Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blankman [not the flick]

I see a blank slate, yet I don't know what to write. i thought i had like 2 years of blogs bottled up in me, but I guess I've defecated it all along the way. hmmmmm...what to talk about???! **skratches head**

I can talk forever about hoops, but the Warriors only have the 18th pick on Thursday [prays to the bball gods for Thaddeus Young or Javaris Crittenton.] I can talk forever about hip-hop, but I'd rather listen to Weezer than Lil Weezy. I can talk forver about kicks, but I wear Kenneth more than Michael.

Maybe you're asking, "damn son – late pass on the MySpace account!" And I'll be like "yo – never on schedule but always on time!" It's a dictomony of sorts – the better half of me, probably my left side, wanted to remain anonyomus, while the right side wanted to be a e-socialite, to share pics and comments to make me look pseudo-cool. But honestly, I missed the connection to the e-world and receiving the e-props, even though I've never had a xanga [well technically I did, just to leave comments]. I missed the folks who I haven't seen since my friendster account went beer belly up. I figured my readership to ReegSpeak has dwindled to only spammers on my tagboard, hence I needed a New-New audience [caps for emphasis, not for Lauren London]. And my biggest quandary was being on in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day, and exhausting all of my frequently visited websites! It doesn't help that work blocks my primary ones [yahoo & NT, and I wasn't about to surf ISS], and even this site is partially blocked. Plus I can't chat @ work either, so email and ezboards are my only outlet.

Okay enough of the e-excuses – I'm right here, right now - word to Jesus Jones [mad e-props if you remember that song.] And as a result, I've exhumed my space right here – consider this blogging area the remix, but not the remix that sabotages the original song, it's the doper one like I Got 5 On It. Knumbskull & Yukmouth!!

To be perpetually continued….