Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday's Ran-dumb ramblings:

- As an active blogger user, i received an offer to try out Gmail! Do you think they read my post from last week? Because the offer on the table wasn't there last time.
- Do you remember me talking about my reliance on mMode following a GTech tourney game? Well I got my bill, and I paid ~ $25 in overages for 1 DAY. Looks like I got mModed.
- I've also mentioned this before, but the town of Brisbane is funky. I can't even call it a city. Never had I been in a 5 lane intersection.
- "This love has taken its toll. She's said goodbye so many times before." (thanks cici). Marroon 5 is dope. I'm just waiting for their collaboration with Jurassic 5.
- Anyone feel a wave of Filipino Frienster users from the Philippines? I swear Friendster was dormant for a minute, but suddenly its poppin again. It is true that everything takes awhile to get to the PI, not just fashion trends.
- Elisha Cuthbert is dating Trace Ayala. What the heazy? She's a famous Girl Next Door, and he's JT's homey. Does he have any merit? Maybe Elisha's using him to get to JT, since she's flyer than Cameron.
- Anyone know who Megan Fox is? She is aptly named.
- I'm gonna fart the next time I hear a Kanye joint, except for Selfish and Jesus Walks.
- I hate it when people sweat me for their expense checks. You'll get it in time! Understandable if you have like a $5K credit card bill due, but when your $50 cell phone bill credit is pending, don't trip! Like Cyndi Lauper and INOJ, this happens time after time.
- What better to spend a beautiful weekend searching for apartments (sarcasm). Man there's hella out there. I got a headache driving around the city this past weekend. Can't someone just find me a place?
- NBA Playoffs: I just can't get into it until the latter rounds. I love my family and all, but I wish I was a Maloof brother. If you don't know, see a Kings game or stay at the Palms.
- Updated reading if you didn't notice. The book is eerily similar to Da Da Vinci Code, with a similar skeleton and all. So far its been an entertaining read, despite the negative reviews.
- I spent a good chunk of my weekend watching IRON CHEF America. Boy can they create some culinary delights. I strive to be a judge in one of those competitions. One day.