Thursday, September 30, 2004

I guess this will my my first official reegcap of SV. I still haven't completely seen the 1st episode (thanks MSB!), but I have a gyst of what's goin on.

- i thought lois and clark were holding hands during that 1st scene
- when lois was digging up chloe's grave, wouldn't you think anyone from the groundscrew would say anything?
- that wolverine/T-1000 character couldn't hold off lana, so you knew he was doomed from the start
- he had potential to be one of the doper villians so far
- you'd figured lois would be a little more solemn and somber trying to figure out her cuddie's death, but she remains perky (like her breasts!)
- lana gets a shower scene, clark gets one, but lionel's was a bit too much yeah?
- can't wait til martha kent's shower scene!
- wtf was lana wearing that backless shirt chillin' at her place in france? it looked like she was headed to the century club or something
- lana's supposed to be a HS senior, but it seems she aged like 3 years since just 4 months ago. keep her young!
- the makeup's a bit thicker, the hair is a little darker, the clothes are a little more me crazy, but i liked her image moreso in past seasons...more wholesome i guess
- what HS seniors (besides dylan mckay) live on their own? anyone wonder where LL gets her skrilla?
- the acoustic rendition of "she will be loved" was dope though...i hope it appears on the next soundtrack (yes i did buy the first one)
- props to homeboy for flying all the way out there after finding that simple note
- lana believes in destiny, as does clark. they're destined to be together...the writing is on the wall =P
- okay, that timing was WAY OFF in that house. i watched that scene like 5 times, and the explosion instantaneously occured as the door closed. however, in the flashback, it had to take them 2-3 seconds to get to the underground lair. the magic of tv i tell you.
- who were those dead cats in that house where clark was tryna find chloe?
- funny how mister and missus kent are tryna sway clark into liking lex now...if i've lived lex's life, i'd turn out to be a crazy m-effer too!

Of course I wait til the credits roll to preview next week. WTF is that? They are reallly whoring LL out man. Kryp/tuck?! That's wack. They probably have like pink kryptonite to cause people to be attractive to the same sex. And showing some lesbo action? C'mon now. Girl on girl kissing is overrated, even if KK is doing it. I guess they have to cater to their male teen demographic, but got damn. Some readers may think that i'd be in favor of it, but if you feel my tone from last week and prior seasons, i'd rather see a good storyline.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

and i thought i was crazy for dropping $40 on Arena Mag:

whoa check the price out!

this is sorta funny, but its similar to that cat who sold his ex-wifey's wedding dress a few months back (maybe its the same guy?):

need a writing imstrument?

this bastard left me negative feedback and called my shoes fake. that's like the worst thing you can do to me! (please note i'm in the process of getting that smear removed):


hmmm, this DRESS was won by Nick (not as in Nick-y Hilton, but i'm having reservations now):

Pretty in Pink

i'm on eBay waaay too much =(

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yesterday marked reegsta's and the v-maysta's 9th anniversary. As in years. Whoa almost a decade. Its funny, we get the same reaction from everyone when we say its been that long. Even from family members. We started dating when i was a dorky junior with braces and a part down the middle with glasses. Sexy I know. Not sure how I pulled off that braces/glasses combo. Good thing I didn't fly a lot, since i would've set off many metal detectors. I'm "ew-ing" (not to be confused with patrick ewing) right now just thinking about it. As I'm recollecting, I only wore the glasses in class, and took em off right when the bell rang. Or at SI, when the tone toned. So if i accidentally ran into you, I apologize. I couldn't see ya.

Anyhow, we had reservations last night at Boulevard. I actually invited a few of you from saturday, but it looks like no one wanted to celebrate it with us! As I was taking a premeal piss, I was reading the Zagat reviews on the restuarant hanging above the urinal (I wonder if they have that in women's bathrooms?!). "Voted best of SF" for like 5 straight years. Alright, how can it be that good? I proceed back to the dinner table and we order an appetizer. ***Guys: When on a date, always order an appetizer! Even if you're broke and not that hungry. Trust me.*** We get our lobster linguini, which looks like a full meal for Mary-Kate when she was playing Michelle on Full House. That was scrumptulous. Then we get our main courses, and I never thought chicken and prime rib could taste so good. I needed to clean my slate, so I asked for a refill of my Diet Coke. The waiter said slyly "so you want another one?" I was like, damn, now he gonna charge me for 2 dranks. Didn't wanna look kareput and say "nevermind," so i was like "YES!" You better believe I drank the whole thing, to the H20'down bottom of it making that slurping sound. Dessert was the only thing that could've been better, but it was still bomb.

Did I mention it was the nicest restuarant I've been? I'm no jetsetter by any means, but I could get used to meals like this. It kinda justified the tab. The food was mad good (funny how "food" and "good" don't rhyme). It was so tasty that I don't wanna drop a load for the next couple days so that I can somehow retain it. Constipation here I come!

When you've been together for 9 years, what do you get each other? That's 9 birthdays, 9 anniversaries, 9 Xmas's and 9 Valentine's at least. OMGoodness, that's like 36 gifts...whoa. We get each other gift certificates! I got her one to Neiman Marcus (who only accept AMEX and cash - they think they're Costco or someone?!?!) and I received one from Best Buy. =)

I know you don't read this (only when you see a KK commercial on and wondered if I blogged about it), but happy anniversary baby. =P

Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday's grab bag. Maybe I'll try to be consistent with this and have all my random thoughts on friiiday:

- the best porn sites on the net are: and
- i should really really use my account. even Norrrmmm is on it.
- myspace > friendster. see the reason above. so did friendster ever charge? that was like the biggest storyline of 2003 haha.
- i'ma resurrect my friendster account too...maybe.
- don't doctors say that riding a bicycle is a potential cause of impotency? so wouldn't that mean riding motorcycles is even greater? yet another reason not to get a bike (not like i would anyway)
- its crazy, i was listening to the radio this morning and they mentioned that the SH-SI Bruce Mahoney game is on tonight. and this alumnus didn't even know.
- i love oxtail. its like my favorite meat.
- white boy song of the week: i don't want to be - gavin degraw. i think its been playing on some WB show spots.
- v-may thinks i'm gay when i sing along to a jason mraz song. i mean, its not like he's much worse than john mayer.
- summer is officially over. **looks back at summer goals/resolutions** man, i did like 10% of my goals. still living @ the same spot, car still needs paint. ** transfers them to fall goals/resolutions** So not good.
- this is pretty old news too, but did anyone hear about ja rule? basically, on an episode of cribs, he was fronting like that house was his. in fact, he rented the house for a week. what a scrub.
- games on the horizon: tiger woods 2K5, nba live 2K5 and Def Jam: fight for NY ** hopes EA connect comes through**
- paris hilton supposedly trademarked the term "that's hot". now that's hot.
- irony of the week: why are fatter people always in sweatsuits/tracksuits? i mean, isn't there purpose athletically-inspired? but yet, it seems as if they'd break a sweat just putting it on? things that make ya go hmmm...
- i need to read more blogs. i have like 10 friends who do this, but only ci-squared does it regularly. and i don't wanna be blog stalker!
- anyone notice my boss wasn't here the latter part of the week?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Here are pictures from this past weekend. Excuse the retardedness of some pictures and captions. It was me who authored it:

She makes me Blush


The following scenario exemplifies failure:

Yall know how excited I was about the SV season premier right. As the credits rolled from last season, I anxiously awaited the commencement of season IV. So yesterday, I'm waiting until 8pm. Work drags through, I speed eat my dinner, I watch some baseball. It's around 7pm. An hour to go! What does reeg do for 60 minutes? How about take a nap. I just wanted a power nap, 10 minutes. 20 @ the mostest. I FREAKIN SLEEP THROUGH THE FIRST HALF OF THE EPISODE. I guess I listened too much to the Black Eyed Peas and Got Retarded. So I plead with anyone out there, if you recorded it yesterday, may I borrow it?!?!

Now onto the reeg-cap: I learned recently that SV season III suffered a 25% ratings drop. That's pretty big. What sells? Sex sells! So let's get Clark AND Lana naked somehow someway. I'm not complaining too much, but I'd rather not see LL pimped out. The new Lana seemed more womanly, more outward. But she's supposed to be in the Britney "i'm not a girl, not yet a woman" phase I think. I like the tattoo, and moreso, the placement of it. But I thought the black kryptonite was a big copout. I mean, yall had the WHOLE summer to develop a better storyline. Maybe I'm just gettin' old and bitter, since this show is geared for people a decade younger than me.

I'ma still watch it though.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Old news, but Britney got hitched this past weekend. The thing is, no one can confirm if it real or not. Groomsmen wore sweatsuits with the title "Pimps" embroidered in the back. So shouldn't the ladies conversely wear gear with "Hoes" emblazoned? Here are some pics:

Pic I
Pic II
Pic IV

The only thing promising in those pics is Jamie-Lyn. If she was a stock, I'd invest in her now. The countdown begins!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oh yeah, so this weekend was Jeff's 34th birthday bash at the bustling Blush (say that 5 times fast). I felt like a party planner during the event, beginning with creating evite and culminating with taking pictures and ultimately driving him around. And he didn't even go to my 25th! Hahahaha all gravy. But good to see people come out. Like JJ, we had good times. It feels like the birthday season, where there's one week after week. Unfortunately nothing too crazy happened to write home about (we're older, wiser and maturer now), so I'll let the pictures do the talking. They say a picture tells a 1000 words. So would 100 pictures translate into 10,000 words? Man that's a lot of captioning!

This leads me into my Fun with Numbers Factoid: When/if someone tells you that you're 1 in a million, it doesn't mean much. It just means there's 6500 similar to you, and shoot, around 35 in Cali alone. So girls don't feel too special, and guys say you're 1 in 10 billion. That's a lil better. (yes I've said this before)

So there's a Shoe Competition going on this weekend at NikeTown SF. Its basically a collection of the top shoeheads in the area, and some collectors are even flying in. While I'm going only as a spectator, I'm gonna be interested in one of the exhibitors. Yes while I may have a few kicks, I still only have the 2nd most in my family. Sad huh? My sister will have a few of her kicks on display on Friday Night. Out of curiosity, I entered her and she was chosen. Cool huh? Swing by if you're interested.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

6 days til the SV season premier. Can you believe this is the start of the 4th year?? They're seniors already! And we've met them when they were only freshman. LL was a cheerleader. Clark was a slim awkward youngin. Pete was there. Chloe was and is still bugging. Anyway, last night I peeped the 2 part 2 hr finale of last season, and boy was that a crazy episode. Crazy plotlines left and right. Did Lana jump on the plane? Did Chloe and her papi die? Who spiked Lex's drink?

And I saw the trailer for next week's season premier. It was bananas. If you didn't peep it, another LL makes their debut - Lois Lane. I was sorta sad, because we all know Clark digs Lois in their adulthood. It's like watching a movie and getting sad about the ending only because you saw it already. Regardless, you still get sad. Okay I may be jumping to conclusions, but that's why we watch. SV loyalists will recall a scene which Chloe referenced her cousin Lois Lane in an episode in Season II. Anyway, I avoid during this time because I hate spoilers. I like my ish fresh! *anxiously awaits TiVo in the mail*

My roommate is out of town for a week. During this time, I wanted to reorganize my kicks and take pics of them, like many shoenerds do. I wanted to lace all the brand new ones first, and I freaking felt like a sweatshop laborer after I was done =/. Who would've thought my first pair of Nikes in 1st grade would turn into this:

This is the bulk of my collection, missing about a dozen pairs for which I don't have boxes for. I think I have a lil too many, so I'm pawning some off on ebay. A couple of them are already accounted for. Moving them is gonna be a beach!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My new favorite color of moment is YELLOW. Its a great complementary color:

with green: Oakland A's, Brazil
with brown: UPS, piss and poop
with red: fire
with blue: mission dolores colors
with orange: a retro hallucenating, tie-dye look
with grey: lightning, the skate shoe popular color
with black: steelers
with purple: lakers and huskies
with navy: georgia tech

The only color it doesn't look good with is WHITE. that's because white is the absence of color - very blandish.

Good thing I got my LIVESTRONG band. Yes, I know, everyone has it. WEAR YELLOW!

It reminds me of a joke I sorta use sometimes once inwhile occasionally. When someone buys an article of yellow clothing, they ask what matches with it. I simply go "Yo teeth sucka!"

Friday, September 10, 2004

60 Second Reeg-view:

I peeped the pilot episode yesterday (btw, why do they called them pilots? should've premier suffice?). It was funny, since I'ma big fan of Joey. Joey > Chandler + Ross. He is "lol," "rofl" and "hehehehe." Okay, maybe I'm swinging too much. The Friends influence is defnitely there (well they do have the same writers and such). Plus I liked the fact that its based in Cali, southern to be precise. Made me reminisce on my days down there, albeit limited ones. Would I watch it again? Sure. Joey makes me "lmao."

Final Rating: $$$ (if they get hotter girls, then maybe the rating will increase -they should, they're in LA now!)

60 Second Reeg-view:
The Bourne Supremecy

So I peeped this flick last night. But I haven't even seen The Bourne Identity. Who does that? Have people seen Dumb and Dumberer but not Dumb and Dumber? Bring it On Again but not Bring it On? Anyhow, I guess I answered my own! Well the last time I saw Matt Damon in a movie was in EuroTrip, where he gets to mack on none other than KK...grrrrr. Actually, I didn't really watch Eurotrip, I just saw that particular cameo (gotta <3 the internet!). So as I'm watching this movie, I'm thinking to myself "that bastard." And that's what I thought throughout the movie, so I really couldn't get into it. But still it wasn't bad for an espionage action flick.

Final Rating: $$ (would've been higher if he wasn't in Eurotrip)

I'm about to embark in one of life's most difficultest challenges. I've been putting this off for some time now because of its tumultuous nature, stressfulness and sheer magnitude. There is no going back. In anticipation of Mr. Shakur's 8th year death anniversary, which is sept 13 for those in the "no" (not "know"), I'm gonna create his Greatest Hits compilation, from Reeg's perspective. Death Row did a decent job with his double disc a few years back, but ensuingly trashed his music with all subsequent releases. With the exception of Makaveli, all his posthumous releases were mediocre to wack. nevertheless, I'm aiming for 16-18 tracks, or whatever could fit on an 80 minute disc. Here's my temporary list, and any suggestions, while appreciated, would be shot down:

me against the world
staring in my rearview
only god can judge me
ambitionz of a ridah
hold ya head
i get around
hit em up
gotta survive
dusted and disgusted
life goes on
thug passion
n____z done changed
bomb first
ghetto star
life goes on
california love
same song

*Disclaimer: I already own these cds. They are real and not bootlegged, nor downloaded. They have been purchased with my hard earned, clean money. Next up: The Bay Area's Greatest Hits!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Where art thou O Reegsta? Err I've been here. Could've went to LA, could've went to NY, but I decided to kick it home during the extended weekend. Played baseball. I suck. Played poker. To borrow from Mr. Rock, I suck more than Jenna Jameson. My pocket queens bowed down to pocket aces. That one really hurt.

I wanted to write about the VMAs, but that seemed so long ago. I liked and didn't like how Ursher called out JT. The ironic thing is that Ursher says he's R&B, but yet he doesn't write his own ish supposedly. And is a Lil Jon beat really R&B? Being the elitist I am, them beats aren't even Hip-Hop! Ursher is as much pop as JT. Another gripe is like he's the victim in this whole "these are my con-fessions..." schpool (<--typo). No, if he didn't have abs of steel, then everyone would be hatin' on him for cheating. Ursher resentment from reegsta? When he calls out JT yes! Lastly, Justified > Confessions. That's what it basically boils down to.

Overrated: Fergie. Or at least she looks better with a hat on. Or better yet, from the neck down.

What's Nick gonna do without Newlyweds?! Glad to see my boy present with Paris and not just be Jessica's accessory. Hmmm, not sure if their variety show was a rousing success, but he's gonna guest star in Charmed and be Alyssa's love interest. Still ain't gonna watch it though.

13 more days until SMALLVILLE: season IV! Man, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Can't Hardly Wait.

As the season winds down, the OG G-unit (Giants) are still in the hunt. I really really hope they playoffs. Am still planning on making it to a regular season game (*hint hint MSB*).

Song of the moment: Memory - Sugarcult (man i'm such a pute boy now)

Video of the moment: She will be Loved - M5 (sorry TL, its a dope video!)

Flavor of the moment: Salmon schmear on a blueberry bagel. Yummm!

Athlete of the moment: Natalie Coughlin (didn't know she was a 1/4 filipino and from the bay!)

Thought of the moment: I wonder if Joey will be funny. After all, he was my favorite character on that dumb show (hope I didn't offend anyone!)

Reegism #145482 (one day I'll compile a whole list): "What I eat doesn't make you s__t"