Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I've always been intrigued by interracial dating. Not that I want to date interracially per se, but rather just the idea behind it. Back in the day, I used to get upset when I'd see a white dude with an asian chick. Hahaha looking back that's kinda dumb now. I mean you can't expect to be the only one pushing a Benz (damn I hate car and women analogies...sorry ladies.) I might have been skewed reading stuff in Filipinas or whatever. Or never seeing an asian Porn Star with an asian dude (has Tera, Kira or Kobe ever done one?) Or maybe I was just upset that they didn't air the kiss between Jet Li and Aaliyah in Romeo Must Die. It was filmed, but cut at the last minute, I guess to show the asexualness of the asian male. Wow I'm just remembering the Men on Film me and Mark did during Playsia X. I have no idea what I was thinking. If you were there, I apologize for my "acting."

Anyway, I was watching a special on VH1 recently, and they mentioned how asian women are the group most likely to date outside of their race. Conversely, asian men are the biggest group of non-married people out there. (Hope I'm making sense.) I guess that shirt I linked awhile ago is true - everyone loves an asian girl. White boys, brothas, punjabs, latin folks and of course, us asian dudes. Just using my fam as an example, the females are currently dating/married to a black dude, a white/black dude, a mexican dude but ironically no asian dudes.

What am I trying say? Oh yeah, I had a revelation. If it weren't for the white male/asian female couple, we wouldn't have any mestisa chicks! So I'll give them a pass for the yellow fever. I mean someone gotta produce these seeds. Without a white male/asian female, there would be no KK!

Mad props to Harold though for scoring the latin chick in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. Who knows, they could produce a RB-caliber seed.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Could it be that KK has some competition? I came across the following bio:

Graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1999
Yum, an all girl Catholic school. And younger.

She has a younger sister and several older brothers.
Just like me!

Has a passion for basketball and is a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers.
This is getting scary. The Clippers are basically the Warriors of Southern Cali.

Is a fan of fashion. Her favourite designers are Stella McCartney and Coco Chanel.
Hey I could be a fashionista too! Umm, and I like Jesse McCartney.

Some of her favorite actors include Diane Lane, Katie Holmes, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.
I guess Katie Holmes is cool.

Is the spokesperson for Bongo jeans.
*sings in a Ginuwine voice*
You wore these jeans
Girl you wore
These jeans and you
Made a thug wanna cry something terrible

She has a passion for shoes and loves to shop at Target.
Okay this is getting a bit freakier. I go to Target like once a week.

Measures a 34C bustline.
That's like the perfect bra size.

She likes to collect vintage shoes and purses.
Save the purses, so do I!

She is half Filipina and half Latina.
Wowsers, no wonder I always thought she was hot. Me and Rza could appreciate a girl like her.

FOr those who don't know, the answer is Rachel Bilson.

Now please let me borrow the first couple seasons of the OC. FYI she's #6 in Maxim's Top 100. (I hope KK doesn't get jealous.)


Another Friday, another random post:

~ whooooo I'm approaching almost a 1000 hits on my counter, and its been about a month. too bad about 2/3rds of the clicks are by me probably.

~ missing from that LA list: Big Boy in the morning! how could I forget. am i the only one tripping about Power106's call numbers being 105.9? hmmmm

~ i must be the only one not amped to see the Revenge of the Sith. don't get me wrong i'ma still peep it, but i'm not so gung-ho about it.

~ you know how guys sometimes have splitters when they piss? i wonder if girls do also?

~ Must. Get. Faded. This. Weekend. Or maybe not.

~ how are the Giants doing? I swear I don't pay baseball no mind during the NBA playoffs. not even my fantasy team.

~ kinda sad to see Reggie play his last game last night. he went out shooting though.

~ KK was #67 in the Maxim Top 100. But for some reason I never ever ever want her to appear on a Maxim Cover.

~ has anyone seen recent Lindsay Lohan pics? please feed her, or get her away from Nicole.

~ sometimes I feel like selling all my shoes and starting over. well not all, maybe about 30 pairs. then i'd be left with about 100, which should be sufficient.

~ actually when i buy a place, i'ma probably sell off some kicks.

~ Common's BE album is set to drop next week. I don't even remember the last hip-hop album I looked forward to.

~ "Remember the past, prepare for the future, and live for the moment." Please forward me other cool quotes.

~ How hard is it to come up with a cool premise for a new sitcom? I swear network TV in inundated with wack reality shows. "Be a Hilton?" Wtf is that.

~ Sometimes I feel guilty blogging when I'm @ work. And I do about 99% of my blogs during work hours. As a result, I don't show this to my work folk. Evidently I don't show this to a lotta people haha.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hmmm, thinking about copping this shirt. 2 things though: black shirts fade too much, and i have too many t-shirts. Only if it came in purple:

On the back that's Big L, Biggie, Pac, Eazy, Pun and Jam Master Jay.

I like double meaning shirts too, but I'm thinking hip-hop tees, much like shoe-related tees, are getting tacky. Oh well I can make an exception. Maybe I'll order one just how I like my steak - extra medium.


Courtesy of Kron-Dawn (that's what Nimz called her back in the day, after the rapper Krondon):

Total volume of music files on my computer
Hmmm, my desktop has a 10GB HD, and about 8GB of music. My laptop has about 20GB of music.

The last CD I bought
Weezer. Oh but I did place an order to BMG the other day to fulfill my obligation. I think I got Keane, Franz Ferdinand, De La Soul and something else.

Song playing right now reality? Santana - Why Don't You and I (oh just switched to Squeeze's "Tempted") my head? Switchfoot - This is your Life & 3 Doors Down - Let Me Go

Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me
Just 5? Man, thats hard. Well these are the 1st to come to mind...

1. Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends
2. John Legend - I Used to Love U
3. Sould of Mischief - 93 til Infinity
4. Nas - The World is Yours
5. The Five Stairteps - Ooh child

Honestly about a 100 songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me. If you ask the question tomorrow, I'd probably list 5 different ones.

Pass the Baton to Five People
Umm if you're interested, go ahead and copy and paste and typeover my answers.


Bear with me readers, this is my last installment of SV until season 5 rolls around. 2 words: In. Tense. Don't wanna spoil anything, but from the opening scene to the "end" it was freakin' bananas. It was akin to watching your team play in the Final Four no joke. Haven't done a tilda recap in a minute, so here it goes while keeping it kinda kryptic:

~ its not Lana, its Isobel
~ for every season finale, Lex appears at his darkest moments
~ i loved the red/blue contrasts throughout the show: the blankets, toys, gear...forget captain america, its about captain clark
~ i freakin' hate waiting 4 months to see what happens next. its gonna be a long summer.
~ the town is in shambles again, so how is it gonna bounce back?
~ what doesn't kill LL makes her stronger evidently.
~ how does Chloe find herself in all these precarious situations?
~ Lionel must be the biggest G on the whole show
~ I really hope season 5 isn't the last season =(
~ I felt cheated man...they said a 90 minute finale, but it was more like 60
~ So many questions, questions, questions

Damn this was definitely the best epi of the year. Everything was tied together almost perfectly. Like the Common album, "One Day it'll all Make Sense," and its approaching that. They even gave us another LL/CK scene to build on. Watching it felt like a damn movie. After the opening scene, I was texting Cheryl "!!!!" and received a text from her as I typing it! That's how insane it was. Oh yeah, and that Batman Begins looks pretty bada$$. The countdown til the season premier begins...


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gosh Darnit. Don't cha hate when you don't do jack squat all day, then 30 minutes til go time you get inundated with crap? I swear that always happens. Anyway, I'm off. My fav part of the day is x'ing all my windows revealing my KK wallpaper. How cute.


Link of the Day: The Truth About Women

"Chick Speak" eh? Its almost the converse of "Reeg Speak." Men take heed, and ladies don't try to deny it. But take it with a grain of salt.


Am I the only one getting crazy German Spam? This ish been nonstop for like a week. Damn Nazis.

Anyway, as you can see, my boss is out today. And tomorrow the senior manager will be away. And then Friday is gonna be Friday. All of this leads to unproductivity, boredom and blogdom.

I guess its time for another Top 5 list. Here it goes...

Top 5 Reasons I miss LA:

5. Its proximity to Santa Barbara. It seems like we took a trip every couple months. Kini and I were talking about reuniting at Fiesta this year if anyone else is down.
4. Watching movies hella early at the Sony Studio with Cheryl. Even though most of them sucked haha.
3. Shopping at Costco, Beverly Center, basically anywhere with Cicely.
2. Drinking a 12er of Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers) and eating Papa John's Pizza every night SV was on with G-Booze, then having Fresh come home looking at us like we're mad homo. He was probably just bitter since he put in another 12 hr day.
1. The traffic on 405. Hehe naw...just hanging out with all my loved ones down there. I miss yall.

Hopefully I'll get to visit the City of Angels soon. Roscoe's, Tito's, and Pink's here I come.


Now I know what MSB was talking about when she said that everything seems like one long day. You go to sleep with thoughts in your head and you wake up the next morning with the same exact thoughts. I sleep late and am a deep sleeper, yet I've been waking up before my alarm goes off. (And somehow I'm still late for work daily, but that's another story.) To think or not to think. Sometimes thinking too much can get you side tracked from reality. Sometimes not thinking at all makes you oblivious to reality. The power of Equilibrium - now I know why I was an Economics major. Hmmm I guess this will inspire the song of the day:

This morning, I woke up
Feeling brand new and I jumped up
Feeling my highs, and my lows
In my soul, and my goals
Just to stop smokin, and stop drinkin
And I've been thinkin - I've got my reasons
Just to get by, just to get by

Talib Kweli "Get By"


Tha Muzik:

~ Watching AI last night made me realize how much last years singers kinda sucked. Diana De Garmo was really 2nd? She probably wouldn't be even in the top dime this year. George Huff? Really nice guy, but umm let's be real. And that tall goofy looking dude? He put me to sleep half the time. Them island chicks? They were decent, and I'm not even biased!

~ Next week should be a showdown between Bo and Hope. Umm, I mean Bo and Carrie. Its gonna be close, but I'm sure they'll both be signed. And I'm still rooting for Miss Underworld and her porcelain face.

~ So I'm watching MTV and I see a commercial for a Simple Plan/Good Charlotte tour. I wouldn't be surprised if this was voted the Worst Tour of All Time. If you're a fan of either of them, I apologize.

~ The past couple days have been pretty eerie. I was taking a piss and singing Switchfoot's "This is your Life" in my head and get back to my desk. And the exact same song was streaming on Y!Launch. (And no you smart-arses it wasn't playing before I took the leak.) The other day we were talking about Jimmy Eats World, and I was saying "it just takes something someting The Middle!" 10 minutes later, I go in my car and start channel surfing, and guess what song was on Alice? Yep you guessed it. Lastly, I was driving to the Post Office and for some reason I start to sing Nelly Furtado's "I'm like a Bird" no joke. I'm waiting in line and the exact same song was playing over the speakers. And I haven't heard that song in days. Whoa.

~ There is a common thread among the aforementioned songs. This is starting to trip me out.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Homegirl: you are one of the best(est) guys i know...
Homegirl: and you deserve ONLY the best(est)
reegsta: thx for the compliment
Homegirl: and i don't understand why girls dont' just throw themselves at you
reegsta: lol wow....i’m thinkin about saving this convo and revisiting u know me 2 well
Homegirl: haha...i dont' wanna see it blogged!
reegsta: it won't
reegsta: i protect the identity
Homegirl: i'd date you....if i didn't know you
reegsta: lol hahah
Homegirl: hahahaha
Homegirl: naw....just keepin it real
reegsta: haha that line i'm bout to blog
Homegirl: yeah! blog it!

I love it when girls blow smoke up your arse. Thanks! And all AIM conversations are fair game. Be careful what you ask for.


Thought of the Day:

What's worser? Cheating on someone physically or emotionally? Is there a lesser of the two evils? Lets see, for the former, you could justify it (when in reality you can't justify it in anyway) as saying its just lust, just intercourse (or kissing, depending on what you're definition of cheating is.) Unless that is you catch the clap or something and pass it on. Then that would suck donkey balls.

For the emotional context, maybe this is worser. Say you're physically attracted to a girl, but you don't take that relationship to the next level without that emotional attachment. So obviously that vibe is important. But what happens when that's violated? You could justify it (when in reality you can't justify it in anyway) by not doing anything physical. I mean I see hot girls frequently but that doesn't mean I wanna wifey them all up. Its the ones with the emotional attachment that stand out and are pursued. I don't know man I'm just blabbering.

Conclusion: Don't Cheat.

Lyric of the Day:

You can't say
I don't love you
Just because I cheat on you
Cuz you can't see all I do
To keep you from knowing the things I do

- John Legend "Number One"

Hahaha I always laugh when I sing along to this damn song. This is like the anti-Mario Winan's song "I Don't Wanna Know." Mario should take some tips from John.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Monday yall. I'm butt tired but shall attempt to post anyway. Summer is around the corner, and I know that because of all the season finales going on. Oh yeah, I could blog about Grey's Anatomy. Its like everyone's fav show of the moment and I could totally see why. These folks are all in a similar stage - dare I say the nouveau term of the moment - the quarter-life. Except that they're all doctors. Regardless, it just shows regardless of social class, race, gender, creed, etc, we all face the same decisions, problems and obstacles in our day to day lives.

Anyway, yesterday's epi was dope, and not because they had an asian male/white girl couple. That just offset the black dude/asian chick storyline already developing. (Still waiting for the asian male/asian female couple...anywhere.) Everytime I see Patrick Dempsey's character I'm reminded of him starring in Can't Buy me Love, where he was the total square. Now he's supposedly the heartthrob of the moment. I guess you shouldn't laugh at the nerds at your high school, because later on your woman will be secretly crushing on him. Anyway, this dude is a straight pimp. Gets more action in a trailer park than some do in mansions.

That O'Malley dude reminds me of most of my male friends, and maybe even myself. They're all good dudes, but just sometimes need a lil nudge to get the ball rolling. They have the tools but just have to know how to use them. Dr. Grey may have been a reach for him, but no shame in trying. Wait...I'm not sure if he ever did? (I missed a couple shows.) Dr. Evil is the dude's dude. Homeboy carries Trojans in his scrubs. Man he might outpimp Dr. Dempsey. Man these characters are all developed well. I'll talk about the female doctors later.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

I've always wanted a poll on my site, simply so I can ask this question:

If you were Screech, would you:

A. want to have Lisa in your life even if you have no chance with her


B. forget about Lisa despite being your life-long crush and move on

As for me, I waver on both answers. I mean, its cool that Lisa and Screech have similar friends and all, but being constantly reminded that they can never end up together would be tough to swallow. There's a reason Lisa never had a consistent BF on SBTB - it would devastate dear Samuel! Screech always wanted Lisa and never settled (please don't bring up Violet), and he always tried his hardest to win her. And its even harder to look good when you're boys with AC and Zach.

Conversely, you can't just move on and stop liking a girl who you've been in love with forever if nothing ever happened. But sometimes things aren't just meant to be, as in their case. As the saying goes, there are other fish in the sea. Just watch out for them piranhas yo.


Another hump day evening gone by, another SV episode seen. This one was bittersweet as it was the last day of classes at SV High, almost like the viewer was on the journey with them. Even though we rarely seen them in a classroom setting this year, that HS will be missed. The Wall of Weird (WoW for short?) came crumbling down, lockers were emptied, and yearbooks were signed.

What I don't get is that someone from that class dies each week, yet there is no mourning. You have the pregnant girl, the mechanic dude, and now 2 students this past weekend. I mean, no sympathy for your fellow Crowes? Oh well.

I think I'm just looking forward to the culmination of this season. Funny thing is we know that LL and RT, I mean LL and CK love each other. We know the Luthors and Teagues are clashing families. There's just too many questions the audience have to cram everything into a 90 minute finale.

Fav scene: When LL thawed and found herself lying in ClarK's arms. The look in each of their eyes was intense yet passionate. And for some reason I don't think Jason will be back next season.


My 1500th feedback is probably my most fav. How appropriate:


I'm glad to bring fulfillment to another persons life. I was cleaning out my closet and realized I had all these Jordan shirts that I haven't even worn yet. Tags still attached and all. I'm 26 now and I figured the shoes would be enough. Don't need to be all fitted with the corresponding shirt. Someone out there would appreciate it more than me. Plus for some reason I bought all these shirts in a size L but now I like my shirts extra medium. (I can't believe I even bought some XL sized shirts in the past.)

Oh yeah, here is the shirt:

It sold for $38 and was purchased for $20. Not too shabby.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Music Review:
Weezer - Make Believe

Let me start this off with an anecdote. Back in my thuggin' days, I was purely a hip-hop head, circa 1994. I'd either listen to that gangsta ish coming out of the slums or Illmatic and Doggystyle on my broke walkman that had a rubberband around it. Shoot, it shouldn't even be called a walkman - crippledman would be more accurate. The thing juiced batteries like it was on 'roids. It wasn't until '95 when I upgraded to a discman and I haven't looked back. Hmmm, ten years...maybe it is time for the iPizzle?

Anyway, back to the story. So I'm all G'd up and my brother is going through his first year at Stanford. He was always a lil different than the rest of us Tacordas (I mean, he only has like 1 pair of and his musical selection was also nonconforming. I swear he was the biggest 10,000 Maniacs fan ever, or so I thought. Anyway, one day I see this cd with these 4 white nerds on the cover with a plain blue background. I'm like, damn - college changes a brother. They're scrubs! I mean, at least get contacts or something. One song he kept playing was "If you want to destroy my sweater!" (the sweater song). Who the freak makes a song about destroying a sweater?? I still don't know if the sweater was an extended metaphor for something. Judging from the album cover, whomever destroyed their sweater was doing them a favor! Definitely not my cup of tea. Besides, at the time, I wasn't a big fan of tea anyway.

But deep down inside, I really liked the other joints on there. When no one was home, I used to listen to it on the under. It was almost like music porn. You know, you don't wanna get caught. "Buddy Holly" is dope, especially the video. "Surf Wax America" made me wanna learn to surf and actually still does. "No One Else" and all the other songs are still dope. How can you not sing along to "My girl got eye-balls, in the back of her head!" I took a hiatus from this album until my senior year of college, when all them songs were on my first alternative mix, including the infamous sweater song. This actually culminated into "borrowing" the cd from my bro, and of course I have yet to return it, so he actually told me to keep it. Thanks mayn.

Oh yeah, I meant to write about their joint that dropped yesterday. Its a solid release as there's nothing really bad but conversely nothing as good as "The Good Life" (my fav Weezer song ever). As artists get tenure and release multiple albums, its kind of hard to match expectations. Side A is a lil slow but Side B picks up the album. Remember old album reviews that always compared the sides of a tape? I'm going retro with that.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Sweaters.

Song of the Day:

one more dream
vanished up in smoke
now i have no hope
let it go
the damage in your heart
let it go
the damage in your heart
i can't tell you how you want to make me feel

Weezer - "The Damage in your Heart"


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Could I have possibly exhuasted all topics to blog about? Hmmm, sometimes I have diarrhea of thoughts and other times I'm just constipated. But as a fellow fellow, I can always have sports to talk about. So here are my 10 fav current NBA ballers:

10. Earl Boykins - I'm taller than him and he was a key clog for a playoff team. Can outbench people twice his size.
9. Matt Harpring - Gritty. Was a fan of his ever since his Frosh year at G-Tech. In HS he was better known as a football player than basketball one.
8. Andrei Kirilenko - How can you not root someone who looks like that Russian dude in Rocky and is nicknamed AK-47?
7. Manu Ginobili - Makes me think of Sarunas Marcuilionus every time he plays. There's nothing he can't do.
6. Amare Stoudemire - Watch him jump over you and throw one down. Will never forget that dunk on Olowakandi, as it probably killed his career.
5. Gilbert Arenas - Probably the most eccentric player in the L. Literally tossed a coin to decide his new team. We still miss him.
4. KG - See the poster hanging in my rooms throughout college: Da Kids aka Showbiz & KG.
3. J-Rich - can't leave the hometown boy out.
2. LeBron - Kid can do it all. Anchored my fantasy team all year. And he's still a kid.
1. Starbury - Love him or hate him, he's a straight baller. Plays his heart out every game. Coney Island's Finest.

Honorable Mention: Iverson, Artest, Ben Wallace, Baron Davis and Dirk.


Friday, May 06, 2005

Can't let a friiiday go by without my grab bag! So here we go:

~ Sign that you have too many siblings: you forget their birthday. It was my bro's birthday yesterday, and I didn't realize it until like 6pm.

~ Sign that you have too many siblings, part II: its my other brother's birthday today. and my sister's on the 9th.

~ My sister is gonna turn 24, which scares the utter crapola out of me.

~ Happy Mother's day to all the Moms out there. Yall are special women. It must be amazing to bring a child into this world.

~ But that's something I can hold off on. Whew.

~ The Spaceballs: Collector's Edition DVD came out this week, and I have yet to pick it up. Man something is reallly wrong with me. I'm the same guy that spend like $40 on a rare Spaceballs Movie poster back in college. "Comb the Desert!"

~ Remember that PayPal problem I had a couple months ago about the buyer saying my kicks were fugazi? Well turns out his claim was insufficient and I was rewarded back my $krilla. Good riddance.

~ Auction of the Day: Holy Moly! And I thought I overpaid when I spend $100 on mine. I must not be the only one to *heart* orange kicks.

~ Pickup line of the Day: "There are 366 bones in a body. Wanna make it 367?" *wink*

~ Movie news of the Day: So Chris Tucker signed a 2 movie deal with NewLine Films to make Rush Hour 3 and Money Talks 2. I swear Rush Hour is the greatest buddy-cop franchise ever. And I saw RH2 with a cutie. "I got hoez in different area codes!" (I didn't mean that per se, it was just on the soundtrack yall.)

~ It feels good to be a gangsta. And it feels good when your manager and director give you props for your work. Now I just need a promotion.

~ I still have those similar sentiments that I've wrote about a month ago. Shoot its maybe even worse now. I was talkin to a friend who I thought never read my page, and he was like "yo reeg your ish sounds depressed." So I figured I'll lighten it up. Oh well, there's always AIM, which leads to the...

~ Link of the Day: The Golden Rules of IM Some of you please take heed. This is a bit old, but I recently cam across it again, so sorry for the potential redundancy.

~ My segues are just like my skin. Smooth.

Song of the Week: (yep I think I've played it everyday multiple times so far)

You say you wanna stay by my side
Darlin', your head's not right
See, alone we stand, together we fall apart
Yeah, I think I'll be alright
I'm working so I won't have to try so hard
Tables, they turn sometimes

Oh, someday...

The Strokes - "Someday"


As promised, I did hit the gym last night. I forgot that I've finished my deodorant in the morning and didn't feel like going to the store for some speed stick. I thought about just putting cologne on, but figured that wouldn't work. Looking through my cabinets I saw that V had some amongst the lotions and pads and other feminine hygienic needs that are so carefully intertwined with my toiletries. I mean, I swear this things are placed in such a way so purposely. Why yall ladies do that? Anyway, the commercials say "strong enough for a man, but good enough for a woman" so I figured why not? I'd rather smell like a chick than just smell. One thing: please don't tell her I used her deodorant!

I'm not sure why I don't go to the gym more often. Its a win-win-win-win situation:

1. its healthy
2. the potential to see a hot chick or 3
3. a vain mothereffer appreciates the surrounding mirrors


4. i could rock nikes!

Which leads to....yes you guessed it, my latest installment of Confessions of a Sneakerhead, part BO:

In 1989, Tinker Hatfield, the head designer of Air Jordan, observed at the gym people kept changing shoes. One pair for running, another for lifting and another for playing ball. As a result, he designed the Air Trainer I, possibly one of the most classic shoes ever. This multifuctional shoe was endorsed not only by Bo Jackson, but also the tennis playa John McEnroe, showing the shoes versatility. I love this style and have about 6 different colorways. But the first colorway is always usually the best:

^ I got those a couple years ago, but those aren't what this story is about.

To commemorate the 15 year anniversary of this shoe, Tinker remixed it. Truth be told, them babies are pretty uncomfortable by today's standards. The technology available now birthed The Air Zoom Trainer I:

Notice the similarities. Its almost like the child of the original shoe. So anyway, I had these for a few months and finally undeadstocked them last night after months of sitting in my closet. I'ma hit the gym more often now.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm probably gonna go to the gym today. I done went on Tuesday and am trying to keep this up. My goal: Ursher or Justin's body. i wonder what chicks prefer? Anyway, dudes in the gym fall into about 4 categories:

The T-Shirt Guy: the average dude tryna gets his reps in. isn't as defined but wants to be. kinda awkward looking on the weights.
The Cut-Off Shirt Guy: dude got semi-guns, skinny legs and doesn't really work out other parts of his body. goes primarily for the chicks. which is ironic, considering there are mostly dudes here. possibly a homosexual.
The Wife-Beater Guy: this dude is on creatine and appears yoked, but he really isn't strong. goes to the gym daily. rocks a beater to compensate for his lack of manliness elsewhere. socializes a lot with the other beater wearers.
The Cleavage Tank Top Guy: you know, them tanks that Mr. Uinverse wears. they have the ruffled edges and the look is complete with the John Stockton shorts. this dude be curling 200lb weights like it ain't no thang. usually older. and i wouldn't mess with him.

As for me, I must be the hooded sweatshirt dude on this scale. but i'm about to start a trend and start lifting weights with a polo shirt.

Those who get the Sunday paper in the Bay might have seen an article in the Style column about the Polo Revival. To me, the Polo never left. Its always been apart of my uniform. Shoot, I'm wearing one right now! I used to be conservative with my colors, but now I got a little older, a little bolder. See the lime green, electric orange, and teal colored ones hanging in my umm, walk-in closet. Still no pink though.


Courtesy of Mrs. Soon-to-be Evangelista:

BBQ on a Stick: Grilled marinated meat on bamboo

Which Filipino Food Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Damn, I thought I was gonna be kare-kare because I repeat myself too much. (Get it?)


Yesterday's Smallvizzle episode was seemingly displaced in this season of madness. I know we all love the Clark and Lana interaction, but maybe they could've done better than having a baby to share. (Editor's note: Ain't nothing wrong with sharing a baby with LL.) Anyhow, the Luthors are getting back to their evilness. Jason and Lois were no where to be found. So what was the point of this episode?

- Clark and Lana's rekindling of their relationship
- Jason's moms power-tripping
- Lex's turn for the darkside (haven't we been saying this since the end of season I?)

You know, I think I really only watch SV for the Clark and Lana relationship. They've tried their thing in the past, but it supposedly didn't work out. However, you could tell the feelings are still there through the periods of awkwardness. Everyone knew Jason was only there for the short-term and it was only a matter of time until Clark and Lana reconnected. Its almost symbolic on a personal level. So when I say "Go Clark!" it really means "Go Reeg!" Besides the superhuman powers, me and Clark are basically the same person.


Scotty the Body, have a dose of some humbleness. Yeah he probably was the 4th best performer yesterday and thus should have survived. But his bravado and confidence turned into cockiness and arrogance after his remarks. Maybe he been listening to too much Kanye or something. America loves their heroes humble and voted appropriately. However it would've been maaad funny if Anthony was eliminated on his birthday. Alas, he has one more week to go. Carrie Underworld is still my fav.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So I'm posting this from a jury waiting room. And I haven't ever even posted from my new apartment for that matter. There are 2 courtrooms in San Mateo County. I live literally 1 mile from one, and about 25 miles from the other, so of course I'm assigned to the one in redwood freakin' city. I've avoided those affidavit letters for so long I thought I might as well finally go. I don't wanna be a tax evader and a non jury goer - the ish will catch up to me. And this week I actually have to work like a full day, so there goes that. Hmmm, working til dark on a May day? (Ya like that double entendre there?) I don't like the prospects of that. Anyway, this internet connection is spotty here, my cell phone has no reception in the bassment, err, basement, i'm surrounded by a bunch of middle-aged women, I'm hungry...but at least I'm not working!

I love it how if you have to come back a 2nd day, they'll give you $15. For either 1 hour or 8 hours of service. Man that makes sweatshop wages look like lawyer fees. I'm not tripping because I'm salaried, but what if you're an hourly employee, and you must rely on hours? Aren't ya forfeiting $xx/hr * 8? And they say you can't declare work hardship. Our justice system been in place since the 18th century, so I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it. Oh yeah I can't forget the miles reimbursement, which is 34 cents one way. You know, since you don't have to make a round trip duh. And 34 cents probably pays for a few drops of petro.

Its weird how you think of someone and you receive a email/call/text or whatever. I swear it happened to me like 3x this past week. It puts a smile to my face. Man I must have that Jedi Mind Trick game on lock.

I shall never gamble again. Done lost $30 this weekend. Oooops they're calling us now...BRB.