Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Shrinking Waist Bloggers

I, Reegsta of the 5th Dimension Bloggers, promise to maintain a svelte waistline in accordance with the other bloggers of this exclusive group. Let's see:

The Small Forward - Rolsuno: He dropped 3 waist sizes and is leaning closer to the 30s than 40s now. He is now on his 3rd pair of STFs and would only wear his old jeans as a tribute to the houser era.

The Shooting Guard - MosJef: Probably the most drastic change, as he went from the mid-30s to sub-30 based on a strict diet of protein shakes, personal trainers and weekly Church going. How does going to Church play the part? Well I'm sure he checks out chicks there too, inspiring him to look good for his future wifey.

The Power Forward - Kram2k4: Already the most fit member of the club, his Nudies are his tightest jeans yet, and I mean that literally. And he still has room to go lower.

The Center - theUglyStick: As the owner of the savage beasts Haplo and Skye and participant in multiple hoops leagues, he's almost back to his karate-kicking days. His specs are top secret, but I'm sure they're less then before he was blogging.

The Point Guard - Reegsta: This past Sunday I finally got my black STFs [thanks Rach!]. There were literally 50 pairs there, so they must have my size right? As I'm looking for a 32x30, i can't seem to find it. It must've been fate to get the 31s, since once I tried them on they fit perfect. And since I'm not gonna wash them, I wouldn't need to buy a size up to adjust. So welcome the first 31" to my closet.

There you have it, shouts out to the illest and freshest Starting 5 in the game. We'll take on all challengers!