Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5 nights is way too long to stay in las vegas. However, it was still an overall dope trip. After analyzing the final roster, I thought it was a pretty weird group going and wasn't sure how we were gonna mesh. But everything turned out well.

Got there Wed night around midnight. Didn't do much, just went to a local tavern and had drinks w/ my brother.

Thursday we slept in and caught the nba draft. Very anti-climatic I might add. The crew rolled through around 2:30ish am. You'd think after a freakin 10 hour car ride they'd be mad tired? Yeah, so they just stopped by and headed straight for the strip. And I thought I was a soldier.

Don't wanna bore you with details, but we did the usual veGas thing, nothing to extreme or out of the ordinary, unless you count Pandora wanting to give Nick her email addy for "photos" at Sapphire. Or even more surprising, Nick refusing it haha. Speaking of um, gentlemen's clubs, this was the first time V-may been to one. At first she was like "no LD's for you!" But later that night, she let up and said that I could get one if I wanted. However, I refused, since it would be pretty weird getting an LD right next to your GF. We wanted her to get one too, but she didn't feel like it. We had a flight to catch in like 5 hours. By the way, Sundays are not the best days to go to these types of places.

Damn, I just realized that I dropped a Benji here and didn't even get a LD!

NBA people seen (not at sapphire): Bonzi Wells, Amare Stoudemire, Casey Jacobsen, Ervin Johnson, Derek Anderson, Brevin Knight, Mike James, Adrian Griffin, Allan Houston, Brian Cardinal, Kevin Ollie, Kenny Thomas, Milk Wilkes (?) and lastly Gavin Maloof. There was a NBA Scrub Player's meeting or something.

Saw a bit of the Palms Girl competition. It was aight. We were just looking for scar tissue.

Everytime I go to Vegas I plan on gambling and losing 5 bills. But this time, I actually came up. High point was like up 450, but I came home up 2, so that's like netting 700! Not sure why I played War, but it netted me a hun-spot.

Bellagio's Buffet was as bomb as Bobby Bouche. And Roberto's was good too.

That's all I can remember for now. Shouts to Long, Nick, Tiff, Mike, Jizz and V-may - hope yall had fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Off to LV he goes. Its gonna be buttcrack sweaty hot there (aka swamp-a$$). Hopefully I'll have pics up next time. Have a good wknd all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I need a blog to write, write, write
I need a blog about my strife
I need a blog that's mine oh mine
I need a blog in my life

Okay that was retarded. Ooops, I meant dorky. Miss Lohan was reprimanded for saying "retarded" too many times in public. The National Association of Retards issued a letter to her asking her to stop. It worked with Britney, so why not Lindsey? Trigger memory effect: remember that scene in Something about Mary, in which Mary asks Pat what he does for a living? Pat, in an effort to look nurturing, says with a straight face: "I work with retards." Hahaha classic movie. Classic comedy.

What did I tell you about the Jesse and Jessica? Word has it is that they broke up. Should've picked Tara from the get go. Or maybe Trisha is knocking on the door. So far, the Bachelor's are batting 0-5, yet girls are still lined up for that shot of romance. Interesting.

Mary-Kate has entered a rehab clinic for an eating disorder. I think we've seen this coming. I mean, she probably weighed more when she was playing Michelle on Full House.

These last 2 tidbits I found reading Espn.com and SLAMonline.com. I kid you not. See I'm not the only testosterone dude writing about Hollywood. Ironically, these two authors, Bill Simmons and Lang Whitaker, are my favorite columnists. Maybe I'm attempting to mimmick their editorials? Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


With the dawn of summer, I think its a good time to review our new year's resolutions. I propose that we should regularly do this, meaning updating our goals. Make them seasonal. I'll set it off. That's a good idea yeah? Just in case one veer's off course, a new season could right the ship. So here is a sampling of my summer goals:

1. play ball (basketball, baseball, softball, golf-ball)
2. fix Sen-dawg (engine light, visor, bumper, major tune-up)
3. give Reeg Speak a face lift (new layout, fix that damn banner up there, new pics)
4. move out!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

*Newlyweds Appreciation Post*

Anyone peep the season premier of Newlyweds last night? I know I wasn't the only one. If you know me, and if you saw yesterday's particular episode, then you could easily tell why I love that show. Yes they're superstars, beautiful and rich, but essentially they're everyday people, just like you and me. From the opening scene where Jess comments that Nick doesn't open the door for her anymore (I guess chivalry is really dead) to Nick's reactions to the basketball game, this show is like a mirror image of my life haha, minus the glamour and glitz stuff.

Nick comments about how March Madness is his favorite time of the year (me too!). He wears his team's jersey and gear for every tourney game (me too!). He lights a candle during game time (me too! peep the archives). He despises his team's rival (me too!). His libido drops after his team loses (me too!).

Guess who was winning their tournament pool? None other than Jessica. And what team did she have winning it? GEORGIA TECH. Thanks Jess, that made my day!

Oh yeah, I caught the Meth and Red show before, and it was dumb, but funny. Then I caught the Ashlee Simpson show after Newlyweds, and it was dumb, but unfunny.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lately I've been sleeping AFTER I put my TV on sleep and waking up BEFORE my alarm goes off. Isn't that a bit twisted? Proposed resolutions are 1. just leave the TV on the whole night and 2. never set my alarm. Or possibly my mind is operating at graveyard hours causing me to stay up. As always there's crap on my mind, but nothing so infiltrating that's making me lose sleep. Well evidently it is, but I can't exactly pinpoint it. It could be a culmination of events or a combination of things. It's certainly not because I'ma LA fan. hehe

Congrats to D-Town. They were the better team, by far. It seems like LA just gave up in the 3rd. Flip...Flip...Flip...Flip...Game Over! Don't shed a tear for Karl, he once said a golf course is a waste of pasture land. He's also made over $100 million in his career. And he has Olympic Gold. As for GP, even if the Lake Show did win, he would've received his ring the same way Mitch Richmond did - as a non-factor. Maybe Karl and Gary should sign with the WARRIORS for their chance to win it again next year.

So I guess VS is having a big sale or whatnot. I've seen the commercials (oh la la!) and v-may goes shopping. She actually bought me some stuff there. There's a scent called Very Sexy2 that's supposedly the cleanest fragrance out for MEN, like myself. Then she pulls out a pair of boxers (yes, boxers) for me. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't think I could wear VICTORIA SECRET underwear. I might as well start drinking Midori Sours and Fuzzy Navels and watch Sex in the City reruns (ooops, skratch that last one). Its like an octopus trying to survive in the desert. Its just unnatural. I tried to tell her my manhood would be diminished if I put on a pair. Did I fail to mention it reads "VERY SEXY" on the waist? So I'm in the gym, some people got "CALVIN KLEIN" or "SEAN JOHN" or "BOULEVARD" (the fat people with BVDs) or some are just Commando, and here's scrawny Reeeg with his "VERY SEXY" draws on. Ummm...no, I don't think so. The 100% cotton boxers are navy w/ like red and white polka dots ...they aren't lacy or silky or whatever, so I'm not sure how "VERY SEXY" is justified. Modeled pictures available upon request for a small fee.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yesterday my Yahoo! email account was like 95% full, then I peeped my email this morning like I usually do, and it was only at 1%! Bananas I thought. Is all my email deleted? But then, I saw that my storage quota bumped up to 2GB, doubling my beta gmail account. Some may think "hey, i only got 100MB!" But hear hear, I do pay $30 annually for POP server access and extra storage, so I just think this justifies it. You would think Hotmail would get on in and offer 3GB, but we all know Hotmail sucks.


From the desk of Jay Leno:

game 1: Wow, 19,000 fans were at staples last nite to watch the Lakers lose. Well, 19,002 if you count Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

game 3: Laker fans, Lakers lost again last nite. They only scored 68 pts. Detroit played great defense. In fact, after the game, Kobe asked the Pistons to come defend his trial in Colorado.

game 4: Not looking good for the Lakers. The Lakers were complaining about the Pistons. Yea, they said the Pistons were playing "As a Team". That can never happen in LA.

Former President Bush jumped out a plane over the weekend. Yea, he was that upset over the Lakers game.

Well, Jennifer Lopez offered the Lakers some support. She said if they don't win, she'll give each one of them a ring from her past marriages.

Hahahaha. But we won't be laughing anymore if Detroit finds a way to lose. Go PISTONS!


Some professors liked to be called "Dr. _____" or "Mr. ____" or simply their first name. How would you address this teacher?


Kanye/Ursher tickets went on sale this past weekend, and a small part of me wants to go to the concert. And according to VH1, guess who was voted hottest male body in pop music? No not Ruben Studdard, but it was Ursher. I think the list went something like this:

10. Kylie
9. Ashanti
8. Lachey
7. Britney
6. Justin
5. Crow
4. Ursher
3. Mrs. Anthony
2. Mrs. Shawn Carter
1. Mrs. Nick Lachey

Interesting, but Jessica doesn't really have a butt. Speaking of which, Newlyweds v.III starts tomorrow! Whoooo. I'ma catch it right after the Meth and Red sitcom, which looks mad stupid funny.


Lastly, happy belated birthday to Mary Kate and Ashley. Have fun in NYU this fall.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So yesterday I met up with a few heads to watch the pistons game. We went to Knuckle’s in b-game, saw Warrior’s play by play man Jim Barnett, and drank some beer. Knuckle’s probably has the worst happy hour ever. I mean, this is a sports bar after all. I should expect more than just 1 beer on the menu. Really, the special they had was a black butte porter. Wtf is a porter? I don’t want a steak-inspired beer. So we munched on $12 fat burgers instead. At least the peanuts and popcorn are free. We also had a wack waitertress (we thought he was gay), and didn’t want to tip him the standard 10%. But when we get the bill, gratuity is fixed @ 18%. Grrrrrr. After we leave him $93.50 for a $93.49 tab, Michelle thinks we overtipped him and proceeded to make change for that quarter.

What surprised reeg was the amount of laker fans in the bar. It seems like we were watching the game in Compton. Well, actually it was like a 60%/40% ratio rooting for the bad guys. But of course our table was pulling for the bad boys v. II. You’re never comfortable against the lake show in the postseason until the final buzzer sounds. Images of broomsticks clouded my mind during the final moments of the game, yet after diesel converted the triple play, I knew they had a chance. D-12 (thanks luna-tic for the nickname) had cranium gas (read: brain farts) on the last possessions. Every they should’ve done, they didn’t. Fluke Walton (thanks callwave for the nickname) had the game of his life. That’s the thing with this squad though…some scrub steps up. Watch rick fox-williams go for 20 in the next game.

When kb8 had the rock, visions of the last regular season game vs. the potland jailblazers came up. As did visions of his rookie year against the jazz. But when did reeg know he was gonna make it? Right when freakin abc put up the stat showing he’s the worst 3pt shooter in the nba playoffs or something. Damn. As lil flip would say, Game Over.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

whats wandering upstairs:

- yall know the clothing line BC Ethic? well i never knew that BC stood for anything. for those wondering, it means Blue Collar.
- speaking of initials, why is GQ, or Gentlemen's Quarterly, a monthly magazine?
- lindsey lohan, your 2K4 mtv movie award host, is a bit overrated. nice rack though. but for some very strange reason i wanna watch mean girls.
- you know how everyone has that 1 retarded coworker? well, I have 2.
- go pistons go pistons go pistons go pistons go pistons go pistons go pistons go pistons
- i went to the gym yesterday, and after i went, i felt more energized. i came home and did the dishes, a load of laundry, cleaned up and other crap i had to do. its like i either do hella things or i do nothing.
- man, freaking yahoo launch took away my underground hip-hop station...now i'm stuck w/ the mainstream crap
- man, freaking subterranean shoe room closed down. word on the street is that shoe biz bought them up though
- link of the day: why you should respect your folks

Monday, June 07, 2004

happy monday afternoon...

it was a decent weekend, i freakin saw an SB head or two every day. saw Marvin and Will on their bikes outside a mall in san bruno. Man, every filipino guy in DC has a motorcycle...no joke. Except me, since I can't even drive stick.

on saturday we kicked it w/ e-fresh and missled for an early birthday bash. I probably can't make it to LA, so he came up and celebrated kinda. he's been talking about it for awhile, and it may come to fruition now. please note: if you ever get contacts, try not to wear them for the 1st time on a night where you plan on being sloshed, or else you'll end up having a friend put them back in your eye for you.

on the sabbath i ran into miss trish at church of course. she was late. well, i was too sorta, but at least i stayed until the final blessing. i also went shopping down in valley fair, but didn't buy anything, so does that still count? rushed home to catch the final .25 of the pistons game...whooooo go D-town!

in US weekly news...
- trace ayala is bout to wed the girl next door. so much for my theory of elisha tryna pry away justin
- nick and paris split up...i'm sure i called it when i first reported it. note to self: check archives on the over/uner
- and lastly but not leastly...drumroll pretty please....must breathe...okay...i'm shaking as i type this. jessica alba is prepping for her next movie roll...as a stripper. big gulp. read that again: JA is about to play a stripper in an upcoming flick w/ bruce willis. talk about a horrible premise! sike

man, i must hit the gizzym today. have a good one-two

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After an extended weekend, back to the grind. This week shouldn't be so bad, since hugo is out. The weather is real nice outside, my steering wheel was mad warm. We do have a parking garage, but i'm not gonna fork over a c-note a month for those privileges. Thanks to those that came out on Friday to the V-may B-day bizzash. Hope you ate well and drank much. Thanks to Snup for being photographer:

V-may's deuce-5

Thanks J for yacking (someone had to)...thanks taft and MSB for keepin reeg sane while V-may was insane in the car ride...thanks xtine for the cab ride...and thanks to everyone else showing up. Food was good huh?

Saturday did a lil shopping up in V-ville, came home w/ a ringer shirt and a pair of kicks. Could've bought more, but reeg restrained himself. Tried to earn my skrilla back, but finished in 3rd place in yet another game of poker. Just missed out of the moolah. Happy belated to Moms, whose b-day was this past Sunday. Went to the g-yard to visit the grand-parentals, had thai food and grocery shopped @ trader joe's. Beer alert: SAN MIGUEL LIGHT is sold at TJ's for $5 for a 6pac! Suffice to say, reeg was excited when he saw the SML after rumors circulated that it was sold there. Monday came and I slept in til 1pm and headed down to Burlingame Ave to go window shopping. A shoe boutique is planning to open 2morrow, and they had an exhibition this weekend. So if you're ever in that hood, i suggest to visit - its 1112 Burlingame ave. What sucks is that I used to work literally a mile away from that spot, now its a 15 minute commute. Maybe i'll sneak there during my lunch hour tomorrow. I then did some more grocery shopping, watched the game, and concluded my day. Hope your wknd was as relaxing as mine.