Monday, December 29, 2003

It’s been a long minute since I last blizzogged, and hella stuff has happened since. Frequent bloggers have that mentality when something of significance occurs, or noteworthy, or just interesting happens, we store it in our blog bank. Well my blog bank became full awhile ago. As a result, only recent memories will be noted here. New year’s resolution #8912: to blog more. Sheesh, that should be higher on the list. Anyways, Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but I can’t say that about Xmas 2K3. They say death comes in threes? My sister’s best friend passed on xmas morning in a freak car accident the prior night. Such a tragedy, such a young age. She was probably at our house more than I was, and my moms was even close to her. Her siblings both went to SI, and I’ve partied with her older brother in Vegas before. They both been at my brother’s wedding. And the accident happened at the exit I take daily. Crazy ish. I can’t even imagine the pain that their family must be enduring. You can read about it here. This is her obituary. Basically her bf was driving the car and it went offroad and hit a tree. What’s coincidental about it is that the person who called 911 was my brother’s ex-girlfriend, who remains good family friends. RIP Andie.

I have no segue, so let’s review my gift list:
- Adult diapers: Thanks T-Bas, but I really didn’t need them.
- Century Theatres gift certificate: Thanks Ray & Elea, maybe I’ll watch Honey again.
- Smallville DVD: Thanks Felisa, now I can replace my bootleg VCDs.
- Smallville DVD: Thanks Mom & Dad, I guess I shouldn’t have told everyone I want this, well Tower store credit will suffice.
- Macy’s Gift Card: Thanks Janelle, now only if I could relocate it, I kinda lost it.
- AMEX Gift Cheque: Thanks Brett (my boss), I shall now not slack as much anymore.
- eBay GiFt CerTifICaTe (just felt like typin like that, don’t hate): Thanks boo, maybe I’ll get kicks or an iPod.
- Trainers Is, Trainer SCs, Dunks, Terminators: Thanks Santa, I was a good boy this year.

I shall blog sooner than later.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I had the longest blog just finished, but it didn't propagate. Dang technical difficulties. It was a good one too! (to me @ least). Well maybe later on.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Another weekend passes by. And another work week is upcoming. This is getting rather monotonous! Anyways, Sat and Sun came like a blur. Didn't do much, still got a very minor cold. I did though get to watch Honey, and I nominate JA for an Oscar. Go see it. Now.

I also went to Serramonte for the 1st time in hella long. Oh the changes. The got rid of the fountain and replaced it! There are now lounge areas with sofas around. McDonalds has a new sign. Its gettin to look like Stonestown! But the people remain the same. Dudes smaller in height and girth than me rockin the 3XL jerseys, when I'm only an extra medium. Everyone rocking either Air Force Ones or Dunks. Lil teenage girls wearing hella makeup. Oh yeah, Serramonte is on friendster, so be sure to request her!

It rained on Saturday, and I swear rain makes me lazy. So I slept. Was gonna go to a bball game, but these aren't your typical Knicks. Go 9ers! Good win on Sunday.

Wow, what a boring blog! I shall end this now.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Happy belated T-day everyone. Been away for awhile: from work, from blogland, and even from AIM! Anyways, thanks yall for all the support and condolences. Its much appreciated. I was a pall-bearer for the first time, and when we buried her, it was hella raining, hella windy, and hella cold. That wasn't fun and I think I'm coming down on a flu, as is half my fam.

Anyways, we had a cool thanksgiving. Had deep fried turkey for the 1st time. We had a 20 lb bird, yet the fryer had an 18 lb capacity. Oh well, it fit anyways. And it was scrumptulous. Does anyone know how to dispose of 3.5 gallons worth of peanut oil?

As for the 7th annual Post-T-Day Dinner, it was a good turnout. And us gambling addicts played poker again. And I lost again. Man I suck. So then I played that word association game where you need to compile answers w/ all the same letter? Its a pretty popular game, but I'm brain farting now. I'm not good at that either. Its a fun game, just too many gray areas.

Go Georgia Tech! You could jump on the bandwagon now, or wait until it gets crowded.

Man its December already, and I've been living it my place for 1 whole year. And one of my roommated moved out last week. And the ppl downstairs are moving out next month. Is there something I don't know about?

So no Smallville for the next month? Crazy. Maybe I'll get around (like 2pac) to that episode I missed. That's cool. Anyways, I saw the Diary of Jessica Alba yesterday. She plays golf. And drinks beer in the AM. And rocks Nikes. Wowsers. Honey will hit theatres Dec 5, 2K3. Remember when I mentioned that movie a few months back?

Man I haven't worked a full day since last last Monday. Eeeks, this ish is catching up to me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

RIP Lola Lilay (pictured here on UCLA's campus in May 2K3)

June 22, 1920 - November 25, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

Happy Monday yall. This weekend wasn't too shabby. A couple highs (no I didn't smoke out) and a low. But whatever gets thrown at you you have to handle it. On friday night, I went to see my lola again. She's not looking too good, which is funny because last week she was so ready and excited to leave the hospital. But now she has all these IVs in her and is in ICU. Hopefully she can spend t-day with us, but thats looking unlikely. And its hard to swallow when the doc asks what do we want to do if she has another heart attack. Do me a favor and pray for my lola.

Saturday marked my one year anniversary of being a Bay Area dweller. Wow that flew by. I remember that drive on "the" 5 since I was by myself. And I reflect in the car almost as much as I do on the toilet when I'm riding solo. Did I make the right decision to bounce? Did LA treat me well? Did I treat LA well? Should I have gone in the first place? Should I have stayed longer? In a way LA was like an epilogue to my SB story, as it was a natural extension since most of my good SB friends also went to LA. However, working life is nothing like college life, especially in an area as vast as southern cali. Of course I miss my folks down there, but I think I keep in touch with them, even if they'r not on AIM haha. And I miss living with Fresh, who's living solo now. "If I can't live with you, I'm not living with anyone." That was pretty cool to hear from him. Some of yall know how macho he is. Many people concluded I moved back b/c of V-may, which is true, but she just happened to accelerate the process. I was coming home ultimately. Ironically, I got to kick it with my old roommate that day. Which is funny, because I rarely kick it w/ SB folk in NorCal. Well me and Matty hooked up with some of my other folks and went to this karaoke bar. And Matt tore up the mic like we did it in SB circa '01.

Sunday was chill. Saw the 9ers lose and playoff hopes diminish. And I also saw Office Space for the first time. 2 words: HA HA. It was a great movie. Thanks Sylv for badgering me to watch it. That opening scene on the streets totally reminded me of myself, down to the geek rapping the hardcore Geto Boys is his business attire. I really have to play catch up on my flicks...I guess either Lord of the Rings or Finding Nemo is next. We'll see.

"Must be a case of the Mondays"

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Whoa just got back from Cancun....haha sike. When your away it takes awhile to get back to the speed of things, hence the nonblogging. It was a splendid trip...sightsaw, beached it, clubbed it and ate and drank it. I got a lil sick but thats kinda anticipated goin to a foreign land. Its a beautiful place, even moreso than I envisioned. I have pics, but not sure if I shall post. Hehe its just mostly pics of Valeregan.

I missed SV last week, but not last night. It was a good show: a lot of suspense, drama, but not a lot of lana. I really think that Michael Rosenbaum is a wonderful actor, almost as good as KK. That was a joke guys. So is Edge dead again? And why do they just leave a scene of a crime like that? Its seems when I review SV I nitpick at ish...maybe I'm just being overanalytical.

Also watched The Bachelor last night. Guiney is grimey. He made the right choice, and even though he didn't propose, I still give him props. I'm sure its hard to propose to a lady if you only knew her for 2 months. But damn, off-topic but Kirsten needs to come back to TV. Oh yeah, and Ryan and Trista are actually tying the knot on the tube. How appropriate.

Of course I don't watch The Bachelor solo, its V-may's fave show. And she always get so emotional every last episode haha. And we have the same convo each season. Of course she doesn't want me to date other chicks, but she always brings it up saying she doesn't want me to regret anything. So she puts it out there. Its almost she's encouraging me to do it. Not really, but yaknow. But I assure her that I wanna be w/ her, and if that wasn't the case, then I wouldn't be there right?

Oh yeah, I haven't mention my solo blog to her...yet. She thinks I still post on the 3rd Floor one. I might have to edit some things out before I tell her. Its funny though b/c multiple people have mentioned it to her, but she never really asks. She just goes, "You don't post stupid s**t on the blog right? Like how KK is hot or something?" Of course not =).

Haven't talked about music much lately. Went to Tower to browse, picked up the new Hieroglyphics and J-Live joints. Both solid upon the initial listening. One of my fav moments is ripping a CD open and listening to it the first time. Was tempted to pick up the new Britney, but passed. I think she's ODing on TV interviews and magazine covers, as TL can attest too. She still hot though. We used to roll to Tower every Tues, even dubbing it Tower Tuesday, since that's when new releases drop. Saw an old HS classmate there, but I totally ignored him.

So footaction has a crazy sale, with kicks up to 70%. Is it metrosexual to get excited over a sale? Anyways, a pair of kicks (Air Max 2K3) that I was about to buy for full price was half off! I couldn't decide which color I should get, red or navy. So naturally, I got both! Half off sales basically mean you just buy twice as much. I'm particularly excited because this is a shoe thats been designed this century, rather than the mostly retro kicks I usually get.

So T-Day is coming up, and all I hear about are deep-fried turkeys. I done never heard about them until this month, but now I hear they're the greatest thing since Air Jordans. That's hella oil man! It does sound good though, so maybe our fam will give it a shot.

Let's end this with a quote. I like quotes but can never remember them.

"Don't sweat the petty. Pet the sweaty."

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Man...there's not enough time in the day to blog and work and do all that other junk on a computer. I saw The Real Cancun, so I'm going to Cancun tomorrow for a few days with the GF. I'll let you know how it is.

Quick SV recap: The Kents finding Clark was no accident! That notion was groundbreaking. I hope they revisit it. Concerning next weeks episode, if you recall back to a few recaps ago, I mentioned that Lana was gonna fall for another guy. Turns out I was right. Fresh Jordans just don't sit on shelves! They get snatched up w/ the quickness. "Clark, are you stalking me?" Whoa Nelly!

Have a splendid weekend yall.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Here are the Halloween pics from this weekend. If you can think of better captions let me know!

Halloween 2K3

Monday, November 03, 2003

Woohoo. Another weekend ends, and the work week commences. Ever wonder why graduations are called "commencements"? Anyways, the reegsta had a pretty rad weekend. It was def, dope and ill. And fresh. Well this 80s rap slanguage is just a precursor to friday nights halloween costume - a B-BOY. LL Cool J's Kangol, Run-DMC's track suit and white kicks (sorry it was Nike, I can't wear Adidas), Rakim's gold chains, somebody's chest hair, and Radio Raheem's (from Do the Right Thing) boombox. Pictures coming soon!

- I honestly didn't recognize Dan as a grumpy old man. Well he is closer to 30 than to 20.
- Phil was supposed to be Harry Potter, but he was closer to Grand Master Whitey of the KKK.
- V-may had a masquerade mask, but didn't dress up.
- Anth was Maverick from Top Gun. Anth was also mad tossed around 1. Where was Goose when you needed him?
- Big Al had my favorite costume of the night. He was a big nerd.
- It was good to see Marie. But is was sad to see her sis have a phatter medallion than me. What did Dennis do this Halloween?
- Ed was a Crash Test Dummy. Or a condom. Depending on your perspective.
- Nick and J were Bosom Buddies. But I think they took that a lil too literally.

Wow, I guess this time we need pictures to complement this blog. Maybe that'll make me post them faster.

I played in my first poker tourney on Saturday. A room w/ 21 Asians and Dennis Ruel can be intimidating. So I'm not sure if that factored in my poor play. Anyways, when does 2 pairs beat a straight? Only on the San Bruno Poker Tour. 2 rules were inposed prior to the start of play. 1. No wrap-around. And 2. Aces always high. Controversy occurred when the final 3 contestants were battling. Playa 1 (Rob) had a 1-2-3-4-5. Playa 2 (Dan) had 2 pairrr. Rob goes all in, yet loses when the rules are reviewed. Oh well. Dan got a few Benji's. Better luck next time.

Sunday was supposed to be kick back, so I just went to the driving range. Snup was blowin up my phone, and proper etiquette is you don't answer your phone while golfing. But whatever, he called, and I picked up. "Yo Reeg, wanna go the Niner game?" Keep in mind the game is like an hour from kickoff. "Fa sho!" for I never been to a 9er game before. So we get to the game, miss the 1st 2 touchdowns, but did see some good game action, as well as some good eye candy. They wanted to leave early to avoid the traffic. I guess middle of the 4th wasn't early enough! It took HELLA long to exit that parking lot. You'd think payin $25 for parking can expedite things a lil quicker. Anyways, after rollin through HP to bring Snup home I get to rest. And after a sunny day, it was hella raining during the night.

Yesterday was also All Souls Day. God bless the dead. My cousin in the PI just had a lil baby, but he died just after 4 days of living after a complicated pregnancy. He came out prematurely since he was due on Christmas Day. My cuz and his wifey were able to get lil Christian baptized fortunately, as well as give him a proper burial. I always said the saddest thing in life would be to bury your own seed. This trajedy couldn't have happened to a better hearted couple. RIP Christian Rafael Reside.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Almost forgot to do my SV recap. I guess that shows how uninspiring the episode was. Perry had on some crazy drunk goggles on last night. And those super fans will know that Perry White is the future editor of the Daily Planet. He even had a recurring role in Lois n Clark. Well theres not much to say about this episode, just a few criticisms.

Didn't Lana see Perry tie himself to a rope?
I thought the red truck was totally totalled?
Didn't Chloe take down the wall of weird?
Did she put it back up, or was that a different wall?
What does "LEX XX" mean on his license plate?
I thought Clark only bleeds w/ Krytonite?
What did Perry do to Lionel?
How come every creeps up on Lex in his crib?
One more thought: What the heck was he doing in Lake Tahoe?

Oh well, next week should prove interesting =).

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

My Seinfeld blog. Pretty easy to figure that one out. I'm at work now, taking a quick break. I'm now in the beautiful city of Brisbane, which is a better commute, but I'm only surrounded by office buildings. This is the first time in awhile where I'm working in a traditional office environment. I used to work into a converted warehouse, and this job held shop in a car showroom prior to moving. But both places were designed to promote a distinctive office aura, so I couldn't tell that a Honda used to occupy my cube. I guess I really have to watch Office Space now, as coworkers were echoing the parallels. Brisbane is a funky area - don't know whether its SF or SM county, if its 650 or 415. Whatever, its close enough to home. Now I just need to decorate my area.

Now I know fall is really upon us. The basketball season started and daylight savings time. Still haven't changed all my times back, for i'm conducting a phychological test. So far I have no conclusion. I never was good at science.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ was talking about somewhere the ladies get in free. Her host quickly retorted, "So that means metrosexuals are half price?"

Its hard to be a metrosexual for halloween.

So Wednesday is Hump Day. How come the other days don't get names? That's not fair.

I want to shrink my font on this screen. Maybe I'll experiment later.

Haven't been to the gym in about a week. It sucks not having a car, but its real cool having a chaffeur.

Jessica Alba is on the current cover of MAXIM. If my maleman doesn't bring it soon, I'ma go postal. (But I already saw the pics...omgoodness)

MTV's Sunday Stew is pretty funny. Might have to start watching that religously.

Weekend looks promising: have Ed and Anthony's Masquerade Ball, and D-boy's San Bruno Poker Tour Tourney. Results coming next week.

Today is the 29th, and I go the next 2 days w/o buying kicks, then it'll be the first time since I don't when that I haven't bought kicks in a given month. I got will power.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, might as well blog about everything else! So this weeks been pretty down and up. The downs: my car is in the shop, my car is in the shop, and my car is in the shop. The ups: the estimate is "only" $2-300, I got my bonus w/o having to meet anything, we're moving offices so I don't have work friiiday, SV, and my bro bought me a pair of kicks. Well I thought I had more downs but I can't think of any at the moment. So I guess the week turned out better than I envisioned!

Oh yeah, I wanted to blog about my weekend. Happy bday to Dan and Phil. Highlights from Dan's day:
- If a hot waitress asks how you like your meat, ALWAYS say "i like it raw" (w/ a wink). Guaranteed will work. So anyone down for Red Robin on Friday?
- Line of the night: "That waitress was so hot, if she was mine, I'd tip her 15%!!!" (courtesy of me haha)
- Not sure how crumpling TP instead of folding TP makes you a metrosexual. But a recent poll shows women tend to crumple and men tend to fold. The Reegsta crumples. Whatever the case, I'm confident in my metrosexuality.
- I had to abbreviate the night early, I have a GF curfew.
- I think I signed a snowboarding contract?! Is my word not bond enough?
- Drinks of the day: Sierra, Hypnotic, and some nasty Korean drink.

Onto Phil's Day:
- D&B's is a pretty poppin' spot. Was gonna go once to the one in "The OC," but the ppl I was with didn't want to pay the $3. No really.
- Interesting way to divvy up the tab. Is that standard for people over 24 yrs old? Is that how people usually do it? Basically we split the tab evenly between the ppl there, but some ppl only ordered an appetizer and no drank, whereas others ordered a main course and drank. Oh well. I got my money's worth!
- Mit + row + sax + U + Ill = A confused Regan. I will never play Win Lose or Draw w/ you cats.
- We ate in the Karaoke Room. And the guys were forced to sing "Bye Bye Bye." In front of everyone, including other guests. Naturally I was Justin. Our name: The Metrosexuals (notice the recurring theme). BB Mak wanted to battle, but they couldn't see us. I want to see them out that door....
- I schooled J in hoops, but V-may schooled me in skeeball. Those credits go by waay to fast.
- Loyal readers remember last weekend I talked about an old HS chick. Can you say deja vu?? But this is a different one. Exactly ten years ago, this girl walks up with her army of 25 freshman chicks, approaches the shy and solo Reegsta (maybe I was w/ P-Diddy) and asks him to the XMas dance. Under extreme pressure, he says yes. So we go to the dance, and I'm not really feelin her. I even dance w/ this girl named Valerie for a little bit. So the next semester starts, we're avoiding each other, and I think she's blackballed me! You can blue ball me, but not blackball me! But whatever, I was mapping out my 3 year pimpin' plan. The next years Xmas dance rolls around, and believing I've been blackballed, no one asks me. In retrospect (about 1 day after) I guess I should've done the asking. Anyways, she went to the dance w/ some nerd who goes by the name Callwave now. But then she transferred at the end of the year. Fast fwd to 2K3, and the signs were there. Callwave told me she friendsta'd him. "So what." Jefe says he saw her. "And?" So it was bound to happen. I done saw her this past weekend. Said "hi." Thats about it.

Aight, don't wanna make this into a SV site, but its 1AM, the Reegsta can't sleep, so here goes my update. Maybe at work I'll blog about non-SV things!

- I knew it was a dream. But damn it was a good dream.
- Like most guys who like to massage their ego, we draw a parallel to Clark Kent. "Lana is your dream girl." Chalk up another one!
- Hope that wasn't a body double again.
- Wasn't Lana suspicious after seeing a totaled car and seeing Clark without a skratch?
- That new truck would come in handy next week. How many darn accidents has that red truck been in?
- Pete's roll is getting smaller and smaller.
- "You'll always be the girl next door." Clark hopefully is a Musiq Soulchild fan.
- Lionel is pretty cut for an older man.
- Not much to say about Lex this episode.
- The Wall of Weird finally collapsed. Weird.
- Dude, Lana isn't always gonna wait for Clark, contrary to his dream. She's like a pair of Jordans: people line up and if you snooze, you lose. Watch another dude (gasp!) enter the picture (not Whitney though).
- Read that Smallville is planned for 5 seasons. We're halfway there!
- Favorite episode of the year so far.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Smallville recap:

Well this episode was like a flashback to Season 1. Here's the basic template: There's a freak. The freak is attracted to Lana. The freak fights Clark and puts up a good fight. Clark prevails. Lana and Clark talk at the end, and Lana tells Clark to open up. He doesn't. So yesterday's episode followed that formula to a T. While I wasn't disappointed in the show, I was expecting more.
- Who swims in the dark? And how did sniper know Jake was down there?
- I take back what I said last week about Chloe.
- Lana should be in Charlie's Angels. Dang she kicks arse again!
- Did Clark always have a lead bulletproof vest?
- Clark and Lana are more touchy-feely.
- Lionel sure covers all his bases. Dang he's good.
- That bullet extraction was a lil gory.
- Maybe Lex is one of "them." He's almost as bulletproof as Clark.
- Whoa Pete sighting!
- Catch that reference to a LL website? What's wrong with visiting them?
- Next week is she topless? Or was I hallucenating? I don't want the WB to pimp her out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Another fun filled weekend passed by. Well, not really another one...but a fun one nonetheless. I don't even remember what I did Friday, not because I was drunk, but rather I can't think straight right now. Fast forward to Saturday. Its my GFs good friends birthday, so we celebrate it at this restuarant in the city called the Butterfly Lounge. It was one of those trendy Asian Fusion restuarants where surprisingly, there are no Asian waitresses. They had something on the menu called the "Pu Pu Platter," and with that name I just had to order it w/o knowing exactly what I was gonna get. Isn't that funny? It was almost as funny as when I reached over to shake some guys hand, and then proceeded to knock down a container of chopsticks. Ooops. I'll just use my fork. After dinner the entourage headed to this nonstraight club on Castro, and since we had another obligation to attend, we unfortunately couldn't make it. Shucks.

On our way across town, we head to Sylv's shindig. As we proceed to the back of the club for the private party, we recognize no one. So we walk back through the front, and still we don't recognize no one. Sylv sure has a lot of friends we don't know! After recognizing the dazed look on our faces, one gentleman goes "Are you looking for Sylvia?" She's right there." Thanks man! Anyhow, the people we recognize start filtering in, and its always good to see familiar faces. Events include:

- A shot of liquid cocaine. Haven't had one since college. Yucky.
- A convo w/ Michelle who straight BOUNCES in the middle of it WITHOUT even telling me!
- Seeing this girl yack and then cleaning it up w/ her BARE HANDS. Christine then goes "Do we know that girl?!" Turns out it was the celebrant. Happy Birthday Sylv!
- I thought V-may and this girl didn't like each other. But yet they were chopping it up like old pals! But a FUNNIER site was seeing lil Val talk to her also. And she doesn't like her even more! Can't people just let go?
- Rushing to get a card for Sylv to go along w/ the present, but not seeing her leave! So the present is in my trunk right now. Umm, I'm not sure what it is. No really.
- Figuring out what ethnicity Sylv's roomy is. Is it possible to be a 1/3 something, a 1/3 something, and a 1/3 something else??
- Where the heck did Snup go? Note: if someone's trying to find you, don't leave your phone w/ someone else.
- Snup making The Drunk Dial. Oh yeah, that's why he didn't have his phone.
- Discussing the virtues of Smallville while drinking.
- The room gave new meaning to wall-2-wall carpeting. Since they were actually on the wall. Must be fun to vacuum!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Wow I think this is a record for most blogs in a week. Current thoughts:

- Comfort Room Courtesy 101: If you leave skid marks, please cover them with TP or a seat cover.
- Congrats to Ahnold, but it would suck if his middle initial began with an "S." Go Governator!
- I didn't vote. But I shall in the Presidential election.
- My sickness got worser.
- The weather is acting funky. Well maybe only in DC, because its usually always sunny in SM. DC has got to be the foggiest place on earth, you'd think the city is amongst the clouds.
- Missed "Friends" again last night.
- I went to Costco yesterday (solo) because I needed only needed the industrial sized toilet paper. Ended up staying 1.5 hours! Because I need petrol (long line), then the regular line (not so bad) and the food line (long). I love them $1.62 Polish Dogs! HOWEVER, Goleta Costco had the best BREAD on their dogs. The Egg Bread. Along with the fake owls overlooking the food court.
- Please join my fantasy league! Email me for details.
- My freaking computer is trippin out with that freaking thing that changes your freaking homepage. Freaking again. Freak!
- To quote other people, TFGIFF =)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

The unofficial Smallville: Episode 2 post

1. Whoa crazy 3 part episode finally culminated...all great episodes
2. I totally forgot that the Kents gave Lex that compass for a gift.
3. Lana wasn't hot at all in last nights episode. Disappointed to say the least.
4. Where was Pete the whole episode?
5. Notice every dies after they get a glimpse that Clark is superhuman? The archaeologist, the scientist, the doctor, the reporter, the mob boss, the henchmen, and now Helen. Please Clark don't tell Lana!
6. Whoa thats the 2nd time Lana saw someone die in self-defense.
7. Whoa she can kick arse. That kick-boxing scene from last year was a precursor.
8. Um I was joking about point #3. Anyone fall for it?
9. I don't think Chloe will be that annoying this season.
10. Can you believe they're upperclassmen now?
11. You'd think enough people in Metropolis would know who "Kal" is.
12. I wonder what pact Jonathan made with Jor-el.
13. So the Kents and Lex co-own the farm?
14. Its sad that I recognized Helen's bag was a Louis.
15. Was there a pool scene is next week's episode? Too bad its not gonna be Nicodemus part II.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Lesson of the day: Always stand up before you flush

So yesterday I was taking my daily dump at work. I may have told some of you about some plumbing problems that our office had. So anyways, the H20 was back on, so it didn't ruin my flow (get it?). Anyways, so I'm chilling in the stall, reading some leftover reading material there, and 20 minutes later, I'm done. Since this jon is pretty powerful at work, I only single flush as opposed to my occasional double flush at any other toilet. I like to see what I accomplish so I get up and flush facing the toilet. So my routine is: dump, read, wipe, reflect, flush, confirm, wash hands (optional). So I flush the toilet, and it flushes like crazy! Water spews out from the whole brim, not because it was overflowing, but because the pressure was so high. It was like a vortex, and it wasn't the poop-contaminated water, it was the new water. I think. About a half gallon spills out. And then I realize why there was like a gallon of h20 already on the floor before my arrival. And I didn't think anything of it because I wasn't wearing my sneaks. This also happened to the prior flusher. So I wait until the coast is clear and I leave the bathroom. I just dreaded the thought of doing the courtesy flush while still posted on there. Whew.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Story of the day:

Man Dies After Wife Crushes Testicles

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - An enraged Ethiopian mother of five will be tried for the murder of her husband who died after she crushed his testicles in a fight, police told the state-run Ethiopian News Agency.

Police said on Friday the man was so embarrassed after the incident that he declined to seek treatment for the injury, and died days later.

"Following a disagreement over the husband's spending habits, his wife refused to give him his dinner and also decided to sleep alone," police in the western region of Wellega said.

"The husband was so angered by this affront by his wife that he tried to beat her. In the melee that followed, the wife grabbed and twisted his testicles causing serious damage."

Police said the unnamed woman, a resident of Wayu-Tuka district in Wellega, had had several arguments with her husband about the amount of money he spent on booze.
Ouch. I'ma stop buying alcohol.

Being a local sports fan has its moments. This past weekend wasn't one of them. It was hard to swallow the Giants defeat, only because the G-Unit had opportunities to win, and they gave up opportunities to lose. Game 3 in the A's series is probably the worst officiated baseball game I've witnessed. The Raiders lost to a scrub team, but at least I'm not a Raiders fan. The Niners lastly redeemed the Yay with their victory. Oh well, you can't win them all.

I developed a minor cold this weekend, just a sore throat and a minor cough. I guess with the colder temperature I should stop sleeping naked. I'm not in LA no more. So with a less than fare physical condition I didn't do much, except watch sports.

I was watching part of the Cribs marathon. Man its unfair. They gonna show Shaqzilla's crib 2nite during the season premiere. I honestly think this show is detrimental to the youth's of our nation. It skews what's important. How does Baby from the Cash Money Click have 50 cars?!?! And I like Fat Joe as a shoe collector more than a rapper. But yet I'ma still be watching, yearning to have a fraction of the toys these cats have. One day.

Hope yall like the new picture =).

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Its about that time of the week. Ideally I'd post like 2-3x/week, but nothing's ever ideal. So once things become more settled and organized, these weekly updates should suffice.

Tonight's the big night. SMALLVILLE SEASON PREMIERE! If there was a upside to summer ending, it is this. Man I'm excited. However in prior posts I noted that the show started at 9PM, but actually its 8PM . Should be good news for you Bachelor watchers. Caught Newlyweds yesterday (haha), and it was a good episode. I don't feel like spoiling it for those who haven't watched it (plus I'm lazy). And I saw Sportscenter about 4 times. Please GIANTS win. Please. Oh yeah I peeped the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Should be interesting...I don't know why RW sacrificed "Come on be my baby tonight" David. Dude looks like Bruce Banner, but alas, he's going back to the lab.

I've had a lot of thoughts lately. And it got me thinking.
- Man there are some obese whips in my 'hood. I've seen Escalades, G-500s, CL-600s, 2K3 Ranges on or near my block. I don't live in the 90210! But damn, I don't live in slum village either. To quote E-40, "Don't buy a $85K car, before you buy a house."
- Anyone notice the dropoff in the price of CDs? I went to Circuit City yesterday and bought OutKast's new joint. Its a double-disc, and it done costed $10.99 wit tax. For a double disc! In '96 that would've set me back at least $19.99. Please support your artists!
- Anyone else have a dry clean only comforter? I have one, but damn. If I bring it to the cleaners like 5 times its gon be more than the cost of it! Already done did it 2wice.
- I like those vintageish track jackets. Makes me feel sporty and want to run like Forrest. But of course I wouldn't do that. Its like ballin' in your Jordans.
- I'm taking a break on buying kicks. I really am. I literally haven't looked on eBay in awhile. You don't understand how much self-restraint that takes.
- I've been doing hella laundry lately. I think because I wear like sometimes 3 fits a day: work threads, workout gear, and after-workout clothes. But I like folding clothes, so I don't mind it.
- I've bought books lately. Hey! New idea for the site: My Literature. True it was a book on kicks and another about hip-hop. But hey, its about culture. Reading is fundamental, and a lost hobby.
- It is okay to watch a movie by yourself in a theater.

Big shout out to those who helped moi with my plans this past weekend. It was enjoyable, a lil hectic, but fun at the same time. Big ups for the support and suggestions. Man 8 years is crazy. Crazy 8!

And with Bonds at bat I shall go.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Reading a new blog site (you go tafty) has inspired me to blog. But I'm glad I post on blogger, since blogger = gangsta, and xanga = wanksta. Blogger is the force, xanga is the darkside. I forsee a battle in the near future, just like the bloods vs. crips, pac vs. biggie, apple vs. microsoft, giants vs. dodgers (go giants!), and clark vs. lex. Case in point, people can "blog" (as a verb), but you can't "xang"?!?! WTF is that? Bloggers blog, and Xangers blog too. Another thing: xanga forces you to sign up for them in order to leave comments. That's trickery I tell you. Yeah yeah, it's much easier to create a page or whatnot, but who wants everything easier? Thank you.

Anyways, so I went to my whip yesterday, and I see a packet on my trunk. I go look at it, and it contains a prayer book, a rosary and a scapular. And I look at the cars around me, and I'm the only one with this packet. What the heazy?! I don't know if its a sign, if it was placed on my car on purpose or something else. Maybe the person who left it there saw my Giant Jack on my antenna and thought I needed the prayers? I did have my car blessed already. Whoa...this just struck me. I got my car blessed and broken into in the same parking lot! Man that happened like 2-3 years ago, and I just realized it now. St. Marks, IV. Well at least they didn't take my sticks sitting in my trunk.

I went to the gym the other day, here are a few more observations:
- This chick had a Jordan Jumpman tattoo. But wasn't wearing any Jordans. At least she had on Nikes though.
- I wore a ribbed tank top (re: beater). And it looks like I'm the smallest dude w/ one on.
- Maybe I shouldn't wear ribbed tank tops no more.
- There's a number of unused outlets around the gym. I swear I'ma start putting in those Glade Plug-Ins near the one near me.
- A lot of people are inked out. I want one! Not sure of what though.
- One piece of motivation of going is that I can wear some kicks, since I'm in non-athletic shoes 4x/week. Sad huh?
- I chose the stationary bike as my source of cardio for multiple reasons: 1. can lean back, 2. better for the joints, 3. better for the kicks, 4. can listen to my discman w/o it skipping like lou, 5. can read a mag (optional), 6. better view, 7. psychological (can go 10 miles in .5 hr instead of 3 miles in the same span)
- I wanna play basketball soon.
- I wanna swim. But I can't.

Friday, September 19, 2003

The past couple days I've been singing "Shake ya Tailfeather" by Nelly and Diddy and Murphy Lee....

uh ooooooooh!
I heard the bad boyz coming
can't stop now
got to continue my runnin'

But this song is the epitome of a song I dislike. But I like it. A lot. Is it because of the flick? (Bad Boys II) Because I really don't like Nelly, and I sure as heck don't like Puff (as rappers). Or maybe its just catchy. And this got me thinking that I have a lot of guilty pleasures:

- that song, or any Nelly song that's catchy
- i read US Weekly weekly (my thursday nite poops are longer than usual)
- i really like to coordinate. no really
- masturbation (sike!)
- joys of putting on a new pair of shoes
- drinking a colored alcoholic drink (like a capecod)
- JT's album (not the bigga figga)
- reality TV (namely AI, and Newlyweds)
- singin' along to boy band songs
- watching HGTV (home and garden) and the Food Network

Okay, maybe some are not as guilty as others. For the record Talib Kweli's Get By is in my head also, I'll read a copy of Playboy if its on the table, I don't subscribe to US Weekly (an old tenant did), I still can go out w/o matching, I (occasionally) wear dirty shoes, I like beer (not michelob ultra), I like rap music primarily and can recite more rap lyrics than pop lyrics by far, and I watch ESPN moreso than any other channel.

Yes I am confident in my sexuality (which is straight, just in case).

Couldn't let a week go by w/o posting! Well what can I say. This week went by pretty fast, as some eventful events in the Tacorda household happened. My bro got hitched as yall may know, and my fam bought a crib in Sin City recently. Funny thing is that I'm not sure if I'll stay there if I visit hehe. Pictures coming soon of the wedding for your interest.

Well its Friday, and its Jeff's birthday, so we're going to watch a baseball game tonight. Go A's! I want the A's to go deep and face the Giants in the World Series to mirror 1989, without the earthquake though. And of course I'd want the Giants to pull it out. Then that'll validate the Giant-Jack sitting on my antenna at the moment.

I'm glad MTV and ESPN have reruns frequently, so I'm caught up with my 2 fav new shows Newlyweds and Playmakers. Or maybe they're just keeping me warm for the season premier of Smallville! Wednesday, October 1, 2003 (WB 9:00pm). Go mark your calendars. Now. Oh yeah! The official DVD for Season 1 should be out by that time too, and I'll probably buy it. But that'll mean I'll spend over a Benji on those darn discs. ($40 initially, I never got it, $40 again for the VCD set, and the DVD set will cost ~ $40). Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.

See I warned yall about that shoe problem. Tally two more this week =(. But one pair was some patent leather Jordan golf shoes! Only $30, so that doesn't really count. And another pair of Dunks =(. Dunks are the kicks that are on my wallpaper right now. So I got about 8 pairs of Dunks, not that bad! But these are Black/Red, and everyone knows red is my fav color. And they were only $75, when they can sell upwards to $150. Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.

Friday, September 12, 2003

We have a customer called Consumer Debt Counseling. But they won't be a customer for much longer, since they're going out of business. Isn't that ironic.

Is it ghetto bringing a magazine to the comfort room while @ work? I try to roll it up and put it in my pocket, but its not like its a newspaper or something.

Cookie Crisp is the best cereal in the world.

Things been Mad Hectic lately (if you're wondering why that's Capitalized is b/c its the name of a shoe store in Japan). To prep for the rehearsal dinner @ my folk's crib, I was cleaning the main bathroom @ around 11pm last night. And I haven't pooped in this one since like pre-millenium. You know how on TV when people clean they just throw everything into the closet? In our case, the closet is our garage. So don't open it!

I had to pick up my tux, get faded (a haircut hehe) and clean. Today I got to transport people from the church to the palace (snoop reference). I also got to shuttle flowers/wine/etc to the telly. Man I wish I had a little brother! Naw but its all love. I was the only sibling selected to be a groomsman, so thats cool I suppose.

So I missed Newlyweds, and it was an episode of trying to golf. Man I must see it. V-may said it reminded her of the time I tried to bring her....eeeks, maybe I shouldn't then. It may conjure up bad memories! I haven't worked out since last week, but that will change on sunday if I'm not too hungover. Yeah, monday sounds good =).

So I told myself not to buy any kicks during the month of September, since its gon be an exxxpensive month. That lasted all of 5 days. Man it seems when I tell myself not to buy kicks, I go buy more. Like during Lent, I gave up buying kicks. But as the weeks wore on, I just gave up buying kicks on fridays only. Niketown had a crazy sale, so I basically had to buy something to take advantage of this. And what do you know? The kicks I got jumped up $45 in price. So purchase justified.

Boss isn't in today, hence the AM blog. Plus I probably won't be here in the PM, so I can get a jumpstart on the aforementioned duties.

Man my page is hard to update, meaning that ish on the left. I change my cds as often as I change my drawls (its daily guys, really). And I usually carry a dozen discs around, so that's irrelevant. Maybe I'll put my current reading material up. I don't know, it makes me feel discomblogulated. Ha! that was retarded.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Mondays are basically a reflection of your weekend. To me @ least. These past few days included a bachelor party, alcohol, guns, bruises and gettin dirty, which would make xTina proud. I wish that I can't write about the party, because that would mean some stuff would remain on the under like Area 51. Or like my other brother's bachelor party, which happened in Las Vegas, so LV rules are taken into effect. Anyways, we wanted to maximize our day, so my bro wakes me up at 0700 sharp (notice the army time). After pounding a McMuffin and washing it down with some caffeine, we're off to our destination. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. We're ballers, so we went paintballin'! After an hours worth of crossing bridges and rough terrain, Sen-dawg (my whip) brought up safely to the wilderness. Even though I haven't been there, it felt like being in Waco. They had it all: a drill sargeant, ammo, camoflouge and an aura of warfare. After orientation, the other group has yet to show up. Did they also see the intimidating woman in the parking lot and bounce? Nope, turns out we were in the wrong place. Whew.

After being shot up by a bunch of 8 year olds who ruined my Gang Starr shirt, we headed to Applebees and ate. And ate. Then we went home and reconvened for dinner at this Signaporean restuarant along with the bachelorette party. I don't think i've had that food before, but its seemingly a cornucopia of all asian food. Good. So dinner is done, so time for the real party to start yeah? And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. Rather, we headed to this bar about 3 Doors Down called Kryptonite (haha that was a joke). Well it was 5 blocks down called Kuhon or something. Close enough. It was a Korean-themed place that surprisingly didn't serve Crown or any mixed drinks. Despite that, it was more than enough to get the bachelor more faded than a pair of black jeans washed 94 times in hot water. Hearing more expletives come out his mouth that one night than my combined 24 years of knowing him was crazy. And to think he's the reason why I don't swear today. People were dwindling out and the bar is about to close. The night is still young. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. The bachelor was hammered, so it was time to go home.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Blogging is like working out. Some weeks you do it religiously; other weeks you're more athiest-like. Does that make sense? Anway, I freakin forgot to watch Newlyweds, but MTV has more reruns than trackrunners. I did catch Playmakers, my favorite new drama series. So far they showed a (boys) naked butt, a procedure sticking clean urine in someone's system (don't ask how-you don't want to know), and they also swear a lot. I'm pretty sure it would be R-rated if it were a movie, yet they show it on basic cable? Interesting...where have all the censors gone?

I caught America's Biggest Icons on 3 were: 3. Elvis, 2. Superman, and 1. (drumroll....) Oprah!? I know Oprah was large (figuratively speaking), but bigger than Elvis and Clark Kent? Crazy I know...

So we went to this club on Saturday, and I went to close my tab. It was 2 drinks short, but I just signed it with knowing that. Is that wrong? The bartender most likely put it on another person's tab. Which would suck to be that person. Oh well, I've paid for many a drink that I haven't consume, so what's goes around comes around.

My ode to eBay:
- Where can you find literally thousands of shoes to look through in your size?
- Where can you find CDs at a fraction of the store cost?
- Where can you find a poster that you've been searching for since 1990?
- Where can you find Smallville VCDs?
- Where can you get golf clubs at wholesale prices?
- Where can you salvage stuff you no longer want?
- Where can you get back issues of magazines no longer in print?

I've been a member since April 98. To think this website originated as a forum to buy and sell PEZ dispensers is amazing. Here's the abbreviated story: This guy's girlfriend was infactuated with PEZ dispensers. To help with her hobby, he created a website where people bought and sold these dispensers. It grew exponentially to the nth power, and viola! You have this multi-billion dollar corporation 8 years later.

On that note, I just won something off there. =)

Friday, August 29, 2003

10 MTV VMA thoughts:

1. Wow Madonna kissed Britney. Madonna then kissed X-tina. The natural progression would be Britney and X-tina kissing right? But no, they bring out Missy. Talk about the ultimate buzz killer.

2. Chris Rock is mad funny. Even though I heard the jokes before, his delivery and approach still made them funny.

3. It was funny to see Em and 5 Cent give JT props for winning for Best Male Video. Then it was even funnier hearing JT say "its an honor to be in the same category as Eminem and 50 Cent."

4. Remember when Beyonce used to sing everytime DC won an award?

5. They need to time these awards better, since the nominations seem pretty old. "Hot in Herrre/Dillemma" were so summer '02. Em is probably on 10 mile. You get the gyst.

6. The Jack Black Jacko Wacko inpersonation was hilarious.

7. I still don't like Suchin Park. But I like Linkin Park. Think they're related?

8. Britney is the all time losingest person in VMA history.

9. Something's wrong w/ the rap game when 5 Cent beats out a 2pac and Nas collaboration.

10. Rock: "How come they don't punk no rappers?!! Ashton would go 'you got punked!' then DMX would be like 'oh yeah $%#%, you got stabbed!'" First time I saw Dark Man X smile. Didn't know it was possible.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Oh yeah, I watched TV yesterday! Recap:

The OC: I didn't know white people also had debuts?? And they even called them cotillions! Maybe I was in a shell or something. But a friend who I talked to who's an authority on white people said they're big in the south and dirty apple. For the society folks I suppose.

Newlyweds: Haha another classic episode. Best dialogue:

Jessica: Honey, you know how I needed bras and panties?
Nick: Yeah.
Jessica: So I bought 2 bras and 2 panties, and it was $750.
Nick: You didn't look at the price?? Take 'em back.
Jessica: No I just signed the receipt. I can't return 'em. They don't have an exchange policy on lingerie.
Nick: .........

Haha man this is a great show.

Mad respect goes out to the web page designers out there, because I was having more issues than Time Magazine modifying my title. You think you can just type out a downloaded font and type it, but as Beyonce would say, no no no. Steps involved:

Goal: To change my title font
1. find a font you like, download it, extract it, and copy to your font file
2. since its not a true type font, create it as a jpeg
3. fill the background color of the jpeg with the exact color code of where you want to paste
4. resize it accordingly, save the text jpeg, and upload it
5. insert jpeg into header, and size accordingly
6. voila! and an hour later, you're done!

I picked a title from that informal poll that I had, and that choice won by a landslide. The official count was 1-0-0. Also the subtitle is that of a rap song in the late 80s, by the famous DOC. D.O.C., not doc. I know what you're thinking - Reeg influenced by a rap song??? no way!!!

I made other tweaks to this site. I have a pic of the moment, as I was tired of the one of me, J and Rich (not J-Rich the basketball player). Wish it could be du jour, but more likely du week, or du deux weeks. I really should show eric that picture, which reminds me of a story. He did something to me with it, so I had to get him back. I planted that dildo in his bag one day. He went to work one morning and went to a meeting. Upon opening his bag, he saw a long purple thing protruding (haha). He then excused himself from the room, brought his bag, and buried it below all his stuff (haha). Later that evening, he was pissed that I planted it there (haha). Boy we had fun with that thing (haha).

Anyways, woohoo! Blogging on back to back days. I also have a lil email button on the right, since the right side wasn't getting any love. Plus I chose a shot where it looks like I'm reading my own blog! How's that for strategic picture picking? Also I added a few more links that I visit.

Okay I'm outtie like a belly button.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hey all...I'm like literally the only one in my department today, isn't that swell! So here is an opportune time to blog. So how have I been since last time? Pretty much the same. Highlights include:

- Brought my laptop back because there was a dead pixel on the screen that popped up occasionally. It was as irritating as a sweaty murphy. So I got a new laptop, same model and I got a $100 price adjustment!

- Gym update: Still trying to decide which cardio workout is best. I tried the treadmill, but its not good for the joints and kicks. I tried the stationery bike, but i get the aforementioned sweaty eddies (murphys yall). I tried the precor, but I feel retarded and clumsy.

Other thoughts...

- Flicks: So LOTR2 dropped today, and I still haven't seen the first one. And its been sitting in front of my DVD playa for the last fortnight. I must watch it eventually. I think I'm the only one!

- Chicks: I saw a preview of Honey, starring Jessica Alba and Lil Romeo. Man, first I see him on Cribs, and now he's in a movie w/ Ms. Alba?? He must've been Saint Romeo in his prior life. Basically that movie is like Save the Last Dance meets Flashdance, so they say...maybe I'll catch it one day.

- Kicks: Still waiting on that pair travelling overseas. I think I'll take a month off from purchasing, if that's possible.

- Muziks: Heard Ice Cube on the radio today. No, not on KMEL. Not on KYLD either. Nope, not on Power106 either. Wait, why are the numbers for Power106 105.9. Do they round? Freakin' LA stations. Anyways I heard him on ALICE 97.3. Pretty cool to see him evolve from Gangsta, Gangsta (the inspiration for my SN) to a Hollywood Juggernaut. And me evolve from KYLD to ALICE. Oh no!

Sports: I wanna watch that Playmakers (ESPN, 6pm, Tuesdays) series. Epsen hyping the heck out of it. It does look good though. Bill Romanowski is an idiot. He punched his TEAMMATE and broke his nose, so he's out 4-6 weeks. What a guy. Quiet on the basketball front, with it being offseason and all.

- I want to see The Graduate, playing at the Curran I think. I LOVED that movie...I mean film. Thank you Mr. B for enlightening me. So I'm sure its gonna be fun to watch, but they have a limited run here. Believe it or not, I'ma big Simon & Garfunkel fan. Well, that one song anyways...Maybe thats why I liked American Pie so much.

- Labor day is coming up. Funny how its called labor day, when labor means work. So its essentially called Work Day, which basically is monday thru friday. Everyday is a labor day. I propose we rename it Vacation Day.

Aight back 2 work...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Like Rakim would say, "It's been a long time." Relatively speaking of course. So I guess it would be better to quote another 18th Letter - Regan! "It's been a minute." I mean, its not like I've been mad busy, maybe mad lazy, but ironically never really mad. I do wanna play Madden '04 though and get that new Madlib and Jaydee cd. I don't have a PS2 nor a XBox, but my roommate has the former. Isn't it kinda ghetto to buy a video game but not own the console? Sorta like buying records and not having any turntables (oops, I'm guilty!). Like buying a laptop bag and not having a laptop (ha! guilty no more). Or like having cereal and no milk. Man, that's my 2nd Friday reference in my blog. Hope you 3 readers caught em!

Hmmm...thinking...thinking...right now would be the perfect time for that hourglass icon...hmmm...this is why I don't blog as much...thinking...ok, Reeg's gonna talk about TV shows! Alright, its summer, so that means Smallville's on vacation. I caught the premiere episode of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. (Tuesdays, 10:30 PM, MTV) Actually this pilot(?) was pretty entertaining. Highlights of the show:

Jessica: "Is it chicken or tuna?"
Nick (stoned face look): "Tuna"
Jessica: "Then why is it called Chicken of the Sea?"
Nick (stoned face look): .....

Hahaha that was funny. And everything tastes like chicken anyways.

Jessica (whining): "Is there, like, maids for celebrities?!"

Another one...

Nick: "$20 an hour does seem like a lot to just fold clothes" after giving a maid $100 to do laundry and fold clothes for 5 hours.

You know, I'll stop...I'm sure it was funnier as it was happening; the integrity of the humor gets lost in the transition. Their personality's remind me of me and the v-may haha. And she even admitted to it.

We were again channel surfing on Sunday when we caught Sex in the City (Sundays, 9:00PM, HBO). Because, you know, I would NEVER watch this show on my own accord. It just so happened we rushed to the TV at 9, and hey what do ya know...the channel was coincidentally on HBO already! Its only a half hour, no commercials, so it goes by pretty fast fortunately. Because I wouldn't watch it if it were a minute over. But I really wanted to watch The Man Show and SpikeTV. Anyways, there was a storyline how Carrie lost a pair of kicks. And she was traumatized. However, through an act of God she got a replacement pair, and was instantly euphoric. Too bad that was only a subplot. If there were a TV solely on kicks (get it?!?!?! sole-ly), I'd be a watcher!

Smooth segue reeg...gotta thank ci-squared for the proper spelling. I'm waiting on a pair coming from the UK. I usually don't like dealing with international transactions, but like Ralph Tresvant, I gotta do what I gotta do. Besides that, the kicks are so worth it! At least I got my Black/Orange dunks in, just in time for the SF Giants sprint towards the postseason. Pictures hopefully coming soon! Depending on US Customs and all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I'm tryna do this religiously. I was watchin Miss Teen USA last night and it could've passed for Miss USA, implying that them girls look waaay older than 15-18 age bracket they were in. I felt kinda perverted watching it actually. So of course I kept watching. Miss Oregon won Miss Congeniality, and was also crowned Miss Teen USA. Take that Sandra Bullock. I was glad to see her win, since I was pulling for her and all. THERE WAS A SBTB sighting! Mario Lopez aka AC Slater aka Always Cool aka Albert Clifford aka Greg Louganis aka Mr. Ali Landry was the host. Contrary to popular belief, he was my fav character on the show, not Dustin Diamond.

Potential nicknames for this site:
Blue Balls: It has been erected for awhile, but nothin happened to this site
Reeg Speak: I like the sound of that, since I try to have a spectacular vernacular
Encyclopedias Falling Down: Because I like to drop knowledge

Got to peep BAD BOYS II and AMERICAN WEDDING this weekend. Both were great and both were better than their predecessor (run-on i know). But the original AMERICAN PIE is still better than the third. In this movie, only band chick reappears out of the girls, while OZ (Chris Klein) doesn't appear in this movie. However, I was greatly disappointed that the SHERMANATOR didn't appear in it also. Despite this, Stifler does a wonderful job and is a scene stealer.

BAD BOYS was bad a$$. Great action movie. But what puts this movie over the top is the comedy. They could categorize it in this genre rather than an action flick. Don't know what the sequel of the summer is: these flicks or X-Men?

- NetFlix is taking forever with THE REAL CANCUN.
- I have a problem when I spend more on kicks than rent per month.
- Good thing boogers don't smell.
- Tiger Woods is gonna win the PGA this weekend.
- Can't wait for my new People Under the Stairs and Nextmen cds.
- I should be working.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003's kinda hard to post consistently! I'm struggling to find ideas. Yesterday I went to the gym and had an appointment with a trainer. So there's a chart of fat levels: lean, average, fair, unhealthly. Prior to being tested I'm like I'm probably average-fair. Boy was I wrong. I am UNHEALTHLY. But I would be average if I were a chick. He told me if was mainly my eating habits. On that note, I had pizza and a soda for lunch today. Burp.

A few observations @ the gym:
- how do people work out in jeans?
- if you have swamp a$$, and you fart, is it considered a wet fart?
- they should have funny mirrors instead of regular mirrors
- 1 out of 4 people sweat profusely; i'm in the minority
- i wish i could swim
- i need headphones
- i should eat better

That's it for now...time to earn my chips.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey! I needed to post here is a conversation about politics and flix! FYI, the movies are in Italics.

AZER08: arnold 4 gov
reegsta: the governator!
AZER08: "this will be a Total Recall"
AZER08: haha, "i will terminate high taxes"
reegsta: haha...."its not ah tumah"
AZER08: u votin for him?
reegsta: nah....he republican
AZER08: so what? "here comes The Predator!"
reegsta: maybe...i have to hear his platform
AZER08: "gov. davis promises of not raising taxes were True Lies"
reegsta: lol
reegsta: hahaha
AZER08: its awesome
reegsta: he doesn't need a running mate, when he's The Running Man
AZER08: hahaha
AZER08: that would be a hawt shirt
reegsta: haha for real...i will Erase(r) all high taxes
reegsta: man...maybe i will vote for him
AZER08: hhaah
AZER08: see the speeches are going to be hawt
reegsta: on The 6th Day, God said let me be governor!
AZER08: after he gets rid of the CA debt, he'll point at the tax forms and say "you have been erased"
reegsta: lol
reegsta: hahaha
reegsta: and then he'll be the Last Action Hero
AZER08: haha
AZER08: see we could on his campaign
reegsta: fa sho...if he runs for pres, he would be the Commando in chief
AZER08: hahaha
reegsta: i'm kinda cheatin, i'm lookin @ his filmography
AZER08: arnold and gary coleman should take a pic together and the caption should read "Twins"
reegsta: lol....hahahahaha
AZER08: damn it's too easy
reegsta: for real
AZER08: "this will be the End of Days for davis"
AZER08: "i will be minimizing Collateral Damage on the california economy"
AZER08: "if the recall does not go through, it will be a Raw Deal"
reegsta: "election day is now Judgment Day"
reegsta: man....ur a nerd

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Its smack dab in the middle of the week, otherwise known as Wednesday, or Hump Day. If it were me, everyday would be Wednesday. But then it wouldn't be Hump Day, it'd be Groundhog Day. Thus it would never be my brithday, so forget it.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ONLINE PURCHASES. However, if THEY want to send the product FIRST, and then after YOU RECEIVE it and are SATISFIED with it, then PAY, then good for you.

So the KB8 case is set for the initial hearing, and new reports have him blocking the doorway. I guess thats a new meaning for the term cockblocking. HA.

But for real, I'll reserve judgment (judgement in the UK) until I hear the whole thing. Even though I haven't been a real laker fan since 110791, I wish he didn't do it. Man, all for the nookie.

My brother is coming up tonight from LA, but I don't think I'ma see him. He's only making a pitstop before heading to seatown. I need to get him a wedding present. For my other bro we got them a Stretch Navigator Limo. Of course we got to roll in it, otherwise it wouldn't have happened! Him and his fiancee are gettin' hitched next month. Check it out! Their Wed site Yes, dorks they are. And if that's coming from me, well...nevermind.

A slight modification to my site: changing "comments" to "respond/react," as an ode to the Roots. Now I need to make this column fatter, and then it'll be phatter.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Because you requested it, here's my weekend cap again (recap):

friii-day: Let me start with a story. I needed a backpack in the fall of 1998. So me and my roommate Norm went shopping for one. I picked one out at Eddie Bauer, since it was on sale and all, then I got back to slum village and realized that...This is a laptop backpack that looks like a normal backpack! Turns out I used it for a couple weeks before buying a North Face. I made a mental note to self: use this again when you get a laptop. Fast forward 5 years. Guess what I did on friday. Okay okay enough suspense. For those tortoises out there, I bought a laptop! Considering I've been using premillenium PCs, this is pretty significant. Now I can blog on the run. Beware PC snobs: is it a Compaq, but at least it looks cool..

it's satur-day!: Went to my first A's game of the season w/ Nick and J. They tried to convert this Giant Guy into an A's guy. The Damn Yankees were in town, and I got to witness their only victory in the series. A lot of offense, bad D and bad pitching....not that i'm a baseball analyst or anything. Oh yeah, I ate the longest hot dog ever, it was like 12 inches (Please refrain from the jokes).

Later on that evening, I met up Snup and his folks (not his parents, but his peeps) at the Bubble Lounge. While it looked cool on the inside, it was a pretty boo-jou spot. Hella champagne drinkers; I just wanted a beer. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

sunday: Me and my bro and sis went on a shopping expedition to vacaville. Man I wasted my gas, since I didn't find anything for me. Frustrated, I ordered some kicks off foot locker since their 30% sale was ending last nite.

There you have it!

Friday, August 01, 2003

So i'm sitting here, waiting for work to end, so I can work......out. Yes yes yall! After walking into 24 Hr Fitness yesterday wanting a trial 1 month memebership, I come out w/ an expensive 3 year one. Damn good salespeople ya heard. They can sell water to a well. Or is it whale? I need some clarification. But anyways, thats been a goal of mine since the day before forever, and I now have my gym membership. Like the Beatnuts would say, Watch out Now!

"I'm an addict for sneakers:" So I picked up a pair of the shoes pictured on the bottom left. Nike Air Force Max Retro in Black/Grey. Freakin' 3rd time owning this pair. 1st time in 8th grade, adn they were fresh. Then a year ago, but I sold them b/c they didn't have the box. They were clean. Now again, with box and all, they are fresh and clean like Andre and Big Boi. They're keepers now...

Keeping with the retro craze, on how old styles get new colors, it can apply to hip-hop too. If you haven't heard 9th Wonder's "I used to love HER" remix. OMG. Its bangin'. Of course the OG is classic like coca-cola. They done made a movie based on that song (Brown Sugar). BUt this Retro+ song is bananas. The league of extraordinary gentleman = Justus League. What.

Anybody else wanna see "American Wedding" as badly as I want to?

WELCOME! So I guess this is my first official blog entry, and its still under construction. After posting on this page for awhile, I decided to go han solo. But no fear! I'll still post there from time to time. Probably still more often than some of you other cats.

What will we find here? Basically the temporary title tells you. I liked the consonance of "Regan's Ramblings." The latter term is dedicated to the best sports university in the world. What other school has a 2 nicknames?! Only the Ramblin' Wreck. So its a double meaning yall. And the subtitle, while having the same spelling structure, surprisingly doesn't rhyme. But at least it looks like it does. My mind wonders like Stevie and 9th. Props to those that got the reference! And plus I have points to ponder - thus the title. But moreso this site will primarily be thoughts and bon mots. Again, that doesn't rhyme either.

Also, if you know me, I have a passion for hoops, hip-hop and kicks, not necessarily in that order. So expect that to be a recurring theme up in here. So look for bball knowledge, 30 second music reviews and my latest pickups and the like.

I encourage comments, dialogue, suggestions, criticisms, questions, corrections, donations, and all that. So visit, drop me a line, holler @ me, and I'll try to provide a nice online diversion to your day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Tuesday, April 29, 2003