Tuesday, November 27, 2007

112707- Just some of my thoughts...

Happy belated thanksgiving and black friday yall!

- So I took the first part of the exam this past Saturday, and I'm not sure if I FARed too well. [FAR was the part I took, hence the the selected caps]. However I'm usually a testimist [that's a test pessimist], and I wasn't aware of a curve until Nimz informed me, so I might have a chance, which is slightly better than Harry's in Dumb & Dumber.

- Since the exam was the Saturday after T-Day, I spent my Thursday evening studying for it! woohoo. Actually that was more beneficial than last year, when I woke up at 4am to try to get a TV only to come back home empty handed.

- The parentals actually visited me in the east bay last wknd. Thinking about it, it's the first time my folks have seen my dwellings since I was living in LA. Understandably, the two places I lived in between were 2 and 4 miles away from their house, so distance could've played a factor. I guess I never invited them?!

- So this past wknd I splurged on a couple pieces from Café Coton [rhymes with baton, but not Baton as in Baton Rouge]. The shirts I got fulfilled my 5 criteria! [I think I touched upon that before.] It feels good, like official, to get measured up with tailored gear that's not for a specific event, but just to have. Shoot the dude was all talking about thread count on shirts, and I just nodded my head like I knew what he was talking about. For all I know, he could've been talking about sheets. Anyway, I might have to retire from the shirt-in-a-bag-with-15-pins steez. Oh yeah I have a profile on there now, so if any of you friendly ppl want to get me a shirt they already have my dimensions!

- Don't you hate it when you don't want to fart because you know something might come out? I experienced that today. There should be a name for that phenomenon. Oh yeah I also bought baby wipes @ Target this past weekend, so I'ma experiment with them when I deuce.

- It sucks not only when your home teams are struggling, but your fantasy teams as well. Why myself and countess other sports fans subject ourselves to this misery should be case-studied.

- I had Jack in the Box for lunch yesterday. A Sourdough Jack meal. I love ketchup, but once they started to put ketchup in the Sourdough Jack it wasn't the same. So I have to always ask for it with no ketchup. Anyone else notice that?

- Finding a regular fry in an order of Curly Fries is one of my simple joys.

- Despite the meal just discussed, I met my weight threshold last week! No seriously, I lost like 13 lbs and weigh about 7 lbs less than my driver's license weight. How many ppl actually weigh less than their printed weight?

- Henry the accountant on Ugly Betty has to be the coolest character on television. And the Asian accountant on there too is probably the 2nd coolest. I guess any accountant on TV would be a sav. If only I could get my own reality show.

- Despite my lack of buying shoes nowadays, I went ahead and bought a pair recently. And the seller didn't even put the shoes in another box, so the postage crap and tape was all over the box. The reegsta of yesteryear would've been pissed. However this time I just shrugged it off. I really didn't trip. It was amazing, like almost like I turned a whole new leaf. If I wasn't so lazy, I really would've sold about a 1/5 of my kicks by now. Also I don't call it a collection because I'm not a collector!

- I'm back to the Chi this upcoming weekend. So I've never been there in 28 years but then I go 2wice within a 3 month span. I hear its gonna be mad cold.

- I have a confession. Ppl think I don't swear. But when I'm alone rapping to myself in the whip, sometimes I don't skip the expletives but actually emphasize them. I'm so going to hell.

- Man I had this blog ready to post on Monday, but Myspace's blog space had issues [as it usually does]. Maybe it was either telling me to go back to blogspot or post on the 27th! Voila.