Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Peep into my eBay Inbox

Man, and I thought I was particular with my threads! Check this one out:

Dear reegsta,

Hi there, sorry for the delay. I've just sent you my payment for the brand new Pac Man Tee via Paypal. I know you have quite a few of these tees, could you please pick the one with the PERFECT quality (no craftmanship defects, good quality print, and graphic is centered, not off the the side, etc.)? PLEASE!! My sincere apology for my pickyness. I really like this tee and want to have the PERFECT one. Thank you very very much for your kindness and sorry for the troubles. Much appreciated!!!

- 501boy

This is in reference to those Pacman shirts that I've been selling. Okay let me get this straight, homie is asking for the perfect mass-produced shirt that was made in China by some pre-teens. Does he want Manny's autograph too? Is he gonna take a measuring tape out and calculate how centered the logo is? Is he gonna test the pigmentation of the various colors? Does he not realize that it's just a screen-printed tee that probably cost $3 to make? If that? Shouldn't he just be happy the sleeves are the same length and the words are spelled correctly? It's not like he bought an Armani piece and is getting an Alfani item instead. But I'll appease him, and give him the shirt that has the gold star next to the "inspected by" sticker hahaha.

Go Pacman!

Here is another curious email I received:

Dear reegsta,

what's up? a friend of mine is doing a blog on bo's and he wanted a couple of pics and pple to talk about their love for his kicks. you came to mind when he asked me if I knew any other bo jackson fans. if your down you can contact him at

- bknowbles

I was like "how do you know I'ma Bo fan?" when I am, but I don't really express it. He came back with:

Dear reegsta,

yeah i always watch different sellers items that ive saved and i see you have alot of heat specially bo's. great vintage by the way so if your interested hit him up at his name is jaya. thanks

- bknowbles

Apparently what I sell impacts what people's perceptions are of me! Whew good thing I didn't get caught up selling used girl's panties or something, otherwise the Catch a Predator dude would've been on my tail! But anyway I should just forward my Ploomy passion piece about kicks and call it a day. I dunno though, each new time I read that I wish I wrote it differently. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stuff Accountants Like

This is one of those "damn he beat me to it" sites! Meaning a rough idea was brewing [I mean I referenced stuff white people like a few times], but it never materialized. Anyhow since I never worked in public accounting [for the better or for the worse?], I can't really relate to a few of these declarations. But for the most part, the list is on point haha.

I could think of 30 other things to add to this list, like loving Diet Coke, using 10 different highlighters and stacking accordian folders, but I'll save those for another day.

Although Kram forwarded me the link, I'ma go ahead and post it since he's still working on his year in review, which will hopefully go up sometime this year. C'mon, the 5th Dimension is collapsing guys!

So accountants and non-accountants alike hopefully will enjoy it. Bookmarked!

Stuff Accountants Like

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stackin' Dishes

So G and I had made some sinagang na baboy last week sometime. If you're on FB then you probably knew when I wrote about having some leftovers. It turned out pretty good I might add. I remember first making it during college and having to use a knife to piece the meat hahaha. But now I think I have it down pat, as the meat is tender and the gulay complements well and it has an extra kick of sourness. Really I think eating at Tribu made me realize Filipino food is easy to make, hence the number of dishes I've subsequently made. So if anyone wants to sinagang battle then I'm down!

Here's a pic of the food. I actually prefer it in a bowl, but G likes to drink soup off a plate apparently:

So we're all done eating and she brings her dishes to the sink then I bring mine. Apparently it's a big deal how I placed it in the sink vs. how she did. Who cares when it'll end up in the dishwasher anyway! But it bugged her so much she had to take a snap and send it to her folks. I guess I don't have to tell you what side is mine.

Is it really a fault if her side looks like an actual setting still and mine looks like a rendition of Jenga? Now it makes me want to jack up my dishes because it annoys her hahaha.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting For the Day to End...

Jacked from Miss Tiffany Blue:

What color are your socks right now?
Khaki, as they obviously are matching my pants, which elongates my legs.

What are you listening to right now?
Unreleased Lupe stuff on Imeem, and I didn't have to specifically play that to answer this!

What was the last thing that you ate?
Beef Chow Fun from Chung King with The Ugly Stick!

Can you drive a stick shift?
[chick in Boyz N the Hood]I can learn...if you teach me.[/chick in Boyz N the Hood]

Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Tim Zohr, just brokering a customer for his tickets for 2nite's Dubs game

How old are you today?
29, same as the last 334 days

What is your favorite drink?
Freckled lemonade from Red Robin. Not really my fav, but just the first to come to mind.

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Nope, but I have some died hair.

Favorite food?
Totally not a fair question, as I love everything. Although ethnically, I like Filipino food the best, but I'm slightly biased.

What is the last movie you watched?
Uhhh hello I just wrote about it!

Favorite day of the year?
Bonus Day, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna celebrate that in 2009 haha. If not, then the first day of the NCAA hoops tourney.

How do you vent anger?
Generally I'm one to keep it in, or just vent through this very page.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
Legos and Transformers.

What is your favorite season?
Season of Love, word to Rent. But really I'ma summer dude.

Cherries or Blueberries?
Cherries! I went to SI afterall.

Living arrangements?
Messy, but solo at the moment.

When was the last time you cried?
When I cut a really mean onion the other day.

What is on the floor of your closet?
A carpet! haha jp. Clothes closet - a dresser. Shoe closet - shoe boxes

What did you do last night?
Ate at a Pagan restaurant for foodie, then went home and watched The Office on DVR, and received a random call past midnight from an anonymous extended family member who became a fan of my page.

What are you most afraid of?
Failure and loneliness, ironically, I hope to fail at being lonely.

Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?
Cheese and spicy, and might as well throw bacon, grilled onions and some shrooms on there too!

What is your favorite kind of dog?
Maybe a Pit Bull, but I don't think I'd ever own one.

Favorite day of the week?
Hump Day, only because its the only day that has a nickname.

How many states have you lived in?
Only 1 physically, but I have lived in various states of mind [and for the record I'm not talking about drugs here kiddies]

Diamonds or pearls?
Pearl necklace FTW! Naw jp, if Prince could give both then so could I.

What is your favorite flower?
Star Gazing Lilies, since that's the one I seem to buy when that blue moon arrives.

Slumdog Rupee-aire

my favorite scene from the movie!

So G and I just had a dinner and a movie night since we're trying save money. But we spent over $100 on food, the flick and the parking! There was probably a reason why I just go to that one Korean BBQ spot if I eat in J-Town, its because sushi there is way overpriced! I think I paid $18.50 for a 4 piece spider roll and a spot aptly called Fuku Sushi - well right back at you! Just now I'm reading the yelp reviews and I saw like 10 1 star reviews in a row. Eff that place dammit. We should've just went to the Sundance Bistro or something.

Anyway we trekked back to Kabuki to watch what all the hype is about. I vaguely heard about the flick's premise - someone from the slum village gets picked on their version of Millionare and somehow keeps on advancing. Then it got all the awards on the Golden Globes which further piqued my interest. Lastly Indians are still Asians so I wanted to support our fellow ethnic people, so it was a wrap! Although Notorious came out the same day, we're waiting for the shootings to settle down before watching that.

I don't want to blow it up or anything, but its pretty much a must-watch movie. The storyline was pretty unique as well. I mean I don't think I ever saw a movie based in Mumbai [fka Bombay], so the setting also made this a stand-out. The character development and plot and acting were all top notch. And I didn't even mention how fly Freida Pinto is! Damn she should change her name to Freida Ferrari.

But don't listen to me vouch for this movie. My former co-worker who was born in India recommends it, so listen to Bheem. I wonder if Anup was watched it too? But anyway, this movie could've very well been set in Manila, so I'm hopeful for the PI to get their Slumdog one day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't Wear Skinny Jeans 'Cause My Knots Don't Fit

But I can wear slim-fit pants! So I picked up my first piece of the BR Monogram line this past weekend - I really want to get some fitted brown checkered pants, and I really wasn't gonna settle for something. I came across a random pair at Stonestown, since I believe they don't even carry that line, which happened to be my beloved 32x30 size. And you know when its the only pair and its your size on super-sale, then its a purchase!

I recall tryna find similar pants on the longest shopping excursion ever, which was that day Roland and myself accompanied Weeze and Michelle. [note to self: bad idea.] Anyway the BR associate [not the one who told Rol that the shirt he bought wasn't good with his complexion lol] overwhelmed me with choices: traditional fit, modern fit, tailored fit, modern tailored fit and lastly, slim fit, which I guess is only available as part of their Monogram line.

So on my next time out to the outlets, I was looking for these cuts but they don't have them! Hmmph, I figured I'll just spend the extra loot on a fitted pair the next time I shop. So G and I went to Stonestown Sunday night [I like to go right before closing, as malls generally empty out] and I had a gift card at my disposal. As I typically do, I just bee-lined towards the sale racks and just try to look for my size. Then I found them. I also broke form and actually tried them on, which I rarely do and it just felt like a natural match.

I'm wearing them now and these are like my tightest pants I own. It just feels like I'm wearing some long wool underwear. I'm not used to my thighs being hugged by so much fabric, so I'm sitting at the edge of my chair as to shrink my thigh's girth. Don't worry, my jeans still are normal straight fit, its just my slacks are probably going to be more fitting going forward.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Where: Tribu Grill
When: January 8, 2009
Who: [deep breath] Reeg, Rach, Tiff B, Steph, Ant, G, Tiff L, Alex, Dennis, Trish, Jeff K, Jeff L, Nick, Louise, Tim, Alan & Arlene [whew!]
What: Filipino Food!
How Much: $20 [but a chance to win a free dinner if you come back!]

Considering the line-up of 17, either people were anxious for the first foodie of 2009 or I made such an inviting evite or maybe they were just plain hongry. Looking at that lineup and we have a set of Tiffs, a set of Jeffs, a set of Zohrs and a set of Ajostes. So if you want people to go to your selection, make sure they have a partner of some sort.

Anyway I guess I've been pigeon-holed to select Pinoy themed restaurants, and since I've never been here, I thought it would be a good choice. And I was right! Eating here inspired me to make hella Filipino food lately.

This was almost 2 weeks ago so I'm going off memory of what table 1 ordered [ed's note: I just looked at the menu online - mucho easier]
- Calamari [thanks to Ant, we endured ridicule from table 2]
- Lumpia Shanghai [yes, China named their city after our variation of the eggroll - go figure]
- TFC [their variation of San Tung chicken wings, which was only okay, but would be good if I never had San Tung haha]
- Pork Sisig [the real ish, with the meat from the pig's face]
- California Sisig [more traditional american parts of the pig]
- Sinagang [Tiff L's only request]
- Ribeye salpicao [their version of bistek, which was aaaaight]
- Crispy Pata [uhhh….dennis was at our table]
- Lechon Kawali [my fav, I could eat this like popcorn]
- Adobo Rice [they didn't have adobo just a la carte, go figure again!]
- Binagoogan Fried Rice [wow this was on point! mangoes and bagaoong on fried rice - nuff said]
- Frozen Brazo [never had it, but it was the only thing Rach ate]
- Turon [okay I'm hungry again]

And that was all washed down with a Mango slushie.

I just realized I really like typing [brackets], since that wasn't really necessary. However I'm lazy to edit it. Anyway, we pretty much ordered the whole menu! Table 2 ordered similarly, except they ordered some kare^2, which looked pretty good.

So Tribu leapfrogged past Patio as my favorite Filipino restaurant on the peninsula. Their prices are fairer, they have more creativity with their dishes and it just tastes better. It felt like your Tita's were in the back prepping all the food. I would definitely come back and recommend this spot for sure.

Personally I'm just glad to see more Filipino restaurants sprouting up. I mean I remember back in the day when it was just Goldilocks, where I try not to eat at until they change that blond chick as their logo. I mean that's like Panda Express since an image of the Little Red Riding Hood to promote their food. Change it to a Pinay chick, and she doesn't even have to be full! Anyway as a note to self, I won't make a foodie post right before its time to eat dinner.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work Pet Peeves

We all have them, yet it seems likely that these annoyances have been heightened. Maybe its because I'm staying longer and thus have more things to be bugged about. I try not to let the small things bug me, but sometimes I just can't help it!

So here we go:
- When you go to the copier and it's on sleep mode, and you have to wait like 2 minutes to photocopy 1 sheet of paper.
- When you go to the copier and someone doesn't reset their settings, so you end up printing 15 copies when you only needed one.
- When you go to the copier and someone leaves it in pdf mode, and you end up erroneously emailing it to the last person who used it.
- When someone sends you a file in .tif format and you are confused what program to open it up with. Aren't pdfs universal already?
- When your controller calls your assistant controller on speakerphone, when he's just sitting next door and both their doors are open. And you end up hearing an echo and it's effin' annoying.
- When someone walks by your desk and throws away something in your garbage can.
- When your controller has a meeting in his office and keeps his door open.
- When you ride an elevator and someone is hella close to the doors when it re-opens. Give me space!
- When people forward you a 10MB attachment that has no relevance to you. I only have a finite amount of space!
- Audit requests. Internal and external.
- When people throw away white paper in the black trash can when the blue recycling can is adjacent to it.

Bonus peeves!
- When you're riding BART and an officer randomly shoots and kills someone. No jp, when you're riding BART and you have the inside seat but are leaving, and the person sitting in the aisle just swings his/her legs toward the aisle, causing you to struggle to exit. Just get up!

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Post of 2K9!

My bad readers, I've been pretty busy @ work and don't wanna blog when home, but once I saw this picture I had to post it:

Haha so many things wrong with this picture. First off, he's singing the National Anthem at a NASCAR event. Secondly he actually isn't wearing a hat. He's rocking not only a Louie scarf, but a Louie scarf with a short-sleeve shirt on a seemingly sunny day. Plus he got on a Gucci belt. And why is there a beanie in his pocket??

Haha but despite all this, Ne-Yo remains a Man-Crush. And I'm bout to get tickets to watch him in Oakland on the 6th! Who else is down?