Friday, August 29, 2003

10 MTV VMA thoughts:

1. Wow Madonna kissed Britney. Madonna then kissed X-tina. The natural progression would be Britney and X-tina kissing right? But no, they bring out Missy. Talk about the ultimate buzz killer.

2. Chris Rock is mad funny. Even though I heard the jokes before, his delivery and approach still made them funny.

3. It was funny to see Em and 5 Cent give JT props for winning for Best Male Video. Then it was even funnier hearing JT say "its an honor to be in the same category as Eminem and 50 Cent."

4. Remember when Beyonce used to sing everytime DC won an award?

5. They need to time these awards better, since the nominations seem pretty old. "Hot in Herrre/Dillemma" were so summer '02. Em is probably on 10 mile. You get the gyst.

6. The Jack Black Jacko Wacko inpersonation was hilarious.

7. I still don't like Suchin Park. But I like Linkin Park. Think they're related?

8. Britney is the all time losingest person in VMA history.

9. Something's wrong w/ the rap game when 5 Cent beats out a 2pac and Nas collaboration.

10. Rock: "How come they don't punk no rappers?!! Ashton would go 'you got punked!' then DMX would be like 'oh yeah $%#%, you got stabbed!'" First time I saw Dark Man X smile. Didn't know it was possible.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Oh yeah, I watched TV yesterday! Recap:

The OC: I didn't know white people also had debuts?? And they even called them cotillions! Maybe I was in a shell or something. But a friend who I talked to who's an authority on white people said they're big in the south and dirty apple. For the society folks I suppose.

Newlyweds: Haha another classic episode. Best dialogue:

Jessica: Honey, you know how I needed bras and panties?
Nick: Yeah.
Jessica: So I bought 2 bras and 2 panties, and it was $750.
Nick: You didn't look at the price?? Take 'em back.
Jessica: No I just signed the receipt. I can't return 'em. They don't have an exchange policy on lingerie.
Nick: .........

Haha man this is a great show.

Mad respect goes out to the web page designers out there, because I was having more issues than Time Magazine modifying my title. You think you can just type out a downloaded font and type it, but as Beyonce would say, no no no. Steps involved:

Goal: To change my title font
1. find a font you like, download it, extract it, and copy to your font file
2. since its not a true type font, create it as a jpeg
3. fill the background color of the jpeg with the exact color code of where you want to paste
4. resize it accordingly, save the text jpeg, and upload it
5. insert jpeg into header, and size accordingly
6. voila! and an hour later, you're done!

I picked a title from that informal poll that I had, and that choice won by a landslide. The official count was 1-0-0. Also the subtitle is that of a rap song in the late 80s, by the famous DOC. D.O.C., not doc. I know what you're thinking - Reeg influenced by a rap song??? no way!!!

I made other tweaks to this site. I have a pic of the moment, as I was tired of the one of me, J and Rich (not J-Rich the basketball player). Wish it could be du jour, but more likely du week, or du deux weeks. I really should show eric that picture, which reminds me of a story. He did something to me with it, so I had to get him back. I planted that dildo in his bag one day. He went to work one morning and went to a meeting. Upon opening his bag, he saw a long purple thing protruding (haha). He then excused himself from the room, brought his bag, and buried it below all his stuff (haha). Later that evening, he was pissed that I planted it there (haha). Boy we had fun with that thing (haha).

Anyways, woohoo! Blogging on back to back days. I also have a lil email button on the right, since the right side wasn't getting any love. Plus I chose a shot where it looks like I'm reading my own blog! How's that for strategic picture picking? Also I added a few more links that I visit.

Okay I'm outtie like a belly button.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hey all...I'm like literally the only one in my department today, isn't that swell! So here is an opportune time to blog. So how have I been since last time? Pretty much the same. Highlights include:

- Brought my laptop back because there was a dead pixel on the screen that popped up occasionally. It was as irritating as a sweaty murphy. So I got a new laptop, same model and I got a $100 price adjustment!

- Gym update: Still trying to decide which cardio workout is best. I tried the treadmill, but its not good for the joints and kicks. I tried the stationery bike, but i get the aforementioned sweaty eddies (murphys yall). I tried the precor, but I feel retarded and clumsy.

Other thoughts...

- Flicks: So LOTR2 dropped today, and I still haven't seen the first one. And its been sitting in front of my DVD playa for the last fortnight. I must watch it eventually. I think I'm the only one!

- Chicks: I saw a preview of Honey, starring Jessica Alba and Lil Romeo. Man, first I see him on Cribs, and now he's in a movie w/ Ms. Alba?? He must've been Saint Romeo in his prior life. Basically that movie is like Save the Last Dance meets Flashdance, so they say...maybe I'll catch it one day.

- Kicks: Still waiting on that pair travelling overseas. I think I'll take a month off from purchasing, if that's possible.

- Muziks: Heard Ice Cube on the radio today. No, not on KMEL. Not on KYLD either. Nope, not on Power106 either. Wait, why are the numbers for Power106 105.9. Do they round? Freakin' LA stations. Anyways I heard him on ALICE 97.3. Pretty cool to see him evolve from Gangsta, Gangsta (the inspiration for my SN) to a Hollywood Juggernaut. And me evolve from KYLD to ALICE. Oh no!

Sports: I wanna watch that Playmakers (ESPN, 6pm, Tuesdays) series. Epsen hyping the heck out of it. It does look good though. Bill Romanowski is an idiot. He punched his TEAMMATE and broke his nose, so he's out 4-6 weeks. What a guy. Quiet on the basketball front, with it being offseason and all.

- I want to see The Graduate, playing at the Curran I think. I LOVED that movie...I mean film. Thank you Mr. B for enlightening me. So I'm sure its gonna be fun to watch, but they have a limited run here. Believe it or not, I'ma big Simon & Garfunkel fan. Well, that one song anyways...Maybe thats why I liked American Pie so much.

- Labor day is coming up. Funny how its called labor day, when labor means work. So its essentially called Work Day, which basically is monday thru friday. Everyday is a labor day. I propose we rename it Vacation Day.

Aight back 2 work...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Like Rakim would say, "It's been a long time." Relatively speaking of course. So I guess it would be better to quote another 18th Letter - Regan! "It's been a minute." I mean, its not like I've been mad busy, maybe mad lazy, but ironically never really mad. I do wanna play Madden '04 though and get that new Madlib and Jaydee cd. I don't have a PS2 nor a XBox, but my roommate has the former. Isn't it kinda ghetto to buy a video game but not own the console? Sorta like buying records and not having any turntables (oops, I'm guilty!). Like buying a laptop bag and not having a laptop (ha! guilty no more). Or like having cereal and no milk. Man, that's my 2nd Friday reference in my blog. Hope you 3 readers caught em!

Hmmm...thinking...thinking...right now would be the perfect time for that hourglass icon...hmmm...this is why I don't blog as much...thinking...ok, Reeg's gonna talk about TV shows! Alright, its summer, so that means Smallville's on vacation. I caught the premiere episode of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. (Tuesdays, 10:30 PM, MTV) Actually this pilot(?) was pretty entertaining. Highlights of the show:

Jessica: "Is it chicken or tuna?"
Nick (stoned face look): "Tuna"
Jessica: "Then why is it called Chicken of the Sea?"
Nick (stoned face look): .....

Hahaha that was funny. And everything tastes like chicken anyways.

Jessica (whining): "Is there, like, maids for celebrities?!"

Another one...

Nick: "$20 an hour does seem like a lot to just fold clothes" after giving a maid $100 to do laundry and fold clothes for 5 hours.

You know, I'll stop...I'm sure it was funnier as it was happening; the integrity of the humor gets lost in the transition. Their personality's remind me of me and the v-may haha. And she even admitted to it.

We were again channel surfing on Sunday when we caught Sex in the City (Sundays, 9:00PM, HBO). Because, you know, I would NEVER watch this show on my own accord. It just so happened we rushed to the TV at 9, and hey what do ya know...the channel was coincidentally on HBO already! Its only a half hour, no commercials, so it goes by pretty fast fortunately. Because I wouldn't watch it if it were a minute over. But I really wanted to watch The Man Show and SpikeTV. Anyways, there was a storyline how Carrie lost a pair of kicks. And she was traumatized. However, through an act of God she got a replacement pair, and was instantly euphoric. Too bad that was only a subplot. If there were a TV solely on kicks (get it?!?!?! sole-ly), I'd be a watcher!

Smooth segue reeg...gotta thank ci-squared for the proper spelling. I'm waiting on a pair coming from the UK. I usually don't like dealing with international transactions, but like Ralph Tresvant, I gotta do what I gotta do. Besides that, the kicks are so worth it! At least I got my Black/Orange dunks in, just in time for the SF Giants sprint towards the postseason. Pictures hopefully coming soon! Depending on US Customs and all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I'm tryna do this religiously. I was watchin Miss Teen USA last night and it could've passed for Miss USA, implying that them girls look waaay older than 15-18 age bracket they were in. I felt kinda perverted watching it actually. So of course I kept watching. Miss Oregon won Miss Congeniality, and was also crowned Miss Teen USA. Take that Sandra Bullock. I was glad to see her win, since I was pulling for her and all. THERE WAS A SBTB sighting! Mario Lopez aka AC Slater aka Always Cool aka Albert Clifford aka Greg Louganis aka Mr. Ali Landry was the host. Contrary to popular belief, he was my fav character on the show, not Dustin Diamond.

Potential nicknames for this site:
Blue Balls: It has been erected for awhile, but nothin happened to this site
Reeg Speak: I like the sound of that, since I try to have a spectacular vernacular
Encyclopedias Falling Down: Because I like to drop knowledge

Got to peep BAD BOYS II and AMERICAN WEDDING this weekend. Both were great and both were better than their predecessor (run-on i know). But the original AMERICAN PIE is still better than the third. In this movie, only band chick reappears out of the girls, while OZ (Chris Klein) doesn't appear in this movie. However, I was greatly disappointed that the SHERMANATOR didn't appear in it also. Despite this, Stifler does a wonderful job and is a scene stealer.

BAD BOYS was bad a$$. Great action movie. But what puts this movie over the top is the comedy. They could categorize it in this genre rather than an action flick. Don't know what the sequel of the summer is: these flicks or X-Men?

- NetFlix is taking forever with THE REAL CANCUN.
- I have a problem when I spend more on kicks than rent per month.
- Good thing boogers don't smell.
- Tiger Woods is gonna win the PGA this weekend.
- Can't wait for my new People Under the Stairs and Nextmen cds.
- I should be working.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003's kinda hard to post consistently! I'm struggling to find ideas. Yesterday I went to the gym and had an appointment with a trainer. So there's a chart of fat levels: lean, average, fair, unhealthly. Prior to being tested I'm like I'm probably average-fair. Boy was I wrong. I am UNHEALTHLY. But I would be average if I were a chick. He told me if was mainly my eating habits. On that note, I had pizza and a soda for lunch today. Burp.

A few observations @ the gym:
- how do people work out in jeans?
- if you have swamp a$$, and you fart, is it considered a wet fart?
- they should have funny mirrors instead of regular mirrors
- 1 out of 4 people sweat profusely; i'm in the minority
- i wish i could swim
- i need headphones
- i should eat better

That's it for now...time to earn my chips.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey! I needed to post here is a conversation about politics and flix! FYI, the movies are in Italics.

AZER08: arnold 4 gov
reegsta: the governator!
AZER08: "this will be a Total Recall"
AZER08: haha, "i will terminate high taxes"
reegsta: haha...."its not ah tumah"
AZER08: u votin for him?
reegsta: nah....he republican
AZER08: so what? "here comes The Predator!"
reegsta: maybe...i have to hear his platform
AZER08: "gov. davis promises of not raising taxes were True Lies"
reegsta: lol
reegsta: hahaha
AZER08: its awesome
reegsta: he doesn't need a running mate, when he's The Running Man
AZER08: hahaha
AZER08: that would be a hawt shirt
reegsta: haha for real...i will Erase(r) all high taxes
reegsta: man...maybe i will vote for him
AZER08: hhaah
AZER08: see the speeches are going to be hawt
reegsta: on The 6th Day, God said let me be governor!
AZER08: after he gets rid of the CA debt, he'll point at the tax forms and say "you have been erased"
reegsta: lol
reegsta: hahaha
reegsta: and then he'll be the Last Action Hero
AZER08: haha
AZER08: see we could on his campaign
reegsta: fa sho...if he runs for pres, he would be the Commando in chief
AZER08: hahaha
reegsta: i'm kinda cheatin, i'm lookin @ his filmography
AZER08: arnold and gary coleman should take a pic together and the caption should read "Twins"
reegsta: lol....hahahahaha
AZER08: damn it's too easy
reegsta: for real
AZER08: "this will be the End of Days for davis"
AZER08: "i will be minimizing Collateral Damage on the california economy"
AZER08: "if the recall does not go through, it will be a Raw Deal"
reegsta: "election day is now Judgment Day"
reegsta: man....ur a nerd

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Its smack dab in the middle of the week, otherwise known as Wednesday, or Hump Day. If it were me, everyday would be Wednesday. But then it wouldn't be Hump Day, it'd be Groundhog Day. Thus it would never be my brithday, so forget it.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ONLINE PURCHASES. However, if THEY want to send the product FIRST, and then after YOU RECEIVE it and are SATISFIED with it, then PAY, then good for you.

So the KB8 case is set for the initial hearing, and new reports have him blocking the doorway. I guess thats a new meaning for the term cockblocking. HA.

But for real, I'll reserve judgment (judgement in the UK) until I hear the whole thing. Even though I haven't been a real laker fan since 110791, I wish he didn't do it. Man, all for the nookie.

My brother is coming up tonight from LA, but I don't think I'ma see him. He's only making a pitstop before heading to seatown. I need to get him a wedding present. For my other bro we got them a Stretch Navigator Limo. Of course we got to roll in it, otherwise it wouldn't have happened! Him and his fiancee are gettin' hitched next month. Check it out! Their Wed site Yes, dorks they are. And if that's coming from me, well...nevermind.

A slight modification to my site: changing "comments" to "respond/react," as an ode to the Roots. Now I need to make this column fatter, and then it'll be phatter.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Because you requested it, here's my weekend cap again (recap):

friii-day: Let me start with a story. I needed a backpack in the fall of 1998. So me and my roommate Norm went shopping for one. I picked one out at Eddie Bauer, since it was on sale and all, then I got back to slum village and realized that...This is a laptop backpack that looks like a normal backpack! Turns out I used it for a couple weeks before buying a North Face. I made a mental note to self: use this again when you get a laptop. Fast forward 5 years. Guess what I did on friday. Okay okay enough suspense. For those tortoises out there, I bought a laptop! Considering I've been using premillenium PCs, this is pretty significant. Now I can blog on the run. Beware PC snobs: is it a Compaq, but at least it looks cool..

it's satur-day!: Went to my first A's game of the season w/ Nick and J. They tried to convert this Giant Guy into an A's guy. The Damn Yankees were in town, and I got to witness their only victory in the series. A lot of offense, bad D and bad pitching....not that i'm a baseball analyst or anything. Oh yeah, I ate the longest hot dog ever, it was like 12 inches (Please refrain from the jokes).

Later on that evening, I met up Snup and his folks (not his parents, but his peeps) at the Bubble Lounge. While it looked cool on the inside, it was a pretty boo-jou spot. Hella champagne drinkers; I just wanted a beer. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

sunday: Me and my bro and sis went on a shopping expedition to vacaville. Man I wasted my gas, since I didn't find anything for me. Frustrated, I ordered some kicks off foot locker since their 30% sale was ending last nite.

There you have it!

Friday, August 01, 2003

So i'm sitting here, waiting for work to end, so I can work......out. Yes yes yall! After walking into 24 Hr Fitness yesterday wanting a trial 1 month memebership, I come out w/ an expensive 3 year one. Damn good salespeople ya heard. They can sell water to a well. Or is it whale? I need some clarification. But anyways, thats been a goal of mine since the day before forever, and I now have my gym membership. Like the Beatnuts would say, Watch out Now!

"I'm an addict for sneakers:" So I picked up a pair of the shoes pictured on the bottom left. Nike Air Force Max Retro in Black/Grey. Freakin' 3rd time owning this pair. 1st time in 8th grade, adn they were fresh. Then a year ago, but I sold them b/c they didn't have the box. They were clean. Now again, with box and all, they are fresh and clean like Andre and Big Boi. They're keepers now...

Keeping with the retro craze, on how old styles get new colors, it can apply to hip-hop too. If you haven't heard 9th Wonder's "I used to love HER" remix. OMG. Its bangin'. Of course the OG is classic like coca-cola. They done made a movie based on that song (Brown Sugar). BUt this Retro+ song is bananas. The league of extraordinary gentleman = Justus League. What.

Anybody else wanna see "American Wedding" as badly as I want to?

WELCOME! So I guess this is my first official blog entry, and its still under construction. After posting on this page for awhile, I decided to go han solo. But no fear! I'll still post there from time to time. Probably still more often than some of you other cats.

What will we find here? Basically the temporary title tells you. I liked the consonance of "Regan's Ramblings." The latter term is dedicated to the best sports university in the world. What other school has a 2 nicknames?! Only the Ramblin' Wreck. So its a double meaning yall. And the subtitle, while having the same spelling structure, surprisingly doesn't rhyme. But at least it looks like it does. My mind wonders like Stevie and 9th. Props to those that got the reference! And plus I have points to ponder - thus the title. But moreso this site will primarily be thoughts and bon mots. Again, that doesn't rhyme either.

Also, if you know me, I have a passion for hoops, hip-hop and kicks, not necessarily in that order. So expect that to be a recurring theme up in here. So look for bball knowledge, 30 second music reviews and my latest pickups and the like.

I encourage comments, dialogue, suggestions, criticisms, questions, corrections, donations, and all that. So visit, drop me a line, holler @ me, and I'll try to provide a nice online diversion to your day.