Friday, May 28, 2004

this is from the dawn's page. to those who think its a bit on the long side, i only did half of it! the other part will be done TBD.

Current mood – anxious (typical on a Friday PM)
Current music – lucy pearl
Current taste – scope cool mint
Current hair - gelled
Current clothes – some AE jeans, a gap top and some euro-exclusive dunks
Current annoyance – bad english
Current smell - funky
Current thing I ought to be doing – working or eating
Current windows open – IE, outlook, excel, word, adobe, access, oracle, peachtree, aim (no wonder my comp is slow!)
Current desktop picture – a plain blue screen (work comp)
Current favorite band – the roots
Current book – angels and demons
Current cd in stereo – linkin park - reanimation
Current crush – KK (that’s a surprise)
Current hate – devean george

Do drugs? never
Have a dream that keeps coming back? - naw
Read the newspaper? – just the supplements and ads
Have any gay or lesbian friends? - yes
Believe in miracles? – just like Whitney
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? – fa sho
Consider yourself tolerant of others? – I’m a patient fellow
Consider love a mistake? – not lovin’ is a mistake
Like the taste of alcohol? – no doubt
Have a favorite candy? – 100 grand
Believe in astrology? – naw, but its entertainment
Believe in magic? – only in david blaine
Believe in God? - definitely
Have any pets? - nope
Go to or plan to go to college? – plan to go back to school
Have any piercings? - nope
Hate yourself – the opposite
Have an obsession? - kicks
Have a secret crush? - naw
Do they know yet? – n/a
Care about looks? – fa shuggity

Ever been in love? – yes indeedy
Do you believe in love at first sight? - sometimes
Do you believe in "the one?" – yes I do
Describe your ideal significant other – a ying to my yang

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing? – probably
Have you ever been intoxicated? - obviously

Bought – some kicks off ebay
Ate – strawberries and milk
Drank – h20 and coffee this morn
Read – SLAM Mag on the poop shooter
Watched on tv – Martin last night

club or houseparty – the kid n play movie
drinks or shots - drinks
cats or dogs - dawgs
pen or pencil – “give me a paper and pen so I can write about my life of sin”
gloves or mittens - gloves
food or candy - foood
cassette or cd – who still uses cassettes? cds > mp3s
coke or pepsi – diet coke

talked to – a coworker
hugged - vmay
instant messaged – the rza

eat – anytime, anyplace
cry – in the shower so it disguises it
wish you were – in bed

Dated one of your best friends? – is that after the fact? Then no
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? - sometimes
Drank alcohol? – this is a redundant ?tion
Done drugs? – see above
Broken the law? – don’t think so
Run away from home? - nope
Broken a bone? – no (knocks on wood)
Played Truth Or Dare? - nope
Kissed someone you didn't know? – with tongue? It’s a secret
Been in a fight? – not since 2nd grade
Come close to dying? - naw

If you made it this far, have a splendid weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

This is officially the last time I'ma write about AI, so bear w/ me. Congrats to Fantasia, she deserved it. random thoughts:
- what the heazy was jen love hewitt doing there?
- jazz's performance was weak
- ruben actually gained weight if that's possible, and he sweats more than russell athletic (hope yall got that)
- simon had hella black shirts, but damn, button it up!
- i drink diet coke solely because of kate beckinsdale
- randy and simon should've consulted each other since both rocked pinstripes
- i can't wait til someone tries to outdo willy hung
- i remember camile looking better than that

The grab bag:
- i wish death to the following words: holla, cute, and anything -izzle. for historical reference, please listen to another bad creation's "playground," which started the -izz craze (into the mizzark chillin in the pizzark/i got a break cuz my mother said be home by dizzark)
- Conversely, I propose to bring back the following: fresh, def and moded
- i like Jack Johnson (UCSB alum correct? it figures)
- i haven't played my xbox in a long time. but i've only had it for a short time.
- go t'wolves!
- i heard that Jesus was born in 4 BC. how is this possible?! doesn't BC stand for "before Christ"? that is so confusing.
- dang we haven't had a holiday since new year's
- "playaz holiday" is a jam (gotta love the bill wither's sample)
- lastly, i'm pretty tired of this layout! note to self: change it

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What's good yo. I'm pretty hungry, since I forgot to eat dinner yesterday. Not sure why, but I didn't get hungry while watching the laker/minny game and the giants game. Then it was like 11 and I realized, hey - I didn't eat yet!? You may say "what about AI? Did you not watch?" Well I recorded it and watched it w/ V-may. And if Fantasia doesn't win, that would be more surprising than Conan lasting longer than Dobson, more surprising than Jazz lasting longer than Latoya, and more surprising than Willy Hung getting a recording contract! I didn't even know that they sang the same song, as Fantasia's rendition was much more vibrant and resounding, conjuring up memories of Ruben's Flying w/o Wings performance from last year. Simon even gave the ultimate compliment, calling her the best performer out of all the Idol competitions. Better than Kelly, better than Ruben, better than Ezra. But watch Diana win, which would be atrocious. Until then - Tacorda...out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Man I still got a snotty nose and mild cough, but that shouldn't deter me from blogging ya heard. I heard that Mrs. Snoop Dogg is filing for divorce. I don't know about yall, but I almost was waiting for this to happen. Mr. Broadus consistently brags about his stable of "hoes," and while it may have been a front, anybody who've seen his Girls Gone Wild video would believe otherwise. Disclaimer: I have never watched it, but only saw the ads for it.

Man I really need to update the layout of this page. Them shoes are old, I'm listening to new music, I wanna change the pictures, and need to add to my album. However I'm still reading the same book -- yes call me molasses, I'm slow. Shoot I forget what's going on in it too.

I always try to beat my boss to work, and never succeed. Until today that is. I've read somewhere (Men's Health?) that you should attempt to beat your boss to work @ least once a week. And he's gonna go to Costa Rica next week, so I can take my time and chill. Whew. Regardless, he's a pretty lax guy (no he doesn't play lacrosse nor flies into los angeles), so its no biggie.

I discovered that Saved by the Bell is shown @ 7am on the People's Station. This honestly gives me incentive to wake up. Today's episode was when Slater's chameleon Artie passed. One of the sadder episodes of SBTB. Now I need to find a show @ 12am and 1230am.

Memorial Day is next week, and I realized that we haven't had a company holiday since New Years. Dang that's a long time. Anything crackin' this upcoming weekend? Seems like a lot of folks are flying out of town.

Reeg's gonna switch from AT&T to Cingular. Reception sucks at my crib, and it seems to be on Cingular's network there. But if I fully switch, will my reception improve? Whatever the case, 7pm nights are really appealing, so the extra $15 a month should be worth it.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

If a fruit best describes yesterday's tv schedule, it would be bananas. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 2.5 heartbreaks for reeg. Yes, I grow attached to characters on the small screen, and I'm sure some of you do to.

Shed a tear for Sac. Another year of agony for this team. That shot was halfway down. But KG won MVP for a reason. Did I ever tell you about the time I met him? It was like in '96, and he was signing autographs at a card show. Here was this teenager full or energy, interacting with his fans like they were his family. But I never expected him to become the playa he is today.

So every Bachelor/rette finale showed the loser going first. Knowing this, i got excited when Jessica first drove up. Jesse was even talking to her like he was about to break her heart. So what does he do? He picks her! While this is happening, Tara is literally yacking somewhere. Boy does she have some intuition though! "But..." she says. I guess she was real upset that Jesse did/said/did "inappropriate" things to her. She looked good at least, while her dress's slit was more like a split. While Jessica looked like something died in her hair.

Yes it was time for Jaz to go. I think a lot of the heat/criticism she's receiving is a lil unfair. But if you're up in a public domain, anything goes. She handled it like a trouper. I don't know - i really don't wanna see Diana be the American Idol. She damn annoying. And you know how people look better as the season progresses? She seemed to be the opposite. At least Snellville sounds like Smallville.

(yet another smooth segue reeg) Alas, its the season finale. While it was pure pandemonian while watching the S1 finale, then questioninig the S2 finale, this finale had all the elements - it should be called the periodic table! (funny or no?) More questions came up and even less answers were given. Where's Clark? Did Lana hop the plane? Is Chloe alive? Will Pete come back? Is Lex gonna recover? Why did Lionel shave his dome? Will Jonathan wake up? Did Martha understand the symbol? What's Reeg gonna do from now until S4? Well at least Lana was had her wavy hair look yesterday =).

Alas, I purchased S2 on DVD last night, which actually has outtakes and bloopers and such.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

If yall are bored like me but have work to do, feel free to copy and paste (notmy answers of course):

Name Four Bad Habits You Have :
1. lagging
2. picking my pimples if I some one
3. letting my laundry compile (related to #1)
4. farting in public

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had :
1. a nicer car
2. a bigger room
3. a six pack (of beer and of abs)
4. more video games

Name Four Scents You Love :
1. new shoes
2. new car
3. some of vmay’s lotions
4. a bakery

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear :
1. throwback jerseys
2. rocawear, sean john, phat farm, etc.
3. reeboks
4. women’s clothing (unless I’m acting of course)

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now :
1. the above answers are temporary – until I think of something better
2. lunch (its .25 to noon)
3. I gotta pee
4. sex (they say its always on the mind right?)

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today :
1. prepared a deposit
2. coordinated vegas plans
3. finalized sis’s grad plans
4. doesn’t this ?tionnaire count?

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought :
1. sex in the city, seasons 1-6 (save $100 from best buy when u buy all 6!)
2. some nikes
3. vietnamese food (I’ve concluded pho is glorified top ramen)
4. plane tickets to LV

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink :
1. water
2. coffee (only on weekdays)
3. thai iced tea (w/ or w/o boba)
4. corona

First Grade Teacher's Name:
sr. anita

Last Words You Said:
"I’ll hit u up later…good luck on yo test…aight playa, peace"

Last Song You Sang:
”These outfits be ridulous!/In the club lookin so conspicious!”

Last Person You Hugged:

Last Thing You Laughed At:
callwave telling me his stripper shenanigans

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It:
last night

Last Time You Cried:
I don’t recall…probably when my lola passed

What's In Your CD Player:
pete rock – soul survivor vol 2; people under the stairs – OST; an alt-pop mix (thanks taft!)

What Color Socks Are You Wearing:
tannish, to match my pants (it’s a perfect match really)

What's Under Your Bed:
a rug, since I sleep only on a boxspring and mattress (better than my ’99-00 answer, which would have been my roommate)

What Time Did You Wake Up Today:
7:15am, caught the last half of saved by the bell, the early episodes

Current Taste:
retro…I wanna pair of camo cargo shorts, and I’m probably gonna get a pair I saw at AE…I guess I’m frontin for a grunge/sk8er boi look? Did I answer the question?

Current Hair:
in transition, but I do need a haircut…i kinda phased out the "part" =) Any suggestions? Besides being bald, since I think they’re more bald filipino dudes than black dudes

Current Clothes:
a DKNY button up, some banana chinos, I ran out of beaters so a white jordan tee underneath, some gap boxers, some wallabees (yes I’m a label whore)

Current Annoyance:
a coworker who says, “you get that new san quinn? Its hella tight! I wanted to burn it from you.” If its so tight, can’t you buy it yourself?

Current Longing:
a new place to dwell

Current Desktop Picture:
a pic of a shoe store that puts their shoes in a fridge…no joke

Current Worry:
what the heazy am I gonna get v-may for her birthday?

Current Hate:
such a strong word, not sure if it applies to anything...well there's always osama, saddam or ja rule, and chloe sometimes

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex:
rack, back, skin and complexion, eyes, hair (not necessarily in that order)

Last CD You Bought:
pete rock – soul survivor II

Favorite Place To Be:
best buy or a golf course

Least Favorite Place:
the gym (but I still go!)

If You Could Play An Instrument:
do turntables count? If not a guitar

Favorite Color:
some shade of red, not light red though, since that would be pink

Do You Believe In An Afterlife:
fa sho

How Tall Are You :
5’7” w/ brown eyes, caramel complexion

Current Favorite Word/Saying:
in a minute…breezy…hot…gully…fresh…moded…one love

Favorite Season:
summer I suppose

One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To:
weird…I had a dream last night meeting up wit a couple old grade school friends…probably them

Favorite Day:
"its friday...u ain't got no job...u ain't got ish to do!"

Where Would You Like To Go:
the outback (not the restuarant, but australia), the east coast, egypt, brazil, japan

What Is Your Career Going To Be Like:
prosperous and fulfilling

How Many Kids Do You Want:
as many as she can spit out

Favorite Car:
a 2000 nissan sentra, with a pseudo dent on the front bumper. In granite grey.

A Random Lyric :
”The flyer attire females desire/baby u could step to this if u admire/the extraordinary dapper rapper/keep tabs on your main squeeze/before I tap her” - 93 til infinity

Identify Some Of The Things Surrounding Your Computer:
a bottle of sparkling h20 (thought it was normal water – yucky)…a cell phone, keys, wallet, 2 phones, an adding machine, speakers, snot tissues (I’m kinda sick), a business card, stampers, and a highlighter

Friday, May 14, 2004

I read US Weekly yesterday, and 2 things literally shocked me. And no, this doesn't involved teenage girls, so keep reading.

1. Ali Landry (the real reason why guys love Doritos) and Albert Clifford Slater are in midst of an annulment after being married for only 2 weeks! They've been dating for 6 years, but AC has been accused of infidelity. Dude, he HAS (or had) a top tenner, possibly top fiver. Zach wouldn't have done that.

2. Heidi Klum is a pretty purty girl, but not really my type. She is fly, and is the #1 stunner on many guys lists. US reports that she dating none other than....SEAL. Yes, that Seal. I'm not one to talk ish, but an actual seal looks more attractive than Seal. This makes the Janet-Jermaine Dupri relationship look like Brad and Jenn.

Okay I think that's it. COuld you tell I'm not busy today?

This is gonna be a late Thursday blog, but considering its Friday, I guess that nullifies it. So much on my palate…and I missed talking about the fantasy-reality world of telemundo, so let’s commence with that.

American Idol – I can honestly say that I’m not surprised by the outcome. While everyone including JT knows Latoya was the best singer there, that doesn’t necessarily equate into winning the show. This contest is moreso a popularity contest as it is a talent competition. Some people are calling it a travesty, a mockery, a travshamockery (yall saw that coming huh?), etc, but in the grand scheme of things Latoya is probably the only one to land a successful music career. Despite getting the Timberland (re: boot), she has AI to thank as her springboard. In other related news, Clay is firing 19 Entertainment and he wore some Dunks during his performance, which means reeg should stop buying them.

Bachelor – Watching that episode made me like Trish a bit. She has gusto to go for hers, and at least she said she didn’t try. I guarantee you though if the cameras weren’t on, Jesse would’ve accepted her proposal, since he knew he wouldn’t choose MJ anyways. Check the archives, I picked Tara from the get go, and I’m rooting for her.

NBA – Probably the greatest reality, unscripted stuff on TV. No editing, no fixing, just some live action. Still can’t get over that Kobe shot, then the Duncan shot, then the Fisher shot. I hope he wears his darn headband the next game.

Smallville – No I didn’t forget about you. Nearing the end of Season III (already?!?), we get potential scares. LL plans on moving to Paris (let’s hope she does Rachel and comes back). Pete plans on moving to Wichita (the burden of Clark’s secret is too great). Lionel is arrested. Lex remembers. Chloe unfortunately is still Chloe. I’m not as amped for the finale as I was at the end of Season I or II, but it does look intriguing. Oh yeah MSB, I guess last week’s episode was only okay, since I don’t even remember the premise of it!


I haven’t been out on a Thursday night since Alex’s Cantina. Well not exactly that far back, but like staind, it seems to have been awhile. So I get an invite from Lady Ecstasy, whom I haven’t seen since my birthday. My 24th birthday. Of course I jump at the situation and proceed towards the Haight and go to Milk.

After driving around for about 30 minutes looking for parking, we decide to eat up the $10 spot and pay for a spot close by. I have such bad parking car-ma. Waiting in line with the hip hop heads wanting to watch DJ Numark of J5 made me antsy. And made me feel overdressed in a button-up and Wallabees.

So after a Ketel-uno and tonic and a LBIT and catching up with Miss Ecstasy, Numark comes on and drops a set. Okay its alright, but so not worth the $15 cover. Suddenly, Charlie 2na comes on and J5 turns into J2! The crowd gets hyped. Okay now it was kinda worth it. I’m content and am getting ready to bounce, since its nearing 1am and it’s a school nite.

But guess who blesses the stage next? Its none other than J-LIVE! I almost climaxed, since he’s been my fav rapper over the last few years. See, even peep the “IN MY WHIP” section on the left. Maybe 90% of the people there probably never heard of him, but I’ve been checking for him ever since he dropped the anthem Braggin’ Writes in 95. This song is in my Top Dime of all time (but too bad I have about 50 songs on my top 10 list). Put it this way – that song was the first mp3 I’ve ever downloaded. I had no idea he was in town, let alone going to perform. And I’ve read about his shows, but yet have never witnessed it myself. Until yesterday that is.

Today we’re going to the Giants game, and if there’s enough gas in the tank, karaoke afterwards! But V-may doesn’t like me singing in public for some strange reason. =/

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happy Hump Day. I wasn't mad or anything yesterday, just had to express a few things. It's not good to let it all build inside you, hence the vent post. I even forgot a few things, but i figured a top dime list will do.

- Popup windows are funny. Sometimes its cool if a hot girl pops up. Then you go whoa. But that lasts for only so long. But what bugs is those popup download windows. Like when it says "always trust content from IWILLJACKUPYOURCOMP Corp." How come it never says "NEVER trust content"?

- Tagalog word of the day: mahal. To love. So my whole Filipino life I've just known this word as love, as in mahal kita! But this weekend I also learned that it also means expensive. Now this totally makes sense. Love is expensive. Expensive is love. I'm glad I recall my reflective property.

- Poor Miss Trias. The judges made her cry. I'm not saying she was the worst one yesteday, so I'll just say she was fourth best.

- Why did I talk about the Bachelor on the phone to my HOMEBOY on a Saturday night? To protect their identity, he shall be remain nameless unless I want to call him out later. Today's episode should be really intrishting. HA!

- underrated: Kate Beckingsdale. And I wasn't even digging her in Serendipity, nor have I seen Van Helsing. She has talent!

- on the radar: Lindsay Lohan. Just ask the RZA. Yesterday I was watching Conan and he was saying "starring in Mean Girls and SNL" and I was like its gonna be her. But it was some other actress. Lohan > Mary Kate, Lohan > Ashley. However, MK + A > Lohan. (I shall not use LL for her, since those initials are revered).

- Anyone remember when the Black Eyed Peas were pseudo-underground? Just add abs of steel to the group and poof! they're mainstream artists. Appearances on Leno (w/ the Friends cast), Letterman (w/ the AI judges), opening up for Xtina and JT, singing the theme of the NBA playoffs...the list goes on for this melting pop group. They get no support though from UG heads. Where is the love?

- Speaking of which, Fergie made People's 50 Most Beautiful list. Let's just say she looks better with hats on.

- I 4got to rap about SV last week. Now I 4got what it was about, but I'm sure it was good.

- This is scary/interesting. Shouldn't this be illegal? Man, anyone with internet access can you look up. Its a trip if you want to pretend to play stalker.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I probably vent as much as a heater in the Mojave Desert during a July afternoon (not much). But sometimes things make me go ______. I'm not sure what word best describes it, so I'll leave it blank. Without further (freddy) ado, I present the unofficial vent post:

1. so i get a notice i'm running outdated AIM, and I proceed to download it. why don't they add more lemonheads? i mean, i really don't need to know everyone's status (idle, not idle, away, bathroom, etc), but it'd be fun to express yourself a bit more.
2. i haven't changed my email in about 4 years, yet why do people who've emailed me in the past still ask for my email. it isn't that difficult to remember.
3. why can't peja hit a damn free throw?! dude make 30 footers on the run with a hand in his face, but he can't make a FT.
4. why does my launch radio station play the dang 10 songs over and over and over again?
4a. why do i still listen to it?
5. how come people who just start collecting kicks be considered a sneakerhead? yes i'm selfish, but i hate how people can't distinguish an air force one from a dunk and consider themselves a head. or worse, if they have 20 pairs and 25 of them are dunks. call me a snob, but dunks (and air force ones) came out in the mid-80s, not 2003.
6. why are there like a plethora of spyware sweepers and ad blockers, yet none of them work efficiently? please join forces and create the ultimate program.
7. why do people at work go to me, instead of other people? this is vague, but coworkers should go through the proper channels, even though I tell them mad times. basically i don't like doing other people's work.
8. why does a dang magazine subscription take 6-8 weeks to start? is it that hard to put an extra mailing label on the current issue?
9. why are petro prices so freakin high? its got to the point when i get excited if it's only $2.099/gallon, since that's considered "cheap." next time i'ma fill my tank halfway, and fill the other half with h20 and dilute the thing. hey, it works with milk!
10. why do credit card companies have due dates on the weekend? they very well know that even if we do make a payment during a saturday, it won't post until monday. thank goodness for the power of reversal.

Thank you for hearing me out. A more jolly post will follow. =)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Happy Cinco de Mayo yall. Let's toast to Corona's, eat churro's and watch a Salma Hayek flick.

I love my fam and all, but this week is intense:

1. may 5th - my bro jon's birthday. he's turning tray-deuce (32) today.
2. may 6th - my bro arvin's birthday. he's turing deuce-double-fo (28) tomorrow.
3. may 7th - a set of cousins arrive from the PI with 10 balikbayan boxes. they're moving to houston and stopping by cali for a couple weeks. that'll be fun! they primarily took care of us while we went to the PI a few months back, so right back at cha.
4. may 9th - my sis kristin's birthday. she's turning deuce-tray (23) on sunday.
5. may 9th - mother's day. and we're planning the mother of all dinners at some chinese restuarant.

I didn't get anyone a present except for kristin, even though she probably doesn't deserve it.

Site update: i was tired of the toe. and if you have a better caption a la the monthly maxim contest, do tell.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Good thing I moved up north. I caught the end of the made for TV flick 10.5. At first I thought it was a movie about my shoe size, but it wasn't. Basically this massive earthquake hit the west coast, wedging out an island of southern cali. It was an amazing spectacle. The CGI rivaled some summer blockbusters I've seen. Mother Nature swallowed a large chunk of anything sitting on her fault lines. The movie ended pretty abruptly, paralleling the shocks of the earthquake I suppose. And I know why Mr. Kent wasn't on SV last week, since he appeared in this film. In real life, native bay areans endured the Loma Prieta quake of '89, and that seemed like a mere tremble compared to destruction shown in 10.5.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Happy May yall. Just one more month til everyone's favorite season. Hope everyone had a splendid weekend and took advantage of the weather, since I didn't.

The worst part of the work work is Monday morning. You gotta check your messages, your email and review all the stuff you didn't want to do on Friday afternoon. Good thing our controller isn't here yet. Anyways, I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, I participated on the Asian Poker Tour, which grouped 36 people in a game of Texas Hold Em. Yes I'm sure you've all watched on ESPN, and yes, it is addicting. So anyways, I've played in a similar tourney before with 30 heads and placed 7th, but this time there were 36 ppl. And guess who won the damn thing? Yup, I won and pocketed 4 Benji's. (*applause*) At 6:30pm, 36 ppl had 50 chips each, and at 6:30am, 1 person had 1800 chips. Woo ha.

I also picked up an XBox this weekend, and not because I won. I've inherited about $100 in Best Buy money, browsed around the store, and didn't see anything else I wanted (that was affordable). And its not a good time of the year to buy a TiVo. I haven't got a system since the OG PSX, so hopefully I'll put this to good use. Luckily I have an EA hookup, but who doesn't?

There's been a possible change in the roommate/living situation too. So like a loose helium balloon, that's up in the air. No worries Michelle, we'll figure something out.