Monday, May 03, 2004

Happy May yall. Just one more month til everyone's favorite season. Hope everyone had a splendid weekend and took advantage of the weather, since I didn't.

The worst part of the work work is Monday morning. You gotta check your messages, your email and review all the stuff you didn't want to do on Friday afternoon. Good thing our controller isn't here yet. Anyways, I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, I participated on the Asian Poker Tour, which grouped 36 people in a game of Texas Hold Em. Yes I'm sure you've all watched on ESPN, and yes, it is addicting. So anyways, I've played in a similar tourney before with 30 heads and placed 7th, but this time there were 36 ppl. And guess who won the damn thing? Yup, I won and pocketed 4 Benji's. (*applause*) At 6:30pm, 36 ppl had 50 chips each, and at 6:30am, 1 person had 1800 chips. Woo ha.

I also picked up an XBox this weekend, and not because I won. I've inherited about $100 in Best Buy money, browsed around the store, and didn't see anything else I wanted (that was affordable). And its not a good time of the year to buy a TiVo. I haven't got a system since the OG PSX, so hopefully I'll put this to good use. Luckily I have an EA hookup, but who doesn't?

There's been a possible change in the roommate/living situation too. So like a loose helium balloon, that's up in the air. No worries Michelle, we'll figure something out.