Monday, August 16, 2010


I know I’m in a blog rut, but that doesn’t mean I needed a wake-up call like this! So a week and a half ago, Blackstarr got his window smashed and I had my backpack taken from the backseat. I was a victim of a hate-crime – they be hating on savs! Hahahaha jp. I know that it’s not wise to leave items exposed, but really, I have a black interior and tinted windows, so you had to peer inside to see what’s in there. You gotta stare into the window and practice looking hard [E-40 reference if anyone got it.]  And it happened on West Portal and Vicente, in front of a Starbucks where there’s usually mad cops and there was still sunlight out.

I guess it could’ve been worse…I had my Beats right under my backpack, but those remained [but my neoprene case was in my backpack grrrrrr]. I also had my golf set in the trunk [since it was a quick smash and dash, they didn’t have time to explore. The actual frame of the door was unharmed, as “only” my window was smashed. And no one got hurt blah blah.  Then my coworker told me she got her windows smashed 2wice in a weekend, but that didn’t make me feel better. The motto here kids is it could always be worse.

However the stuff I’ve accumulated in and had in my backpack is staggering [exaggeration for emphasis]:

- Prada Sunglasses [ughhh had to buy them again…if I lose this pair, I’ma just go sunglass shopping at gas stations]
- ReegPod [ughhh all my Ne-Yo play counts – POOF!]
- Brooks Brothers Collar Stays [in my dope lil casing too…oh well time to upgrade to metal ones!]
- Book of Forever stamps [forever my ass…damn false advertising]
- Resumes [I keep them handy, more on this later]
- Address labels [I *unheart* writing out my return address]
- Beats case [I know I mentioned it, but I’m saying it again]
- Credit Cards [cancelled them within 2 hours of the incident, and charges already came through at Colma Bart and Shell]
- $15 iTunes Gift Card [that’s what I get for bootlegging all my music in 2010]
- Stonetree Gift Card [I haven’t even played at this course yet! Hope Play Around the Bay will honor a replacement]
- $75 Acuvue Rebate Card [ughhh if they just sent me a rebate check, I would’ve cashed it already!]
- Prayer of St. Ignatius card [I had that since Freshman orientation back in 1993!]
- Citrix Access Reader [oh well, work was able to replace it the following day]
- iPod Shuffle charger [I have 10 other iPod chargers but they’re all for the normal sized ports =/]

Shoot that’s all I can remember for now. Oh yeah it occurred during foodie, making this the 2nd foodie casualty I think? We went to Bursa, which was Mediterranean Food. They messed up our order, and we scored a free halibut entrĂ©e that we turned into an appetizer. I ordered the spicy beef kebabs, which was sufficient for 2 meals.  It was delightful.  But I'm just sticking to the foodies we have in Bayview and the T-Loin, while avoiding hood spots like West Portal and the Marina.

So on the following Saturday as I was taking my frustrations out at the Rancho Solano Golf Course, I received a voicemail from the San Mateo Police Department, who mentioned they have some personal items belonging to me. Stoked, I called them [but not before our meal at Chick-Fil-A!] and was like ‘you have my backpack?!’ They’re like no – we have a Macy’s credit card and a stack of resumes in a file folder. Me: =|

I get my window fixed and I think I’m finished with this whole ordeal, then I see this appear on my online Bank Account:

Bastards hit me where it hurts!  If this was like 2003, then it would’ve been a legit charge. But it’s the year of the Double-Dime Dime [2010 - I just made that up], and I don’t spend my cheese like that anymore. Wack dudes probably ordered some Spiz'ikes or something. Ugghhh. I talked to my bank’s fraud protection, and there were several other attempts to use my card - $200 at Lids, $1200 for some paintball place, $xxx at another online retailer. Luckily none of them went through for whatever reason. Maybe because it wasn’t their card!

I didn’t cancel my debit card because it was in my possession at the time of the break-in. But the other lesson here guys is just to CANCEL everything.  I was actually waiting for my new car back luck to happen - it just happened when it wasn't new anymore lol.  The yellow tape indicates the scene of the crime: