Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tha Muzik:

~ Watching AI last night made me realize how much last years singers kinda sucked. Diana De Garmo was really 2nd? She probably wouldn't be even in the top dime this year. George Huff? Really nice guy, but umm let's be real. And that tall goofy looking dude? He put me to sleep half the time. Them island chicks? They were decent, and I'm not even biased!

~ Next week should be a showdown between Bo and Hope. Umm, I mean Bo and Carrie. Its gonna be close, but I'm sure they'll both be signed. And I'm still rooting for Miss Underworld and her porcelain face.

~ So I'm watching MTV and I see a commercial for a Simple Plan/Good Charlotte tour. I wouldn't be surprised if this was voted the Worst Tour of All Time. If you're a fan of either of them, I apologize.

~ The past couple days have been pretty eerie. I was taking a piss and singing Switchfoot's "This is your Life" in my head and get back to my desk. And the exact same song was streaming on Y!Launch. (And no you smart-arses it wasn't playing before I took the leak.) The other day we were talking about Jimmy Eats World, and I was saying "it just takes something someting The Middle!" 10 minutes later, I go in my car and start channel surfing, and guess what song was on Alice? Yep you guessed it. Lastly, I was driving to the Post Office and for some reason I start to sing Nelly Furtado's "I'm like a Bird" no joke. I'm waiting in line and the exact same song was playing over the speakers. And I haven't heard that song in days. Whoa.

~ There is a common thread among the aforementioned songs. This is starting to trip me out.