day 10. Man that was bad if you know anything about accounting cycles. My boss had to revert and re-enter everything. Basically we had to do a week and a half of work.

There's more, but I don't wanna look like even more of a scrub. At least our current problem here was remedied like Jason Mraz.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wow no posts for like a week! Like I've explained to some (thanks loyal readers!), reeg's suffered from a minor cold and hence some blogstipation. But when there's a historic sporting event transpiring, it is my responsibility to donate my 2 cents. Dang, this week has been up there with one of the greatest series/comebacks that i've witnessed. Lord knows i'm not the only one too. Didn't think I'd watch too much of the postseason after the GIANTS demise, but as I've often said - sports is the greatest reality tv. And that's why I can watch it forever. Johnny Damon = Je-Sus Walks! And he hits home runs. Derek Jeter can have Jessica Alba, I'd rather be in the World Series. Wait...ummmmm...I have to think 2wice about that. Regardless, watching this past week of that series is, dare I say it, almost on par with March Madness! Unless Tech wins of course. I'm happy most for the true fans of the SoX, not the Yankee h8rs. A true sports fan doesn't revel in another team's misery unless it is their rival. Or Dook. But this is all moot if they don't win it all, and the curse shall prevail.

Does SV play second fiddle to a stupid baseball game?!? No, but I'll make an exception for today. How does one watch both in its entirety without the aid of a VCR? God bless the man (or woman, but not to be sexist, most likely a dude) who invented TiVo. Its about half past midnight, and I just finished watching the Flash episode. So here's my reegcap:

- The episode got off to a great start with the Roots single playing in the opening scene. Sign of things to come.
- I have a feeling the Flash will make a return. But later on in his adulthood, he rocks tights too. Man, maybe that was a mutual decision?
- Lana's a virgin! Through some deduction, and how Jason has never seen her "tattoo" before, that means he hasn't seen her naked. And you can't do the deed fully clothed, so I came to that conclusion.
- As I was typing that above, I realized that they were in Paris together before the tat incident. And Paris is only the most romantic city in the world. Oh well.
- Really, she needs to stop kissing Jason and interact with more characters. She's almost isolated from the Crowe Crew. So if she lives above the Talon, doesn't all that noise irritate her? And if I were in Smallville, I'd be the Talon's #1 customer.
- Hate to say it, but I miss Lois. I might start watching Desperate Housewives so I can see her! (yes lame attempt at a joke)
- Speaking of which, doesn't that title sound like something you'd find on Skinemax around 3am?
- Lex is still hiding ish from CK. And that of course goes both ways. Where will the map lead them?
- Wow, LL brought Jason to the caves and exposed her secret. And CK is still in the dark. Tell him Lana! I'm starting to give up hope.
- Love the not-so-subtle references with the Flash. "Maybe we should start a league or something." Novices may think of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Retards may think of 20K Leagues under the Sea. Nerds it can only mean The Justice League! Probably the 2nd illest cartoon of all time (behind the Transformers most def).

Oh yeah, those added to the blonde list: Kelly Ripa, Cameran from Real World: Daygo, and Tara from the Bachelor a season ago...yum.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Based on the previews, I didn't really look 4wd to this episode. But alas, I thought it was pretty funny and overall a decent hour.

* Clark saved Jason's life, beating out a speeding bullet in the process. If I were one of CKs friends, I'd start keeping stats on how many lives he's saved. Double points for Lana's.
* Lana and Jason kiss way too much.
* Funny how we always see the assistant coach, but no head coach.
* Big ups to Lex for buying the team some Nikes. Notice the boxes!
* I like the cheerleaders at SVH: young, fit and slutty. Too bad the cheerleaders at SI were dudes. =/
* It was only a matter of time before Clark and Lex reconciled their friendship.
* "I still have feelings for Lana" - Too bad LL doesn't reciprocate...or will she?
* Chloe should lower her standards and date like an underclassman or something.
* CK and Chloe are pretty intuitive, so you'd think they have an inkling on Jason and LL.
* It hurt me when LL said she was at practice for Clark.
* I'm actually liking the new characters this season, but still miss Pete. If Whitney could come back, at least Pete Ross can make a cameo.
* LoLa is pretty cool...I like the sassiness. Wierd thing is I saw Teri Hatcher guest star on Sienfeld yesterday too, back when I thought she was h-o-t.
* I wonder if Clark's gonna try out for the basketball team also? He'd wreck shop there.
* Mr. Kent looked disappointed when Clark threw that bomb to win the game.
* There seems to be a lot of sexual tension in the 'Ville this year. And good thing Clark wasn't attracted to that cheerleader, otherwise there would be fireworks (re: that Krista Allen episode).

Sorry this is so not in chronological order, but just the order that it came to mind. Next week looks ill: Flash is like my 2nd fave superhero!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

For some reason, I've been diggin' blondes lately. Not like blondes I see on the street, since most of the time they're Asian and blondes and Asians go together like peanut butter and eggplant - not a good combination. It must be that western mentality of light is white is right. Not to be confused with A&F's famous "2 Wongs make it White" shirt. I knew I should've looked into that skin bleaching therapy while I was in the PI! Only joking, but my tito did give our fam some whitening soap. Yes, soap and not toothpaste. Anyway, as many of my dark haired bretheren would say, I just appreciate a hot chick. Brunette, black, red or blonde headed. But blonde is currently the flavor of the moment: Stacey Kiebler, Elish Cuthbert, Jennie Finch and AK...dang should've wrote them down. I'm sure there's more.

On a related tip, word has it that Hilary Duff dissed LiLo (lindsay lohan) on her latest album. Peep this excerpt:

"Teen singer and actress Hilary Duff has reportedly hit out at arch-rival Lindsay Lohan in a song on her latest album. The Lizzie McGuire blonde, 17, has been enemies with the 18-year-old redhead since they both discovered they were dating pop heart-throb Aaron Carter at the same time last year. In Duff's eponymous second album, the singer's track "Haters" is aimed at the Mean Girls actress, according to gossip site The Scoop. One insider says, "Hilary thinks that Lindsay has been directing negativity at her for too long." One verse of the song reads, "You're queen of superficiality/ Keep your lies out of my reality." At a later point, Duff sings, "You say your boyfriend's sweet and kind/ But you've still got your eyes on mine."

Man this is on some Hov/Nas type ish. So far, Duff: 1, LiLo: 0.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ever see those FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION websites? Well about 6 months ago, I figure "hey...why not" and put in a 2 year STUFF subscription (since I'm already a loyal MAXIM reader). So the other day, I check my mailbox, and my first issue comes! This ish actually works?!

Thought/Peeve of the day: why does it take 10-12 weeks for a magazine subscription to commence? Even with all these new technologies and equipment to make things more efficient, we still get the shaft with magazine subscriptions. Same thing with rebates. It shouldn't take more than a week to bill your card, create your label and stamp it on the mag yeah? What accounts for the other 9-11 weeks?

Which reminds me, I didn't get my SLAM for the last couple months, and I did a 3 year renewal back in APRIL.

And I (we) bought my first issue of PLAYBOY ever. The theme was College Girls of the ACC, and it was polybagged, so it had to be purchased. Don't ask.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reeg's been busy lately; hence, there are a lack of posts. But even through the busy-ness (business?) he'll do a reeg-cap of SV 04.03: Kryp-tuck! Plus I gotta beat MSB (if she does one too)

* Whoa Nelly Furtado...Whitney made a cameo! I had thought that it was just old footage from 2K1, but alas, his name was in the opening credits. Good thing LL dumped him, since girls don't wanna date a guy named Whitney! They prefer something more masculine, like Regan. Or Clark works too.
* Wasn't Proactiv available back then? Scabby Abbey, who morphed into Slutty Abbey during the show, would've saved a lot of problems.
* LL must have a thing for .25backs. Dammit I knew I picked the wrong sport to play in HS! So Jason is formerly from Metropolis and they ran into each other in Paris. Cool.
* Anyone know the proximity between Metropolis and Smallville? SV is definitely in Kansas, but Metropolis seems way more urban than that. Maybe its near Gotham City or something.
* I find myself applauding the show when something good happens. Like literally clapping at the screen. IE, Clark on the FB field. It'd be a shame if someone somehow tackled him.
* LoLa (lois lane) seems way old for HS. Shoot, she seems old for college!
* Chloe got thicker over the summer.
* LoLa was actually likeable this episode. I guess when she shares scenes with cuz, it can be like that.
* The previews made this episode to be all sex-like, but it wasn't even like that. LL and Abbey did their Brit/Mags thing, but it wasn't in the context that people expected. Suckas!
* Man, I hope LL doesn't get 7 years bad luck. Anyone wonder how Hollywood breaks so many mirrors? Any people wonder why careers are washed up so quickly. B/c they break mirrors!
* So what happens now when LL and All-City look into a mirror? Back to normal?
* Call me crazy, but I actually like that Jason cat. He seems like a welcome addition to the 'ville. V-may even says he's cute. But of course not as fly as LL!
* I love how Lex always has a read on people. Except Clark.
* Fumugated kryptonite to beautify people? Man, that's one versatile rock!
* Will the dump tank be the impetus of Lois and Clark? (sorry i just wanted to use the word impetus) They had chemistry like a science project! And Chloe again is playing the sidelines. Perfect segue into next weeks's episode, which scared me more than anything.
* The folks at DTS like to hybrid names. Lois & Clark = Clois. Clark & Lana = Clana. But Chloe and Clark is Cl-Chloe. Man that stuttering sound just doesn't work. Give up Chloe! But please, don't give it up.

Big Shouts to J-Lu for calling me when there was an SV (or simply S, as Cici pointed out to me) special on the ABC family channel. I thought cool! Most of the cast, including KK, was interviewed. That happiness was doubled when the hostess (not the twinkies company) was Brooke Burke! BB = the ultimate MILF. So when BB was interviewing KK...whoa. However, either BB is hella tanned or KK is mad pale. Or both, since the complexions were way contrasting.

I got other ish to write about so hopefully I'll get the chance later. And No, its not about SV.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Pet peeve du jour: How come EVERY time you call a larger, well-known company, the recorded voice ALWAYS says "we are experiencing unusually high call volume...your call is very important to us, and will be handled by the next available agent."

Obviously its not unusual since it happens everyday!

On a side note, one time I was on hold for Niketown, and they played "Selfish" by SV. Then I called another location about a week later, and it played again!

I went and peeped my archives just to tickle my mood. So I posted on 10.01.03 about SV, my anniversary, kicks and the giants. This past week I've posted about SV, my anniversary, kicks and the giants. Man I need to expand my topics, this is getting pretty bland. Seemingly time flies at mach speed. Slow downnnnn!


I found this on another board and thought I'd share. If you're ever having esteem problems or personal non-monetary welfare issues, go study it. And especially for dudes, since girls dig these traits:

People With High Self-Esteem Are...

Able to accept and learn from their own mistakes.
Confident without being obnoxious or conceited.
Not devastated by criticism.
Not overly defensive when questioned.
Not easily defeated by setbacks and obstacles.
Unlikely to feel a need to put others down.
Open and assertive in communicating their needs.
Not overly worried about failing or looking foolish.
Not harshly or destructively critical of themselves.
Not aggressively driven to prove themselves.
Able to laugh at themselves, not taking themselves too seriously.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I guess this will my my first official reegcap of SV. I still haven't completely seen the 1st episode (thanks MSB!), but I have a gyst of what's goin on.

- i thought lois and clark were holding hands during that 1st scene
- when lois was digging up chloe's grave, wouldn't you think anyone from the groundscrew would say anything?
- that wolverine/T-1000 character couldn't hold off lana, so you knew he was doomed from the start
- he had potential to be one of the doper villians so far
- you'd figured lois would be a little more solemn and somber trying to figure out her cuddie's death, but she remains perky (like her breasts!)
- lana gets a shower scene, clark gets one, but lionel's was a bit too much yeah?
- can't wait til martha kent's shower scene!
- wtf was lana wearing that backless shirt chillin' at her place in france? it looked like she was headed to the century club or something
- lana's supposed to be a HS senior, but it seems she aged like 3 years since just 4 months ago. keep her young!
- the makeup's a bit thicker, the hair is a little darker, the clothes are a little more me crazy, but i liked her image moreso in past seasons...more wholesome i guess
- what HS seniors (besides dylan mckay) live on their own? anyone wonder where LL gets her skrilla?
- the acoustic rendition of "she will be loved" was dope though...i hope it appears on the next soundtrack (yes i did buy the first one)
- props to homeboy for flying all the way out there after finding that simple note
- lana believes in destiny, as does clark. they're destined to be together...the writing is on the wall =P
- okay, that timing was WAY OFF in that house. i watched that scene like 5 times, and the explosion instantaneously occured as the door closed. however, in the flashback, it had to take them 2-3 seconds to get to the underground lair. the magic of tv i tell you.
- who were those dead cats in that house where clark was tryna find chloe?
- funny how mister and missus kent are tryna sway clark into liking lex now...if i've lived lex's life, i'd turn out to be a crazy m-effer too!

Of course I wait til the credits roll to preview next week. WTF is that? They are reallly whoring LL out man. Kryp/tuck?! That's wack. They probably have like pink kryptonite to cause people to be attractive to the same sex. And showing some lesbo action? C'mon now. Girl on girl kissing is overrated, even if KK is doing it. I guess they have to cater to their male teen demographic, but got damn. Some readers may think that i'd be in favor of it, but if you feel my tone from last week and prior seasons, i'd rather see a good storyline.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

and i thought i was crazy for dropping $40 on Arena Mag:

whoa check the price out!

this is sorta funny, but its similar to that cat who sold his ex-wifey's wedding dress a few months back (maybe its the same guy?):

need a writing imstrument?

this bastard left me negative feedback and called my shoes fake. that's like the worst thing you can do to me! (please note i'm in the process of getting that smear removed):


hmmm, this DRESS was won by Nick (not as in Nick-y Hilton, but i'm having reservations now):

Pretty in Pink

i'm on eBay waaay too much =(

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yesterday marked reegsta's and the v-maysta's 9th anniversary. As in years. Whoa almost a decade. Its funny, we get the same reaction from everyone when we say its been that long. Even from family members. We started dating when i was a dorky junior with braces and a part down the middle with glasses. Sexy I know. Not sure how I pulled off that braces/glasses combo. Good thing I didn't fly a lot, since i would've set off many metal detectors. I'm "ew-ing" (not to be confused with patrick ewing) right now just thinking about it. As I'm recollecting, I only wore the glasses in class, and took em off right when the bell rang. Or at SI, when the tone toned. So if i accidentally ran into you, I apologize. I couldn't see ya.

Anyhow, we had reservations last night at Boulevard. I actually invited a few of you from saturday, but it looks like no one wanted to celebrate it with us! As I was taking a premeal piss, I was reading the Zagat reviews on the restuarant hanging above the urinal (I wonder if they have that in women's bathrooms?!). "Voted best of SF" for like 5 straight years. Alright, how can it be that good? I proceed back to the dinner table and we order an appetizer. ***Guys: When on a date, always order an appetizer! Even if you're broke and not that hungry. Trust me.*** We get our lobster linguini, which looks like a full meal for Mary-Kate when she was playing Michelle on Full House. That was scrumptulous. Then we get our main courses, and I never thought chicken and prime rib could taste so good. I needed to clean my slate, so I asked for a refill of my Diet Coke. The waiter said slyly "so you want another one?" I was like, damn, now he gonna charge me for 2 dranks. Didn't wanna look kareput and say "nevermind," so i was like "YES!" You better believe I drank the whole thing, to the H20'down bottom of it making that slurping sound. Dessert was the only thing that could've been better, but it was still bomb.

Did I mention it was the nicest restuarant I've been? I'm no jetsetter by any means, but I could get used to meals like this. It kinda justified the tab. The food was mad good (funny how "food" and "good" don't rhyme). It was so tasty that I don't wanna drop a load for the next couple days so that I can somehow retain it. Constipation here I come!

When you've been together for 9 years, what do you get each other? That's 9 birthdays, 9 anniversaries, 9 Xmas's and 9 Valentine's at least. OMGoodness, that's like 36 gifts...whoa. We get each other gift certificates! I got her one to Neiman Marcus (who only accept AMEX and cash - they think they're Costco or someone?!?!) and I received one from Best Buy. =)

I know you don't read this (only when you see a KK commercial on and wondered if I blogged about it), but happy anniversary baby. =P

Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday's grab bag. Maybe I'll try to be consistent with this and have all my random thoughts on friiiday:

- the best porn sites on the net are: and
- i should really really use my account. even Norrrmmm is on it.
- myspace > friendster. see the reason above. so did friendster ever charge? that was like the biggest storyline of 2003 haha.
- i'ma resurrect my friendster account too...maybe.
- don't doctors say that riding a bicycle is a potential cause of impotency? so wouldn't that mean riding motorcycles is even greater? yet another reason not to get a bike (not like i would anyway)
- its crazy, i was listening to the radio this morning and they mentioned that the SH-SI Bruce Mahoney game is on tonight. and this alumnus didn't even know.
- i love oxtail. its like my favorite meat.
- white boy song of the week: i don't want to be - gavin degraw. i think its been playing on some WB show spots.
- v-may thinks i'm gay when i sing along to a jason mraz song. i mean, its not like he's much worse than john mayer.
- summer is officially over. **looks back at summer goals/resolutions** man, i did like 10% of my goals. still living @ the same spot, car still needs paint. ** transfers them to fall goals/resolutions** So not good.
- this is pretty old news too, but did anyone hear about ja rule? basically, on an episode of cribs, he was fronting like that house was his. in fact, he rented the house for a week. what a scrub.
- games on the horizon: tiger woods 2K5, nba live 2K5 and Def Jam: fight for NY ** hopes EA connect comes through**
- paris hilton supposedly trademarked the term "that's hot". now that's hot.
- irony of the week: why are fatter people always in sweatsuits/tracksuits? i mean, isn't there purpose athletically-inspired? but yet, it seems as if they'd break a sweat just putting it on? things that make ya go hmmm...
- i need to read more blogs. i have like 10 friends who do this, but only ci-squared does it regularly. and i don't wanna be blog stalker!
- anyone notice my boss wasn't here the latter part of the week?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Here are pictures from this past weekend. Excuse the retardedness of some pictures and captions. It was me who authored it:

She makes me Blush


The following scenario exemplifies failure:

Yall know how excited I was about the SV season premier right. As the credits rolled from last season, I anxiously awaited the commencement of season IV. So yesterday, I'm waiting until 8pm. Work drags through, I speed eat my dinner, I watch some baseball. It's around 7pm. An hour to go! What does reeg do for 60 minutes? How about take a nap. I just wanted a power nap, 10 minutes. 20 @ the mostest. I FREAKIN SLEEP THROUGH THE FIRST HALF OF THE EPISODE. I guess I listened too much to the Black Eyed Peas and Got Retarded. So I plead with anyone out there, if you recorded it yesterday, may I borrow it?!?!

Now onto the reeg-cap: I learned recently that SV season III suffered a 25% ratings drop. That's pretty big. What sells? Sex sells! So let's get Clark AND Lana naked somehow someway. I'm not complaining too much, but I'd rather not see LL pimped out. The new Lana seemed more womanly, more outward. But she's supposed to be in the Britney "i'm not a girl, not yet a woman" phase I think. I like the tattoo, and moreso, the placement of it. But I thought the black kryptonite was a big copout. I mean, yall had the WHOLE summer to develop a better storyline. Maybe I'm just gettin' old and bitter, since this show is geared for people a decade younger than me.

I'ma still watch it though.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Old news, but Britney got hitched this past weekend. The thing is, no one can confirm if it real or not. Groomsmen wore sweatsuits with the title "Pimps" embroidered in the back. So shouldn't the ladies conversely wear gear with "Hoes" emblazoned? Here are some pics:

Pic I
Pic II
Pic IV

The only thing promising in those pics is Jamie-Lyn. If she was a stock, I'd invest in her now. The countdown begins!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oh yeah, so this weekend was Jeff's 34th birthday bash at the bustling Blush (say that 5 times fast). I felt like a party planner during the event, beginning with creating evite and culminating with taking pictures and ultimately driving him around. And he didn't even go to my 25th! Hahahaha all gravy. But good to see people come out. Like JJ, we had good times. It feels like the birthday season, where there's one week after week. Unfortunately nothing too crazy happened to write home about (we're older, wiser and maturer now), so I'll let the pictures do the talking. They say a picture tells a 1000 words. So would 100 pictures translate into 10,000 words? Man that's a lot of captioning!

This leads me into my Fun with Numbers Factoid: When/if someone tells you that you're 1 in a million, it doesn't mean much. It just means there's 6500 similar to you, and shoot, around 35 in Cali alone. So girls don't feel too special, and guys say you're 1 in 10 billion. That's a lil better. (yes I've said this before)

So there's a Shoe Competition going on this weekend at NikeTown SF. Its basically a collection of the top shoeheads in the area, and some collectors are even flying in. While I'm going only as a spectator, I'm gonna be interested in one of the exhibitors. Yes while I may have a few kicks, I still only have the 2nd most in my family. Sad huh? My sister will have a few of her kicks on display on Friday Night. Out of curiosity, I entered her and she was chosen. Cool huh? Swing by if you're interested.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

6 days til the SV season premier. Can you believe this is the start of the 4th year?? They're seniors already! And we've met them when they were only freshman. LL was a cheerleader. Clark was a slim awkward youngin. Pete was there. Chloe was and is still bugging. Anyway, last night I peeped the 2 part 2 hr finale of last season, and boy was that a crazy episode. Crazy plotlines left and right. Did Lana jump on the plane? Did Chloe and her papi die? Who spiked Lex's drink?

And I saw the trailer for next week's season premier. It was bananas. If you didn't peep it, another LL makes their debut - Lois Lane. I was sorta sad, because we all know Clark digs Lois in their adulthood. It's like watching a movie and getting sad about the ending only because you saw it already. Regardless, you still get sad. Okay I may be jumping to conclusions, but that's why we watch. SV loyalists will recall a scene which Chloe referenced her cousin Lois Lane in an episode in Season II. Anyway, I avoid during this time because I hate spoilers. I like my ish fresh! *anxiously awaits TiVo in the mail*

My roommate is out of town for a week. During this time, I wanted to reorganize my kicks and take pics of them, like many shoenerds do. I wanted to lace all the brand new ones first, and I freaking felt like a sweatshop laborer after I was done =/. Who would've thought my first pair of Nikes in 1st grade would turn into this:

This is the bulk of my collection, missing about a dozen pairs for which I don't have boxes for. I think I have a lil too many, so I'm pawning some off on ebay. A couple of them are already accounted for. Moving them is gonna be a beach!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My new favorite color of moment is YELLOW. Its a great complementary color:

with green: Oakland A's, Brazil
with brown: UPS, piss and poop
with red: fire
with blue: mission dolores colors
with orange: a retro hallucenating, tie-dye look
with grey: lightning, the skate shoe popular color
with black: steelers
with purple: lakers and huskies
with navy: georgia tech

The only color it doesn't look good with is WHITE. that's because white is the absence of color - very blandish.

Good thing I got my LIVESTRONG band. Yes, I know, everyone has it. WEAR YELLOW!

It reminds me of a joke I sorta use sometimes once inwhile occasionally. When someone buys an article of yellow clothing, they ask what matches with it. I simply go "Yo teeth sucka!"

Friday, September 10, 2004

60 Second Reeg-view:

I peeped the pilot episode yesterday (btw, why do they called them pilots? should've premier suffice?). It was funny, since I'ma big fan of Joey. Joey > Chandler + Ross. He is "lol," "rofl" and "hehehehe." Okay, maybe I'm swinging too much. The Friends influence is defnitely there (well they do have the same writers and such). Plus I liked the fact that its based in Cali, southern to be precise. Made me reminisce on my days down there, albeit limited ones. Would I watch it again? Sure. Joey makes me "lmao."

Final Rating: $$$ (if they get hotter girls, then maybe the rating will increase -they should, they're in LA now!)

60 Second Reeg-view:
The Bourne Supremecy

So I peeped this flick last night. But I haven't even seen The Bourne Identity. Who does that? Have people seen Dumb and Dumberer but not Dumb and Dumber? Bring it On Again but not Bring it On? Anyhow, I guess I answered my own! Well the last time I saw Matt Damon in a movie was in EuroTrip, where he gets to mack on none other than KK...grrrrr. Actually, I didn't really watch Eurotrip, I just saw that particular cameo (gotta <3 the internet!). So as I'm watching this movie, I'm thinking to myself "that bastard." And that's what I thought throughout the movie, so I really couldn't get into it. But still it wasn't bad for an espionage action flick.

Final Rating: $$ (would've been higher if he wasn't in Eurotrip)

I'm about to embark in one of life's most difficultest challenges. I've been putting this off for some time now because of its tumultuous nature, stressfulness and sheer magnitude. There is no going back. In anticipation of Mr. Shakur's 8th year death anniversary, which is sept 13 for those in the "no" (not "know"), I'm gonna create his Greatest Hits compilation, from Reeg's perspective. Death Row did a decent job with his double disc a few years back, but ensuingly trashed his music with all subsequent releases. With the exception of Makaveli, all his posthumous releases were mediocre to wack. nevertheless, I'm aiming for 16-18 tracks, or whatever could fit on an 80 minute disc. Here's my temporary list, and any suggestions, while appreciated, would be shot down:

me against the world
staring in my rearview
only god can judge me
ambitionz of a ridah
hold ya head
i get around
hit em up
gotta survive
dusted and disgusted
life goes on
thug passion
n____z done changed
bomb first
ghetto star
life goes on
california love
same song

*Disclaimer: I already own these cds. They are real and not bootlegged, nor downloaded. They have been purchased with my hard earned, clean money. Next up: The Bay Area's Greatest Hits!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Where art thou O Reegsta? Err I've been here. Could've went to LA, could've went to NY, but I decided to kick it home during the extended weekend. Played baseball. I suck. Played poker. To borrow from Mr. Rock, I suck more than Jenna Jameson. My pocket queens bowed down to pocket aces. That one really hurt.

I wanted to write about the VMAs, but that seemed so long ago. I liked and didn't like how Ursher called out JT. The ironic thing is that Ursher says he's R&B, but yet he doesn't write his own ish supposedly. And is a Lil Jon beat really R&B? Being the elitist I am, them beats aren't even Hip-Hop! Ursher is as much pop as JT. Another gripe is like he's the victim in this whole "these are my con-fessions..." schpool (<--typo). No, if he didn't have abs of steel, then everyone would be hatin' on him for cheating. Ursher resentment from reegsta? When he calls out JT yes! Lastly, Justified > Confessions. That's what it basically boils down to.

Overrated: Fergie. Or at least she looks better with a hat on. Or better yet, from the neck down.

What's Nick gonna do without Newlyweds?! Glad to see my boy present with Paris and not just be Jessica's accessory. Hmmm, not sure if their variety show was a rousing success, but he's gonna guest star in Charmed and be Alyssa's love interest. Still ain't gonna watch it though.

13 more days until SMALLVILLE: season IV! Man, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Can't Hardly Wait.

As the season winds down, the OG G-unit (Giants) are still in the hunt. I really really hope they playoffs. Am still planning on making it to a regular season game (*hint hint MSB*).

Song of the moment: Memory - Sugarcult (man i'm such a pute boy now)

Video of the moment: She will be Loved - M5 (sorry TL, its a dope video!)

Flavor of the moment: Salmon schmear on a blueberry bagel. Yummm!

Athlete of the moment: Natalie Coughlin (didn't know she was a 1/4 filipino and from the bay!)

Thought of the moment: I wonder if Joey will be funny. After all, he was my favorite character on that dumb show (hope I didn't offend anyone!)

Reegism #145482 (one day I'll compile a whole list): "What I eat doesn't make you s__t"

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Month end really sucks. So I need to post all our outstanding invoices and deposit all the checks. I breezed through the AP stuff (I'll print the checks later) and now I need to make a deposit by 2pm. It's around 1:30, and the bank is less than 5 miles away. I'm mad hungry too. Anyway, it's a pleasant day weather-wise but I'm swamped work-wise. I jump in my whip, bump my music, and proceed on my 4 minute journey. What's in my car? In Tha Beginning - a compilation covering old rap classics. What's playing? Bone Thugs - "F**k tha Police (Dennis R. would be proud). So as I pull into the bank, a cop comes up and pulls me over! I was like helllllll no. This mothereffer pulled me over as I was bumpin' F**k tha Police! Is that not legal? Did he hear it? Does he think I'ma pull a heist? (I had some locs on - very gangsta.) I'm tripping a bit because my tags about to expire and my proof of insurance isn't in my glove. What's worse is that my boss usually makes the deposits, and he even told me to ask someone else to do it, but being the person I am, I volunteered myself. Plus I needed to get out the office to take advantage slightly of this nice day. What's my crime? I freakin' didn't have my effin' seat belt on. Then freakin' CW tells me its a $100 ticket (!?!?!), but I researched myself and it looks like its $20 for 1st-time offenders. But hopefully I can expense it, since the trip was technically for business purposes.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean much to post-college 20-somethings. Shoot, where I live you didn't even know summer has started! (note to self: move to a sunnier area - Eventually). However, this weekend Reeg entered a time machine and had fun. HBD to Snoop and Cheryl, thanks for the birthday bash! And we actually have pics to complement the event. We probably have too many pics harhar. Thanks Lunacris for driving us to North Beach, and despite the 30 minutes it took to find a spot, it was worth it. Note to self: park closer to Centerfolds than Chinatown. Are drinks $10 everywhere? I spent near a benji and had like 3 drinks =/. Man, in retrospect, I should've taken advantage of the DD and got perved. But I still went to sleep with my contacts in and toothbrush dry, so I didn't pass the sobriety test. Also ran into a few Gauchos: TT-Boy (neighbor jr/sr year) and Tony C, but without Marv. The muzik was dope, only because it was old and party-goers could rap along. It seems like everyone started seranading me with their raps haha. Just step up if you wanna battle! Yeah the usual suspects came out, and the usual suspects didn't show up. Can't wait til the next birthday - whoa.

Oh yeah, I have an anecdote. I'm not a fan of Red Robin, but I guess I go there often. On friday nite after a round of golf, RR was the 19th hole (or 14th hole in our case). The infamous waitress girl, whom was actually referenced on these very pages, usually works fridays. I was with Mick* and Heff* (*pseudonyms given to protect their identity). They were talking about Lenn* while on the course still. We played well. We got a discount playing. We'd left work early. So everything's going our way right? So our name's are called and we proceed to sit in her area. Keep in mind Mick and Heff have a history with her. We plop into our booth and see her waiting the tables around us. Picture a die (singular of dice), and we're one of the middle tables. We're just waiting for her to take our order. How come she's waiting on the 5 surrounding tables but not our table?!? Where is the love? To ease the pain, we drown ourselves in freckled lemonade ($3.89!) until close. Regardless, we had the Scheduler to help us ease the mood.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Why?" (reegmix)
by Regakiss

*Verse 1*

Why do only pimples pop up on the right side of my face?
Why do people say that Team USA is a disgrace?
Why at work can't I get a pay raise?
Why do people in my 'hood give me a strange gaze?
Why can't any recent rapper drop a classic record?
Why is all the hot ish stuff I've already heard?
Why can't I grow a beard?
Why is there a lot of sheep, but no shepherd?
Why do I lift, when I'm not getting buffer?
Why does my whip need a new muffler?
Why do I run, when my tum-tum isn't getting any smaller?
Why does everyone front like they a baller?
Why do people vote for the american idol but not the president?
Why do they complain, but voting makes them hesitant?
Why do people talk loud but don't say nothing?
Why do I always fall for people bluffing?
Why is Hold 'Em named Texas?
Why can't I push a Lexus?
Why didn't I ever write for the Daily Nexus?
Why do people buy shoes not to wear?
Why do they get satisfaction from just a stare?
Why did the Warriors sign Fisher and Foyle?
Why do I foresee a 49er season of turmoil?
Why couldn't the Giants win it all a couple years back?
Why is beer sold in a 6 or 12 pack?
Why when I drink to much, I usually yack?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dang, check out this rack!

Upon closer inspection:

Hahahahaaha WTF?!?!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Newlyweds done ended their 3rd season last night. Or was it the 2nd? Whichever the case, its been a minute since the Bill Parcells (Tuna) incident. And I haven't talked about it much this time around. Has it lost its luster? Naw, it still has the same appeal to me. I don't know, I didn't really like the supporting cast this time around. Freakin' Casey the assistant was on EVERY episode, and she has nothing good to share. At least Drew is funny sometimes, and I can relate to the brother bonding between him and Nick. But Casey was just...there. She wasn't hot, wasn't funny, but yet almost had as much air time as the stars. Man, MTV should just throw her on that Andy Dick show. Anyways, yesterday was the season finale and perhaps the series finale, and I'll be first in line when the DVD comes out. Nick is the man, since we share similar qualities, but he may be a lil more romantic than me. Or is that because the cameras on? But yeah, he's a guy's guy, even though he was in a boy band.

Some people get famous due to their kin. Nicole Richie, Vanessa Bryant, and Osbourne not named Ozzy. I used to categorize Ashlee here, but not anymore. Guilty pleasure of the week is listening to Pieces of Me. She's sold more records than her ate! (that means big sis for you non-tagalog speakers)

The Olympics have been pretty dramatic the last few days. The best event I've seen so far has been the Australian and American showdown in the Men's swimming relay. Klete outlasted the Thorpedo to win the GOLD! Man that was a good race, as Thorpe had to make up some ground in order to catch up, and that he did. So what happens if there's a tie? Is there a swim-off? Or overtime? Didn't know swimming could be so tantalizing. And them female swimmers are mad cut, almost lookin' like dudes.

Paul Hamm is the man. Yes I was watching the Men's Gymnastics event. I used to think golfers were the greatest athletes, but gymnasts may have an argument. These cats can do some craaaaazy ish on an apparatus. And they have like 0.056% body fat, so we can relate! Back to the Hamm. So I was watching the event on tape delay, but I didn't know the result. Homeboy takes a spill on the vault. So I figured his quest for gold came to a halt. He dropped to 12th place. For the defending world champ, that was a disgrace. He got a great score on the double bars, and he found himself amongst the stars. Only the high bar was left, and he needed a 9.82. Later we found out that he never knew. He pimped it and ended with the highest score of the day, much to the Koreans dismay. (Yes this rhyming is really gay.) Controversial judges? But hey, what else is new in the Olympics. As my old professor Otis Madison used to say, and sport that requires judges isn't a sport, but merely a competition and/or exhibition.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Ah Friday. But not just any ordinary Friday, but Friday the 13th! To commemorate this day, I'm rocking my Unlucky 13 kicks. I don't know, but I like to correspond the colors of my kicks associated with the day: red on Valentines, green on St. Pattys, orange on Halloween, brown on Thanksgiving.


Speaking of kicks, my pops is hanging up his shoes on monday. After 40 years in the work force, he's decided that he had enough. I'm sure if he didn't have 6 bebe's kids, he'd probably would've retired earlier, had more hair and a nicer whip. Oh the sacrifices of parent'hood.

I finally finished Angels and Demons after seemingly months. While a solid book, although fiction, it seems almost too unrealistic. Not that da Da Vinci Code was on point, but Dan Brown did progress as a storyteller. Not sure now if I should read Deception Point or change gears and pick up another book. Shoot maybe I'll just write one!

Not sure if I ever revealed one of my new Idols? That would be Ken Jennings, aka "I know everything on Jeopardy." This guy puts the awe in awesome. I'd be awestruck if I saw him. I mean, homeboy already stacked over a mil ticket, so its not even about the paper chase anymore. As Shawn Carter would say, "i...will...not...lose" (although he did to NaS, but that's another story). Anyway, my dream Jeopardy matchup would be Ken Jennings, Ben Stein, and Marilyn Vos Savant (if you don't know her, read Parade in your Sunday paper - she's the chick with the highest recorded IQ). Yet another pipe dream of mine is to appear on this fantabulous game show.

I don't know if its confirmed, but its reported that Derek Jeter is, um, gulp, dating Jessica Alba. The same Jeter that has dated Mariah Carey, Miss Universe, Vanessa Minnillo, and countless beauties. He has more dimes than the Sprint lady. Besides his 9 figure contract (NOT including decimals), status as a NY Yankee, mixed heritage, green eyes, Jordan Brand endorsement, bling, and sex appeal, what does he have that I don't?! Its okay though. I did see a new ad for Sin City, and JA doesn't look right blond.

Its never too early to prepare for next season's SV!

The weekend that lies ahead: golf today, bbq tomorrow, gambling tomorrow night, shopping 2 days from now. Sounds like a plan! Have a great weekend all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I just now realized that AIM has an invisible mode option in the user interface. Here I thought that was only available to AOL users. But it doesn't matter, considering I actually like people IMing me and ish. Some heads be like "yo, this gets mad annoying when fools IM me." Sucka then why are you on?? Speaking of which, where have all my dailies gone?? Have you gone 98 Degrees on me? Invisible Man is the greatest Boy Band Song of All Time. Slightly edging out It's Gonna be Me. That song is so dope that my roommate actually bought it on vinyl, and it wasn't Nimz. Back to the AIM tip, but how do you start talking to someone whom you haven't spoken to online in years? And do you think when you see someone online like everyday, and then suddenly they're not there anymore, do you think they just blocked you? Its all good, I make sure I talk to the people I want to talk to regularly. And I haven't deleted a name from my BL since forever, so some heads have like multiple SNs on my list. Why? So my BL can look more populated? No...its just pure laziness! Plus its almost nostalgic seeing an old SN, and saying "ah, the fun conversatons I had with them." Yes like Beck, I'ma Loser, since I used to save conversations back in my day. That's one reason I liked ICQ for you OG chatters, since they kept an automatic log of ALL your dialogues. It was pretty cool. I swear I don't know people using Yahoo or MSN chats primarily, so I didn't DL that program which consolidates all the BLs. Shoot, I'm still on my first and only SN, but am open to suggestions for a secondary one.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday's Grab Bag with a Twist. My goal is too have each bullet having a segue (segway) into the ensuing topic:

- I've never been to a Summer Jam in my life. I was listening to KMEL and heard the roster for this year's event. Boyz II Men...LL Cool J...En Vogue, and is this 2004 or 1994? And they're playing it as if they're old school. They are not Old School - they're more Middle School. Couldn't they get current artists to headline? I know they can't push as many units as in their heyday, so touring is where the $$$ is at.

- Did I mention I ran into Boyz II Men at the Manila Airport? I got a picture with them. And one of them asked for my cousin's phone #. =/

- I saw a pic of an Asian chicka rocking a shirt saying "Everyone loves an Asian Girl." I'd have to agree. *EDIT: picture found on a shoe board*

- Big ups to the RZA for sending me this link: In my countless hours of internet surfing I've never ever thought about going to this domain or even peeping it. Out of curiousity, I've also visited, and the content here reiterates the fact that we're an asexual bunch! *inserts AIM frowning smiley*

- I've divulged the origin of my first name before, but for some reason I never was curious about my last name until recently. I've always thought it was Spanish, I guess because everyone else's is. After a brief googling, I ran across this site that shows I have a pure Filipino, or Pilipino last name. Now I just need to know what "Tacorda" means. *inserts AIM thinking smiley*

- My first born is gonna be named Jordan Tacorda.

- The new Jordan IVs come out in 2.5 weeks. Although this may be my favorite model, I'm not to sure of the color scheme. I'm still gonna get them of course.

- Man its Fiesta weekend in Santa Barbara right now, and I didn't realize that until talking to someone. I've only been to Fiesta in 2001 and 2002, which were both very memorable times. *inserts AIM winking smiley*

- Where's that segue you ask? Of course Jordan's basketball camp coincides with Santa Barbara's Fiesta!

- R. Kelly made that Cassidy song "Hotel." Man I can't stop singing the hook. ("We got room keys!") If you're not around me (which most of you are), consider yourself lucky. ("We're in our throwbacks!")

- I'm gonna dwell in Hip-Hop hell after the latest compilation I've made. To save face, I won't list the tracks, but just know it's entitled my Hip-Pop mix. And that Murphy Lee is on it. Twice. Along with Kanye. *inserts AIM embarrassing smiley*

- Turns out that Kanye interview is true. Grrrrrrr.

- I hope Tiger Woods wins his next tourney. He was thisclose last week. (ok that was a tad a stretch).

Whew that wasn't so bad...Okay everyone have a splendid weekend!

Friday, July 30, 2004

So this dude is trying to sell 2 pairs of Jordans. I'm interested in one of them, so I offer him 225 (market value ~275-300). He's like "well someone already offered that, so I'd sell them to you for more than 225." I'm like okay, cool. I offer 230. He says homeboy would match. Then I go how much. He then goes "he's paying 550 for both." Then I go "yo, that's like 275 each!" And he's like, "wow, you're right! sorry I can't sell them to you then. i thought his offer was for 225 each."

This illustrates pet peeve #25864: people who can't do simple mathematics.

Pet peeve #25865: So I ask my boss a yes or no question via AIM:

reegsta: are we making a deposit today?
boss: y

Y evidently means "yes." But I read it as "why?" I hope I wouldn't be the only one deceived by that answer.

I'm on an official Kanye West boycott. In a simpler time when he was next to the mic and not behind it, he made some hot beats. Besides being a song-whore, this cat thinks he's the greatest thing since cereal. He's not even the best out of Chi-town! (That honor would go to Common Sense.) Here's an excerpt from a German hip-hop publication, so I can't fully vouch for its authenticity:

On the question 'Is College Dropout a perfect album for you' he answers:

Perfect? I don't know. 5 Mics? Yes indeed. The only album I would give 5 Mics except mine is Jay's 'Blueprint'. And tell me, who produced the best songs on it? There you go! I mean, who do you want to give 5 Mics? Tell me one reason why I don't deserve 5 Mics? Peoples say there's better rappers than me, but what does that show? I mean, Ras Kass is a good rapper. But all his albums suck. Has Nas done an album that was as good as mine? Before this issue you had him on the cover and gave him a 10 page story. I heard, he has many fans in Germany, but why? Because you love losers?

Basically he's saying his joint is hotter than Illmatic. And anyone who knows reegsta knows he treats Illmatic like he would his first born. (IE since its release in April 1994, which was purchased on the day it dropped, I literally had to ensuingly buy the album AT LEAST 5 times due to theft/borrowing/etc.) Shoot, I don't even have turntables but still need to get it on vinyl! I'll make an exception to Selfish, which is actually a Slum song anyway. So Corny West, welcome to my $hit-list, and say hi to current residents Ja Rule, dook basketball, Osama and liver.

But if this turns out to be a fake interview, I take back what I said.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dear Reeg Speak,

I haven't talked to you in awhile. Hope you don't think I'm ignoring you. No I'm not seeing anyone else, I've just been busy. Plus it seems the regular blogs I visit have slowed down, and I subconsciously followed suit. Yes that is irrevelant to you RS, but I hope you're not disappointed. It's already hump-day! Hope you like your new pic to the left (now dip baby dip!). I know its not much, but you'll get your face-lift soon. I've promised that to you prior to summer starting, and now its almost ending. Don't you hate it when people say stuff but don't follow through?! I'm usually not like that.

Did I tell you I held 'em on friday? I'm beginning to think that my San Bruno Poker Tour victory was a fluke. The ensuing tourneys I've played just had me poorer. I'll tell you how bad it was - V-may beat me :-[. Speaking of which, she has a new job (again), at a video game company! So not fair.

You know what movie I forgot to tell you? SWINGERS. Yes that does describe us. "You are so money" indeed.

I have/had so much more to tell you. I guess it wasn't important, since I forgot most of it! Anyway, since you're lacking hands, I doubt you could write back. But no worries, I'll get back to you.

one love,

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just in case my ads on top change.  This should help anyone who has butcne (similar to bacne, but on the derriere): 

I've been wanting to make this post for a minute.  Here are my top 7 comedies ever.  Why 7?  Because 1. its a lucky # and 2. I couldn't think of 3 more.  I've probably seen these moves about 50x collectively.

1.  spaceballs - i'm forever grateful to my brother for bringing me to actually see this movie in a theatre back in '87.  "comb the desert!"
2.  friday - chris tucker obtains cult figure status in his portrayal of smokey. "it's ain't got no ain't got $#!+ to do!"
3.  happy gilmore - pre-8 figure contracts was when adam sandler was at his prime.  "you eat pieces of $#!+ for breakfast?!"
4.  dumb and dumber - again, jim carrey at his finest.  "what's the soup du jour?" "it's the soup of the day." "umm sounds good, think i'll have that"
5.  something about mary/meet the parents/zoolander - didn't know what ben stiller flick to pick, but i *heart* all these films
6.  american pie - a modern classic, and probably the gift and the curse for stifler. "why don't u locate your dicks, remove the shrink wrap, and start using them!"
7.  office space - an ode to the 9-5 employee. "why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam!"
8.  old school - probably the best comedy to come out within the past couple years. "you're my boy, Blue!"

Okay I have 8, not 7.  Just missed the cut: Billy Madison/Waterboy (everything past h20 boy sucked), eddie murphy's raw/delirious and coming to america, and naked gun.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A few more gym observations:
- I went yesterday after work, and in the locker room, I saw some guy with a colorful tattoo on his right butt cheek. (No really, I really did go to the gym).  I didn't stare long enough to depict what it was, since there was a mirror there and I didn't want him to see me checking out his arse.  I wondered if that part of the body costs more to tattoo, since you have to worry about dingleberries and such.
- I wanted to use some dumbbells yesterday that were near this dude.  So respectfully I asked him if he was using them.  He shot me a look like he was saying "i don't use them paperweights boy!" but just said "go ahead."  So I guess it works both ways.
- If it wasn't for the exercise bike, I would have never put a dent in Angels & Demons.  Maybe when I finish it I'll move back to the treadmill.
- I've played ball a couple days ago, since I don't lift and ball the same day, unless I ball before.  For some reason I was next and ran with varsity.  I swear everyone was at least a 6 foot assassin, and there's me.  How come the best ballers are the dudes with the worst kicks?  I mean, this dude who was shooting the lights out was rocking some K-Swiss air force one knockoffs.  Homeboy was automatic.  Maybe I should get me a pair?

Friday, July 16, 2004

When I was growing up, I was (and still am) a big fan of the Arsenio Hall Show (whooo! whooo!).  I guess we all are.  On that note, here's my ode to the man.  Things that make you go hmmmm:
1.  why is pounds abbreviated lbs?  when i was a youngin', i would pronounce it like "2 libs of apples."  i mean, wouldn't pds make more sense?  also, when people greet each other, they give each other a "pound."  conversely, in england, do people greet each other by giving a "dollar"?!?  again, why is it called a "pound cake"?  i've lifted a couple, and some weigh less and more than 1 pd.  props to all the ESL out there, its a difficult language to grasp.
2.  pimples are outgrown thingys on your face (or butt).  but if you turn the "p" clockwise into a "d," and therefore dimples, they are ingrown thingys on your face (or butt).  anyone else notice that symmetry between the words?
3.  feel bad for ursher.  first he wants to leave the first chick he's seeing because of her friend (u make me wanna), then after talking to this girl, he's thinking about someone else (u got it bad), but then, he can't get with her because it reminds him of the 1st chick (u remind me), then his current chick starts ignoring him (u don't have to call), which is okay, because he'll be alright tonight.  Just when you think he's figured it out (my way), he impregnates a chick on the side (confessions) and his girl leaves him (burn).  and just in case we didn't get the point, he tells us again (confessions II).  (yeah!)
4.  how come when i'm at the gym, and like a 100 pd dumbbell is near me, some big dude always asks if i'm using it.  hello?  i barely could bench that, and if they see the 10 pd weights in my hands, they realize that i'm not using it.  one day i'm just gonna say "most def i'm using it!"
5.  jessica alba has been confirmed to star in "the fantastic four." if you’re not familiar with the superheroes, one is mr. fantastic, the human torch, the thing and the invisible woman.  obviously, the dark angel is playing the invisible woman.  which is ironic, since who wants to see her invisible?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

60 second review: The Roots - The Tipping Point

I love the Roots. More than Outkast. More than Gangstarr. From the Organix and Do you Want More?!? organic sounds to Illadelph's sonic adventures to the progressive Things Fall Apart to the neo-soul Phrenology, they haven't disappointed me. They may flip up their sound, yet they still have the same end result: good music. But consistently putting out dope albums may be as Carter would say, the gift and the curse. Any of the aforementioned albums would be certified classics if any other group dropped them, but there's no Illmatic-type in the bunch. On the flip side, there's no Nastradamus either. On their 6th offering, they deliver straight raw, complex and polished music, straying away from the experimenting that their other joints delivered. No wack lyrics, no recycled beats, no wack r&b hooks...just dope songs. Another release without much fanfare, despite establishing a dedicated fanbase resulting from touring 300 days a year, the Legendary Roots Crew comes through. They are truely an anamoly in today's hip-hop world. This album adds another chapter to their extensive catalog. Now go buy it for $9.99 at Circuit City and don't bootleg it.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Here's my take on relationships, from someone who's been in one for *gasp* almost 9 years. Not necessarily the rules or whatever, these are moreso observations from a 3rd eye. These methods aren't fool-proof but they are battle-tested. Keep in mind I'm focusing only on the beginnings - from predating through the honeymoon. Guys often don't like being called a "nice guy." Some automatically think that label ultimately guillotines any sort of romantical relationship. When I hear that, its just a cop-out, a sign of laziness and almost a tad of cockiness. Like if you weren't nice you'd have a chance. Please. I find it that chicks do like nice guys, but damn, don't be a captain or a square, or worse yet, Captain Square. Hopefully you're liking a dope chick, and if she's dope she's hot, and if she's hot she's used to dudes hollering, with their nice guy front.

So gents, when you're diggin' a chick, there are 5 simple rules to abide by:

1. be confident but not arrogant
2. be charming but not overly-flirty
3. be funny but not dorky/retarded (note to self: must work on this)
4. be sweet and caring but not overbearing
5. be nurturing but give room to breathe

Okay nothing's going to come to you outright. Just because you'd follow these rules doesn't lead you directly to her panties. Regardless of whats implied or what untertones were established, you must express what you want. You're ready to go rock-climbing, you have the gear, the grapple, the gloves, the canister but you still need to climb the damn rock.

Don't act nervous around the chick. When you talk to her, look her directly in her eyes. When she talks to you, listen intently and look directly in her eyes. (This works later when you start to BS her). Stop talking about yourself...who cares. Give compliments, but don't swing from her sack. If she likes to joke around and touch you, touch her back even more. That's a good sign. But make sure your hands aren't ashy. Use lotion. Emphasize hygiene. Go to the gym. Take time to pick out a nice outfit when you see her. Keep breath mints in your pocket.

Some guys often put themselves in the "just a friend" category. Contrary to belief, this isn't such a bad place. Most relationships evolve from friendships, and its good to have this base already established. Again, don't let this label stop you from getting what you want. Say you want a $20K car, but you have only $15K. Find a way to get that $5K! Its much better to have $15K than have 0. Didn't mean to objectify women as vehicles, but this was just an analogy. If you're in the "oh he's like a brother" phase, back up a little bit. Stop calling her everyday and start talking about other chicks (lying is optional). Retract to the "just a friend" category and she may start catching feelings.

Don't think you gotta be an arsehole to get at a girl. Truth is that works for some dudes, but not all. Girls like to be taken care of, and that's what a nice guy will do. Just distinguish yourself, follow my rules, and you're set. And hey, if she still isn't feeling you, its time to move on to the next one.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I went to In-n-out this weekend, and it got me thinking. Daly City and Union City are 2 of the biggest Filipino enclaves in the nation. But if you get to their respective In-n-outs (or Ins and Outs) you would never know that. When I walk in there, I'm like, where did all the Flips go?! I'm not complaining, just commenting. McDonald's ain't like that.

Thanks for those that took my quiz. I actually messed up on an answer, since I didn't cry when GT lost this year. Sad it was, but it wasn't much of a game. I don't know whats more surprising, Joe B getting 100% or V-may (my girlfriend) getting 50%. No joke, but her score wasn't posted after. She pulled the plug or something. Look out for the remix soon!

So glad coach KKK declined the Lake Show, so GT can beat up on them this year and not have any Roy was their 1st choice anyways...warriors giving Foyle $40 mil?!?!...congrats to Skip for getting a's luke gonna do on the warriors summer team?...i balled for this 1st time in hella long this weekend, and let me just say that rusty is an understatement...

who's the bigger pimp? that 14 year old poking his model-teacher in florida or kevin federline? here's the 14 yr getting dome in the back seat of a car while his cousin is driving. and kevin possibly has 2 girls preggy at the same time. and one of them is britney. one thing's for sure, homeboy definitely upgraded. he went from a 486 to a pentium IV in a heartbeat. or as the RZA would say, in a "beat."

"If you don't change anything, nothing will change." Congrats to those who are taking on new challenges and ventures in life. It seems like there are a few of you out there. I guess we're at that age to revitalize ourselves. Hmmm, sounds like something I need to do!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5 nights is way too long to stay in las vegas. However, it was still an overall dope trip. After analyzing the final roster, I thought it was a pretty weird group going and wasn't sure how we were gonna mesh. But everything turned out well.

Got there Wed night around midnight. Didn't do much, just went to a local tavern and had drinks w/ my brother.

Thursday we slept in and caught the nba draft. Very anti-climatic I might add. The crew rolled through around 2:30ish am. You'd think after a freakin 10 hour car ride they'd be mad tired? Yeah, so they just stopped by and headed straight for the strip. And I thought I was a soldier.

Don't wanna bore you with details, but we did the usual veGas thing, nothing to extreme or out of the ordinary, unless you count Pandora wanting to give Nick her email addy for "photos" at Sapphire. Or even more surprising, Nick refusing it haha. Speaking of um, gentlemen's clubs, this was the first time V-may been to one. At first she was like "no LD's for you!" But later that night, she let up and said that I could get one if I wanted. However, I refused, since it would be pretty weird getting an LD right next to your GF. We wanted her to get one too, but she didn't feel like it. We had a flight to catch in like 5 hours. By the way, Sundays are not the best days to go to these types of places.

Damn, I just realized that I dropped a Benji here and didn't even get a LD!

NBA people seen (not at sapphire): Bonzi Wells, Amare Stoudemire, Casey Jacobsen, Ervin Johnson, Derek Anderson, Brevin Knight, Mike James, Adrian Griffin, Allan Houston, Brian Cardinal, Kevin Ollie, Kenny Thomas, Milk Wilkes (?) and lastly Gavin Maloof. There was a NBA Scrub Player's meeting or something.

Saw a bit of the Palms Girl competition. It was aight. We were just looking for scar tissue.

Everytime I go to Vegas I plan on gambling and losing 5 bills. But this time, I actually came up. High point was like up 450, but I came home up 2, so that's like netting 700! Not sure why I played War, but it netted me a hun-spot.

Bellagio's Buffet was as bomb as Bobby Bouche. And Roberto's was good too.

That's all I can remember for now. Shouts to Long, Nick, Tiff, Mike, Jizz and V-may - hope yall had fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Off to LV he goes. Its gonna be buttcrack sweaty hot there (aka swamp-a$$). Hopefully I'll have pics up next time. Have a good wknd all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I need a blog to write, write, write
I need a blog about my strife
I need a blog that's mine oh mine
I need a blog in my life

Okay that was retarded. Ooops, I meant dorky. Miss Lohan was reprimanded for saying "retarded" too many times in public. The National Association of Retards issued a letter to her asking her to stop. It worked with Britney, so why not Lindsey? Trigger memory effect: remember that scene in Something about Mary, in which Mary asks Pat what he does for a living? Pat, in an effort to look nurturing, says with a straight face: "I work with retards." Hahaha classic movie. Classic comedy.

What did I tell you about the Jesse and Jessica? Word has it is that they broke up. Should've picked Tara from the get go. Or maybe Trisha is knocking on the door. So far, the Bachelor's are batting 0-5, yet girls are still lined up for that shot of romance. Interesting.

Mary-Kate has entered a rehab clinic for an eating disorder. I think we've seen this coming. I mean, she probably weighed more when she was playing Michelle on Full House.

These last 2 tidbits I found reading and I kid you not. See I'm not the only testosterone dude writing about Hollywood. Ironically, these two authors, Bill Simmons and Lang Whitaker, are my favorite columnists. Maybe I'm attempting to mimmick their editorials? Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


With the dawn of summer, I think its a good time to review our new year's resolutions. I propose that we should regularly do this, meaning updating our goals. Make them seasonal. I'll set it off. That's a good idea yeah? Just in case one veer's off course, a new season could right the ship. So here is a sampling of my summer goals:

1. play ball (basketball, baseball, softball, golf-ball)
2. fix Sen-dawg (engine light, visor, bumper, major tune-up)
3. give Reeg Speak a face lift (new layout, fix that damn banner up there, new pics)
4. move out!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

*Newlyweds Appreciation Post*

Anyone peep the season premier of Newlyweds last night? I know I wasn't the only one. If you know me, and if you saw yesterday's particular episode, then you could easily tell why I love that show. Yes they're superstars, beautiful and rich, but essentially they're everyday people, just like you and me. From the opening scene where Jess comments that Nick doesn't open the door for her anymore (I guess chivalry is really dead) to Nick's reactions to the basketball game, this show is like a mirror image of my life haha, minus the glamour and glitz stuff.

Nick comments about how March Madness is his favorite time of the year (me too!). He wears his team's jersey and gear for every tourney game (me too!). He lights a candle during game time (me too! peep the archives). He despises his team's rival (me too!). His libido drops after his team loses (me too!).

Guess who was winning their tournament pool? None other than Jessica. And what team did she have winning it? GEORGIA TECH. Thanks Jess, that made my day!

Oh yeah, I caught the Meth and Red show before, and it was dumb, but funny. Then I caught the Ashlee Simpson show after Newlyweds, and it was dumb, but unfunny.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lately I've been sleeping AFTER I put my TV on sleep and waking up BEFORE my alarm goes off. Isn't that a bit twisted? Proposed resolutions are 1. just leave the TV on the whole night and 2. never set my alarm. Or possibly my mind is operating at graveyard hours causing me to stay up. As always there's crap on my mind, but nothing so infiltrating that's making me lose sleep. Well evidently it is, but I can't exactly pinpoint it. It could be a culmination of events or a combination of things. It's certainly not because I'ma LA fan. hehe

Congrats to D-Town. They were the better team, by far. It seems like LA just gave up in the 3rd. Flip...Flip...Flip...Flip...Game Over! Don't shed a tear for Karl, he once said a golf course is a waste of pasture land. He's also made over $100 million in his career. And he has Olympic Gold. As for GP, even if the Lake Show did win, he would've received his ring the same way Mitch Richmond did - as a non-factor. Maybe Karl and Gary should sign with the WARRIORS for their chance to win it again next year.

So I guess VS is having a big sale or whatnot. I've seen the commercials (oh la la!) and v-may goes shopping. She actually bought me some stuff there. There's a scent called Very Sexy2 that's supposedly the cleanest fragrance out for MEN, like myself. Then she pulls out a pair of boxers (yes, boxers) for me. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't think I could wear VICTORIA SECRET underwear. I might as well start drinking Midori Sours and Fuzzy Navels and watch Sex in the City reruns (ooops, skratch that last one). Its like an octopus trying to survive in the desert. Its just unnatural. I tried to tell her my manhood would be diminished if I put on a pair. Did I fail to mention it reads "VERY SEXY" on the waist? So I'm in the gym, some people got "CALVIN KLEIN" or "SEAN JOHN" or "BOULEVARD" (the fat people with BVDs) or some are just Commando, and here's scrawny Reeeg with his "VERY SEXY" draws on., I don't think so. The 100% cotton boxers are navy w/ like red and white polka dots ...they aren't lacy or silky or whatever, so I'm not sure how "VERY SEXY" is justified. Modeled pictures available upon request for a small fee.