Friday, October 24, 2008

Wrong Place Wrong Time

I understand, when you gotta go you just gotta go. Ideally if can’t always be in the comfort our your primary bathroom, but if I could avoid this situations at all costs then I totally would. This is partially inspired by the Duke of Ulloa, who told us he had to drop a deuce in a garbage can in his OWN room because his roommate was using their only bathroom lol. So without further adoo-doo here it goes:

10. At a Sporting Event or Concert: Okay, first of all there’s mad long lines and probably 100 people used that toilet within the past hour. Worse yet if its outdoors, since those port-a-potties are stenched-out. So before going to a football game, please unload since Stadium food will make you want to go.

09. At your Significant Other’s Family’s Place: I once deuced in a bathroom that was impeccably clean, like showroom-style. And showrooms don’t have plungers. I had to yell for G to bring me one despite my multiple flushes.

08. At a Rest Area off the Freeway: Man these just seem creepy to me, and it doesn’t help that I always think about that scene from Something About Mary whenever I drive by one.

07. At a Gas Station: I've yet to come across a gas station bathroom that wasn't filthy.

06. At Church: But at Saint Augustine’s, they have speakers in their bathrooms so you could still hear what’s going on hahha.

05. In Between a Meal: Unless it’s a buffet to make it worthwhile, its kinda gross to eat, then poop, then resume eating.

04. In a Airplane: I just feel claustrophobic when I’m in an airplane bathroom, and I can’t imagine dudes weighing 100 lbs more than me using these facilities. Conversely, a poop on a Cruise Ship is one of the better places to defecate.

03. In a Third-World Country: us Americans should be grateful for running water, toilet paper and seat covers, which isn’t as universal as you may think.

02. In the middle of an hour long staff meeting: If your gone for 5 minutes, then you just took a piss. Anything more people will look at you funny when you come back.

01. Right after you take a shower: Man this really pisses me off when this happens. 5 minutes into your shower your body’s calling [no R. Kelly]. Then you have to dry yourself off, then sit on the toilet and release. Great.

Damn I gotta go now!

David Silver's House, But No Megan Fox

Where: Silver House
When: October 23, 2008
Who: Tiff, Trish, Jeff K, Nick, Mike, Annora, Reeg, Kevin, Kathy, Roland & Earnest [hahaha]
What: Chinese Food
How Much: $22 + $144 - $144 pending [hahaha]

Wow foodie just gets pushed further and further south. It might end up in San Jose soon! [I wouldn’t go then haha]. So since I have Evite restricted at work [you know, just in case you want to facilitate trades or exchange sensitive information through an Evite **stoneface**], I recalled from memory that the restaurant’s name was Silver-something on El Camino in San Mateo. So I googled that, and using sound logic and deduction, I thought it was Silver Lake. Anyway me and Rol are like 2 Somalians during famine season, and we arrived around quarter til way hungry. We even contemplated about violating Foodie Rule #46: Do not order until the majority of the people are present. Using our better judgment, we decided to wait it out head over to the next door Pr0n shop. I mean what else is there to do? Man I thought DVDs are mad cheap, since movies go for like $4.99 at any big box retailer. These DVDs go for like $35! Anyway since it was almost sauna-like in there, we headed back to Silver Lake hoping to see someone.

I didn’t know Rol had supervision because somehow he spotted Annora’s profile across a 6 lane street in the darkness. It turns out we were waiting at the wrong restaurant, so good thing we didn’t order ahead haha. And a better thing there’s 2 Silver-soemthing Chinese restaurants across the street from each other. I mean if the first one was there, I would’ve named the next one Gold-something right? If you had no idea about each one, most folks would opt for the Gold. Oh well. So we jaunted across the street while stopping traffic and finally met up with the rest of them. The restaurant was fairly empty since it was pretty late on a school night, yet there were 11 of us on a 8 person table which looked like people gathering around a campfire. As a result I kept elbowing Kingsbury and he kept pricking me with his chopsticks, since it didn’t help I’ma Southpaw.

Dishes Ordered from first to worst: Fried Crab, Honey Walnut Prawns, Ground Beef & Eggplant, Lamb, Steamed Flounder, some other Beef Dish, a soup that had Rice Krispy Treats, some Vegetable dish, and a Chicken Dish. Unlike grubabdubdub, I can’t tell you why I like it, I just know it tastes good! It feels good when it hits the lips [that’s what she said]. If I forgot one then I guess it was forgettable.

I had no bones to pick with the fish, but a couple to pick with the restaurant. They kept serving the food over me and Roland, and this dude’s sleeve always rubbed up against my straw. It happened like 3 times, but oh well. Then me and Kev had to pay with plastic, so we wrote down what to charge on each card. First the chick writes down $1044, and I’m like damn it was good but not that good! Then the dumb breezy charges my card 2wice for the above amounts, so I’m just waiting for the reversal of that $144!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cribs Edition: Blogger Style

For some reason I wait til my place gets reeeeaalllly messy before I clean-up, I guess so I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Anyway I haven't had any visitors in over a week so the mess just accumulates. The other day I came home to this and was like damn, how did this all happen?? I was kinda proud of myself, just as if I took a really mean deuce. Look I got boxer shorts on my dining table lol. And you see a wedge in front of my laptops, which is where I fell asleep the night before. The clothes I'm selling are mixed up with the clothes I've worn [I'm prone to take my clothes off anywhere and just leave a trail...but I think that's common practive amongst dudes.] If G walked into this she would have a fit haha. Anyway instead of starting to clean-up, I decided to take some snaps:

Five minutes later, it was all cleaned up! And nope I didn't just toss everything into my bedroom. Actually more time elapsed in you're paying attention to my kitchen clock.

So welcome to my crib. Some notes:

- I haven't ever used the fireplace yet but was mad excited to get a tool set for it
- My stainless appliances are fake, since they didn't pass the magnetic test
- Granite counters are cool if you clean and dust them regularly
- Berber carpet is really comfortable as Kram can attest to
- Thanks to Kram, G, my 6 year old nephew for painting my place
- Red is my favorite color, but you already knew that
- My TV swivels, which comes in handy when I wash dishes
- Once I upgrade my lighting then I'm done
- I see soy sauce and vinegar...guess it was adobo night!

In the Garage, word to Weezer

Once in awhile I have to drive-in to the City, so I generally check the Early Bird schedule at the Moscone Center Garage. Basically the closer it is to my office, the more you pay. So there’s a lot across the street that costs like $24 daily, then further more one that costs $17, and so forth. But the MCG is only $8 until 10p, so the 4 block walk is totally worth it. Shoot I just like walking by the St. Regis Hotel and seeing their fleet of Bentleys and Rolls Royces, hoping one day I could push a Phantom to the opera. Then I walk by the W Hotel and admire its architecture and design. Before you know it I’m at work!

So I pay for parking with pretax dollars, making the intrinsic cost of the $8 fee more like $6. Today I park there and see that they’re increasing the Early Bird special to $10 and out by 7p! Damn I can justify a 25% increase on food prices but a damn parking lot?! Your only operating costs are those levers that go up and down! George Moscone is rolling over in his grave. This Early Bird gets the bird.


Once in awhile I get random emails for job opportunities. Generally they contain a brief description of the job and requirements and so forth. I received one looking for an accountant with experience in “fix assets” who could start “immedaitely.” Granted I’m not the best proofreader but damn, at least I’m not looking for your business and secondly please spell correctly. And for them non-accounting heads generally they’re called FIXED ASSETS. That's like calling Collard Greens collar greens, or to carry the theme from yesterday, Corned Beef as Corn Beef. And this recruiter is dumb, since she just emailed maybe 300 people on the list without using BCC. Shoot I really was tempted to reply-all and call her out on these mistakes.


So I received my 2008-09 Property Tax Assessment value from Alameda County, which said the assessed value of my property was almost $10K more than my purchase price. NINJA PLEASE. I mean yall know that my ish took a dive and you have the audacity to say it didn’t? Then I gotta bug you again by filling out a Prop 8 Reassessment Form [no relation to Proposition 8 currently on the ballots] that you have to review so you could recalculate my property taxes. Should’ve just assessed it correctly the first time you dumb pricks!

To rub more Morton’s in the womb, I get a flyer from Bridgewater offering HOA incentives if we refer people to buy in my complex. Which is cool and all, but they have the current prices attached and its obviously lower than what most residents paid! So WTF [W = why in this case] do I wanna get people to get a better deal than me. Like I want my potential new neighbot to say "Hi, I'm Johnny. I spent $xxK less than you! *smirks*" That smirk would get a smack.

Damn I'ma grumpy fothermucker today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another List About Food

During Dan’s birthday dinner last Friday, we started talking about canned food over prime cuts of prime rib. [Broadway Prime FTW!] Basically Dan and the ’89 Earthquake share birthdays, and TheUglyStick was praching about having emergency food and water around. He was very passionate about it, like he had a natural disaster kit in every room of his house. But it turns out he didn’t have any, which is like a guy with no feet tryna tell you which shoes to get. Anyway MosJef came out with a food list and it inspired me to come up with another one.

People were saying you should keep canned meats around as emergency food, but since I’m Filipino this is normal fare for me! So here is a shortened Top 10 canned meats list:

1. SPAM Lite – Tastes just like its big brother in the dark blue can, but doesn’t have that weird jelly surrounding it. Most versatile meat ever.

2. Corned Beef from Australia – Generally found in Asian markets, this outclasses their Brazillian counterparts. While I used to love opening the OG cans of corned beef by inserting the screw and coiling it back, the bottom line is the people Down Under know how to corn their beef a lil better.

3. Ligo Sardines, Green can – I used to make Sardine-silog back in the day and ate it religiously. Then Biggie came out with Juicy and rapped how he used to remember eating sardines for dinner, then I just stopped since I guess that's what poor folks ate.

4. Solid White Albacore Tuna – this is what the true ballers get, not the 8 cans for $1, since these cans are like 89 cents each. And I don’t even know about that tuna in a bag crap. Its not potato chips!

5. Vienna Sausage – This holds a place in my heart because I remember when father used to take me to play golf when I was a youngin’. We couldn’t afford the luxurious food at the turn or when the cart lady rolled by [their markups make airport concessions envy – word to Alan], so there was a can of VS in our golf bags, which probably been there for years. We used to pop the can open and use a tee as a makeshift toothpick to extract each sausage out. Ahhh good times.

The Early Returns Are In

After 6 days of being a converted Mac owner, I figured out how to change the background using a picture off a website. Oh right-click button I miss you, but it is for the better. Shoot I don’t even think I did it using the most direct methodology, but I was just tired of that galaxy background. But I love my machine – its quiet [when idle], loud [with speakers], bright, doesn’t get scolding hot, responsive and light. Basically everything my old laptop wasn’t. Its almost like getting a new girlfriend while dumping an old one – its more svelte, more portable, more alert, more oohs and ahhs, better looking, better performing, you push a button and something happens [hahaha]…I could go on! But you know what I mean.

Last night I transferred all of my digital music via my portable HD to the MBP. So that’s almost 9000 songs and 35GB of music. And to think I only converted like 2/3s of my music collection. I don’t know why I’m debating whether or not I should reformat the iPod to be Mac-based. The only thing I really lose out is the play count, and I don’t know why knowing that I’ve played Ne-Yo’s “Can We Chill” 78 times means anything to me. But I’ll probably do that tonight, so I’ma enjoy this last day of having a PC-based ‘Pod.

The iChat function is a trip too. First I did it with Rol, but we were in the same room so it had a negligable effect. It worked out with Ant/Steph, but I had to pause for a sec since you could totally see the bed in the background lol. Hey guys keep that stuff to yourself! At least my setup is on my coffee table so you just see the back of my sofa. Anyway I tried it with Phil too but for some reason it didn’t work, which was probably a good thing since I was just in my boxers. Then there were random chats on my buddy list that I didn’t feel like talking to, so if yall wanna vid chat, holler @ me: reegsta on both AIM and G-Chat.

MBP goals this wknd: setup Parallels so I can install my CPA software, get a copy of MS Office and setup my Yahoo account with Entourage, no Ari Gold. I mean I pay $20 a year for POP access so I should get that asap. And also I need a nickname for him. 6 days and counting of being pr0n-proof…

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Night in the South Bay

So the Prince of the Ville, the King of the Sunset and the Duke of Ulloa went to the Roots/GymClassHeroes show in hella far San Jose. Why did I leave SF with less than a ¼ tank of petro? Anyway I was debating about going probably 2 minutes after the Musiq concert finished. I may have even blogged about it. Anyway presale tix would’ve cost me $45 individually, but Modest Mark sold his set to me and Al for $25 each. Not bad. But when we get there people were scalping their ish….first it was $20, then $15, then $10…then there was a dude who thought Rol was cute or something and he gave him a free ticket! I mean there’s breezies in line for tickets and he straight up gives it to him haha. Or maybe he just paid homage to these OG’s at Al’s alma mater, like why are these old dudes just posted outside the Events Center? For some reason though, being on a college campus transforms us into straight up beastmode, red level of alertness. And this is just an average looking campus too!

The GCH set was pretty fresh, as Travis aka mini-Joakim Noah even though he’s 6’6” aka Mr. Katy Perry kept the crowd hyped. Estelle only came out for that collab they did on their latest album, but its all good since I already seen her perform. Slightly disappointed they didn’t do On Our Own Time, but this was offset by their rendition of Prince’s When Doves Cry. This in turn made me think that a Prince show would be one fly concert, so he was catapulted to the most desirable to watch. Intermission went by faster after seeing this lil mohawked 5 year old breakdance, and you can tell he’ll be apart of ABDC circa 2023.

The Roots came up next and Black Thought’s style probably caters to the backpacker crowd more, so he wasn’t as amped. They highlighted the instrumental dudes more, as their new electric guitarist stole the show. Dude kept rocking it and even covered GnR’s Sweet Child of Mine. Mos Def had a free show in SF earlier in the day so he came down and made a surprise cameo appearance. If I would’ve known we could’ve carpooled together. Then Estelle comes back out to sing Erykah Badu’s part of You Got Me…but this song was teetering on Teachme length due to the number of solos over this beat hahaha. But he finally started rappin to The Next Movement as their crescendo.

So all in all it was a good show, worth the $25, but would’ve been even better if we paid $5 haha. Afterwards Al wanted to hit up this burrito spot but the line looked like a line outside Niketown the night before a hyped up release. We ended up eating at the 2nd most expensive JITB [1st is near LAX] next door, that had 2 tacos for $1.49 instead of 99 cents WTF?? Is that all Jacks now? We head towards my whip after first going in the wrong garage lol. My mileage indicator says I have like 45 miles left in my tank as we start heading north. Al and Rol doze off so I’m all driving about 85-90 on 280, since there’s no civilization or other cars on the road. BlackRunner is still a century club virgin. All of a sudden I see a DEER in the fast lane but luckily I was one lane over. WTF [W = where in this case] did Bambi come from? I mean there’s deer signs and all but I never ever seen them until now. But if I was one lane over I would’ve had deer blood all up in my grill. Whew…I’m taking 101 next time.

So my indicator is counting down…5-4-3-2-1 and finally to zero in Hillsborough, which is like ~15 miles away from the Chevron in San Bruno. I mean I put petro when my ish says 100 miles to go, so this is unchartered territory haha. Tell me why its freakin closed for renovation? And I haven’t put any other juice in the whip other than Chevron, so I go to the next one while passing up like 5 other gas stations along the way. I go to the next Chevron in SSF but its like $3.83 so eff that, I know it cheaper in DC. I get to the one on Hickey and pay $3.43 and that ish keeps chugging. I put in 22 gallons in a 23 gallon tank, which means I probably could’ve made it to one in the city haha.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Round of eBay Questions Answered

A few more eBay comments:

Dear reegsta,

Will you accept 200.00 including shipping?Please let me know!Your money will be in your PP acct. immediately!

- xxxbball

I'm like sure, please PayPal me right away. A couple days go by, and I haven't seen cash in my paypal account.

Dear reegsta,

Will you accept 165.00 shipped,if so I can put the money in your PP acct. immediately!Please let me know!

Thank You,Ben
- xxxbball

Dude you just offered $200! Why am I going to sell them for this amount when you already offered more? Does this qualify as an Indian Giver?

Dear reegsta,

This is my third time trying to contact you and your not responding or your not looking at your emails!I would like to buy your 10.5 XIXS' in Flint Grey and White for 170.00 shipped.You can set up a private auction or buy it now and I will respond immediately and you will have your money in your PP acct. instantly!

Thank You,
- xxxbball

Look you dumbtard, I said yes to your first offer but then you're lowballing.

Dear reegsta,

I really want these shoes!How about 185.00 shipped?

- xxxbball

I said I'll let them go for $190. Truthfully I would take $185 but I'ma tax him $5 for being irritating. We'll see how this one plays out.

And now for the question of the week:

Dear reegsta,

Two Questions:

1. After bidding...How soon will you expect payment?

2. Are these shoes brand new? By that I mean have they ever
been worn or touched the ground?

- only1e19

1. Probably after the auction ends. 2. Really is that what brand new means? Forget the fact that I only said "NEW" in my description 10 times. I've never worn them outdoors or indoors for that matter, and they might have touched the ground in some Chinese factory, but dude, look at the pics, they're brand spanking new.

My Dad Is Going to Watch Justin Timberlake in Las Vegas

So I get this text from kuya [I don't really call him that, just refer to him as that], saying that he's going to drop my pops off to watch Mr. JT. I'm not that surprised, since my dad does some random crap by himself. I remember one time a few years back where he tricked me in going to some toy train convention since he was hella into them at the time. [If you've visited my folks crib you know what I mean.] But yeah, them Lionel trains are just dust collectors now.

Anyway sometimes moms doesn't feeling like going to these things, so pops just goes solo. I was like cool! JT! I've already seen him, so the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

Turns out Justin is participating in a Shriner's PGA Tour Celebrity event, and duh reeg, that makes sense! Why the heezy would my pops watch him perform on stage?? Anyway I've seen JT play, and he's pretty decent. Then again, he has Butch Harmon as his instructor. If you don't know who he is, he was the old coach of this Tiger Woods guy. Plus he wears J.Lindeburg golf gear, which I would want to sponsor me if I'd make the Tour and if the Swoosh wouldn't exist. Hey - that's my next blogopic!! would Reeg be if there never was Nike?? Pobably like Bedford Falls without George Bailey, word to Its a Wonderful Life.

The Wackness

So I’m looking at this inventory worksheet in Excel, and its probably the worst formatted worksheet ever created. For example, the text font is size 30, but the zoom is only 40% to make it appear normal size. But that in turn makes the column and row headers really teeny. I swear any font size above 12 should only be used for titles or headings. Another tab looks like a DOS printout that I don’t even think Big Blue can decipher. Also if he wants something indented, he just hits the spacebar 3 times rather than going Crtl+1: Alignment: Indent [hmmm...might be hard to break my PC habits]. I would totally expect more out of a spreadsheet created by a guy name Shehab.

Hmmm maybe I should teach an Excel formatting class. But first I need to get Office on my freaking laptop.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Got a Pro Model, and I'm not Talking about adidas

Over a year ago, I wrote the following here:

"Speaking of computers, damn I need to get a new laptop. If Apple ever makes a piano-black finish laptop, because it doesn't really matter how robust or cool the features are, since I'm shallow and I'm all about appearances, I'll be first in line! Shoot I traded in my white DS to get a black DS simply because it looked cooler. Man I'ma vain loser. My current laptop got like termites or something, and it can't read wireless rotuers sometimes, and its mad heavy."

Then on my Christmas 2007 Wish List, I wrote the following here:

Retail: $1500
Why I want it: I'm not saying my laptop is old, but it weighs more than some desktops nowadays. And it has a floppy disk drive.
Why I don't want it: The matte black finish won't match the piano black finish of my Samsung, DS and Jordan XI's.

Hmmm...hope you can figure out where this post is going! I mean it must be a special day since I'm blogging now and its pitch black outside. So after polling people, people who got a MacBook suggested that, and people who got a MackBook Pro preferred their machines. Which means yall are satisfied with your purchases! The ultimate decider was the 15" screen, since I wanted the extra size since that's what I'm used to. Although a pound lighter would've been cool, the additional 2 inch metric means more.

So as you may know these machines aren't cheap, but Reeg is. What to do? Hmmm I was able to save a lil over $200 using my sister's education discount and I also received essentially a free All-in-One Home Office thingy, just ignore the fact I don't have a phone line which renders the fax capabilities useless.

Steve Jobs probably heard my desire for black casing for the Pro, and while its not a shiny black finish, I'm cool with the aluminum casing and black bezel surrounding the display. It looks pretty sleek huh? Look the keyboard lights up! Now I need the following software peoples: Parallels, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and any other cool Apps you can suggest.

So here it is, my first blog on my new Pro. Hopefully it'll make me a better blogger, a better eBay seller, and a better studier. Okay I think I'm really done with toys for 2008, as the Navi Screen and SLR will most likely get pushed to Q1'09. Damn I'm really broke now!

*pic imported using iPhoto hahahaha

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Shrinking Waist Bloggers

I, Reegsta of the 5th Dimension Bloggers, promise to maintain a svelte waistline in accordance with the other bloggers of this exclusive group. Let's see:

The Small Forward - Rolsuno: He dropped 3 waist sizes and is leaning closer to the 30s than 40s now. He is now on his 3rd pair of STFs and would only wear his old jeans as a tribute to the houser era.

The Shooting Guard - MosJef: Probably the most drastic change, as he went from the mid-30s to sub-30 based on a strict diet of protein shakes, personal trainers and weekly Church going. How does going to Church play the part? Well I'm sure he checks out chicks there too, inspiring him to look good for his future wifey.

The Power Forward - Kram2k4: Already the most fit member of the club, his Nudies are his tightest jeans yet, and I mean that literally. And he still has room to go lower.

The Center - theUglyStick: As the owner of the savage beasts Haplo and Skye and participant in multiple hoops leagues, he's almost back to his karate-kicking days. His specs are top secret, but I'm sure they're less then before he was blogging.

The Point Guard - Reegsta: This past Sunday I finally got my black STFs [thanks Rach!]. There were literally 50 pairs there, so they must have my size right? As I'm looking for a 32x30, i can't seem to find it. It must've been fate to get the 31s, since once I tried them on they fit perfect. And since I'm not gonna wash them, I wouldn't need to buy a size up to adjust. So welcome the first 31" to my closet.

There you have it, shouts out to the illest and freshest Starting 5 in the game. We'll take on all challengers!

An Ode to 50 Cent

Here's my version of 21 Questions:

1. Should I opt for the MacBook Amateur or the MacBook Pro? I'm thinking about making the jump like KG and them.
2. Who wants to bike ride with me and Alan sometime this weekend?
3. Is Dan or Phil doing anything for their birthdays?
4. Or maybe I’m just not invited?
5. Is Stephon Marbury gonna be the opening day starter?
6. Who should I take with the 2nd overall pick?
7. Why is my Condo messy again?
8. What is a better name for my whip?
9. How come I didn’t know KEANE released a new album?
10. Anyone else want to go the the Roots/Gym Class/Estelle show on Saturday?
11. Why did I buy threads this weekend that I didn’t need?
12. Why do my peers trip over their 401[k] portfolios like they’re gonna cash out soon?
13. Why is everyone suddenly an expert on the state of the economy?
14. Where am I gonna vote?
15. How come I’m not motivated to hit the gym?
16. Why do they called it ‘bistek’ or ‘bifstek’ when its really beefsteak?
17. Why didn’t my rendition of it taste like my moms?
18. Why aren’t people buying my kicks?
19. Why am I probably gonna get another pair of sneaks before the more needed dress shoes?
20. What can get me in the right frame of mind?
21. Where is the Love?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Goals Not Accomplished this Weekend

- Clean the Condo - Halfway deleted because half-way done!
- Increase the tire pressure on Nager – I did, but that damn light is still on
- Visit my gym facilities
- Get my golf set back from Arv
- Run @ least 4 miles - I did run, but it was only 2 miles.
- Try a new restaurant - I did, Ramblas on Valencia which is a tapas place. It was cool, but what's Spanish for "big plates"?
- Catch up on Entourage - Lefty with the cameo! That was kinda random.
- Continue to make a dent in The Wire: Season 1
- Celebrate a 49er victory
- Make a Salvation Army Run
- Not coming in to work
- Mail a few packages at the Post Office
- Get my cousin a gift for her wedding, although it was 2 months ago, since I’m still within the gift giving threshold
- Make a home-cooked meal Dungeoness Crab at 99 Ranch FTW! That and fried oysters too woohoo.
- Update songs on my Shuffle
- Watch Hip-Hop Honors - I got chills when Q-Tip came out to do Buddy with De La, which is probably my most favorite posse cut ever, meaning the Native Tongue remix. I never really was a big fan of the rest of the honorees: Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, Slick Rick and Too $hort. But I have fond memories of playing "Me Myself and I" on vinyl after Ryan out of all my brothers bought the 3 Feet High at Streetlight, since it was walking distance from Mission Dolores.

Okay this falls in line with my task settings. Make a list of crap to do, double it, then only accomplish half of it hahaha.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Want You Tomorrow

So tomorrow Apple [NAS: AAPL] is holding a special notebook media event. Folks this is the day I've been waiting for. The hypebeast in me is in full effect when you don't even know what they are releasing in regard to specs or whatever, but you cop regardless. Its like dudes waiting in line for something they don't even know what's releasing. I blame this for working at Chiat Day circa 2002, since they are Apple's primary advertisers. All around me were ads for Apple, and it planted this seed in me, like how that one Saved By The Bell episode discussed subliminal messages remember?

I'm pretty much set on getting a Mac. I mean its only appropriate I get a computer named after me yeah? hahaha jp. The only debate now is the regular Mac versus the Pro. I have to see details and price sheets first.

Less than 24 hours away!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Goals to Accompish this Weekend

- Clean the Condo
- Increase the tire pressure on Nager [tentative name] – I didn’t even know I had a tire pressure light but the ish came on
- Visit my gym facilities
- Get my golf set back from Arv
- Run @ least 4 miles
- Try a new restaurant
- Catch up on Entourage
- Continue to make a dent in The Wire: Season 1
- Celebrate a 49er victory
- Make a Salvation Army Run
- Not coming in to work
- Mail a few packages at the Post Office
- Get my cousin a gift for her wedding, although it was 2 months ago, since I’m still within the gift giving threshold
- Make a home-cooked meal
- Update songs on my Shuffle
- Watch Hip-Hop Honors [recorded in HD on the Palladia network woohoo]

Okay that’s a wrap folks! Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dedicated to the Nubian Chicks

So myself, Jefe, Rol and Al had an impromptu blogging-Facebook session last night, in which Al finally gave in to J’s prodding and signed up for a FB account. So we were just chopping it up, shooting the breeze, and contemplating whether or not to eat the Balut in the fridge, all while watching MTV Jams. We collectively couldn’t think of the 3rd chick in the Miss Independent video, so we Ondemanded it and discovered it was Keri Hilson. Funny thing was after the video was over, we flipped it back to MTV Jams and the video was playing! Not too bizarre, since its relatively new, but still a semi-trip. Anyway I thought it would be a good time to list the Top 10 Black chicks in the game, starting in reverse order:

10. Keyshia Cole - When Jay rapped "I want a project chick to play the part, and if it goes down then that's my heart" he was talking about her. And she got her gap fixed.

9. Meagan Good - Her performance in Stomp the Yard made me wish I went to a black college instead of a white one. Well not really.

8. Mariah Carey - I remember in 6th grade when she proclaimed she was half-black. And as time goes by it gets more evident. Damn Nick Cannon.

7. Tatyana Ali - This goes back to that old Fresh Prince episode when she was working at Hot Dog on a Stick since she looked so fly in that uniform. "All day long i think of you...i can't even think of things to do" needs to get on my iPod ASAP!

6. Amerie - Chicks can have Hines Ward. We have Amerie! She's probably the dopest Blasian who's not a video vixen haha. Plus she got legs for days.

5. Halle Barry - I swear this chick gets badder by the year. I wasn't feeling her in Boomerang [might have been the toes] but she's like a vintage wine, just gets better with time. If this was a MILF list she'd be top 3.

4. Alicia Keys - She's just fly, straight up wifey material.

3. Christina Milian - I wasn't really sweating her before, then she did that Dip It Low video and it was game over for me. Plus she had a cameo in Smallville a couple seasons ago so she gets some love. Damn Nick Cannon.

2. Beyonce Knowles - How can she not be #1? Well Karl Malone won the MVP once when Jordan was in his prime too. You almost expect perfection from her. Well you can say she's already married so at least there's a chance with the other girls on the list!

1. Lauren London - Yes the #1 spot belongs to Nu-Nu. From her spot in Entourage, in ATL, in the aforementioned Ne-Yo vid, she just the black dime standard. She got perfect curves and complexion and dimples too...stunning.

Damn so these are the top 10 sistas right now. Someday if they maintain they'll be inducted in the Sista Hall of Fame, where only Vanessa Williams and Lark Voorhies are current members. Stacey Dash is up for nomination this year.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Couple More eBay Stuff

By demand here are a couple more messages I get from bidders and buyers:

Dear reegsta,

i got an email of the usps and the address is wrong its corpus christi texas 78413 it says crp christi 78413
- jesse_alonzo

Are you serious? Have you heard of the term 'abbreviation'? Probably not, since it looks like you haven't heard of 'punctuation' either. It means to make something shorter. sometimes truncates city names so it could fit on the label. Man you act like it says Rancho Cucamonga or something.

Dear reegsta,

i just wanted to know when the shoes will be sent out? thanks!
- jesse_alonzo

Okay homie, you just mentioned you got an email from USPS notifying you of shipment, and you're asking when they're getting shipped out? That's what you received the email for! You don't deserve to wear my Jordans.

Dear reegsta,

Hi :)
I just want to ask you about 2 things:
1. May I have a tracking number of a package?
2. Whould you please leave a feedback to let me have TWO in total :)

Thank you in advance!
All the best!
- sergemur

Its our contaction friend again! This time he only used 2 smileys though. Then again based on his feedback, he's relatively new to the world's biggest garage sale. I mean I was friendly to my sellers back in the day too. Ahhh one day he'll learn.

package A+ fast shipment shoes georgous i love you man !!!!

Buyer: codecandflexor ( 29) Oct-07-08 09:14
NEW NIKE AIR TRAINER I MICHIGAN SZ 10.5 III SC DS RARE! (#170266389145) $199.99

Ahh the feedback portion here. Usually its pretty generic, but I'm glad I've touched his soul for him to confess his love for me already. Usually it takes maybe 3-4 pairs to get to that level. Then again he's from France, and that's one romantic country. Oh yeah these are the same shoes that that one guy super-critiqued and lowballed me on.

To All My One or Zero Legged People

Yo for real, if I was like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, then I would be all over these. Man prosthetics have come a long way...I think of the one in Deuce Bigelow. But those would be Chuck Taylors and these are like the latest Jordans. Halloween is right around the corner, so I call dibs on the Prosthetic Man!

I wonder if you could NikeID then with built in turbo boosters and colors. So when you say "I'm black from the waist down" then it would be really true! My vert and overall speed would benefit tremendously too. Hmmm...

Friday, October 03, 2008

I Think Francis Reads my Blog

Man Kram had a blog for like a day already got a comment but I still haven't got one from him! WTF. Anyway today I check my inbox and I see an email titled "Stressed @ Work" from Nick. I just think its a group email but alas, he only sent it to me, possibly in reference to my post yesterday. So let me share them with you. You could actually watch them on mute too. These are actual real live working environments caught on surveillance cameras.

Thanks mayn! Now I feel better for real haha.



I Should've Never Stopped Buying Kicks

When I turned 25 or something, I told myself I should put my skrilla to better use than just buying kicks. I wanted to get my grown man on, so I tried to be better with my fundage and use my money to build up my assets so I can one day own a place and live off interest. [<--- ultimate dream there!]

So when I turned 27 I got my place, which is probably is about 8% less now than what I paid for it haha. I'm not tripping too hard because I plan to have it for a minute, and if I ever rent it out I think the market price for rent can equal a mortgage payment. But haven't really factored in the HOA fees though. Hmmm...well that won't happen for awhile anyway.

So I increased my 401K contributions and maxed out my ROTH IRA since I became a client of Ed's, but I think all those gains these past 4 years were washed away, and I must be in the red YTD. I'm just too scared to check, even though this money won't be touched for like 30 years anyway.

And I tried to pick a few ETFs and other investment vehicles, and i actually checked that portfolio recently in case I needed some of those funds, but it was down 30% overall so I didn't want to take the L.

But what I do know are kicks, and I swear my shoefolio probably increased by 200% conservatively over the same time frame. A bunch of my auctions ended the other day and I'm like damn, I should've just invested in Nikes! Man and these are the ones I don't even like that much. Of course I thought otherwise because that sounds dumb.

I mean I feel bad selling a pair of kicks for $175 that I bought for $39.99 from the Outlet. Haha sike. I just debate if I should leave that sale tag on there so the buyer feels worse mwauhahahaha.

But for real, if I only spent like $5K in kicks specifically to sell back in 2003 and 2004, before I turned 25, my car could've been paid for in full!

Well I know that property/retirement stuff is still more beneficial for the long-term, but kicks wouldn't be a bad short-term investment nowadays. I mean people are always gonna have feet.

Kanye’s Rhymes that Don’t Really Rhyme

There hasn't really been a polarizing rap artist in quite some time. So love him or hate him, here are some "rhymes" that I either love or hate. I think some are fresh, and I think some are wack. I guess we're all judges.

But I can't complain what the accident did to my left eye
Cuz look what an accident did to Left Eye

- Kanye West feat Jay-Z, J. Ivy - Never Let Me Down

With niggas masked up like Phantom of the Opera
Dreaming of the day they push a phantom to the operas

- Common feat Kanye West - Southside

Who killing them in the UK
everybody going to say you K

- Estelle feat Kanye West - American Boy

She from the N.O., but she never told me N-O, so

- Ghostface Killah feat Kanye West, Ne-Yo - Back Like That (Remix)

[FYI freaking The Official Hip-Hop Lyric Archive says this line goes like “She from the N.O., but she never told me, and oh so” – they need lyric auditors!]

A-a-and you be givin me my space
A-a- and you don't be runnin on myspace

- Pharrell feat Kanye West - Number 1

But they can't cop cars
without seein cop cars

- Kanye West feat Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say

I'm sure there's a few more, but these were just off the top of my head. Man I wish I was a rapper. Or at least a ghost-writer.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are You For Real?

People who ask questions on eBay or either lowballers or pretty funny, or sometimes both. Here goes a sampling of some of the questions in my inbox:

Dear reegsta,

yo my number is 17187751212 you might be interested in something
- alex150569

No homie I’m not gonna call you.

Dear reegsta,

Hey there :) I'm going to bid on Vista Ultimate but since you want international bidders contact you well so I'm contaction you :) I live in Russia so I've no idea how much you gonna charge me for shippment via cheapest possible air mail :)

So I guess this is it :)
Regards and good luck!

I think 4 smiley faces is a bit OD since I'm not gonna give you a lower price, but at least homie paid for the auction already. And the language translator tool must be broken. WTF is contaction??

Dear reegsta,

ok great i will place the bid can you just end it and send me the invoice so i can pay and you can ship out tomorrow thanks john
- frankie23x

Hey frankie it’s still a live auction! I’m not gonna end it until it actually ends.

Dear reegsta,

I will give you 200 shipped for these right now. Thats all I have
- mrcoffee05

If that’s all you have maybe you shoudn’t be buying shoes then!

Dear reegsta,

The grey around the toes looks dirty/stained and theres some grey on the sides that look smudged up as well. I'd pay $140 shipped if interested.
- punklance

Thanks punk for a diatribe of my kicks when that’s what the pics are for. Declined.

Dear reegsta,


I have been looking for a pair of these for a while, but I need some help with the sizing. Im usually a 12 in am1's, 90's and Jordan III,IV & V's. Will these fit me? I've heard that they run quite big, thats why I'm asking.

Hope you can help me out,

Many thanks!
- pyrophilly

You’re a size 12 and you’re wondering if you can fit a sz 10?? Yeah if you plan to cut off your toes.

Dear reegsta,

hey wassup i was recently outbidded on the NEW NIKE AIR FORCE 1 PREMIUM SZ 10.5 USA WORLD CUP MAX, IM WILLING TO GIVE YOU $240 IF YOU SELL THEM TO ME.
- erodriguez812

Okay the kicks ended for $200, if you wanted to pay $240 you should’ve bid that much! Karma isn’t worth $40, since I would hate to see the situation happen to me.

Dear reegsta,

- xgearsxofxwarxkingx

Why do you want fake kicks? And I only say "authentic" and "real" in my auction like 100 times.

Dear reegsta,

Could I see close up shots of the air pocket. I'm looking for a wearable pair. Would you say that these are in wearable condition? How do the midsoles feel?
- kalonji7

How do they feel? For real? rubber or warm apple pie or whatever you want them to feel like.

Ahhh to be a PowerSeller again...

Stressed Out

Ever stress out over nothing in particular? I think that’s the root of my lingering headache. For some reason I never admit to being stressed because I think that shows weakness, and if you show weakness your guard is down, and those with unpure thoughts can pounce on you. Also its also a mood killer to tell folks you're stressed, so I pretty much keep it to myself when it happens. So people, take advantage of it now because its only a temporary state.

Plus no one can really alleviate your stress but yourself. Granted there’s always someone in a more dire situation than you are in, but that’s irrelevant. I set the bar high for myself so I don’t really compare myself to anyone except for my own personal expectations. I need to start making moves like Chester so I can yell checkmate.

Song on repeat for the day:

A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence and Faith – Stressed Out

I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
When you’re face to face with your adversity
I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
We’re gonna make this thing work out eventually

Bonus Song on repeat for the day, the Bay Version:

Young Cellski feat UNLV – Stressed Out


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thoughts to Kick Off Q4

Working 12 days in a row = FTMFL


Congrats WHIT EBOY for a decent NBA career. You got your ring and a YouTube reel with the best of them. But for real, that elbow pass is probably one of the most overrated plays ever. Frist off, it was in a frosh-soph game when people do all sorts of crazy stuff. Secondly, Raef missed the damn layup. Thirdly, it was overshadowed by J-Rich’s bounce off Boozer’s dome then draning the triple, which was even made better when Boozer was all sensitive about it afterward – “you just don’t do that man!” Whaaaaa


Ominous start to the Warriors camp: Signing Dan Dickau. I swear is there a team he hasn’t played for? Shoot he even attended multiple colleges!


Why do they pass out catfood samples downtown? Granola bars I can understand, but it must upset all the hungry homeless people in the vicinity.


If everyone claims to have swagger, then does that mean no one has it? I understand to make it to the pros, you have to have it to some degree. Rappers too, and since all these young cats look up to these dudes for better or for worse, then they proclaim their swag. Maybe I’m just a believer in doing it and not saying it. I don’t want to tell you I have swag, I’d much rather you tell me you dig.


I’ve had a fatty headache these past few days – must be because I’m thinking too much. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since headaches come and go.


Welcome Kram to the blogging world. And I hope you just don’t make it into a Knick Fanboy page haha.


Supplemental Tax Bill Update: I have some excess cash in my escrow account, so I had about half of it already accrued. But still, unforseen costs still suck.


At home I was able to borrow Arv’s old VAIO laptop, and it weighs only 4 lbs! Its like I'm enlightened to true mobiel-computing. So this will hold me over until mid-October hopefully.


Nothing comes easily. Except for me if its been awhile.