Thursday, October 28, 2004

Man I haven't blogged so long I almost forgot my password. Okay, yes its thursday (anyone know why thursday is abbreviated as "R" on a calendar instead of "H"?) and maybe all 3 of you are expecting an SV update. But like I TiVo'd it, I'll write about that later. I need to gripe about work, which is something I rarely do, at least on this public space.

Today I effed up and am taking the grunt of it. I just wanna say that I could do 100 good things and 1 bad thing but only that blemish is noticed. Darn underappreciated accounting folk! Man, where's Linkin Park's cd when I need it? Anyhow, this reminds me of my other eff-ups in the past:

- Anyone remember when K-mart was filing for chapter 8 a few years ago? Anyway, they had about $300 million in debt, and they owed their advertisers (Chiat Day whom I was working for) about $12 million. We get the check in LA, and my boss tells to send it to the NY office. It was the biggest check I've ever held. I threw it in the wrong bin and that caused some anxiety since they couldn't track it down for awhle. Whew I still had my job the following week.

- Another function I had was processing checks. You know, like receiving them, tracking them, endorsing them and preparing the deposit for them. One time I actually stamped the back of the payment stub rather than the actual check and threw the check away! What a retard I know. Well luckily our runner (the cat who actually made the deposit) caught it while at the bank. He had to return, found me in the cafeteria, and told me of the situation. I had to dig in my can (whew luckily it was the same day) and pulled out the check. Thank goodness that my boss never found out.

- When I started my last job I was stoked that we had free bagels every morning. So here I am, cream cheesing my bagel. Thinking to myself, dang this CC melts fast, I didn't think anything of it until I took a bite out of it. Turns out it was whipped butter instead of cream cheese! Man that was hella butter.

- Again during this first month, I accidentally closed the current month like during day 10. Man that was bad if you know anything about accounting cycles. My boss had to revert and re-enter everything. Basically we had to do a week and a half of work.

There's more, but I don't wanna look like even more of a scrub. At least our current problem here was remedied like Jason Mraz.