Monday, December 29, 2003

It’s been a long minute since I last blizzogged, and hella stuff has happened since. Frequent bloggers have that mentality when something of significance occurs, or noteworthy, or just interesting happens, we store it in our blog bank. Well my blog bank became full awhile ago. As a result, only recent memories will be noted here. New year’s resolution #8912: to blog more. Sheesh, that should be higher on the list. Anyways, Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but I can’t say that about Xmas 2K3. They say death comes in threes? My sister’s best friend passed on xmas morning in a freak car accident the prior night. Such a tragedy, such a young age. She was probably at our house more than I was, and my moms was even close to her. Her siblings both went to SI, and I’ve partied with her older brother in Vegas before. They both been at my brother’s wedding. And the accident happened at the exit I take daily. Crazy ish. I can’t even imagine the pain that their family must be enduring. You can read about it here. This is her obituary. Basically her bf was driving the car and it went offroad and hit a tree. What’s coincidental about it is that the person who called 911 was my brother’s ex-girlfriend, who remains good family friends. RIP Andie.

I have no segue, so let’s review my gift list:
- Adult diapers: Thanks T-Bas, but I really didn’t need them.
- Century Theatres gift certificate: Thanks Ray & Elea, maybe I’ll watch Honey again.
- Smallville DVD: Thanks Felisa, now I can replace my bootleg VCDs.
- Smallville DVD: Thanks Mom & Dad, I guess I shouldn’t have told everyone I want this, well Tower store credit will suffice.
- Macy’s Gift Card: Thanks Janelle, now only if I could relocate it, I kinda lost it.
- AMEX Gift Cheque: Thanks Brett (my boss), I shall now not slack as much anymore.
- eBay GiFt CerTifICaTe (just felt like typin like that, don’t hate): Thanks boo, maybe I’ll get kicks or an iPod.
- Trainers Is, Trainer SCs, Dunks, Terminators: Thanks Santa, I was a good boy this year.

I shall blog sooner than later.