Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't Wear Skinny Jeans 'Cause My Knots Don't Fit

But I can wear slim-fit pants! So I picked up my first piece of the BR Monogram line this past weekend - I really want to get some fitted brown checkered pants, and I really wasn't gonna settle for something. I came across a random pair at Stonestown, since I believe they don't even carry that line, which happened to be my beloved 32x30 size. And you know when its the only pair and its your size on super-sale, then its a purchase!

I recall tryna find similar pants on the longest shopping excursion ever, which was that day Roland and myself accompanied Weeze and Michelle. [note to self: bad idea.] Anyway the BR associate [not the one who told Rol that the shirt he bought wasn't good with his complexion lol] overwhelmed me with choices: traditional fit, modern fit, tailored fit, modern tailored fit and lastly, slim fit, which I guess is only available as part of their Monogram line.

So on my next time out to the outlets, I was looking for these cuts but they don't have them! Hmmph, I figured I'll just spend the extra loot on a fitted pair the next time I shop. So G and I went to Stonestown Sunday night [I like to go right before closing, as malls generally empty out] and I had a gift card at my disposal. As I typically do, I just bee-lined towards the sale racks and just try to look for my size. Then I found them. I also broke form and actually tried them on, which I rarely do and it just felt like a natural match.

I'm wearing them now and these are like my tightest pants I own. It just feels like I'm wearing some long wool underwear. I'm not used to my thighs being hugged by so much fabric, so I'm sitting at the edge of my chair as to shrink my thigh's girth. Don't worry, my jeans still are normal straight fit, its just my slacks are probably going to be more fitting going forward.