Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Got a Pro Model, and I'm not Talking about adidas

Over a year ago, I wrote the following here:

"Speaking of computers, damn I need to get a new laptop. If Apple ever makes a piano-black finish laptop, because it doesn't really matter how robust or cool the features are, since I'm shallow and I'm all about appearances, I'll be first in line! Shoot I traded in my white DS to get a black DS simply because it looked cooler. Man I'ma vain loser. My current laptop got like termites or something, and it can't read wireless rotuers sometimes, and its mad heavy."

Then on my Christmas 2007 Wish List, I wrote the following here:

Retail: $1500
Why I want it: I'm not saying my laptop is old, but it weighs more than some desktops nowadays. And it has a floppy disk drive.
Why I don't want it: The matte black finish won't match the piano black finish of my Samsung, DS and Jordan XI's.

Hmmm...hope you can figure out where this post is going! I mean it must be a special day since I'm blogging now and its pitch black outside. So after polling people, people who got a MacBook suggested that, and people who got a MackBook Pro preferred their machines. Which means yall are satisfied with your purchases! The ultimate decider was the 15" screen, since I wanted the extra size since that's what I'm used to. Although a pound lighter would've been cool, the additional 2 inch metric means more.

So as you may know these machines aren't cheap, but Reeg is. What to do? Hmmm I was able to save a lil over $200 using my sister's education discount and I also received essentially a free All-in-One Home Office thingy, just ignore the fact I don't have a phone line which renders the fax capabilities useless.

Steve Jobs probably heard my desire for black casing for the Pro, and while its not a shiny black finish, I'm cool with the aluminum casing and black bezel surrounding the display. It looks pretty sleek huh? Look the keyboard lights up! Now I need the following software peoples: Parallels, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and any other cool Apps you can suggest.

So here it is, my first blog on my new Pro. Hopefully it'll make me a better blogger, a better eBay seller, and a better studier. Okay I think I'm really done with toys for 2008, as the Navi Screen and SLR will most likely get pushed to Q1'09. Damn I'm really broke now!

*pic imported using iPhoto hahahaha