Thursday, September 30, 2004

I guess this will my my first official reegcap of SV. I still haven't completely seen the 1st episode (thanks MSB!), but I have a gyst of what's goin on.

- i thought lois and clark were holding hands during that 1st scene
- when lois was digging up chloe's grave, wouldn't you think anyone from the groundscrew would say anything?
- that wolverine/T-1000 character couldn't hold off lana, so you knew he was doomed from the start
- he had potential to be one of the doper villians so far
- you'd figured lois would be a little more solemn and somber trying to figure out her cuddie's death, but she remains perky (like her breasts!)
- lana gets a shower scene, clark gets one, but lionel's was a bit too much yeah?
- can't wait til martha kent's shower scene!
- wtf was lana wearing that backless shirt chillin' at her place in france? it looked like she was headed to the century club or something
- lana's supposed to be a HS senior, but it seems she aged like 3 years since just 4 months ago. keep her young!
- the makeup's a bit thicker, the hair is a little darker, the clothes are a little more me crazy, but i liked her image moreso in past seasons...more wholesome i guess
- what HS seniors (besides dylan mckay) live on their own? anyone wonder where LL gets her skrilla?
- the acoustic rendition of "she will be loved" was dope though...i hope it appears on the next soundtrack (yes i did buy the first one)
- props to homeboy for flying all the way out there after finding that simple note
- lana believes in destiny, as does clark. they're destined to be together...the writing is on the wall =P
- okay, that timing was WAY OFF in that house. i watched that scene like 5 times, and the explosion instantaneously occured as the door closed. however, in the flashback, it had to take them 2-3 seconds to get to the underground lair. the magic of tv i tell you.
- who were those dead cats in that house where clark was tryna find chloe?
- funny how mister and missus kent are tryna sway clark into liking lex now...if i've lived lex's life, i'd turn out to be a crazy m-effer too!

Of course I wait til the credits roll to preview next week. WTF is that? They are reallly whoring LL out man. Kryp/tuck?! That's wack. They probably have like pink kryptonite to cause people to be attractive to the same sex. And showing some lesbo action? C'mon now. Girl on girl kissing is overrated, even if KK is doing it. I guess they have to cater to their male teen demographic, but got damn. Some readers may think that i'd be in favor of it, but if you feel my tone from last week and prior seasons, i'd rather see a good storyline.