Friday, June 29, 2007

So I went to the bathroom...

And went to the urinal to go pee, and I unzipped and I couldn't find it! No not my weiner [well duhhhh], but rather my slit I use to pass through. Turns out my boxers were on backwards! So after having my Kris Kross moment, I just peed as if I was wearing tighty whiteys.

Okay that's the highlight of my day thus far, sorry nothing more to share, except that I'm sure I'll like the J-Rich trade maybe in 3 years.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Grab Bag [aka randomness – still thinking of a catchy consistent title]

- On my quest to mimic my Friendster list, I've sought out to add friends from there. Too bad all the married chicks have different last names! I thought the 21st century girl wanted to keep her OG name?? Oh wait – that's a tres horrible idee. Nevermind then. You'll be added somehow someway. And I'll keep coming up with funky *(& &^% like every single day.

- I'm wearing a pink [and brown] shirt today, even though pink is so 2003. But then I just activated my myspace, so I guess I'm still current! And I'll continue to wear camo and plaid shorts this summer. I guess you'll see me in seersucker in '09.

- So I ran a lil over 2 miles 2 out of the last 3 days trying to prepare the the SFM 5K. I actually ran it last year [I have pictorial proof] without running AT ALL in like ages. G literally convinced me to run hours before the event [because Lord knows I would've signed up early to save $5], and I did it in 37 min in some Air Max '03s. I've been running religiously and have some 360s now, so I should at least finish it in 36 min this time around.

- So I've had an iPod for almost 2 years, and I've never created a Playlist! So to prep for my run, I'ma try to create a 36 min playlist: 100 Miles & Runnin' by NWA, Runnin' by Pharcyde, Run the Streets with Pac, Run to the Sun by NERD, Runaway by Linkin Park, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum and Run So Fast by the Cold World Hustlers. Shoot – might as well throw Run's House in there too!

- The biggest annual sporting event [not including March Madness] that I look forward too every year is the NBA draft. So naturally, I'ma play a lil hookie this afternoon.

- So the other day my sunglasses broke. But I really wasn't pissed considering that I don't really take care of them since they were only like $20. You know them sunglass racks you see at Macy's or wherever, and they're always unorganized and there's probably already bacteria forming on the nosepiece because countless people tried them on already? Hmmm…maybe I should invest in some stunner shades. Or the Dwayne Wayne ones, since I am Flip [hehe get it? the flip glasses!]

- Since I'm tryin to be on my grown man steez, I didn't upgrade to an SK3 – rather I bought a Dash [or double rather, G got it for me, but triple rather, that one broke so I technically bought my replacement]. So even though I wanted to bronze my beloved SK2, I felt it was best to let it go. And I'm kinda happy of getting $125 for it, but then again – I can't truly recognize revenue since its not completely earned and realizable. Haha dorky accounting joke!

- I finished all my furniture shopping this past week! So the initial plan was to get everything at the same place, but I ended up getting a sofa and coffee table from WE, a media stand from CB, a dining table from EQ, chairs from SD and an outdoor furniture set from IK. Its up to you to figure out the abbreviations. Oh well, at least my TV and Home Theater match. Hopefully it all flows =/

- Woohoo I made a 2nd page of friends! Watch out Tom I'm coming after you!

- So I've finished proofreading my passage, and I've never used so many exclamation points before. It must be G's influence! [oooh on cue]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

southern cali here I come...

So G and I booked our flights last night for G-Booze's wedding [not to be confused with the G in the subject]. We're gonna have an arm-pit stop in Daygo [is that what you natives call it?] for a couple nights, then drive up the congested LA freeways for the weekend festivities, then fly out of LAX late Sunday afternoon. It was relatively inexpensive – a buck-fitty for an SF-SD, LA-SF itinerary [shouts out to Alaska Airlines]. I can't wait!

I look back fondly on my brief stint in the City of Angels, but alas, I was born to be in the Bay. Hmmm I don't even know what to see/do while we're down there? The Zoo? Blends? Extraordinary Desserts? Newport Beach? Hollywood? UNDFTD? Roscoes? Compton? [Haha j/p about that last one – just wanted to see if you're still paying attention!] I don't need to go to Compton to prove my gangsta-ness. Plus I wouldn't think G wants to venture out there too, no matter how much I say its just like Friday.

So we're taking suggestions on what to do, and maybe I can convince G to go LegoLand! Observe the concentration as I carefully interlock the pieces along with the other prodigies at work.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blankman [not the flick]

I see a blank slate, yet I don't know what to write. i thought i had like 2 years of blogs bottled up in me, but I guess I've defecated it all along the way. hmmmmm...what to talk about???! **skratches head**

I can talk forever about hoops, but the Warriors only have the 18th pick on Thursday [prays to the bball gods for Thaddeus Young or Javaris Crittenton.] I can talk forever about hip-hop, but I'd rather listen to Weezer than Lil Weezy. I can talk forver about kicks, but I wear Kenneth more than Michael.

Maybe you're asking, "damn son – late pass on the MySpace account!" And I'll be like "yo – never on schedule but always on time!" It's a dictomony of sorts – the better half of me, probably my left side, wanted to remain anonyomus, while the right side wanted to be a e-socialite, to share pics and comments to make me look pseudo-cool. But honestly, I missed the connection to the e-world and receiving the e-props, even though I've never had a xanga [well technically I did, just to leave comments]. I missed the folks who I haven't seen since my friendster account went beer belly up. I figured my readership to ReegSpeak has dwindled to only spammers on my tagboard, hence I needed a New-New audience [caps for emphasis, not for Lauren London]. And my biggest quandary was being on in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day, and exhausting all of my frequently visited websites! It doesn't help that work blocks my primary ones [yahoo & NT, and I wasn't about to surf ISS], and even this site is partially blocked. Plus I can't chat @ work either, so email and ezboards are my only outlet.

Okay enough of the e-excuses – I'm right here, right now - word to Jesus Jones [mad e-props if you remember that song.] And as a result, I've exhumed my space right here – consider this blogging area the remix, but not the remix that sabotages the original song, it's the doper one like I Got 5 On It. Knumbskull & Yukmouth!!

To be perpetually continued….