Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is pretty wierd, but cool. Over the past week, I've corresponded with all my primary college freshmen fall '97 friends! Besides my OG roommates and all. Here's a recap:

Nimz (AIM) - doing his thing @ boeing, still being the same cat...squallah!
E-Fresh (phone) - working @ pulte homes, just bought a crib in burbank
Jasmin aka Callwave (AIM) - working about 80 hrs a week, moved down to Santa Monica
MSB (AIM) - the 1 i see most often, holdin' it down in the Bay with me
CK aka MissKim (email) - wished her a happy birthday, and i'm glad to retouch base with her after a couple years
David aka Chinnuts (AIM) - finally graduated from college this past june, working somewhere
G-Booze (phone) - thanks for the drunk dial, and i miss you too. but he said he didn't like me at first because I had some Jordans that he didn't have HA.

I guess Norm, Marie, and Rommel shouldn't count, since I talk to them often (thanks to the Yellowman). But it was cool hearing from the other cats (umm...not sure about DC though haha).

Thanks guys for breaking me into SB.