Friday, July 30, 2004

So this dude is trying to sell 2 pairs of Jordans. I'm interested in one of them, so I offer him 225 (market value ~275-300). He's like "well someone already offered that, so I'd sell them to you for more than 225." I'm like okay, cool. I offer 230. He says homeboy would match. Then I go how much. He then goes "he's paying 550 for both." Then I go "yo, that's like 275 each!" And he's like, "wow, you're right! sorry I can't sell them to you then. i thought his offer was for 225 each."

This illustrates pet peeve #25864: people who can't do simple mathematics.

Pet peeve #25865: So I ask my boss a yes or no question via AIM:

reegsta: are we making a deposit today?
boss: y

Y evidently means "yes." But I read it as "why?" I hope I wouldn't be the only one deceived by that answer.

I'm on an official Kanye West boycott. In a simpler time when he was next to the mic and not behind it, he made some hot beats. Besides being a song-whore, this cat thinks he's the greatest thing since cereal. He's not even the best out of Chi-town! (That honor would go to Common Sense.) Here's an excerpt from a German hip-hop publication, so I can't fully vouch for its authenticity:

On the question 'Is College Dropout a perfect album for you' he answers:

Perfect? I don't know. 5 Mics? Yes indeed. The only album I would give 5 Mics except mine is Jay's 'Blueprint'. And tell me, who produced the best songs on it? There you go! I mean, who do you want to give 5 Mics? Tell me one reason why I don't deserve 5 Mics? Peoples say there's better rappers than me, but what does that show? I mean, Ras Kass is a good rapper. But all his albums suck. Has Nas done an album that was as good as mine? Before this issue you had him on the cover and gave him a 10 page story. I heard, he has many fans in Germany, but why? Because you love losers?

Basically he's saying his joint is hotter than Illmatic. And anyone who knows reegsta knows he treats Illmatic like he would his first born. (IE since its release in April 1994, which was purchased on the day it dropped, I literally had to ensuingly buy the album AT LEAST 5 times due to theft/borrowing/etc.) Shoot, I don't even have turntables but still need to get it on vinyl! I'll make an exception to Selfish, which is actually a Slum song anyway. So Corny West, welcome to my $hit-list, and say hi to current residents Ja Rule, dook basketball, Osama and liver.

But if this turns out to be a fake interview, I take back what I said.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dear Reeg Speak,

I haven't talked to you in awhile. Hope you don't think I'm ignoring you. No I'm not seeing anyone else, I've just been busy. Plus it seems the regular blogs I visit have slowed down, and I subconsciously followed suit. Yes that is irrevelant to you RS, but I hope you're not disappointed. It's already hump-day! Hope you like your new pic to the left (now dip baby dip!). I know its not much, but you'll get your face-lift soon. I've promised that to you prior to summer starting, and now its almost ending. Don't you hate it when people say stuff but don't follow through?! I'm usually not like that.

Did I tell you I held 'em on friday? I'm beginning to think that my San Bruno Poker Tour victory was a fluke. The ensuing tourneys I've played just had me poorer. I'll tell you how bad it was - V-may beat me :-[. Speaking of which, she has a new job (again), at a video game company! So not fair.

You know what movie I forgot to tell you? SWINGERS. Yes that does describe us. "You are so money" indeed.

I have/had so much more to tell you. I guess it wasn't important, since I forgot most of it! Anyway, since you're lacking hands, I doubt you could write back. But no worries, I'll get back to you.

one love,

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just in case my ads on top change.  This should help anyone who has butcne (similar to bacne, but on the derriere): 

I've been wanting to make this post for a minute.  Here are my top 7 comedies ever.  Why 7?  Because 1. its a lucky # and 2. I couldn't think of 3 more.  I've probably seen these moves about 50x collectively.

1.  spaceballs - i'm forever grateful to my brother for bringing me to actually see this movie in a theatre back in '87.  "comb the desert!"
2.  friday - chris tucker obtains cult figure status in his portrayal of smokey. "it's ain't got no ain't got $#!+ to do!"
3.  happy gilmore - pre-8 figure contracts was when adam sandler was at his prime.  "you eat pieces of $#!+ for breakfast?!"
4.  dumb and dumber - again, jim carrey at his finest.  "what's the soup du jour?" "it's the soup of the day." "umm sounds good, think i'll have that"
5.  something about mary/meet the parents/zoolander - didn't know what ben stiller flick to pick, but i *heart* all these films
6.  american pie - a modern classic, and probably the gift and the curse for stifler. "why don't u locate your dicks, remove the shrink wrap, and start using them!"
7.  office space - an ode to the 9-5 employee. "why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam!"
8.  old school - probably the best comedy to come out within the past couple years. "you're my boy, Blue!"

Okay I have 8, not 7.  Just missed the cut: Billy Madison/Waterboy (everything past h20 boy sucked), eddie murphy's raw/delirious and coming to america, and naked gun.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A few more gym observations:
- I went yesterday after work, and in the locker room, I saw some guy with a colorful tattoo on his right butt cheek. (No really, I really did go to the gym).  I didn't stare long enough to depict what it was, since there was a mirror there and I didn't want him to see me checking out his arse.  I wondered if that part of the body costs more to tattoo, since you have to worry about dingleberries and such.
- I wanted to use some dumbbells yesterday that were near this dude.  So respectfully I asked him if he was using them.  He shot me a look like he was saying "i don't use them paperweights boy!" but just said "go ahead."  So I guess it works both ways.
- If it wasn't for the exercise bike, I would have never put a dent in Angels & Demons.  Maybe when I finish it I'll move back to the treadmill.
- I've played ball a couple days ago, since I don't lift and ball the same day, unless I ball before.  For some reason I was next and ran with varsity.  I swear everyone was at least a 6 foot assassin, and there's me.  How come the best ballers are the dudes with the worst kicks?  I mean, this dude who was shooting the lights out was rocking some K-Swiss air force one knockoffs.  Homeboy was automatic.  Maybe I should get me a pair?

Friday, July 16, 2004

When I was growing up, I was (and still am) a big fan of the Arsenio Hall Show (whooo! whooo!).  I guess we all are.  On that note, here's my ode to the man.  Things that make you go hmmmm:
1.  why is pounds abbreviated lbs?  when i was a youngin', i would pronounce it like "2 libs of apples."  i mean, wouldn't pds make more sense?  also, when people greet each other, they give each other a "pound."  conversely, in england, do people greet each other by giving a "dollar"?!?  again, why is it called a "pound cake"?  i've lifted a couple, and some weigh less and more than 1 pd.  props to all the ESL out there, its a difficult language to grasp.
2.  pimples are outgrown thingys on your face (or butt).  but if you turn the "p" clockwise into a "d," and therefore dimples, they are ingrown thingys on your face (or butt).  anyone else notice that symmetry between the words?
3.  feel bad for ursher.  first he wants to leave the first chick he's seeing because of her friend (u make me wanna), then after talking to this girl, he's thinking about someone else (u got it bad), but then, he can't get with her because it reminds him of the 1st chick (u remind me), then his current chick starts ignoring him (u don't have to call), which is okay, because he'll be alright tonight.  Just when you think he's figured it out (my way), he impregnates a chick on the side (confessions) and his girl leaves him (burn).  and just in case we didn't get the point, he tells us again (confessions II).  (yeah!)
4.  how come when i'm at the gym, and like a 100 pd dumbbell is near me, some big dude always asks if i'm using it.  hello?  i barely could bench that, and if they see the 10 pd weights in my hands, they realize that i'm not using it.  one day i'm just gonna say "most def i'm using it!"
5.  jessica alba has been confirmed to star in "the fantastic four." if you’re not familiar with the superheroes, one is mr. fantastic, the human torch, the thing and the invisible woman.  obviously, the dark angel is playing the invisible woman.  which is ironic, since who wants to see her invisible?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

60 second review: The Roots - The Tipping Point

I love the Roots. More than Outkast. More than Gangstarr. From the Organix and Do you Want More?!? organic sounds to Illadelph's sonic adventures to the progressive Things Fall Apart to the neo-soul Phrenology, they haven't disappointed me. They may flip up their sound, yet they still have the same end result: good music. But consistently putting out dope albums may be as Carter would say, the gift and the curse. Any of the aforementioned albums would be certified classics if any other group dropped them, but there's no Illmatic-type in the bunch. On the flip side, there's no Nastradamus either. On their 6th offering, they deliver straight raw, complex and polished music, straying away from the experimenting that their other joints delivered. No wack lyrics, no recycled beats, no wack r&b hooks...just dope songs. Another release without much fanfare, despite establishing a dedicated fanbase resulting from touring 300 days a year, the Legendary Roots Crew comes through. They are truely an anamoly in today's hip-hop world. This album adds another chapter to their extensive catalog. Now go buy it for $9.99 at Circuit City and don't bootleg it.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Here's my take on relationships, from someone who's been in one for *gasp* almost 9 years. Not necessarily the rules or whatever, these are moreso observations from a 3rd eye. These methods aren't fool-proof but they are battle-tested. Keep in mind I'm focusing only on the beginnings - from predating through the honeymoon. Guys often don't like being called a "nice guy." Some automatically think that label ultimately guillotines any sort of romantical relationship. When I hear that, its just a cop-out, a sign of laziness and almost a tad of cockiness. Like if you weren't nice you'd have a chance. Please. I find it that chicks do like nice guys, but damn, don't be a captain or a square, or worse yet, Captain Square. Hopefully you're liking a dope chick, and if she's dope she's hot, and if she's hot she's used to dudes hollering, with their nice guy front.

So gents, when you're diggin' a chick, there are 5 simple rules to abide by:

1. be confident but not arrogant
2. be charming but not overly-flirty
3. be funny but not dorky/retarded (note to self: must work on this)
4. be sweet and caring but not overbearing
5. be nurturing but give room to breathe

Okay nothing's going to come to you outright. Just because you'd follow these rules doesn't lead you directly to her panties. Regardless of whats implied or what untertones were established, you must express what you want. You're ready to go rock-climbing, you have the gear, the grapple, the gloves, the canister but you still need to climb the damn rock.

Don't act nervous around the chick. When you talk to her, look her directly in her eyes. When she talks to you, listen intently and look directly in her eyes. (This works later when you start to BS her). Stop talking about yourself...who cares. Give compliments, but don't swing from her sack. If she likes to joke around and touch you, touch her back even more. That's a good sign. But make sure your hands aren't ashy. Use lotion. Emphasize hygiene. Go to the gym. Take time to pick out a nice outfit when you see her. Keep breath mints in your pocket.

Some guys often put themselves in the "just a friend" category. Contrary to belief, this isn't such a bad place. Most relationships evolve from friendships, and its good to have this base already established. Again, don't let this label stop you from getting what you want. Say you want a $20K car, but you have only $15K. Find a way to get that $5K! Its much better to have $15K than have 0. Didn't mean to objectify women as vehicles, but this was just an analogy. If you're in the "oh he's like a brother" phase, back up a little bit. Stop calling her everyday and start talking about other chicks (lying is optional). Retract to the "just a friend" category and she may start catching feelings.

Don't think you gotta be an arsehole to get at a girl. Truth is that works for some dudes, but not all. Girls like to be taken care of, and that's what a nice guy will do. Just distinguish yourself, follow my rules, and you're set. And hey, if she still isn't feeling you, its time to move on to the next one.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I went to In-n-out this weekend, and it got me thinking. Daly City and Union City are 2 of the biggest Filipino enclaves in the nation. But if you get to their respective In-n-outs (or Ins and Outs) you would never know that. When I walk in there, I'm like, where did all the Flips go?! I'm not complaining, just commenting. McDonald's ain't like that.

Thanks for those that took my quiz. I actually messed up on an answer, since I didn't cry when GT lost this year. Sad it was, but it wasn't much of a game. I don't know whats more surprising, Joe B getting 100% or V-may (my girlfriend) getting 50%. No joke, but her score wasn't posted after. She pulled the plug or something. Look out for the remix soon!

So glad coach KKK declined the Lake Show, so GT can beat up on them this year and not have any Roy was their 1st choice anyways...warriors giving Foyle $40 mil?!?!...congrats to Skip for getting a's luke gonna do on the warriors summer team?...i balled for this 1st time in hella long this weekend, and let me just say that rusty is an understatement...

who's the bigger pimp? that 14 year old poking his model-teacher in florida or kevin federline? here's the 14 yr getting dome in the back seat of a car while his cousin is driving. and kevin possibly has 2 girls preggy at the same time. and one of them is britney. one thing's for sure, homeboy definitely upgraded. he went from a 486 to a pentium IV in a heartbeat. or as the RZA would say, in a "beat."

"If you don't change anything, nothing will change." Congrats to those who are taking on new challenges and ventures in life. It seems like there are a few of you out there. I guess we're at that age to revitalize ourselves. Hmmm, sounds like something I need to do!