Thursday, April 29, 2004

I need a drink. It must be thirstday! (*laughter*) Sorry but those Lebron Sprite commercials with the wannabee lil penny are starting to bug me. I think I'm seeing more King James now that his season is over. It seems the NBA playoffs been on for a minute now, but we're still in the 1st round!

So I turned on the tube yesterday, and took in the variety of shows presented to me. Naturally Smallville was first, and it was a solid episode. We learned of Lex and Lionels past, and see why Lionel despises his eldest son. But we're like fresh milk, no spoilers here. Again no Chloe, Pete or Jonathan on this particular episode. Man if they ever show an episode w/o LL I may have to reconsider my support of the program. Only a couple more episodes left in this season. It seems like I'm the only one watching SV regularly!

The AI results show was on last night as well. Finch finally flinched and was dismissed. He took it like a sport though, and provided a decent goodbye song. I was thinking about how much heat he gets, but its not his fault America has voted him this far. Which is equivalent to hating on Bush, since he similarly is an elected official. Go Jasmine! Glad she made riddance of the flower, for she looks much better w/o it. Which is equivalent to Ruben reppin' with a 205 jersey, because it only could come in so many colors. Talent rankings: 1. latoya 2. fantasia 3. jas 4. reeg 5. huf 6. diana. But having talent doesn't necessarily mean winning.

The Bachelor is also a trip. I loved it when Jesse's best friend showed up and explained herself. Last episode I believe Jesse gave her a peck on the lips, even though she's married to his best friend. Anyone else notice that? Everyone's favorite hooch Trisha is still alive, and it was great how Tara was maad blunt with her. My fav was Tara and continues to be her. You can't go wrong w/ a name beginning w/ a T and ending w/ an a.