Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Roots – Rising Down
Bose In-Ear Headphones

It’s a double dose of reegviews today, since I need to be like Del Monte and catch-up on past entries. So after much deliberation, I’ve finally graduated from the generic iPod earbuds to some Bose ones. And I’m glad I switched the style up! The sound is richer and cleaner, while being less staticky and flat. But I remember I was happy with listening to dubs over another recording on an old Maxwell, so I guess I’m not hard to please. There is one caveat however, and its that sound quality is optimized at a higher bitrate, so I’m finding myself in a conundrum. I have about 7K songs in 128MHz, so it would be very onerous to convert these into 192MHz, especially for a subtle difference. I might just enforce the rule going forward yeah? Once again laziness prevails.

As far as The Roots 8th studio recording [and what do you know, I got them all], I was pretty pleased but not astonished after the initial listen. But as I like to say, Illmatic didn’t give me a woody after my first listen either, so knowing their track record [that’s a subliminal double entrendre, as they record tracks!], I shouldn’t be too worried. They’ve reached the level where I would buy their album regardless of reviews, opening singles or feedback, since I’ma be in store whatever Tuesday that is. I absolutely loved all of their albums since Illadelph, and while this doesn’t punch as hard as Game Theory either, it sounds like it’ll hold its own. Other people might complain of their repetitive nature of social commentary, but I for one appreciate their consistency. They’re like a group of Tim Duncans – they get the job done without much fanfare. I just don’t know why isn’t Malik B a permanent member now?

Solid 4 out of 5 Mics

Confessions of a Sneakerhead: The Safari Edition

Is this really my first pair of AF1’s since the World Cup packs? Probably, since the 25th anniversary was severely disappointing. But anyway, I’m generally not interested in shoes being inspired by other shoes, so normally this wouldn’t catch my eye. And when the first sample pics rolled out, I had to do a double check for these and the Spiridon ones. I made a mental note to pick up the latter ones, and even tried them on first. It just didn’t look right though, as if I was cheating on my Spiridons. The store employee, who was actually really courteous and un-boutique employee like, had on The Safari joints and they looked fresh on him, so they should look extra fresh on me right?. I have the CO.JP exclusive Air Trainer Safari but not the actual original Air Safari [sorry Biz Markie], so I was leaning towards these even moreso.

Contemplating the purchase, I thought about them since I was on vacay, and wanted a memento to take home. Yeah I could have them for $20 cheaper off eBay, but when I wear them, I wouldn’t think about the trip I took. Then the worker forgot to mention that the whole store was 20% off. Sold! And it was validated after seeing them for higher prices in the subsequent stores I visited.

E-Go Trippin': Seattle/Vancouver

So this past weekend, RGNJTL visited the great Northwest part of the continent, hitting up both Seatown and Vancity. [is Alaska considered part of this territory? I mean its more northern, western and greater than any of these states.] Initially Jeff and Nick were going on a man-date weekend, so sorry guys if we crashed it.

- As a virgin Virgin flier, I must say I’m impressed by the flight experience. This was one duration I wish was longer because I didn’t want to stop playing that anagram game. For the first time in ages, I didn’t read any of the magazines I brought with me. So thumbs up Richard Branson.

- Laser blue Dodge mini-van was off the chain. I would consider buying the exact same whip if I was ever in the market for laser blue Dodge mini-vans.

- I thought my laptop was busted, that is until I saw Daisy’s. But I would still trade mine for it haha.

- Note to self: if you’re expecting a ride from the airport, its good to give notification unless you want to wait awhile.

- We [kinda] wanted to stick with J&N’s original agenda, so we agreed to go on the Safeco Park tour with them. And actually it was so worth the $8! We got to go on the field, the press room, the media center, and learn about everything Mariner related. Plus we concluded with Nick’s future consists of.

- Dick’s Burgers: I usually get mad when you charge for ketchup. I mean Sushi spots don’t charge you for soy sauce right? But since Dick’s tasted good [not to be confused with dicks tasted good, since this isn't Jeff's blog], I’m not mad at him.

- So I splurged and got some AF1s at RPS, which I’ll pen a CoaSH installment soon.

- Contrary to widespread belief, rooms 915 and 916 are not neighboring rooms. For some reason I thought they were.

- Awesome how flat screen TVs are becoming more ubiquitous in telly’s.

- Oh yeah, we even watched the actual game. Props to the guy who brought the A’s flag and waved it the whole game. Cross another stadium off the list.

- Up next, Vancouver! As a fellow dim sum lover, I can appreciate the chicken feet from the Yao Ming tribe of China. I guess China’s idea of bound feet doesn’t apply to poultry. Too bad I didn’t get to try anything I haven’t tried before. Aw Goy! [did I get that right?]

- Robson Street is cool and all, but aside from The Roots [not the group who’s album dropped yesterday], there’s not much that’s strictly CAN. Thus I didn’t buy anything on this shopping excursion, not to mention the currency valuation also. Well at least Weezy got something up there to bring back, and we were accomplices in Nick bringing some Cubans over the border.

- Still no sign of Kristin Kreuk. Darnit.

- Since I didn’t see any Mexican people in VanC, I didn’t want any Mexican grub, but was overruled by the group. So hesitantly I walked into the restaurant, and they all were there, talking Spanish and all! That definitely validated the food.

- On the way back, G didn’t let me play the TV Theme game since it was my iPod. But I still would’ve lost to Nick! Its not like I listen to that stuff regularly geeez. She also banished me from playing the Guess the Artist game. What a KJ!

- Later that night back in Seattle, we went to Taphouse. But I’m sure the dudes would’ve preferred to go the Tap[thatass]House, but it was fun regardless. Thanks Daisy for picking up the tab!

- Salty’s brunch: Oysters at 9am in the morning. Nuff said.

- Pike Place is pretty much the same as I remember it. I mean the first SBUX is still the first SBUX. And they still toss fish around. It would be funner if they tossed a live lobster or something though, just to change it up.

- Note to self: get directions before heading to the airport. J/K Tiff =)

Pictures for your reference!
Seattle-Vancouver Apr 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you
Thinking of this, you keep repeating you miss
The rhymes from the microphone soloist
And you sit by the radio, hand on the dial, soon
As you hear it, pump up the volume

- Rakim - "I Know you Got Soul" [1986]