Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Couple Add-Ons

I forgot one more word. I first heard it watching an episode of HIMYM and Marshall even said "that's a good word." Then that episode aired a few nights ago. Here it goes:

1. incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: ineffable joy.

Ted was breaking up with this chick, but he didn't have a solid reason and said it was ineffable. The girl was like "so I'm not effable?" hahaha hilarity. Please watch that show.


Random thought. I named my blog "ReegSpeak" but my domain name is "". Shouldn't it be named "" instead? Hmmm, good thing I didn't renew that name yet.


I put up a Justin Bieber pic last time, and my sissies now think I'ma a fan. They then asked me if I wanted to watch his movie along with my nephews. Ummm pass. But here is a cool pic lol. He probably got that Caribbean fever too.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Keeping it Internet Goes Wrong

1:48:05 PM Darlene: ummmm he probably would but i'm supposed to go to vallejo for a wake and he was gonna be home alone w/ the kids
1:54:03 PM Regan: oh word
1:54:10 PM Regan: who passed
1:54:45 PM Darlene: oh my godfather
1:54:54 PM Regan: you mean - omg-father?
1:55:06 PM Regan: sorry couldnt pass it up
1:55:39 PM Darlene: omg
1:55:45 PM Darlene: lol you're frickin crazy lol
2:01:58 PM Regan: sorry
2:02:09 PM Regan: totes inappropes
2:02:47 PM Darlene: i know but it was funny
2:02:48 PM Darlene: thanks

I can make light of any situation, called me Thomas Edison.

Godfather Part III

And if you think this post is about the movie, then you really don't know me haha. Anyway I was the Chosen One [no Lebron] for the third time for lil Sebastian! He joins the ranks of Isaiah and Brandon as being on Team Godfather Reeg. After much bartering, Ryan and Kimi finally chose me...and my sister! She already has like 20 godsons/daughters, and she didn't have to do jack to get named one again.

The baptism was held at Saint Monica's a few weeks ago. Here are the pics for proof! After looking at the pics, I totes forgot to use a tie-bar =/


Making it Rain, parts 1 & 2

Is it cheating if I posted these on Tumblr? Hmmm...well I guess it's like people overlapping their tweets and status updates, so be it. Anyway - mis'fits from the last couple wet days. And no, that's not me pitching a tent on the second pic. It's just naturally like that *WINK*. Click on the pic for the deets!


Sexual Words

Ever notice how indirectly sexual some words are? Or maybe I'm just a perve? I'm sure it's a bit of both. Off the top of my head, here are a few, along with their definitions. Consequently, these are some of my favorite words to use!

–adverb, adjective
2. equal to or alongside in progress, attainment, or awareness (usually followed by of or with ): to keep abreast of scientific developments; keeping abreast with the times.

Reeg's usage: I am abreast of her breast augmentation.

1. perfectly sure or certain; completely confident in one's own mind: She was cocksure that she was able to do the job better than anyone else.

Reeg's usage: Mandingo is cocksure of his ability to perform in front of the camera.

1. a group or combination of six things.

Reeg's thought: Seriously though, why couldn't they just call this word sixtuplets? I swear the word originator here just had visions of an orgy. Hornball.

2. Informal . a person or thing not at all threatening: a pussycat underneath all his gruffness.

Reeg's thought: I think the word "puss" is gross, because I think of that stuff oozing out. But if you just add a "y" to the end, then it looks 10x better.

–verb (used with object)
1. to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.

Reeg's thought: I'm not the only one who thinks of this as "her ass." Who else changes pronounciations of things? No Rajon, no Armen, no Gadzuric.

2. Psychoanalysis . a. of or pertaining to the second stage of psychosexual development, during which gratification is derived from the retention or expulsion of feces.

Reeg's thought: If I hear that someone's anal, I first think "so they like to take it up the poop shoot?"

1. wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: a vagabond tribe.

Reeg's thought: Yes I know this means nomadic and stuff, but let's break up the word - "vag" is self-explanatory, and "bond" for this context means hold together. So guys, you gotta ensure you have a vagabond chick.

On a related note, I always laughed at Andy Roddick's surname. It's almost redundant haha. But since he's married to Brooklyn Decker, then he's a winner in the game of life. Imagine though Andy giving Brooklyn the business, and he's like "yo girl you want that raw d*ck in you?" Brooklyn hears "Roddick" and is all thinking "there he goes talking about about himself in 3rd person again," but he really wasn't. Hmmph.

Sushi Bay-Bay

So I went to my usual fast and cheap Japanese spot on Kearny called Sushi Bay, but ironically I wouldn't ever order sushi from here haha. I keep it simple with the ___katsus for like $6 flat. Not even an upchage for brown rice! Anyway I was like "yo give me the curry tonkatsu special" and proceed to bring it back to my desk.

To my surprise, I see a side of spaghetti! Look, it's in the lower right hand side! It's mediocre, but I thought Flips had the exclusive rights to serving this with their dishes? But what can I say...we're trend-setters. Next thing you know they'll cook it with some ketchup too.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Rankings, Part I

Now is probably a good time to drop my new Top 25 Top 15. I've included pictures, hence the truncated list. Hmmm, it's only been 6 years since my last ranking lol, so I guess I'm due like a library book. In some particular order, here it goes:

15. Katy Perry - What was my 2010 Commercial of the Year? This Pro-activ one, like seriously. And who cares if she sometimes looks like a skinny Rosie O'Donnell. She's pretty even without any make-up on.

14. Natalie Portman - I can't front - I wasn't even that big a fan of SuperNat during her stint for the Star Wars trilogy. Norm was mad trippin' off her though. But with these last 2 movies I've seen her - No Strings Attached and Black Swan - she's made a meteoric rise up the rankings. I can dig a chick in a button-up, and are those French cuffs? Gasp. For the record, I didn't even watch these movies, as this is just based on trailer footage. Like my Photoshop job? I should offer lessons on SessionSpot.

13. Megan Fox - She fell off a bit, but she's still Megan Effin' Fox. This scene from Transformers still brings out the lil boy in us perverts. She acts as the bridge to connect my generation to our subsequent one.

12. Kim Kardashian - I rarely drop my jaw after just seeing a JPG of someone, but after I first saw KK's pics, my jaw was floored. This was pre-Ray-J, pre-Reggie, pre-Miles, pre-Kris, and she was just known as the hot chick that hung out with Paris. I still got love for her, fake butt and all.

11. Alicia Keys - I thought she would fall-off after giving birth, but she actually improved. I don't know if it's because she's standing next to Swizz's broke looking self, or if she actually got hotter. If she starts breast-feeding, it could help her out a bit upstairs.

10. Scarlett Johansson - This was from like the 2006 Golden Globes, where she let that one gay designer touch her boob. Well, I'm just assuming that he's gay. Anyway, Scar-Jo is like a flyer Quin Fabray. You look up voluptuous in the dictionary, and you'll see it's definition [duh], but also a pic of her.

*EDIT* This is taking longer than it should [TWSS], so I'ma keep it a few at a time. Plus it'll give you a reason to come back!

Wipe Me Down

I hate this. I yoosh don't let little things like this bug me, but this irritates me. I got Sen-dog an oil change yesterday, and the dude parked my car. I came back with the wipers all angulated. It takes like 2 seconds to return them to their normal home. Grrrrr.


Monday, February 14, 2011

My Last

This track is getting mad spins from me - I even shouted it out on Twitter. If you like shallow raps Sean, and mediocre voiced Chris, and a past-his-prime NO I.D. with a late 80's New Edition Sample, this is right up your alley.

Damn, I still owe you guys a 2010 Music in Review. Ahh...still letting the Q4 stuff soak in. See - I have an excuse for everything!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Hate it When...

I remember in my blogging prime I used to comprise lists of things I hate. Nowadays if something comes to mind, I'll just send off a random tweet. Twitter won. Anyway, since I am completely useless at work, I'd figure I'd compile another list. This was inspired by a recent tweet too:

- I hate it when packages take like 2 days to arrive cross-country, but take 3 days to get sorted and delivered. I want my IIIs already!

- I hate it when you look up a word in the dictionary, then the definition has another word you don't know the meaning to. I swear them mothereffers do that on purpose. Look up "sycophant" and you know what I'm talking about.

- I hate it when you click on a top 100 or top 50 list, and you gotta keep on clicking "next" to get to the following one. I understand pageviews and ish, but damn that's annoying. Can't they just keep it on one page? Or maybe 5-10 items on a page as a happy medium? For reference: Complex's Top 50 Bay Area Rap Songs

- I hate it when ninjas announce they're gonna defriend people on Facebook. "Oh no - there's about to be a purging!" Just go ahead and do the damn thing. These are probably the same folks who get butt-hurt when they find out they got defriended too haha.

- I hate it when I see a half-empty ream of paper near the printer. Do you not realize the whole stack can fit in the tray? I think I voiced this sentiment somewhere before.

- I hate it when PDFs are from scanned copies and not converted from Word or whatever. You totes can't use the Crtl+F option. I just had to scan a 100 page agreement for a little clause for our auditors. Bastards.

- I hate it when you do your laundry and you wash your towels. Then you're halfway asleep during your morning shower and you realize you have no towels in the bathroom. Then you gotta run to your closet all dripping wet to retrieve one.

- [from MethodMik's twitter] Hate walking into a smelly ass bathroom and everyone thinks u did it cause you're the only 1 there

- I hate it when you see ish on clearance, but they only have like XXL's and XS's left. In abundance. Yall need to allocate better. [Or maybe I should've bought it when it was regular price lol].

- I hate it when fans of teams hate on a rival squad for beating them. Case in point: the Spurs beat the Lakers last week on a tip-in at the buzzer. Countless "I hate the F^$*king Spurs" posts ensue. Yall should've hated on your team for not boxing out!

- I hate it when folks be hating on Justin Beiber and the Black Eyed Peas. Obviously their music is not my cup of tea, but they stay in their lane. Justin had a photoshoot with Kim, and the BEP are more hip-hop than me and you. They inject some positivity into the culture, so I can't hate that.

I just can't hate on this, but I have to applaud him!