Monday, November 29, 2004

dang i haven't blogged in a minute.

Why did momz have to raise me right? So a few months ago, our company bought about $5000 in computers. I go through the paperwork and fill out the rebate forms and such. today we finally receive the rebate for 5 benjis. And it just says payable to "Regan Tacorda." No company name no address no nothing. And no one (besides myself) knows about a pending rebate. We cut the check awhile back and coded it and we move on. But whatever, I'm not gonna pocket the $krilla even though I would never get caught. $500 isn't worth it. Plus I'ma firm believer in karma - what goes around comes around buddies.


Man I can't wait until tomorrow, and not because its my dad's and ironically my uncle's (his twin) birthday. Nas' new joint drops (2 disc). Since 1994, I've bought all Nas' cds on the day that they've dropped (except for the kinda wack Nastradamus). That Jay-Z/LP collab drops (cd/dvd). And lastly the Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore combo drops too! Sadly I have to pass on the latter since I already own HG on DVD, arguably the greatest sports film of all time. Anyway, I was perusing through the sunday supplements, and I saw them for $11.99 $ $19.99 @ BestBuy! Man that's cheap for a double disc and 2dvd set. Then I opened up Circuit City, and they were only $9.99 & $17.99. Whoa cheaper. Lastly, target had them for $9.98 & $15.99 respectively! We have a winner.

You're probably thinking that I'ma get them at target, but you're wrong. I'ma get them at circuit city. If I go to target, I'd probably but $20 more of things I don't need, nullifying that $2.02 savings. Circuit City here I come!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

It seems I always get home at 7:59pm on Wednesday nights darn it. But it was worth it because I got my sidekick! At least I fulfilled one of my summer resolutions even though its basically winter time now =/. Anyway, not too much to talk about yesterday's show:

- I knew Lex was getting play, but not like that that he don't even remember faces!
- It looked like a Dell Jukebox, but I'm surprised the MP3 playa wasn't an Ipod, since Apple has/did frequent product placement in the show.
- Jason's moms is a weirdo, but I think she's a recurring character for a lil bit.
- I believe the Lionel has truly transformed into someone good.
- Man Clark is real gullible sometimes.
- Chloe still wants CK. And I don't blame her.
- I miss Lois. But I miss Pete more.

Aight next week looks freakin' crazy from the preview. First I thought I saw cleavage. Then I heard their conversation! Man it looks bananananananas definitely. But its probably gonna be a dream or a severe case of amnesia. I know how them writers and producers work.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Memoirs of a Sneakerhead, Vol XIV:

I've seen samples of these shoes many months ago, and when I saw them I had to have them. With the internet sneaker samples are exposed earlier and earlier, as there is no need to go to sample sales anymore. Shoot, I know what's coming out Winter '05 already! Anyway, these kicks don't have official release dates like Jordans, so basically when shops get them in they can sell them whenever. They aren't available at Niketown,, Eastbay, Foot Locker, etc, so it takes some effort to track some down, unless you have cake and are willing to shell out this much on eBay. But where's the fun in that?

A couple underground websites have them but they literally sell out in a minute. Word had it that it was available on this particular website. So on Friday I did that route as soon as I could, received my confirmation number and was relieved. But the worst email someone could get arrived: "I'm sorry, but your order was canceled." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" The hunt continues.

So I called around local shops last week, and murmurs of DLX in San Mateo was supposed to have them this Monday. On Monday morning I called feverishly, but no one picked up the darn phone! I thought they must be too busy giving people the shoes! You can't evade the Reegsta. So I said screw it, I have a good feeling about this and just drove down there and took my lunch break at 10:30. I done strolled in the store ready to pick up my 10.5s but homeboy was like "sorry bro, we didn't get them in yet." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" Whatever, so I just picked up a Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Vinegarette dressing from McD's and went back to work. The hunt continues.

Alas, after my umpteenth visit to Niketalk, someone dropped word that they dropped at HUF in the city. So basically I zigged when I should've zagged. Keep in mind this was around 4pm and traffic going to the city would suck. And I had a dinner date at 6pm. What's reeg to do?! Being the sly cat that I am, I made up an excuse that I had to pick something up (which wasn't really a lie) and slid out the back door. I'm ready to brace the traffic and parking situation in the city. The gift and the curse of living in the Bay: competing with many other sneakerheads, hoarders and posers for the limited allotment of kicks.

I'm a couple blocks away from HUF, and I already see a parking spot. Usually I would drive pass the store to find closer parking, but this being rush hour it probably would be more beneficial if I just parked and acted like Dash from The Incredibles. Plus I had adrenaline on my side. I dashed 1.75 blocks and calmly walked the rest of the way, since I couldn't be "HUF"fing and puffing into the store. I see the kicks on display. Whew. "10.5 please." He brings it out, I try them one. Damn they don't fit well, how about an 11? I try them on, but damn these are too long. I was gonna ask for a 10.75, but didn't wanna look corny in front of their "cool" workers. I pay a buck fitty plus tax on a pair of kicks that has a MSRP of $65 literally listed on the box and still walk out with cheesy face. The hunt is over (until the next one comes along).

Then I read that DLX SF has them and are selling them for $89. Great.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yesterday was the first episode of SV that I've seen "live" in awhile. I was a littler weirded out by the whole lana/isabelle transformation, but at least the show was primarily about her. She got a lot of airtime for once.

- it was a good episode right away when LL bought the spellbook off eBay haha. she mentioned she maxed out her credit card since she had to have it (i'm too familiar with the feeling!)
- man jason should've known right away that something was wrong with her, otherwise she wouldn't be talking like she was in the addam's family
- sometimes CK is affected by people's powers, and other times he's not. they aren't the most consistent bunch
- *whew* *whew* LL is a virgin (and lois isn't!). if you recall, i spoke about her losing it in Paris, but evidently that's not the case. *whew*
- CK is one also, and I'ma feel bad for any girl that gets it from him
- you think Jason would get some not only in Paris, but even for travelling halfway across the world. apparently not.
- lana is saving herself for clark (or me, whomever comes first - no pun intended!)
- haha imagine him doin the deed, and all this fire comes out of his eyes hahaha
- back to your PG show, but definitely PG-13 this season
- why did CK schedule the Princeton visit while his folks were out of town? was it for an athletic scholarship? in real life, ivy league schools do not give out those types of schollies, so naturally i wasn't able to get in harvard
- CK dancing makes me look like Ursher
- CK has another weakness - magic
- damn LL was sexy throughout the whole episode...wowsers
- she wore that backless top again!
- lex must have had other motives to get Jason axed...i ain't buying that, and not because I have no skrilla
- good to see LL and CK make amends, but only if CK revealed some cave secrets to her. obviously she's destined if that tat just appeared on here.
- when she showed CK her tat, I hope hoping she mooned him too
- i'll give this one a 4 out of 5

Happy Veteran's Day yall!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

60 Secs Reegview:
The Incredibles

I haven't been this amped to watch a flick in awhile. And this was even before all the word-of-mouth recommendations I heard! So we caught the last showing on a Tuesday and peeped it. And it was amazing! (thought i'd say "incredible" huh?) The animation, cinematography, characters, storyline, etc were all top notch. The detail, movements, sounds, shadows and everything else added to the realism. The water and hair looked all too real. The parodies and superhero references were ingenious and classic. It was a very fun and entertaining movie, and that's the understatement of the day. I freakin' was cheesing the whole way through. Just go peep it and you won't be disappointed.

I'll give it 4.5 kicks on my 5 kick scale.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Random (a)Musings for 11.09.04:

1. my nighttime routine involves watching the fresh prince on nick @ nite. how is uncle phil so big and carlton half his size?
1a. carlton banks = kanye west. they even dress alike!
1b. whatever happened to tatyana ali? she had that one single "all day long i think of you..."
2. so what does john kerry do next? i mean, it seems like any other job would be a let down right?
3. i wanted to go on a shoe buying hiatus for the month of november. that lasted a week =/
4. which is fine as long as i abide by the maxim: "own your possessions, don't let your possessions own you"
5. tape floss > regular string floss
6. how come a dude's GF can be called his wifey, but it sounds mad dumb if a chick's BF is called a "husbandy." i think i answered my own question.
7. fantasy league status as of this morning: 4 of 12, 6 of 12 and 4 of 10.
7a. goal for fantasy league by end of year: 1 of 12, 1 of 12 and 1 of 12.
8. white boy songs of the moment: the killers "somebody told me" and green days "blvd of broken dreams"
9. operation: KIT is running smoothly. some hiccups but am planning to have dinner with Miss Minn soon. sweeet
10. tentative december schedule: bachelor party, las vegas, arizona, tahoe, la (hopefully!), another bachelor party, christmas!
11. went to davis yesterday, and boy am i glad they didn't accept reegsta, since i really would've contemplated going there.
12. "everything happens for a reason"
13. it was a pretty good competitive weekend: on friday I played hold em with some coworkers and it was down to me and this other cat. we had basically an even amount of chips, with me slightly ahead. i'm holding A-2 and a 2-4-2 comes out on the flop. "ALL IN." Dude calls it and shows a 2-4!! A boat on the flop! "WTF" and i'm about to cry. whatever, i have literally 6 chips after the blind, and he's stacking 1000 chips. I'll get him next time I thought. But alas, Reeg comes back and wins. It made the Red Sox comeback look like little league.
13a. I also won a baby carrot eating contest. 33 in like 2 minutes. Could've been more but we ran out! i felt like kobyashi for a sec.
14. happy birthday swissely!
15. congrats for my older brother for asking the question to his wifey, and congrats to 'snup for the engagement too.
16. i NEED to go the the NaS concert next tuesday. tickets anyone?!

Friday, November 05, 2004

I don't think Lana has smiled this season. She dresses in dark gear, but I noticed her mane looked a bit reddish last episode. She's almost goth like! Man, her character did a complete 180 from prior seasons, not only in looks but moreso in personality. She's hellllla mad at CK, but of course he wasn't responsible for Jason's departure, otherwise he wouldn't be asking about him! Clark done saved LL's life about a dozen times, so she should at least cut the dude some slack like a seamstress altering a pair of pants. HA!

Anyway, Lex is getting more conniving by the episode. He had to be still studying CK, why else would he bring Mikhail up there. And why did he fire Jason? I realllly hope he doesn't like LL. That's a plot twist Reeg wasn't expecting. But hey, you can't blame the guy.

Props to the adult actors, since they play their characters well. And I hope Jonathan gets a cameo in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard flick.

New guilty pleasure show: Desparate Housewives. No really, its an entertaining piece. JC Chasez's girl is pretty purty...Eva something. Not Eva Savealot though.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Remember that Saved by the Bell episode where they competed to write the school's theme song their senior year? Zack wanted to be remembered for something other than his mischevious behavior and wanted to stamp his legacy on Bayside High. Everyone around him loved his song "Bayside is the School..." and he thought he'd win in a landslide. Mr. Belding then announced the result: a tie between Mr. Morris and Samuel "Screech" Powers rendition of "Give me a Home." Albert Clifford's reaction: "Man, there more nerds here than I thought!"

My point? Man, there are more Bush supporters here in the US than I thought! I knew there were a grip, but 59 million is insane-o. It makes me double think if we're living in the same country or not. Maybe he is the anti-christ afterall?!

On a related tip, anyone wonder how Screech always hung out with the cool people? AC was the jock, Zack was the ladies man, Kelly was the cheerleader, Lisa the Fashionista and Jessie the Pres. These cats are pretty high on the high school totem pole. Yet Screech was always kickin it with them. Which is cool. You'd think he'd be best buddies with that black nerd with the voice and glasses whose name escapes me right now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm pretty excited since this is my 1st election year that i'm voting. here are my prelimary votes for the major categories:

president - john kerry (i love ketchup and he wears a livestrong band, but these obviously aren't the reasons)

YES on prop 66 - so many minorities are unfairly jailed its no joke. cali spends more $krilla on jails than schools. 3rd strike offenders are getting life sentences for nonviolent crimes. the ads you hear about rapists and murderers walk the street? well they shouldn't even have the option for a 2nd strike let alone a 3rd strike...lock em up from the jump

YES on prop 68/70 - i love gambling and i hate that indian casinos have to alter their games to conform to state mandated regulations, but this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the potential revenue that that state can generate.

NO on prop 69 - usually whenever something involves the number 69, I'm for it. but not in this case. i mean, do we really need everyone's DNA?

YES on prop 71 - not because of christopher reeve, but the future of mankind (okay maybe a lil over dramatic) lies with medical research. it grants loot for researchers and schools, and i don't mind if some of my chips goes to this.

YES on prop 72 - man, its sad when i hear that sick cats can't receive health care simply because they can't afford it. but my wallet is gonna take another hit?! yeah, but we're gettin' taxed regardless. i'd rather use that money to help a brother out than something else.

Yall know that song Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development? there's a line that goes "Here's a dollar, naw brotherman, here have 2...a dollar is a snack to me, but it means a big deal to you." this is how i feel about our country. we have the wealth, but we need to be like a pair of legs and spread it!

Go vote yall.

So yesterday I was channel surfing in my whip, and I heard Mac Dre's new song on KMEL. Cool I thought, he's getting play. Then I had to make another trip, and I'm surfing again. One of Mac Dre's classics is playing on KYLD. He's getting airtime, but nothing like this. The first thing that came to mind was like, oh no, this can't be. It was the same ominous feeling when I got into my whip on September 13, 1996 and heard "Life Goes On" by 2pac. Mac Dre can't be dead?! I go home and its confirmed that his van got ambushed while on tour in Kansas City.

Cats outside the Bay probably don't know about Mac Dre. He paved the way for the E-40s and Too $horts of the Bay, and he's been making records since the 80s literally. I remember my classmate Bobby back in 7th grade used to sneak his tapes to class, and we'd alternate listening to his headphones. "Too Hard for the F^%&*n' Radio" to "California Livin'" to "The Game is Thick" to "Its Rainin' Game" to "Stupid doo doo Dumb" to the "Rompalation," he's been reppin' the bay for years. This cat actually made an album while behind bars! He was spittin for a whole album through a phone receiver.

RIP Andre Hicks.