Thursday, June 17, 2004

*Newlyweds Appreciation Post*

Anyone peep the season premier of Newlyweds last night? I know I wasn't the only one. If you know me, and if you saw yesterday's particular episode, then you could easily tell why I love that show. Yes they're superstars, beautiful and rich, but essentially they're everyday people, just like you and me. From the opening scene where Jess comments that Nick doesn't open the door for her anymore (I guess chivalry is really dead) to Nick's reactions to the basketball game, this show is like a mirror image of my life haha, minus the glamour and glitz stuff.

Nick comments about how March Madness is his favorite time of the year (me too!). He wears his team's jersey and gear for every tourney game (me too!). He lights a candle during game time (me too! peep the archives). He despises his team's rival (me too!). His libido drops after his team loses (me too!).

Guess who was winning their tournament pool? None other than Jessica. And what team did she have winning it? GEORGIA TECH. Thanks Jess, that made my day!

Oh yeah, I caught the Meth and Red show before, and it was dumb, but funny. Then I caught the Ashlee Simpson show after Newlyweds, and it was dumb, but unfunny.