Monday, February 28, 2005

Thanks to all the cats that came out this wknd to celebrate my 26th. It was a lot of fun (for me at least). Pics coming soon I promise. I know I lag more than the average on uploading pictures, but i gotta edit and caption them yo. Although I did not regurgitate,
I did have a great time. I was probably 1 drank away from yacking and 3 dranks away from passing out.

I knew it was gonna be a good night when the following occurred:

1. found playa parking a half a block away
2. the dj was spinning ATCQ’s “Eletric Relaxation” as we walked in
3. the Pimp Booth was reserved for me (how appropriate!)

Now that I think about it, the place would’ve been kinda dead if I didn’t have my party there hehe. No worries, at least no one got shot at or jumped (MMASY informed me that some1 got murked a block away the day before). We missed out on lesbian night also, so sorry fellas about that.

I apologize for the strip tease. I apologize for the slurring. I apologize for the rapping (but I was just prepping for the following night – HBD MSB!). Lastly I apologize for the dancing (Wade Robson better watch out though – I’m coming after u). Good thing I’ma happy drunk rather than a depressed one whoooo!

Special shouts to:

1. Jefe – right on for driving my arse to and fro to the place
2. Meeyushel – right on for the extra medium shirt…I already know what kicks to rock with it! Thx my fellow pisces
3. Tiff/Dan/Dennis/Nick – thx for coming even when yall had another event to go to
4. Fam – thx for making it out
5. V-may – thx for letting me act the fool

Just when I thought my b-day was over, I go and read cici’s blog, and she writes me a dedication! That put a nice capper to it. I’ma crtl+c and crtl+p it here (hope ya don’t mind!):

“hey regan. happy birthday dude, i'm mad at you! i'm mad at you for moving back up north. i'm also mad at you for being born on this day. there are times when a girl needs her best most metrosexual friend (ok fine, 43% metrosexual) to accompany her to a fashion show, but how is that gonna happen when you live 5 hours away and are celebrating your birthday the same night??? but okaaaaay go have fun, eat your sushi, drink your drinks (all 0.75 of it) and take lots o' action shots of you puking over a balcony! hey -- isn't that how you celebrated your 21st birthday when i barely knew you? haha well one good thing about you not living here is that i don't have to buy you a present =) but here's a little something from moi to toi.

ode to regan

regan reegsta reegmeister
how ya doin there good sir?
hope your birthday is a blast
like all your birthdays in the past

remember when i thought you were high
well what a surprise, oh me oh my
when i found out you were just weird
and that your record had never been smeared

later on we hung out more
you even carried me on shoulders your
and you grew to be the biggest dork
that i've ever met, moreso than mork

but good times had we
in good ole sb
and good times had we's
in los angeleeez

now you're up there and i'm still here
i haven't seen you in over a year
if you were here you know what though?
i'da taken you to a fashion show!

but oh yeah, it's your birthday
i forgot, sorray!
well sir congrats on turning 26
next time we meet i'll buy you a twix”

That was dope! But of course everyone knows P3 couplet 2 is false. Thanks again Cicely.

And thanks to the people that called, emailed, friendstered, texted, IM’ed, marqueed, blogged and wished me a happy birthday. Yall make a playa feel special. =P

Dang I still have more to write, but I’m save that for soon-later.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Take the test!

I am 43% Metrosexual.
Not Too Metrosexual, Sugar!
I may own more than two pair of dress shoes, and maybe a designer suit, but I don’t mind going to the grocery store in sweats. And I may even go a day or two without a shower.

This goes out to all you naysayers who thought I was 99% Metrosexual. What what.

I gotta say that yesterday's episode was the dopest one i've seen in awhile. Lana was on some Crouching Tiger-type ish. It was very cinematic. Good thing Vancouver has a poppin' China-town otherwise it would've taken away from the realizm. There was no Chloe or Lois this episode, and LL had llots of airtime. Can't argue that!

- I've always wondered how their gonna factor in Christopher Reeve's death. So waht do ya know, Dr. Swann died. But he's still communicating with Clark?!?
- CK of course still has feelings for LL, and proved it by "not letting her go to China by herself"
- There was one moment where a cyclist almost hit LL, and CK grabbed her...for a split second they caught each other's eyes.
- LL feels everyone except CK has an agenda for her. I'd ride with Clark, since he would never ever never let anything bad happen to her.
- The 3 stone mystery is pretty damn intriguing now. I really must be a nerd. Why do I think Lex will end up with all three prior to season finale?
- Looking forward to Metropolis, where Superman and Lex are on some Shaq and Kobe type stuff, do you think Clark and Lex would still be buddies?
- LL was rocking a wifey-beater. Then she was wearing one of them asian dresses. Gotta give the costume people props!
- Speaking of which, I'm thinking about bidding on this on the 'bay: I have a problem...
- Instead of googling somebody, I "ebay" their name. Strange isn't it?
- You know how CK could do everything hella fast? I want to see him do his homework mad fast or down his food like in a second.
- Thankfully LL and CK shared a loft scene together...thought i'd see the last of that!
- Jason got the stone...we'll see what happens to it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Link of the Day:

My coworker sent me this link. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to it, other than it must be cool to be an actor in hollywood right now, with "cool" possibly being the understatement of the year.

Jessica Alba Says She's Done Sleeping Around In Hollywood

Let's see...she was linked to Mark Wahlberg, Derek Jeter, Paul Walker, Reegsta and not sure who else?

Monday, February 21, 2005

As I was typing out my evite, I realized that it was almost blog-like, making it a blogvite. Since I'm a lazy arse, I'ma just cut and paste here. Talk about killing 2 birds with one bullet! And don't take offense if you're not on the invite, it was meant for only locals and the email list was far from comprehensive (or I like to believe). But if you can make it this friday, holler at a playa!


Hello dear friends and family. I apologize for the short notice, but I'd appreciate it yall if you can join me in celebrating my birthday this upcoming friday!

The spot is at 26 Mix. And no, I didn't choose this place because I'm turning 26, but it is a cool coincidence yeah? (Man I'm funny.) Have I been there before? Nope. I've heard some cool thangs about it though (let's just ignore the negative comments for now). There's even a WIFI network in the game room just in case you need to check your email!

The cover charge is $50, but for yall, I'll hustle off $45 so it'll only be $5. And if you have a vagina, you'll get in free before 11pm! (according to the website at least) I'll inquire about a G-list and keep you posted about that. If you want to invite more people, go 'head and inform me.

The dress code is casual, so you can rock your throwbacks and fitteds if you plan on going. Or I'm sure you can dress up if you prefer. Wouldn't it be funny if they didn't allow in a club because you're OVERdressed? "I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow those Ferragamo's you're wearing." Man that would suck.

Anyhow, I'm working on this federal holiday, which also sucks. But its not too bad, as I'm composing this evite here. Since it is President's day, I want "dead presidents to represent me." The world is yours yall. My birthday again is on a friday during lent. No meat for Reeg. Man I remember last year too my birthday was on Ash Wednesday, and I couldn't have meat either. No worries, there's always the post-midnight meat consumption.

Its weird composing evites for myself, since I really don't want to post any incrimmating pics as I would others. Not sure if I wanted someone to compose this for me though haha. Nevertheless, I'll have my 2lb camera there to capture those potential moments.

What's there to look forward to when you turn 26? If you guys know, please fill me in. Its kind of a weird number. I can't even think of an NBA player rocking that #. 25 is a perfect square root (5*5) and 27 is a perfect cube root (3*3*3), but 26 is almost a prime number, save for (2*13). It just seems like its the tilt toward the dirty thirty (yall remember that CRU album?)

Regardless, having a non-significant birthdate shouldn't damper the 365 days I will be 26. I guess we just have to live it up? Anyway, please try to come out and have a drink (or 2 or 3) with me, preferably an alocholic beverage. I threw up on from my b-days ever since I was 18 except for last year (pics available upon request). In retrospect, I think I even drove home last year after my birthday! I so don't wanna do that again. Make the magic happen yall.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

So I did indeedy miss that SV episode 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness its on my season pass and luckily I peeped it over the weekend. There's a reason why Chloe was dropping those carefully worded conversations - she knows! Its Alicia's fault, since she sold Clark out. And she what happens to her?

Anyway, back to last nights episode. I thought people knew better than to call/text/IM me on Wednesdays between 8 and 9, but oh well. I didn't ignore yall on purpose! Let's see, the premise is about some kryptonite/steroid induced dogs, which got me thinking:

- What if Clark took steroids to counter kryptonite? Would he keep his powers? He already gave up sports so that wouldn't be an issue.
- Lois moved into the Kent Farm. Wouldn't that be weird to be: 1. living with a hot girl, 2. living with a hot girl who wasn't your GF, and 3. living with a hot girl who wasn't your GF with your parents?
- Chloe is very choosy with her words...and I doubt she'll ever tell anyone. Ever.
- Funny how there hasn't been one single reference to Pete this entire season. Like he just vanished. I mean, Clark's been everywhere from Vegas to Miami this season, you think he could visit Pete, who remains some where in KS.
- I still have no clue where this Countess Isabel/Lana/Jason's Moms thingy is heading. Mysterious? Yes. Interesting? No.
- Lana has her first words of the show 50 minutes into it. Booooo!
- At the end we see the inspiration for CK's future red cape. Now I'm wondering where the tights fit in.

I don't know about this season yall. I think I've lost my connection with CK. I'm still rooting for homeboy don't get me wrong. Even though it wouldn't be in line with the mythology, I'm still rooting for a Clark/Lana union. Next week should prove interesting, as LL is on some Crouching Tiger ish.


Good thing AI was on at 9pm, making my TV schedule a lil more convenient. Down to 2 dozen contestants, and I wanna say that my favorite cats advanced. I don't have names, so I'ma describe them:

1. The bald-round guy. Dude whose daddy didn't believe in him. I like to call him the White Ruben. He was the 2nd to last guy to move on.

2. The mail-lady (I love saying that term haha). She's 20 from FL, and homegirl can blow. And how many African-American 20 year old postal delivery workers do you know?

3. The country chick from OK. She almost looks like a doll. She has that country twang thang going for her. It seems like she's so pure and sheltered to the outside world, but I but yall she's a freak.

4. The Federov cat who almost lost his voice altogether when he was younger. The judges compared him to Claiken when he first performed.

Too bad there's no Jasmine/Camille type girls in this. But I guess the eye-candy is decent. And 3 episodes next week? Damn Fox is milking this series for all its worth. And it'll be around for awhile.


Newlyweds: I forgot to put Jessica on my top 25 list...she definitely belongs. Nick took his lil brother to FAO Schwarz. It reminded me of the time I went there once in LA. Lil Ferrari's and Hummer's cost more than real Ferrari's and Hummer's. Remember that floor piano in Big? That ish cost $150K. Hmmm, don't remember much else from this episode, since Xmas seemed so long ago.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day yall. Hope you girls receive flowers and hope you guys give them.

60 Sec Reeg-view:

Damn this was a funny flick. Its a perfect date movie for couples. If you think you're a smooth cat, watch this and you'll think otherwise. If you need help in the game department, watch this and see your stock soar. If you're a hopeless romantic, watch this and you'll have faith that there's someone perfect for you. If you're anti-love, watch this and you'll sing a different tune. If you need help stepping up to the plate, watch this and you'll be circling the bases. Love doesn't care how deep your pockets are, or what kind of whip you push, or how defined your abs are (well maybe sex does, but not love). Far from a chick flick, this movie is comedic and inspirational. Go ask that girl to go see it.

If anything, watch it because Stephon Marbury makes a cameo.

I give it 4.5 hearts out of 5.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I didn't forget to write a reegcap about SV, I was just pressed for time (since I'm so popular and all). So here's a brief summary:

- It must be the greatest thing to go on a recruiting trip (if you're a high caliber playa that is). If you missed this epi, just watch "He Got Game," starring Jesus. The similiarities were eerily similar.
- If I ever have a son (Lord Willin'), I'd want him to be just like Clark (even without the superpowers for all you smart-arses).
- I didn't like Lois when the season started, but now I like it when she's in the episode. Homegirl can drank!
- Not sure where the Countess/Isabell(a?)/Lana storyline is headed, but they haven't mentioned the tattoo in awhile. Jason is looking shadier every episode, but he's still playing the innocent boi.
- I've came to terms with the writers not incorporating any more Lana/Clark scenes. Doesn't mean I don't like it. When they end a show with Clark at his loft, its either Alicia, or Lois, or Chloe. I just want it to be Lana again. *sniffs*
- Man how sappy am I???
- Chloe is an intelligent woman. She also isn't as annoying this season as in prior ones. She's good friends with CK, she knows all about the weirdness of SV, so its not hard to put together. She definitely knows that CK = Superman. "It's just a hunch." *winks*
- I was liking that song they played at the end, until the credits showed that it was a Simple Plan song. Oh well, off the WinMX i go.

EDIT: OMG I THINK I MAY HAVE MISSED LAST WEEKS EPISODE! No way! I was watching it for like 5 minutes but I thought it was a rerun? haha I'm dum. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that its on my TiVo.


So on Wednesday I went to Ash Wednesday mass. Maybe they call it a "mass" because there was a mass of people there. Like total fire hazard at St. Augustines. I don't know if I'm gonna be damned for this, but is it bad to check out chicks while at mass? What's funny is that I believe my dads met my moms at church! Maybe its in the bloodlines.

While there, I also was thinking of making a church muzik mix. I could put "On Eagle's Wings", "Away in a Manger" and Kanye's "Jesus Walks" on there. That would be a hot cd.


Last night myself, Taft and Jefe made the trek to Davis to watch the epic UCD/UCSB basketball game. This has been circled on our calendars since the season started. I always love visiting college towns, even if it is Davis. After the game we went to Downtown Davis, and its like a block long. For all you Santa Barbarians, be glad that you went there. UCSB > UCD.

(Maybe I'm just bitter because we lost to a school that was only D2 four months ago.) Anyhow, oh how I missed Woodstocks Pizza. Some may recall our Slum Village place, where Woodstocks was just a hop, skip and jump away.

I drove back solo since them cats were gonna sleep over there. Gotta love Cruise Control on an empty don't have to crease your shoes!


coworker: *hands me a copy of "Napoleon Dynamite* Make sure you smoke before you watch it.
me: I don't smoke I thought you knew.
coworker: You sure? But you're wearing that sweater ha!
me: :-(

For the record, I'm wearing a apple green/heather gray argyle sweater from BR. I think its tight (you should see my matching kicks).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I like to chat online. Sometimes I even talking to yall while I'm taking care of my business (read: doin' the 2). Just know that once in awhile you may talk to me while I'm on the can. And they wonder why video phones didn't take off.


My SK2 already lost its luster. I feel like I'ma high school kid with one. This was especially evident when I was talking on it, and this 18 year old said, "hey! i have one too!" great. i need older kid toys.


Why is it either my work area, car and room are either all messy or all neat? But lately its been more on the messy side.


The clock in my room is still an hour ahead since daylight savings time. Its a beach to get to that's why. Unlike nimz who never ever even changed the time on his car clock.


Man I haven't bought a pair of kicks since Dec 3, 2004. I gotta come back swinging. Thought about giving that up for lent, but the last time I tried that (2 years ago I think) I bought even more. Its okay though, we all go through dry spells. And I'll always be a 'head at heart.


My birthday is coming up, so maybe yall can pool some money together and bid on this for me. My size too! 107 Pairs...but free shipping!


This is for Taft (from

'Simple Life' Star Nicole Richie Engaged
Feb 8, 5:40 PM EST

The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Life is becoming less simple for Nicole Richie. The co-star of the Fox reality show, "The Simple Life," has become engaged to her boyfriend of one year, disc jockey Adam Goldstein, her publicist, Cindy Guagenti, announced Tuesday.

It will be the first marriage for 23-year-old Richie and Goldstein, whose professional name is DJ AM. A wedding date wasn't announced.

Richie, the daughter of R&B star Lionel Richie, is co-starring with Paris Hilton on the third season of "The Simple Life."

While by no means is she hot, but she is vastly improved from before. And I'd rather have his kicks than his girl. Wonder if daddy Lionel is gonna sing at the wedding?


If you ever buy something that comes with a rebate, please do yourself a favor and process that ish ASAP! Otherwise you'll lose the receipt and throw away the box and end up overspending on it. Not like that happened to me or anything.


The good thing about rebates is that its like free money. Say you don't lose it and process it, then 3 years later you get that check. You weren't expecting it and blam! It appears.


Sign of aging: enjoying watching HGTV more than MTV. But for reala there are some cool shows on it.


I'm planning a surprise birthday for myself. I need suggestions! Holler at me.

Thought of the Day:

When you go to sleep while watching TV, never put the channel on the Food Network. Especially don't do this a day before fasting from meat.

Hope you all had a festive Mardi Gras and had some flash going on.

(note to self: write a Food Network appreciation blog.)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Is it too late to have my 2004 Music Awards? Man another disappointing year in hip-hop. 2K4 may have been the first year where I've listened to other genres more than rap muzik. Not because I've changed, but I've been so disenchanted with the state of hip-hop (*nose pointing to sky*). There were a few good releases though. So without further adobo, here are my grammys:

Hip-Hop Album of the Year-Major Label: Nas - Streets Disciple. Only if he condensed both discs into one solid disc, it would've been classic. Runner-up: The Roots - Tipping Point.

Hip-Hop Album of the Year-Independant: The Sound Providers - An Evening with the SPs. Figures that my favorite indy album was half instrumental. These cats make the hottest beats, which are very musical and harmonic. Nimz would agree with me. Runner-up: Foreign Exchange - Well-Connected.

Hip-Hop Single of the Year-Major Label: Slum Village feat John Legend & Kanye - Selfish. Wow this even surprises me. But its a hot song nonetheless. Runner-up: (tie) Jadakiss - Why/Fablous - Breathe.

Hip-Hop Single of the Year-Independant (not like you've heard these, but I'ma list them anyway): Royce da 5'9 - Hip-Hop (might have been '03 though?). Runner up: Supastition - The Williams.

Alternative Album of the Year: The Killers - Hot Fuss. Yes, I was listening to this pre-OC and pre-SNL, just ask Taft. Mr. Brightside, Jenny was a Friend of Mine, Somebody told Me, etc are all jams.

Alternative Single of the Year: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. My picks for these categories might be too MTV-friendly for some, but I can't be snooty about this music too. Runner-up: Sugarcult - Memory.

R&B Album of the Year: John Legend - Get Lifted. This barely made it into 2004 with such a late release. He's like the male Alicia Keys, and indeed, Kanye appears twice on my "Best of" list. How funny. (Shouts to Jefe who got me this. Well not really, but he did but me the Smallville soundtrack, which I already had, which was parlayed into this.)

R&B Song of the Year: Ursher featuring Luda and Lil Jon - Yeah! Now you know I couldn't leave A-town's finest off the list yeah? How ironic is this equation: (Ursher|Pop)+(Luda|Rap)+(Lil Jon|Wack) = Hit of the year?

Alt.rap Song of the Year: Shawn Carter & LP - Encore/Numb. While the rest of the EP was a tad disappointing, this crown jewel was worth it.

Guilty Pleasure Song of the Year: Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me. And yes I'm still listening to it.

Disappointment of the Year: Mos Def - The New Danger. He was going for some Rap/Rock hybrid, but it didn't work. Maybe I'll give it another spin.

Who I need to listen to more in 2005: Jack Johnson, Raphael Saadiq, Unspoken Heard, Madlib, and my older early 90s hip-hop. Plus I'm open to whatever. Suggestions yall?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thank goodness its February since I've had a pretty miserable January. I think I just need to get real crunk one day and don't worry about anything. Yeah that's it. Sadly I don't recall the last time I was I feel deprived. Even for NYE I was pretty sober (no offense Ant). That must've been an indicator for the rest of the month huh?

Anyways, this is the month all the x-mas bills start trickling in, and paying bills is never no fun. People borrow $krilla and don't pay back (except you CW - thx). As a result my finances get all out of wack. When in fact, my chips should be stacked.

I wasn't tripping, only because I'd do my taxes early so I can get my refund check faster. I do a couple other people's returns, and their getting like $2K back. Then I do mine, wondering how much my check would be...and it turns out I owe a G! Wtf?! Man, I guess that can hold off til the 15th of April then. SO much for that.

My basketball team is struggling, but I have faith we'll make the tourney and do some damage. Even my NBA teams suck. I didn't even purchase a single pair of shoes in the month of January, which was the first month I skipped in I don't know how long. During this span I passed on a couple of my holy grails too. My car is making a squeaky sound when I step on the gas. I need to move out. Smallville was only shown once. I haven't seen any movie that I wanted to watch. I've played like 5 poker tournaments and lost them all.

What's the result of all this? No blogging from me for the month and I haven't gone to the gym since 2004. I don't know about yall but sometimes laziness just consumes me. Plus there's other stuff that a couple of yall know that's bugging reegsta.

So how am I gonna remedy this? I'm not. I'll just "move forward and never backward" as NaS would say. I'll make February 1st my new years.

And all of this would've been avoided if I just had more crunk juice.