Friday, April 24, 2009

I'ma Golf Nut

Check out my scheduled tee times for the next 4 weeks:

Saturday, April 25th - Sharp Park, Pacifica, CA
Sunday, April 26th - Sharp Park [depending how Saturday goes though]

Saturday, May 2nd - ______ [always gotta play the day of a Pacquaio Fight]
Sunday, May 3d - Hiddenbrooke, Vallejo, CA

Friday, May 8th - Del Monte, Monterey, CA
Saturday, May 9th - Pebble Beach, Monterey, CA

Friday, May 15th - Calippe Preserve, Pleasanton, CA

Plus I might get sick *cough cough* during a weekday for another round!

Golf is like crack. You fiend for it [thinking/talking about it frequently], gotta get all related paraphanelia [got new clubs/shoes/balls], steal for it [took clubs out of my dad's garage] and you look for things to cash out to play some more [selling my excess crap]. Oh well, at least its not actual drugs, but it probably costs just as much lol.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Either Bought Something Really Useful or Useless

So last weekend when it was all sunny, we rode along Ocean Beach and mad people were out. Royce had this little speaker thingy that was attached to the water clamp on his bike frame, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I just bought one right now:

iHome Bike to Beach Speaker System for iPod

I don't usually purchase items spontaneously, but considering I've been biking once the past 5 months, I'm not sure how this one is gonna pan out haha. It originally retail for a Benji but I was able to cop it at more than half off, so I just pulled the trigger. But all good, if all else fails I could just use it at my desk, since there's an AC adapter included. Shoot, I used [and still have] my old bike lamp as a flashlight - works wonders. So I think I'll get value out of it.

It'll be like D-Bo's character on Friday when he's on the Cruiser, but not really. I suppose I gotta ride more frequently to get my money's worth!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some of my Plaques Still say Reagan

Grrr, this chick ALWAYS can't get my name right! It's not like I have a Thai last name or anything either. And these were just the last few emails I's been going on for YEARS. I'm gonna start replying to her emails by dropping off the second T. Watch.


Friday, April 03, 2009

The World You Love

In honor of the JEW concert like a month ago, here goes something that captures my mindframe:

The World You Love - Jimmy Eat World

I'm in love with the ordinary;
I need a simple space
To rest my head,
and everything gets clear.
well I'm a little ashamed for asking
But just a little helps,
It gets me straight again;
Helps me get over it.

It might seem like a dream
But it's real to me.

Don't it feel like sunshine after all?
The world we love forever gone.
We're only just as happy
As everyone else seems to think we are.

You should see the canals are freezing,
You should see me high.
You should just be here,
Be with me here.
It doesn't seem there's hope for me,
I let you down.
But I won't give in now,
Not for any amount.

Don't it feel like sunshine after all?
The world we love forever gone.
We're only just as happy
As everyone else seems to think we are.