Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm on an official Kanye West boycott. In a simpler time when he was next to the mic and not behind it, he made some hot beats. Besides being a song-whore, this cat thinks he's the greatest thing since cereal. He's not even the best out of Chi-town! (That honor would go to Common Sense.) Here's an excerpt from a German hip-hop publication, so I can't fully vouch for its authenticity:

On the question 'Is College Dropout a perfect album for you' he answers:

Perfect? I don't know. 5 Mics? Yes indeed. The only album I would give 5 Mics except mine is Jay's 'Blueprint'. And tell me, who produced the best songs on it? There you go! I mean, who do you want to give 5 Mics? Tell me one reason why I don't deserve 5 Mics? Peoples say there's better rappers than me, but what does that show? I mean, Ras Kass is a good rapper. But all his albums suck. Has Nas done an album that was as good as mine? Before this issue you had him on the cover and gave him a 10 page story. I heard, he has many fans in Germany, but why? Because you love losers?

Basically he's saying his joint is hotter than Illmatic. And anyone who knows reegsta knows he treats Illmatic like he would his first born. (IE since its release in April 1994, which was purchased on the day it dropped, I literally had to ensuingly buy the album AT LEAST 5 times due to theft/borrowing/etc.) Shoot, I don't even have turntables but still need to get it on vinyl! I'll make an exception to Selfish, which is actually a Slum song anyway. So Corny West, welcome to my $hit-list, and say hi to current residents Ja Rule, dook basketball, Osama and liver.

But if this turns out to be a fake interview, I take back what I said.