Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thank goodness its February since I've had a pretty miserable January. I think I just need to get real crunk one day and don't worry about anything. Yeah that's it. Sadly I don't recall the last time I was perved...man I feel deprived. Even for NYE I was pretty sober (no offense Ant). That must've been an indicator for the rest of the month huh?

Anyways, this is the month all the x-mas bills start trickling in, and paying bills is never no fun. People borrow $krilla and don't pay back (except you CW - thx). As a result my finances get all out of wack. When in fact, my chips should be stacked.

I wasn't tripping, only because I'd do my taxes early so I can get my refund check faster. I do a couple other people's returns, and their getting like $2K back. Then I do mine, wondering how much my check would be...and it turns out I owe a G! Wtf?! Man, I guess that can hold off til the 15th of April then. SO much for that.

My basketball team is struggling, but I have faith we'll make the tourney and do some damage. Even my NBA teams suck. I didn't even purchase a single pair of shoes in the month of January, which was the first month I skipped in I don't know how long. During this span I passed on a couple of my holy grails too. My car is making a squeaky sound when I step on the gas. I need to move out. Smallville was only shown once. I haven't seen any movie that I wanted to watch. I've played like 5 poker tournaments and lost them all.

What's the result of all this? No blogging from me for the month and I haven't gone to the gym since 2004. I don't know about yall but sometimes laziness just consumes me. Plus there's other stuff that a couple of yall know that's bugging reegsta.

So how am I gonna remedy this? I'm not. I'll just "move forward and never backward" as NaS would say. I'll make February 1st my new years.

And all of this would've been avoided if I just had more crunk juice.