Thursday, October 30, 2003

Almost forgot to do my SV recap. I guess that shows how uninspiring the episode was. Perry had on some crazy drunk goggles on last night. And those super fans will know that Perry White is the future editor of the Daily Planet. He even had a recurring role in Lois n Clark. Well theres not much to say about this episode, just a few criticisms.

Didn't Lana see Perry tie himself to a rope?
I thought the red truck was totally totalled?
Didn't Chloe take down the wall of weird?
Did she put it back up, or was that a different wall?
What does "LEX XX" mean on his license plate?
I thought Clark only bleeds w/ Krytonite?
What did Perry do to Lionel?
How come every creeps up on Lex in his crib?
One more thought: What the heck was he doing in Lake Tahoe?

Oh well, next week should prove interesting =).

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

My Seinfeld blog. Pretty easy to figure that one out. I'm at work now, taking a quick break. I'm now in the beautiful city of Brisbane, which is a better commute, but I'm only surrounded by office buildings. This is the first time in awhile where I'm working in a traditional office environment. I used to work into a converted warehouse, and this job held shop in a car showroom prior to moving. But both places were designed to promote a distinctive office aura, so I couldn't tell that a Honda used to occupy my cube. I guess I really have to watch Office Space now, as coworkers were echoing the parallels. Brisbane is a funky area - don't know whether its SF or SM county, if its 650 or 415. Whatever, its close enough to home. Now I just need to decorate my area.

Now I know fall is really upon us. The basketball season started and daylight savings time. Still haven't changed all my times back, for i'm conducting a phychological test. So far I have no conclusion. I never was good at science.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ was talking about somewhere the ladies get in free. Her host quickly retorted, "So that means metrosexuals are half price?"

Its hard to be a metrosexual for halloween.

So Wednesday is Hump Day. How come the other days don't get names? That's not fair.

I want to shrink my font on this screen. Maybe I'll experiment later.

Haven't been to the gym in about a week. It sucks not having a car, but its real cool having a chaffeur.

Jessica Alba is on the current cover of MAXIM. If my maleman doesn't bring it soon, I'ma go postal. (But I already saw the pics...omgoodness)

MTV's Sunday Stew is pretty funny. Might have to start watching that religously.

Weekend looks promising: have Ed and Anthony's Masquerade Ball, and D-boy's San Bruno Poker Tour Tourney. Results coming next week.

Today is the 29th, and I go the next 2 days w/o buying kicks, then it'll be the first time since I don't when that I haven't bought kicks in a given month. I got will power.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, might as well blog about everything else! So this weeks been pretty down and up. The downs: my car is in the shop, my car is in the shop, and my car is in the shop. The ups: the estimate is "only" $2-300, I got my bonus w/o having to meet anything, we're moving offices so I don't have work friiiday, SV, and my bro bought me a pair of kicks. Well I thought I had more downs but I can't think of any at the moment. So I guess the week turned out better than I envisioned!

Oh yeah, I wanted to blog about my weekend. Happy bday to Dan and Phil. Highlights from Dan's day:
- If a hot waitress asks how you like your meat, ALWAYS say "i like it raw" (w/ a wink). Guaranteed will work. So anyone down for Red Robin on Friday?
- Line of the night: "That waitress was so hot, if she was mine, I'd tip her 15%!!!" (courtesy of me haha)
- Not sure how crumpling TP instead of folding TP makes you a metrosexual. But a recent poll shows women tend to crumple and men tend to fold. The Reegsta crumples. Whatever the case, I'm confident in my metrosexuality.
- I had to abbreviate the night early, I have a GF curfew.
- I think I signed a snowboarding contract?! Is my word not bond enough?
- Drinks of the day: Sierra, Hypnotic, and some nasty Korean drink.

Onto Phil's Day:
- D&B's is a pretty poppin' spot. Was gonna go once to the one in "The OC," but the ppl I was with didn't want to pay the $3. No really.
- Interesting way to divvy up the tab. Is that standard for people over 24 yrs old? Is that how people usually do it? Basically we split the tab evenly between the ppl there, but some ppl only ordered an appetizer and no drank, whereas others ordered a main course and drank. Oh well. I got my money's worth!
- Mit + row + sax + U + Ill = A confused Regan. I will never play Win Lose or Draw w/ you cats.
- We ate in the Karaoke Room. And the guys were forced to sing "Bye Bye Bye." In front of everyone, including other guests. Naturally I was Justin. Our name: The Metrosexuals (notice the recurring theme). BB Mak wanted to battle, but they couldn't see us. I want to see them out that door....
- I schooled J in hoops, but V-may schooled me in skeeball. Those credits go by waay to fast.
- Loyal readers remember last weekend I talked about an old HS chick. Can you say deja vu?? But this is a different one. Exactly ten years ago, this girl walks up with her army of 25 freshman chicks, approaches the shy and solo Reegsta (maybe I was w/ P-Diddy) and asks him to the XMas dance. Under extreme pressure, he says yes. So we go to the dance, and I'm not really feelin her. I even dance w/ this girl named Valerie for a little bit. So the next semester starts, we're avoiding each other, and I think she's blackballed me! You can blue ball me, but not blackball me! But whatever, I was mapping out my 3 year pimpin' plan. The next years Xmas dance rolls around, and believing I've been blackballed, no one asks me. In retrospect (about 1 day after) I guess I should've done the asking. Anyways, she went to the dance w/ some nerd who goes by the name Callwave now. But then she transferred at the end of the year. Fast fwd to 2K3, and the signs were there. Callwave told me she friendsta'd him. "So what." Jefe says he saw her. "And?" So it was bound to happen. I done saw her this past weekend. Said "hi." Thats about it.

Aight, don't wanna make this into a SV site, but its 1AM, the Reegsta can't sleep, so here goes my update. Maybe at work I'll blog about non-SV things!

- I knew it was a dream. But damn it was a good dream.
- Like most guys who like to massage their ego, we draw a parallel to Clark Kent. "Lana is your dream girl." Chalk up another one!
- Hope that wasn't a body double again.
- Wasn't Lana suspicious after seeing a totaled car and seeing Clark without a skratch?
- That new truck would come in handy next week. How many darn accidents has that red truck been in?
- Pete's roll is getting smaller and smaller.
- "You'll always be the girl next door." Clark hopefully is a Musiq Soulchild fan.
- Lionel is pretty cut for an older man.
- Not much to say about Lex this episode.
- The Wall of Weird finally collapsed. Weird.
- Dude, Lana isn't always gonna wait for Clark, contrary to his dream. She's like a pair of Jordans: people line up and if you snooze, you lose. Watch another dude (gasp!) enter the picture (not Whitney though).
- Read that Smallville is planned for 5 seasons. We're halfway there!
- Favorite episode of the year so far.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Smallville recap:

Well this episode was like a flashback to Season 1. Here's the basic template: There's a freak. The freak is attracted to Lana. The freak fights Clark and puts up a good fight. Clark prevails. Lana and Clark talk at the end, and Lana tells Clark to open up. He doesn't. So yesterday's episode followed that formula to a T. While I wasn't disappointed in the show, I was expecting more.
- Who swims in the dark? And how did sniper know Jake was down there?
- I take back what I said last week about Chloe.
- Lana should be in Charlie's Angels. Dang she kicks arse again!
- Did Clark always have a lead bulletproof vest?
- Clark and Lana are more touchy-feely.
- Lionel sure covers all his bases. Dang he's good.
- That bullet extraction was a lil gory.
- Maybe Lex is one of "them." He's almost as bulletproof as Clark.
- Whoa Pete sighting!
- Catch that reference to a LL website? What's wrong with visiting them?
- Next week is she topless? Or was I hallucenating? I don't want the WB to pimp her out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Another fun filled weekend passed by. Well, not really another one...but a fun one nonetheless. I don't even remember what I did Friday, not because I was drunk, but rather I can't think straight right now. Fast forward to Saturday. Its my GFs good friends birthday, so we celebrate it at this restuarant in the city called the Butterfly Lounge. It was one of those trendy Asian Fusion restuarants where surprisingly, there are no Asian waitresses. They had something on the menu called the "Pu Pu Platter," and with that name I just had to order it w/o knowing exactly what I was gonna get. Isn't that funny? It was almost as funny as when I reached over to shake some guys hand, and then proceeded to knock down a container of chopsticks. Ooops. I'll just use my fork. After dinner the entourage headed to this nonstraight club on Castro, and since we had another obligation to attend, we unfortunately couldn't make it. Shucks.

On our way across town, we head to Sylv's shindig. As we proceed to the back of the club for the private party, we recognize no one. So we walk back through the front, and still we don't recognize no one. Sylv sure has a lot of friends we don't know! After recognizing the dazed look on our faces, one gentleman goes "Are you looking for Sylvia?" She's right there." Thanks man! Anyhow, the people we recognize start filtering in, and its always good to see familiar faces. Events include:

- A shot of liquid cocaine. Haven't had one since college. Yucky.
- A convo w/ Michelle who straight BOUNCES in the middle of it WITHOUT even telling me!
- Seeing this girl yack and then cleaning it up w/ her BARE HANDS. Christine then goes "Do we know that girl?!" Turns out it was the celebrant. Happy Birthday Sylv!
- I thought V-may and this girl didn't like each other. But yet they were chopping it up like old pals! But a FUNNIER site was seeing lil Val talk to her also. And she doesn't like her even more! Can't people just let go?
- Rushing to get a card for Sylv to go along w/ the present, but not seeing her leave! So the present is in my trunk right now. Umm, I'm not sure what it is. No really.
- Figuring out what ethnicity Sylv's roomy is. Is it possible to be a 1/3 something, a 1/3 something, and a 1/3 something else??
- Where the heck did Snup go? Note: if someone's trying to find you, don't leave your phone w/ someone else.
- Snup making The Drunk Dial. Oh yeah, that's why he didn't have his phone.
- Discussing the virtues of Smallville while drinking.
- The room gave new meaning to wall-2-wall carpeting. Since they were actually on the wall. Must be fun to vacuum!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Wow I think this is a record for most blogs in a week. Current thoughts:

- Comfort Room Courtesy 101: If you leave skid marks, please cover them with TP or a seat cover.
- Congrats to Ahnold, but it would suck if his middle initial began with an "S." Go Governator!
- I didn't vote. But I shall in the Presidential election.
- My sickness got worser.
- The weather is acting funky. Well maybe only in DC, because its usually always sunny in SM. DC has got to be the foggiest place on earth, you'd think the city is amongst the clouds.
- Missed "Friends" again last night.
- I went to Costco yesterday (solo) because I needed only needed the industrial sized toilet paper. Ended up staying 1.5 hours! Because I need petrol (long line), then the regular line (not so bad) and the food line (long). I love them $1.62 Polish Dogs! HOWEVER, Goleta Costco had the best BREAD on their dogs. The Egg Bread. Along with the fake owls overlooking the food court.
- Please join my fantasy league! Email me for details.
- My freaking computer is trippin out with that freaking thing that changes your freaking homepage. Freaking again. Freak!
- To quote other people, TFGIFF =)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

The unofficial Smallville: Episode 2 post

1. Whoa crazy 3 part episode finally culminated...all great episodes
2. I totally forgot that the Kents gave Lex that compass for a gift.
3. Lana wasn't hot at all in last nights episode. Disappointed to say the least.
4. Where was Pete the whole episode?
5. Notice every dies after they get a glimpse that Clark is superhuman? The archaeologist, the scientist, the doctor, the reporter, the mob boss, the henchmen, and now Helen. Please Clark don't tell Lana!
6. Whoa thats the 2nd time Lana saw someone die in self-defense.
7. Whoa she can kick arse. That kick-boxing scene from last year was a precursor.
8. Um I was joking about point #3. Anyone fall for it?
9. I don't think Chloe will be that annoying this season.
10. Can you believe they're upperclassmen now?
11. You'd think enough people in Metropolis would know who "Kal" is.
12. I wonder what pact Jonathan made with Jor-el.
13. So the Kents and Lex co-own the farm?
14. Its sad that I recognized Helen's bag was a Louis.
15. Was there a pool scene is next week's episode? Too bad its not gonna be Nicodemus part II.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Lesson of the day: Always stand up before you flush

So yesterday I was taking my daily dump at work. I may have told some of you about some plumbing problems that our office had. So anyways, the H20 was back on, so it didn't ruin my flow (get it?). Anyways, so I'm chilling in the stall, reading some leftover reading material there, and 20 minutes later, I'm done. Since this jon is pretty powerful at work, I only single flush as opposed to my occasional double flush at any other toilet. I like to see what I accomplish so I get up and flush facing the toilet. So my routine is: dump, read, wipe, reflect, flush, confirm, wash hands (optional). So I flush the toilet, and it flushes like crazy! Water spews out from the whole brim, not because it was overflowing, but because the pressure was so high. It was like a vortex, and it wasn't the poop-contaminated water, it was the new water. I think. About a half gallon spills out. And then I realize why there was like a gallon of h20 already on the floor before my arrival. And I didn't think anything of it because I wasn't wearing my sneaks. This also happened to the prior flusher. So I wait until the coast is clear and I leave the bathroom. I just dreaded the thought of doing the courtesy flush while still posted on there. Whew.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Story of the day:

Man Dies After Wife Crushes Testicles

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - An enraged Ethiopian mother of five will be tried for the murder of her husband who died after she crushed his testicles in a fight, police told the state-run Ethiopian News Agency.

Police said on Friday the man was so embarrassed after the incident that he declined to seek treatment for the injury, and died days later.

"Following a disagreement over the husband's spending habits, his wife refused to give him his dinner and also decided to sleep alone," police in the western region of Wellega said.

"The husband was so angered by this affront by his wife that he tried to beat her. In the melee that followed, the wife grabbed and twisted his testicles causing serious damage."

Police said the unnamed woman, a resident of Wayu-Tuka district in Wellega, had had several arguments with her husband about the amount of money he spent on booze.
Ouch. I'ma stop buying alcohol.

Being a local sports fan has its moments. This past weekend wasn't one of them. It was hard to swallow the Giants defeat, only because the G-Unit had opportunities to win, and they gave up opportunities to lose. Game 3 in the A's series is probably the worst officiated baseball game I've witnessed. The Raiders lost to a scrub team, but at least I'm not a Raiders fan. The Niners lastly redeemed the Yay with their victory. Oh well, you can't win them all.

I developed a minor cold this weekend, just a sore throat and a minor cough. I guess with the colder temperature I should stop sleeping naked. I'm not in LA no more. So with a less than fare physical condition I didn't do much, except watch sports.

I was watching part of the Cribs marathon. Man its unfair. They gonna show Shaqzilla's crib 2nite during the season premiere. I honestly think this show is detrimental to the youth's of our nation. It skews what's important. How does Baby from the Cash Money Click have 50 cars?!?! And I like Fat Joe as a shoe collector more than a rapper. But yet I'ma still be watching, yearning to have a fraction of the toys these cats have. One day.

Hope yall like the new picture =).

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Its about that time of the week. Ideally I'd post like 2-3x/week, but nothing's ever ideal. So once things become more settled and organized, these weekly updates should suffice.

Tonight's the big night. SMALLVILLE SEASON PREMIERE! If there was a upside to summer ending, it is this. Man I'm excited. However in prior posts I noted that the show started at 9PM, but actually its 8PM . Should be good news for you Bachelor watchers. Caught Newlyweds yesterday (haha), and it was a good episode. I don't feel like spoiling it for those who haven't watched it (plus I'm lazy). And I saw Sportscenter about 4 times. Please GIANTS win. Please. Oh yeah I peeped the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Should be interesting...I don't know why RW sacrificed "Come on be my baby tonight" David. Dude looks like Bruce Banner, but alas, he's going back to the lab.

I've had a lot of thoughts lately. And it got me thinking.
- Man there are some obese whips in my 'hood. I've seen Escalades, G-500s, CL-600s, 2K3 Ranges on or near my block. I don't live in the 90210! But damn, I don't live in slum village either. To quote E-40, "Don't buy a $85K car, before you buy a house."
- Anyone notice the dropoff in the price of CDs? I went to Circuit City yesterday and bought OutKast's new joint. Its a double-disc, and it done costed $10.99 wit tax. For a double disc! In '96 that would've set me back at least $19.99. Please support your artists!
- Anyone else have a dry clean only comforter? I have one, but damn. If I bring it to the cleaners like 5 times its gon be more than the cost of it! Already done did it 2wice.
- I like those vintageish track jackets. Makes me feel sporty and want to run like Forrest. But of course I wouldn't do that. Its like ballin' in your Jordans.
- I'm taking a break on buying kicks. I really am. I literally haven't looked on eBay in awhile. You don't understand how much self-restraint that takes.
- I've been doing hella laundry lately. I think because I wear like sometimes 3 fits a day: work threads, workout gear, and after-workout clothes. But I like folding clothes, so I don't mind it.
- I've bought books lately. Hey! New idea for the site: My Literature. True it was a book on kicks and another about hip-hop. But hey, its about culture. Reading is fundamental, and a lost hobby.
- It is okay to watch a movie by yourself in a theater.

Big shout out to those who helped moi with my plans this past weekend. It was enjoyable, a lil hectic, but fun at the same time. Big ups for the support and suggestions. Man 8 years is crazy. Crazy 8!

And with Bonds at bat I shall go.