Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is pretty wierd, but cool. Over the past week, I've corresponded with all my primary college freshmen fall '97 friends! Besides my OG roommates and all. Here's a recap:

Nimz (AIM) - doing his thing @ boeing, still being the same cat...squallah!
E-Fresh (phone) - working @ pulte homes, just bought a crib in burbank
Jasmin aka Callwave (AIM) - working about 80 hrs a week, moved down to Santa Monica
MSB (AIM) - the 1 i see most often, holdin' it down in the Bay with me
CK aka MissKim (email) - wished her a happy birthday, and i'm glad to retouch base with her after a couple years
David aka Chinnuts (AIM) - finally graduated from college this past june, working somewhere
G-Booze (phone) - thanks for the drunk dial, and i miss you too. but he said he didn't like me at first because I had some Jordans that he didn't have HA.

I guess Norm, Marie, and Rommel shouldn't count, since I talk to them often (thanks to the Yellowman). But it was cool hearing from the other cats (umm...not sure about DC though haha).

Thanks guys for breaking me into SB.

Man I haven't blogged so long I almost forgot my password. Okay, yes its thursday (anyone know why thursday is abbreviated as "R" on a calendar instead of "H"?) and maybe all 3 of you are expecting an SV update. But like I TiVo'd it, I'll write about that later. I need to gripe about work, which is something I rarely do, at least on this public space.

Today I effed up and am taking the grunt of it. I just wanna say that I could do 100 good things and 1 bad thing but only that blemish is noticed. Darn underappreciated accounting folk! Man, where's Linkin Park's cd when I need it? Anyhow, this reminds me of my other eff-ups in the past:

- Anyone remember when K-mart was filing for chapter 8 a few years ago? Anyway, they had about $300 million in debt, and they owed their advertisers (Chiat Day whom I was working for) about $12 million. We get the check in LA, and my boss tells to send it to the NY office. It was the biggest check I've ever held. I threw it in the wrong bin and that caused some anxiety since they couldn't track it down for awhle. Whew I still had my job the following week.

- Another function I had was processing checks. You know, like receiving them, tracking them, endorsing them and preparing the deposit for them. One time I actually stamped the back of the payment stub rather than the actual check and threw the check away! What a retard I know. Well luckily our runner (the cat who actually made the deposit) caught it while at the bank. He had to return, found me in the cafeteria, and told me of the situation. I had to dig in my can (whew luckily it was the same day) and pulled out the check. Thank goodness that my boss never found out.

- When I started my last job I was stoked that we had free bagels every morning. So here I am, cream cheesing my bagel. Thinking to myself, dang this CC melts fast, I didn't think anything of it until I took a bite out of it. Turns out it was whipped butter instead of cream cheese! Man that was hella butter.

- Again during this first month, I accidentally closed the current month like during day 10. Man that was bad if you know anything about accounting cycles. My boss had to revert and re-enter everything. Basically we had to do a week and a half of work.

There's more, but I don't wanna look like even more of a scrub. At least our current problem here was remedied like Jason Mraz.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wow no posts for like a week! Like I've explained to some (thanks loyal readers!), reeg's suffered from a minor cold and hence some blogstipation. But when there's a historic sporting event transpiring, it is my responsibility to donate my 2 cents. Dang, this week has been up there with one of the greatest series/comebacks that i've witnessed. Lord knows i'm not the only one too. Didn't think I'd watch too much of the postseason after the GIANTS demise, but as I've often said - sports is the greatest reality tv. And that's why I can watch it forever. Johnny Damon = Je-Sus Walks! And he hits home runs. Derek Jeter can have Jessica Alba, I'd rather be in the World Series. Wait...ummmmm...I have to think 2wice about that. Regardless, watching this past week of that series is, dare I say it, almost on par with March Madness! Unless Tech wins of course. I'm happy most for the true fans of the SoX, not the Yankee h8rs. A true sports fan doesn't revel in another team's misery unless it is their rival. Or Dook. But this is all moot if they don't win it all, and the curse shall prevail.

Does SV play second fiddle to a stupid baseball game?!? No, but I'll make an exception for today. How does one watch both in its entirety without the aid of a VCR? God bless the man (or woman, but not to be sexist, most likely a dude) who invented TiVo. Its about half past midnight, and I just finished watching the Flash episode. So here's my reegcap:

- The episode got off to a great start with the Roots single playing in the opening scene. Sign of things to come.
- I have a feeling the Flash will make a return. But later on in his adulthood, he rocks tights too. Man, maybe that was a mutual decision?
- Lana's a virgin! Through some deduction, and how Jason has never seen her "tattoo" before, that means he hasn't seen her naked. And you can't do the deed fully clothed, so I came to that conclusion.
- As I was typing that above, I realized that they were in Paris together before the tat incident. And Paris is only the most romantic city in the world. Oh well.
- Really, she needs to stop kissing Jason and interact with more characters. She's almost isolated from the Crowe Crew. So if she lives above the Talon, doesn't all that noise irritate her? And if I were in Smallville, I'd be the Talon's #1 customer.
- Hate to say it, but I miss Lois. I might start watching Desperate Housewives so I can see her! (yes lame attempt at a joke)
- Speaking of which, doesn't that title sound like something you'd find on Skinemax around 3am?
- Lex is still hiding ish from CK. And that of course goes both ways. Where will the map lead them?
- Wow, LL brought Jason to the caves and exposed her secret. And CK is still in the dark. Tell him Lana! I'm starting to give up hope.
- Love the not-so-subtle references with the Flash. "Maybe we should start a league or something." Novices may think of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Retards may think of 20K Leagues under the Sea. Nerds it can only mean The Justice League! Probably the 2nd illest cartoon of all time (behind the Transformers most def).

Oh yeah, those added to the blonde list: Kelly Ripa, Cameran from Real World: Daygo, and Tara from the Bachelor a season ago...yum.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Based on the previews, I didn't really look 4wd to this episode. But alas, I thought it was pretty funny and overall a decent hour.

* Clark saved Jason's life, beating out a speeding bullet in the process. If I were one of CKs friends, I'd start keeping stats on how many lives he's saved. Double points for Lana's.
* Lana and Jason kiss way too much.
* Funny how we always see the assistant coach, but no head coach.
* Big ups to Lex for buying the team some Nikes. Notice the boxes!
* I like the cheerleaders at SVH: young, fit and slutty. Too bad the cheerleaders at SI were dudes. =/
* It was only a matter of time before Clark and Lex reconciled their friendship.
* "I still have feelings for Lana" - Too bad LL doesn't reciprocate...or will she?
* Chloe should lower her standards and date like an underclassman or something.
* CK and Chloe are pretty intuitive, so you'd think they have an inkling on Jason and LL.
* It hurt me when LL said she was at practice for Clark.
* I'm actually liking the new characters this season, but still miss Pete. If Whitney could come back, at least Pete Ross can make a cameo.
* LoLa is pretty cool...I like the sassiness. Wierd thing is I saw Teri Hatcher guest star on Sienfeld yesterday too, back when I thought she was h-o-t.
* I wonder if Clark's gonna try out for the basketball team also? He'd wreck shop there.
* Mr. Kent looked disappointed when Clark threw that bomb to win the game.
* There seems to be a lot of sexual tension in the 'Ville this year. And good thing Clark wasn't attracted to that cheerleader, otherwise there would be fireworks (re: that Krista Allen episode).

Sorry this is so not in chronological order, but just the order that it came to mind. Next week looks ill: Flash is like my 2nd fave superhero!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

For some reason, I've been diggin' blondes lately. Not like blondes I see on the street, since most of the time they're Asian and blondes and Asians go together like peanut butter and eggplant - not a good combination. It must be that western mentality of light is white is right. Not to be confused with A&F's famous "2 Wongs make it White" shirt. I knew I should've looked into that skin bleaching therapy while I was in the PI! Only joking, but my tito did give our fam some whitening soap. Yes, soap and not toothpaste. Anyway, as many of my dark haired bretheren would say, I just appreciate a hot chick. Brunette, black, red or blonde headed. But blonde is currently the flavor of the moment: Stacey Kiebler, Elish Cuthbert, Jennie Finch and AK...dang should've wrote them down. I'm sure there's more.

On a related tip, word has it that Hilary Duff dissed LiLo (lindsay lohan) on her latest album. Peep this excerpt:

"Teen singer and actress Hilary Duff has reportedly hit out at arch-rival Lindsay Lohan in a song on her latest album. The Lizzie McGuire blonde, 17, has been enemies with the 18-year-old redhead since they both discovered they were dating pop heart-throb Aaron Carter at the same time last year. In Duff's eponymous second album, the singer's track "Haters" is aimed at the Mean Girls actress, according to gossip site The Scoop. One insider says, "Hilary thinks that Lindsay has been directing negativity at her for too long." One verse of the song reads, "You're queen of superficiality/ Keep your lies out of my reality." At a later point, Duff sings, "You say your boyfriend's sweet and kind/ But you've still got your eyes on mine."

Man this is on some Hov/Nas type ish. So far, Duff: 1, LiLo: 0.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ever see those FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION websites? Well about 6 months ago, I figure "hey...why not" and put in a 2 year STUFF subscription (since I'm already a loyal MAXIM reader). So the other day, I check my mailbox, and my first issue comes! This ish actually works?!

Thought/Peeve of the day: why does it take 10-12 weeks for a magazine subscription to commence? Even with all these new technologies and equipment to make things more efficient, we still get the shaft with magazine subscriptions. Same thing with rebates. It shouldn't take more than a week to bill your card, create your label and stamp it on the mag yeah? What accounts for the other 9-11 weeks?

Which reminds me, I didn't get my SLAM for the last couple months, and I did a 3 year renewal back in APRIL.

And I (we) bought my first issue of PLAYBOY ever. The theme was College Girls of the ACC, and it was polybagged, so it had to be purchased. Don't ask.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reeg's been busy lately; hence, there are a lack of posts. But even through the busy-ness (business?) he'll do a reeg-cap of SV 04.03: Kryp-tuck! Plus I gotta beat MSB (if she does one too)

* Whoa Nelly Furtado...Whitney made a cameo! I had thought that it was just old footage from 2K1, but alas, his name was in the opening credits. Good thing LL dumped him, since girls don't wanna date a guy named Whitney! They prefer something more masculine, like Regan. Or Clark works too.
* Wasn't Proactiv available back then? Scabby Abbey, who morphed into Slutty Abbey during the show, would've saved a lot of problems.
* LL must have a thing for .25backs. Dammit I knew I picked the wrong sport to play in HS! So Jason is formerly from Metropolis and they ran into each other in Paris. Cool.
* Anyone know the proximity between Metropolis and Smallville? SV is definitely in Kansas, but Metropolis seems way more urban than that. Maybe its near Gotham City or something.
* I find myself applauding the show when something good happens. Like literally clapping at the screen. IE, Clark on the FB field. It'd be a shame if someone somehow tackled him.
* LoLa (lois lane) seems way old for HS. Shoot, she seems old for college!
* Chloe got thicker over the summer.
* LoLa was actually likeable this episode. I guess when she shares scenes with cuz, it can be like that.
* The previews made this episode to be all sex-like, but it wasn't even like that. LL and Abbey did their Brit/Mags thing, but it wasn't in the context that people expected. Suckas!
* Man, I hope LL doesn't get 7 years bad luck. Anyone wonder how Hollywood breaks so many mirrors? Any people wonder why careers are washed up so quickly. B/c they break mirrors!
* So what happens now when LL and All-City look into a mirror? Back to normal?
* Call me crazy, but I actually like that Jason cat. He seems like a welcome addition to the 'ville. V-may even says he's cute. But of course not as fly as LL!
* I love how Lex always has a read on people. Except Clark.
* Fumugated kryptonite to beautify people? Man, that's one versatile rock!
* Will the dump tank be the impetus of Lois and Clark? (sorry i just wanted to use the word impetus) They had chemistry like a science project! And Chloe again is playing the sidelines. Perfect segue into next weeks's episode, which scared me more than anything.
* The folks at DTS like to hybrid names. Lois & Clark = Clois. Clark & Lana = Clana. But Chloe and Clark is Cl-Chloe. Man that stuttering sound just doesn't work. Give up Chloe! But please, don't give it up.

Big Shouts to J-Lu for calling me when there was an SV (or simply S, as Cici pointed out to me) special on the ABC family channel. I thought cool! Most of the cast, including KK, was interviewed. That happiness was doubled when the hostess (not the twinkies company) was Brooke Burke! BB = the ultimate MILF. So when BB was interviewing KK...whoa. However, either BB is hella tanned or KK is mad pale. Or both, since the complexions were way contrasting.

I got other ish to write about so hopefully I'll get the chance later. And No, its not about SV.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Pet peeve du jour: How come EVERY time you call a larger, well-known company, the recorded voice ALWAYS says "we are experiencing unusually high call volume...your call is very important to us, and will be handled by the next available agent."

Obviously its not unusual since it happens everyday!

On a side note, one time I was on hold for Niketown, and they played "Selfish" by SV. Then I called another location about a week later, and it played again!

I went and peeped my archives just to tickle my mood. So I posted on 10.01.03 about SV, my anniversary, kicks and the giants. This past week I've posted about SV, my anniversary, kicks and the giants. Man I need to expand my topics, this is getting pretty bland. Seemingly time flies at mach speed. Slow downnnnn!


I found this on another board and thought I'd share. If you're ever having esteem problems or personal non-monetary welfare issues, go study it. And especially for dudes, since girls dig these traits:

People With High Self-Esteem Are...

Able to accept and learn from their own mistakes.
Confident without being obnoxious or conceited.
Not devastated by criticism.
Not overly defensive when questioned.
Not easily defeated by setbacks and obstacles.
Unlikely to feel a need to put others down.
Open and assertive in communicating their needs.
Not overly worried about failing or looking foolish.
Not harshly or destructively critical of themselves.
Not aggressively driven to prove themselves.
Able to laugh at themselves, not taking themselves too seriously.