Thursday, November 18, 2004

It seems I always get home at 7:59pm on Wednesday nights darn it. But it was worth it because I got my sidekick! At least I fulfilled one of my summer resolutions even though its basically winter time now =/. Anyway, not too much to talk about yesterday's show:

- I knew Lex was getting play, but not like that that he don't even remember faces!
- It looked like a Dell Jukebox, but I'm surprised the MP3 playa wasn't an Ipod, since Apple has/did frequent product placement in the show.
- Jason's moms is a weirdo, but I think she's a recurring character for a lil bit.
- I believe the Lionel has truly transformed into someone good.
- Man Clark is real gullible sometimes.
- Chloe still wants CK. And I don't blame her.
- I miss Lois. But I miss Pete more.

Aight next week looks freakin' crazy from the preview. First I thought I saw cleavage. Then I heard their conversation! Man it looks bananananananas definitely. But its probably gonna be a dream or a severe case of amnesia. I know how them writers and producers work.