Thursday, October 23, 2003

Aight, don't wanna make this into a SV site, but its 1AM, the Reegsta can't sleep, so here goes my update. Maybe at work I'll blog about non-SV things!

- I knew it was a dream. But damn it was a good dream.
- Like most guys who like to massage their ego, we draw a parallel to Clark Kent. "Lana is your dream girl." Chalk up another one!
- Hope that wasn't a body double again.
- Wasn't Lana suspicious after seeing a totaled car and seeing Clark without a skratch?
- That new truck would come in handy next week. How many darn accidents has that red truck been in?
- Pete's roll is getting smaller and smaller.
- "You'll always be the girl next door." Clark hopefully is a Musiq Soulchild fan.
- Lionel is pretty cut for an older man.
- Not much to say about Lex this episode.
- The Wall of Weird finally collapsed. Weird.
- Dude, Lana isn't always gonna wait for Clark, contrary to his dream. She's like a pair of Jordans: people line up and if you snooze, you lose. Watch another dude (gasp!) enter the picture (not Whitney though).
- Read that Smallville is planned for 5 seasons. We're halfway there!
- Favorite episode of the year so far.