Friday, August 29, 2008

Mad Bored on a Friday Afternoon Before Labor Day

Hmm…what’s going on? Wow I hit 40 posts for the month - that was a personal best. First off I want to welcome The Ugly Stick to the blogosphere! Hope you can keep it up playboy. I already like the layout of your page. Man I know of a few people already transitioning to Wordpress, but I think I’ma Blogger loyalist. However I’ve entertained that thought but I like to centralize my posts. Is Xanga still around?

I just added mad photos to my Facebook page that I stole off other people’s accounts, some dating back to like 2004 lol. I still need to pimp out my FB page since I never got around to doing that for Myspace haha. But for real, before I embark on my next international vacay I'ma splurge on an SLR, hopefully within the next year.

Okay people, I'm bout to run 13.1 miles on Sunday then retire from any type of running going forward! Haha but like all rappers and boxers, I'ma make a comeback.

Okay party people enjoy the Labor Day weekend and get your white pant wearing out of the way since you can't wear them past Monday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Foodie @ Pete's Tavern

Where: Pete's Tavern [duh look at the title]
When: August 21, 2008
Who: Tiff, Rach, Trish, G, Jeff K, Ed, Dennis, Vic, Nick, Ant, Mike, Mark, Reeg
What: Neiman Ranch Burger with Curly Fries, a Mozzarella Stick and an Arnold Palmer
How Much: $20

So last week I was at the Embarcadero from like 11a til like 930p, and during that time I drank, ate, peeped a game, baked in the sun, ran to Aquatic Park and back, and ate again.

Pete's Tavern's signage isn't even that big, so when you see it from the outside its underwhelming, but once you walk in you see a Capacity: 400 sign and realize that this place is pretty big! Its pretty much a sports bar with a lil better quality food than a normal sports bar. Its pretty loud but like I said, its a sports bar and its not like the Masters were on.

I had Everett & Jones BBQ the night prior so I wanted something else, hence the burger. I added bacon, because bacon makes everything better. If they made bacon into pills, I would use that as my medicine and I bet you I'd feel better if I got sick. It was good beef though, but after eating it I wanted a buffalo meat burger haha. The Mozzarella sticks were on point, but they better be considering it was like 6 for $9. I had like 6 refills of an Arnold Palmer because I was mad parched from my earlier run. Plus because the non-alcoholic drinks were bottomless, word to Red Robin.

Damn I’m really hungry now.

Give Me One Moment in Time

One of my mantras right now is tryna live in the moment…not in the past, not really in the future, but live for the moment. I’m not sure if the Olympics inspired that or something lol, but it was probably a combination of quotes, people, different mentalities and influences.

Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today.

Yeah that’s a played out quote but its so apt, so suitable and pertinent to how I’m tryna live. For the moment. Elliot Yamin will Wait for You, but I’m not him. Trey Songz Can’t Help But Wait, but I’m not him either. Jack Johnson is Sitting, Waiting & Wishing, and I’m definitely not like that either haha. I’m more like Hi-Five: I Just Can’t Wait Another Minute!

Back on June 22nd, 2005, Reegsta wrote:

Now its time to upgrade my whip! (After I stop paying rent though. Guys, please listen to E-40: Don't buy a $85,000 car, before you buy a house!)

Lesson learned: Have a goal, then go out to achieve it.

So Everyone Nose I’ve been wanting a new whip for awhile. I have proof on my blog haha. Ever since I was a youngin’, I wanted a black SUV. Back then there was a Black Jeep Grand Cherokee on my block and I thought it was the freshest thing ever. Then I hella wanted a Dodge Durango [keep in mind I can’t even drive yet lol]. Now that I got my mind right though, I was looking at a gauntlet of whips - an MDX, a Ridgeline, a Pathfinder, a Pilot, a LR3, a Touareg – basically any non-American mid-size SUV haha. I was priced out on a few of those but there was really only one car I considered. Deep down inside I really loved the 4Runner even though DK and JL already have them. But I had their blessings and if I got a Pathfinder or something, then they probably would make fun of me behind my back haha.

So Toyota is on their 4th Gen and a new body was supposed to come out for 2009. After doing my diligence [which just comprised of lurking on], a new body wouldn’t be ready until 2010. And per DK, you shouldn’t really get the 1st edition of a new generation or something, so that would be 2011. Per above, I just couldn’t wait anymore.

Sen-Dog right now has 110K miles, broken window wipers, no passenger-side visor, a bumper that might fall off since I installed it myself [from Sentra to Dent-ra, hahaha I was pretty funny back then], and half my console lights actually light up, so you could say I was overdue for a new car haha. I bought him Labor Day 2000 and he definitely served his purpose. He’s still around though for those days I need to park at MacArthur BART or something lol.

For some reason right now they’re having crazy sales, rebates and preferred financing for SUVs. I think it has to do with gas prices? Anyway its not gonna be a daily driver, I just wanted something where I can fit more than one golf set in without having to use my backseat!

So here’s my [technically still the banks, but uknowwhatimsayin’] Black 2008 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition 4x4 V6! What’s funny is that my very first passengers were the people I had to pickup in casual carpool hahaha.

DK I hope I have your approval, didn't really want to swagger jack you and JL but I had to.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chesticles on Facebook

So I'm perusing through my friends profiles, and it seems a few females got boob jobs or something since the last time I've seen them! I mean for real, I would've totally remembered who was stacked while we were undergrads. I can't verify all of them except for one, but yo for real - these girls got skinnier but more top heavy, and I know some of them don't have kids yet. Anyway these are chicks primarily from good ol UC-Santa Barbara, where i know of a chick who got a boob job as a graduation gift lol.

Then there was this other chick who was pretty endowed and we thought it was all natural, but one of my homies verified the siliconness since he used to mess with her for a minute.

Then there was this other pinay chick who was kinda thicky thick that all the brothas used to holler at, you know all 6 that went to UCSB. She was curvy in college but you knew she was gon blow up in a few years. Shoot it was already happening towards senior year!

I'm not even a boob dude so these are just casual observations I have, and I won't put these girls on blast so just let me know if you can help me verify the authenticity of some haha.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its Been A Long Time

So I had a 3 day weekend, and one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to snap some pics of my kicks. Damn that took a long time. So I counted a lil over 180 pairs of kicks in my 750 square foot condo. Honestly I've said this time and time again, but I really want to sell about 50-60 pairs so I'll just have around 120. I mean I'm approaching 30 and wear dress shoes 5 days a week, so I realize I don't need this many. Part of me wants to go down to 100 but I'll probably just build back up lol. About 110 of them I've worn, and another 70 are brand new, which is the bulk of what I'd want to sell. So I'm contemplating on selling them so I can buy the toys I wanted as referenced earlier.

I'm debating whether or not I should keep one of each Jordan. I mean I really only wear I-VI and XI-XIV, so anything out of that range might be on the chopping block. But Reegsta is not a shoe collector as he is a Sneakerhead, so I'm leaning towards letting them go.

I wish I had more Air Max 90s and my Air Force I shot is lacking, but its not for lack of effort! But I think my sneaks are pretty comprehensive in terms of having landmark and timeless shoes. I pretty much have all kicks, retro or original, that have some sort of sentimental value to me.

Peep the bonus shot of Non-Nikes for those who doubt that I actually own another brand lol. Also another bonus shot of my sports kicks is somewhere in there. No dress shoes though are pictured.

Here goes the Niketalk community reaction haha: My Kicks



Another Post About Nothing

The other day I wrote about not having acne anymore, and then I get a pimple. I should've wrote about not getting vag or something, then maybe I would've scored hahaha jp.


I fell asleep at 8p last night, and it was still freaking daylight. For some reason I was mad tired and when I woke up at 3a to go to my bed, I fell straight asleep again. Must've been that chicken adobo I cooked along with my chaise that I always fall asleep on. At least I brushed my teeth though.


Speaking of furniture, I was perusing through the West Elm catalog and discovered that they raised the price on my sectional! I mean other furniture stores and upscale stores like Gucci and LV do that too, so I guess its not that uncommon. But anti-sales do suck.


I had a dentist appointment yesterday right after lunch. You know how people like to brush their pearlys and floss and stuff right before? Why? I'd want hella food morsels in my mouth so I can get my money's worth haha. Its a trip though, the oral hygienist giving me a cleansing had on one of those masks like she was using a blow torch or something. Or maybe that's just for when I come in!


I only have 3 wisdom teeth and need to consult an oral surgeon to see if I need them removed. Note to self: make an appointment!


Toys I want: 1. a whip, 2. a laptop, 3. an SLR. If I get all the above I won't need anyhing else for awhile!


I found out the fantasy sports secret: don't check on your team for awhile! Right now I have a precarious 8 game lead heading into the final month. I really hope I win, since I probably already spent the money I've collected as treasurer lol.


I think I deduced why my phone sucks. It might be the battery! It works perfectly fine when plugged in to a wall unit or my laptop, yet when it doesn't have a constant power stream, it just dies. Henceforth I bought a new battery over the weekend via eBay.


RIP Kevin Duckworth. Man that was the squad - KD, Kersey, Buck, Porter and Drexler starting and Cliff before he was Uncle Cliffy off the bench. Straight formidable.


I have a feeling today will be a good day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Post About Nothing

Dang I wanted to blog every weekday this month, but since I wasn’t at work Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, I wasn’t able to! But for real this is the most I’ve wrote since taking notes in high school. I wish I could go to school now with laptop in stow. I think I would been a hella better student, but probably not since I would be distracted with other stuff on my computer. I mean I got distracted with a TI-82, so imagine if I had an actual laptop! But then again you can’t really doodle, unless you have MS Paint open or something.


I ran a half-marathon this weekend! Granted it was over 2 days [5 on Sat and 8 on Sun, and I rounded up lol] but I hope it'll give me good prep time for my actual and factual one in T+6 days! When I first started here, I had no idea what a T+1 report was. What the heezy did the T stand for? But at least now I know. But anyway, yesterday's run was probably the most I've ever done. But it'll be broken next week, kinda like those world records that are like only WRs for like 4 hours haha. But here is the track that I did, and if anyone needs Photoshop lessons I give them for free!


Brenda's French Soul Food. Go eat there like right now.


On Friday during my day off, I went to Ikea because I wanted some plants. And I hate going there on weekends. Actually I refuse to go there on weekends is more appropriate. If you trip I shouldn't anyway considering my proximity to it. Shoot sometimes I just should have dinner there. Anyway be warned that they charge a nickel for every plastic bag! Imagine if grocery stores started to do that.


I went to the Giants game on Thursday, and no joke I still don't even know who pitched for San Fran. At least we won though, and I feel guilty using "we" in regard to the baseball team.


I walk by the same homeless lady everyday on my way to work, and its kinda sad. I'm not sure if I feel worse because she's a girl or just because she's a recurring person I see on the streets.


With the #1 pick, Reegsta selects LaDanlian Tomlinson! Too bad I can't ever have the numero uno pick in hoops.


Last night we had a bootlegging session with our 3rd iPoddy. Thinking of this was an idea I'm kinda proud about haha, although it seems I don't really get much. Although yesterday I got M.I.A.'s catalog. I think I just might need to jack Michelle's hard drive, so I can get Weezy's music. And I would eat at Loi's Rice Plates [or Rice Container, as it wasn't served on a plate] everyday if I lived nearby.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

District Footwear

I remember having dinner with J in Alameda sometime in 2005 and we rolled by this store that just opened up. She's like "I just met the owner the other day...he seemed pretty cool" and that's it. The store didn't have a Nike account yet and I think was really hoping for an LRG account or something at the time. Anyway Apple did a photoshoot there recently and that dude she met aka her current fiance has a pic on the site! I mean its not as cool as being footnoted on Wikipedia but its something lol. He's the bald dude on the right.

I like that 10 Deep shirt the cat on the left is wearing, and if only those Air Max 90x360s were Infrareds, the shot would've been fresher!

District Footwear
2332 Alameda Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

So go there and buy something, although I still haven't made a purchase there haha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

These Olympics are Special

But not Special Olympics you dig? Riveting and compelling and controversial they are too! But for real, the best parts of watching these games is due to the competition and the chicks, the feminine ones that is.

- Gymnastics: First off Alicia Sacramone aka Sacrament of Matrimony got robbed. That one chick fell and won wtf. Our girl Nasty Nastia got robbed too, and I can’t believe she lost to a 10 year old former sweatshop worker! No for real, these girls need to get carbon dated to see how old they are. I’m not blaming the actual competitors though, its about the officials. The judges are wack – might as well have fan voting! My girl Shawn Johnson aka But I Wear Rocawear probably is my fav – you can’t help but root for her. She just seems so genuinely happy to compete and I’m glad she struck gold with the balance beam. I’ve been watching on-and-off so when she hugged that Chinese coach first I was like kinda random, but it turned out to be her actual coach lol. Its just hard to envision a first-gen Chinese coach in Iowa!

- Track-N-Field: I felt bad for Lolo aka who’s your Filipino Granddaddy Jones after she tripped over that 2nd to last hurdle. It’s a trip you train 4 year for like a 12 second event. She’s pretty fly too, must be her 5’6” with brown eyes caramel complexion [still she’s no Claudia Ortiz!]. Usain Bolt aka of Lightning has mad swagger that I can appreciate it. Dude just effortlessly sets world records on the grandest stage and reminds you if you didn’t see it, and gives new definition when you hear Cool Runnings. Remember the name: Leryn Franco! Thanks to Yahoo!, I got her on my radar. Do yourself a favor and click on the link – she’s definitely a stunner. She might replace Allison Stokke as my favorite pole vaulter in the world. Then again, these are the only 2 I know haha.

- Table Tennis: I was watching UHD then saw Canada vs. Brazil, but it was an Indian dude vs. a Japanese dude. I was shook for a sec, but I was like that’s pretty cool. I like diverse looking countries.

- Hoops: Aight I haven’t seen one minute of action, and that’s kinda disappointing that I watched more women’s marathon than basketball! Go USA though.

- Steeplechase: There are a lot of random sports in the ‘Pics, but I always trip off this event. Why one hurdle into water lol?? Yes its part of T&F and has probably been an event since the days of Odysseus but whatever.

- Swimming: What’s going on here? Haha sike! While I appreciate the greatness Mike Phelps has shown, I’m pretty pessimistic if he’ll transcend the sport. Your homies aren’t just gonna say, hey let’s race in the pool! I’m certain he’ll be a good pitchman, but I doubt the profile of competitive swimming will be raised much.

- Golf: Wait its not a sport yet, but I learned it was one back in ’04. That is 1904. I’m hoping for a 2016 return.

- Speedwalking: I can’t hate because their times are probably better than my running!

I’m proposing though the Non-Athletic Olympics, and you can have darts, billiards, poker, spelling, 10-keying, dominoes, hot dog eating, rock-paper-scissors and whatever else there are world champions in. Ughhh The Philippines would hella represent and since I got ties I would qualify for something! And ESPN8 can air all these events. Speaking of, Dodgeball would be a dope sport here too haha.

Diggy’s 2nd Birthday

Here goes pics from my adorable nephew’s 2nd birthday this past weekend at Coyote Point. I love that lil dude. Seeing him and Isaiah and Luke and CJ makes me want to have kids already lol...pause hold up press rewind! So we’re supposed to be at sites 9 & 10 right? Tell me why there’s only signage for sites 5 & 6 and then 1 & 2? So I’ve been here mad times, yet we circled that whole park like 20 minutes and I had freaking 50 pounds of ice in my car. I actually had to turn around and re-enter so I can talk to the ranger to let me know where to go. Anyway that day was really fun, and I ate like everything there.

I always wanted to do a Tacorda-themed BBQ picnic, like all my siblings and their friends and my friends and family and family friends, then that would be mad [but yet happy] people! Like invite everyone who’s like within a degree of one of us you know? Anyway peep the pics, you probably might recognize some of the people there.


I Work The Angles, Sharp and Precise

Dilated Peoples, so you better build twice! Man I used to love that song back in the day. Norm always used to juggle with it when we were roommates, and that beat still knocks to this day. But this entry isn’t about an Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience song, its about coming back from an eye appointment, hence the dialated pupils I currently have. Therefore this typing is a bit challenging at the moment.

Remember back in the day when they had that chart, it was mad embarrassing for me because the eye doctor would keep raising up to the bigger fonts. I used to cheat and study the chart before while making up pneumonic memory devices for certain lines haha. Yes nerdy I’ll admit. Therefore I really didn’t get specs until sophomore year when I probably could’ve used them in 6th grade. What’s funny is that during our golf banquet, my coach referenced me getting glasses as the key reason why my game improved lol. I was so blind I used to hit into greens when people were still on putting haha.

I think I was destined for bad eyesight though. I started reading the sports page in 1st grade in the car ride to school, and it generally was pretty dark, shaky and small fonted. Then I started to watch a scrambled Spice channel [like you didn’t! at least the audio wasn't obstructed haha] later on combined with hours of video gaming probably didn’t help. Plus not sure if its hereditary, but my dad has pretty bad vision.

Anyway back to today, my eye doctor dialated my eyes then told me to sign my bill, and I couldn’t even see the amount! It was like Stevie Wonder giving an autograph. I wasn’t really tripping because I have FSA-VSP-Flex whatever else to pay for it, but I thought that was funny. Of course she told me the charges and deductions orally, and luckily I’m a human 10-Key so I processed it all. But other people not as diligent [or nerdy] might not be able to.

FYI – I kinda dig chicks when they rock their glasses. But only if the girl is cute already without them. Its not like some specs are gonna turn an average chick into a looker haha.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Site Under Construction

A special shout to my #1 Fan for providing the beautiful panoramic shot of my new background. I especially like it because its almost from the viewpoint of my East Bay proximity. MS Paint is pretty limited so I need to wait to get home to figure out the text. While I’m at it I might as well change the title too. I mean you only get Resurrected once. It’s only one of the 5 Glorious mysteries [man my moms would be hella proud]. Hmm the next one would be the Ascension, but that’s not happening [I had to research that, as I’m not an alpha Catholic despite 12 years of private school]. Maybe I should chill off the religious tip though.

Back in 2003 when I first started this, the title was Reegsta’s Ramblings: Ponderings and Wonderings. Then it became Reeg Speak: Lend me your Ear to Reeg Speak: The Resurrection. I kinda wish I maintained my old formats and still had my old comments, but according to the dude on the right, no looking back! I keep progressing, so maybe it could be Reeg Speak: The Evolution of a Revolution, with the latter word also referring to the shoe that turned me into a shoehead [The Air Revolution when I was in 4th grade.] Or Reeg Speak: What’s That Cha Say [bonus points if you remember that Another Level group]. Hmmm…maybe I could even drop the Speak part, since I’m techinically typing instead of talking! I gotta put on my creative hat to come up with a title.

Or if anyone else has any suggestions I’ll pay you a percentage of this site’s revenue!

Sometimes I Gotta Check my Pants

First it was wanting to get a haircut every 2 weeks rather than 3 weeks, then it was wanting to get a new scent, and now **sexuality alert** I think I want to get a facial haha. For the record, I’ve never got one before. And its not like my cousin Nate who gets a mani-pedi [claims to be on the Jay-Z/Puff Daddy level] every so often or a couple other nameless dudes to get their eyebrows done, but everyday when I get ready in the morning I have some inconsistencies on my face, and I’m like damn homie. Plus facials are more masculine than mani-pedis and waxing right? You can’t really see it straight forward, but once you get that angle going its like omg, I have like a colony on my forehead!

I mean what if one day I’m on a 50” High Definition TV set, which is like a super magnifying glass, and you could see all my crevices and blackheads and stuff. But I do take care of my face, I use Neutrogena for Men face wash, and that ish cost like $10! So I exfoliate [haha, just wanted to use that word]. I use SPF15 moisturizer in the morning, even if the sun doesn’t come out. I use a natural after-shave balm too. And I think I’m past my pimple stage so acne isn’t really a problem.

Plus one of my brothers got a facial the day before their wedding, but he tried to keep it on the under. I’m secure in my ish, so I’m announcing that I do want one. So if anyone knows a fly chick who gives facials then I’ll reciprocate and give her one too! Haha jp, I’m not that dirty. How much are they anyway?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Straight Flush Possibility Summer 2008

Man I’d much rather poke her than play poker. I’m like the David Duval of the San Bruno Poker Tour – I had my one major victory, got fat and uncompetitive and I just get pity invitations. I’m short-stacked, go all in on an open-ended straight draw, hit my nut straight on the turn while Troy gets his 2nd pair, and of course another Q comes out on the river to give him a full house. But I wasn’t even really upset, since I wasn’t feeling it.

Gambling used to fun. Shoot the last time I was in Vegas was one of my fav trips there, and I didn’t gamble even one buck. Honestly now I think I just go for the camaraderie, which isn’t really the case because I don’t even know half the people there even though I’ma OG. Them cats know me though, since I’m that intimidating dude who probably talks the most on his table. I mean I still got competitive juices, maybe I just been on a cold streak lately, like for the past 3 years. Went from contender to pretender gradually although it seemed overnight. I’ll still challenge anyone heads up though haha.

So that was Saturday night. And the Taco Bell afterward compounded the negative feelings. I hate poker but will probably still sign up for the next one!

I Got Wiki'ed

So I wrote this piece a couple months ago, and Ant informs me I made it to the Wikipedia entry of Wingman! Granted its only a footnote, but yall know I got a foot fetish anyway.

How to Be a Good Wingman, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

If you read it be sure to vote for it, but only if you give it a 5 haha. Oh yeah for the record, I wanted to title my piece "How to Be a Fly Wingman" but was overruled by the editor. Guess it wasn't search friendly enough.

I know "thou shall not cockblock" is a pretty universal rule, but people need a refresher once in awhile. It sucks to be cockblocked you know. What's even worse is to get CB'ed by someone who's gay! No for real, it has happened to Reegsta before. It was like a curve/spitter/fastball, I didn't even know what to do. Hmmm I think I should discuss that plan of action in a supplementary piece.

Hawaiian Fruit X Retail Establishment

Pineapple Express

So last night me, G, J, T, and A went to watch this movie in Daly City at 845p, but we forgot to bring our umbrellas can you believe that? It was like sprinkling and I'm wearing shorts since we came from a picnic, and other folks are wearing their North Faces. The flick costs $10.25 too, and that kinda pissed me off because I only had twomps. Good thing G gave me a quarter, since now I'm tryna stack greenback instead of change lol.

It was only appropriate that me, and J and A watched that movie considering the events of a couple days ago haha. Too bad Rol was sick, but he already peeped it. And he already wrote about the aforementioned experience, so he was there in spirit though. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I was on one, but basically the whole premise of the movie was that everything is more enjoyable when lit haha. I was kinda trippin since it was a late showing on a Sunday night, but then I was reminded it might be summer still for some folks. Ahh to have a summer again.

Anyway back to the flick. I didn't really have expectations for it, and honestly I thought the previews looked kinda dumb. But hearing smokers and non-smokers alike give it glaring reviews, and J's desire to watch it, I figured my laundry could wait. It was more action-packed then I thought, so it gets points on the thug scale. It had laughs, action, storyline and character development, but missing the 5th Element [*insert Chris Tucker/Bruce Willis line*] of chicks. If its already rated R might as well show a nipple or something yeah?

4 Blunts out of 5

Friday, August 15, 2008

An Open Letter to God

Dear big fly Guy high up in the sky,

Please give me the courage to conquer my fears and face my challenges head on. Please give my Mama the fast line access into Heaven. Please look over all my dear friends as we all fight our personal battles with life and love. Please help me ensure my game is on point. Please direct the people I truly care for in a positive light. Please watch over my family and friends in their travels. Please forgive me for my sins. Please help me become a better son, sibling, homie and whatever other hat I may wear. Please don’t take offense if I don’t go to church every Sunday. Please help me become the flyest person I can be. Please help me understand why people do what they do which has an effect on me. Please try to guide her in my direction, but only if its supposed to be that way. Please help me maintain my focus on what I need to do for myself. Please let me know that my actions are going to build me up rather than break me down. Please keep on listening to me.

The H8r List

Inspired by my oldest brother, my father and the homie Shozo, I felt the urge to generate my own hater list. This is an ode to those 3, who are the 3 biggest haters I know haha. And I’m thankful that none of them will actually read this actual entry. But yeah, this morning after listening to “Hate That I Love You” by Ri-Ri and MC3, I was like what else do I hate?? It was a struggle to come up with more than 5 so a list of 25 is out of my realm. I’m a lover and not a hater, so this is a bit out of my element. In spirit of Shozo’s Ploomy piece, I’ma deviate from a standard number and use a prime one like he suggest haha

- Bay Bridge closedowns: Why is it that the nights I choose to drive and come back home, there’s always some seismic retrofitting closure going on? So last night I got home around 2a when I should’ve been home like at 130a. Truth be told I’ve endured longer waits, but it kinda sucks when you tryna hold in a deuce. That’s what I get for having In-N-Out hella late.

- Store Issued Credit Cards: So a few months ago I bought some gear from BR. I never even carry this card around, but I guess I gave them my SSN to process the transaction. It was only like $100 worth of crap too. Anyway a couple months pass and I totally forget since the statements go to my folks crib, and I got like $50 in late fees dammit. I take pride in being fiscally responsible but I took the L here. At least they reversed one of the late charges.

- Clothes that Don’t Fit: I can’t wait til clothes just mold into your body like in the days of George, Jane, Judy and El-Roy. If I had the money and desire, I would tailor all my threads. Naw eff that, I would just buy new clothes! I don’t have anything with a size S in my wardrobe, but I’ve actually considered it. But the homie Norm took it to another level, as this dude straight up rocks XS for his polos! Emo has claimed yet another hip-hopper.

- Rocking a Sweater in the Summer: Not exactly similar to rocking mink boots in the summertime like Will.I.Am, but for real sometimes I wish it were a lil warmer. Oh yeah it was actually nice a couple days ago, and my driver had his heater turned up all the way! It was like I was in a mobile sauna.

- Pandora: Okay I like it too, but they’re getting a little to ClearChannelish for me by playing the same songs over and over and over and over again. Granted I love my MC3 station, but they play the same like 15 songs again, and even repeat songs within an hour or so! I just need to get a lil dock for my iPod since I use speakers anyway.

- My T-Mobile Dash: Yeah I still hate it. Scroll down for a bigger synopsis.

- Women: Hahaha jp, I still love chicks. Its just when I declare my hatred towards girls, good things seem to happen afterward. I just get restless when I’m breastless lol. [btw, that line is trademarked by me].

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change is Good, Part II

Remember this picture I posted a couple months back in this post?

So last night I finally decide to count it all [no CoinStar], and after a couple hours of rolling everything up, the total was $576.50 in rolled up change, another ~$20 in unrolled change, and about $5 [translated] in foreign currency, ranging from pesos to pence.

I guessed around $600 so I'm closest so I win! So after 4 years I average about $150 in change. i gotta find a way to get it to the bank.

Quick expense analysis: CS charges 9%, so that would've been a $54 fee. I bought a coin sorter and batteries for $35, which can be used time after time like INOJ. [you probably thought I was gonna say Cyndi Lauper!] So $35 < $54 = Reeg FTW

Remember a penny saved is a penny earned, even if you are a penny pincher.

Hey Mama

So around 4pm Manila time, Mama passed away. Uncle Junior arrived like 12 hours before, so I'm glad her youngest was able to be by her side during her final moments. I'm sad but I'm taking solace in the fact that she's in a better place without pain and she's finally reunited with my Papa after 22 years!

Truthfully I thought she would see the real Century Club, as her moms died when she was 88. Mama was 88 too, so that's a good age if you're into numerology. Below is a picture taken a couple years ago [I couldn't find one with me, so Jon and Dar had to subsitute], so its like her health quickly deteriorated.

She's survived by 4 kids, 17 grand-kids and 16 great-grand-kids. Rest in Paradise!

In other semi-related news, I also found out one of my sister-in-laws is pregnant. Its the circle of life yall.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Foodie Post!

Where: Hard Knox Café
When: August 7, 2008
Who: Julie, Tiff, Rach, Trish, Jeff, Jeff, Ed, Dennis, Vic, Nick, Kevin, Kathy, Reeg
What: Fried Pork Chops with Smashed Potatoes and Mac-N-Cheese, some Cornbread and a Coors Light
How Much: $18

Aight I’ma try to do this consistently with every foodie I have. Actually I’m just trying to inspire Tiff to get Grubadubdub on and poppin’! Plus I wanted a new category to add to mine…can’t throw everything into general you heard. Man been writing about food a lot, I must be hungry.

But yeah, I’ve never heard of this place before. It’s a pretty dope spot if you want some southern comfort food [aka hella fried with rich sides]. The cornbread was on point, and we received 2 each! I’m trying to limit my carb consumption, but I devoured the both of them. I wanted to save one for the main course, but you have to eat it warm. The pork chops were a lil too bready but still good. I think I like my rendition better haha. The potatoes were good but not creamy enough…actually I think I like my potatoes better too!

I would definitely go back and probably get the fried chicken next time. Damn I’m really hungry now.

Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax 11+

Usually it takes me like 5, maybe 10 seconds to decide whether or not I’ma purchase a pair of sneakers. I either love it or hate it or am whatever about them pretty instantaneously. However it’s a matter of time before I actually get them, if I ever do. I’ve had kicks on my grail list for a real long time, like since 2 olympiads ago you know? But now I really don’t trip off shoes too much. Yeah yeah I’ve been saying that for a minute but its really true! I’m about function over fashion now, and my last purchase symbolized that. With about half of Run Club, we ventured down to Road Runner Sports and I had my stroll, gait, stride and run analyzed. It was pretty fresh actually. It took like about 30 minutes to finish, and then a salesperson comes out with all these different kicks. For poops and tickles, I tried on some non-Nike brands like Saucony’s and adidas and New Balances, I just had to ensure there were no cameras around though.

Ultimately I decided on these kicks, and they’re treating my feet really well thus far. They only had primarily colors [red & blue] over there, so I had to go to Eastbay to get a neon pair. I really wish I could’ve nike-ID’ed them, but I’m totally satisfied with them.

Oh yeah and damn that is probably the longest shoe name ever. PS - thanks Rach for the runner's loop! Now its officially official.


Skrilla Skratch Paper

Even if you're not a numbers person, I strongly suggest that you should keep track of your spending habits and fixed expenses. After every pay increase you have, you should reallocate your funds in your budget. See where you can cut down and increase elsewhere, as in building your reserves. Once you take out taxes, freaking 62% of my take home [or net] goes back into the asset section of my balance sheet, which ranges from liquid to illiquid. My goal is to get that number to 75% and live off that 25% haha.

Just remember to pay yourself first even if you have debt. Debt isn't necessarily bad, just debt with a high interest rate is. Granted I could eliminate my debt sooner [except for my school loan], but I ain't really tripping off that.

Here's a snapshot with percentages of my gross, like I would reveal how much I make! But regardless of your income, this practice is beneficial for anyone. And I'll give yall a template if you want.

Also if any finance gurus [even though i supposedly have a Financial Advisor] can recommend any reappropriation of my loot, do tell!


Sorry I Lied

I was on my way to the Apple store yesterday ready to buy a Nano. So I venture out to Union Square a whole 2 blocks away, see peeps in line for an iPhone still, and cruise into the iPod section. Then it dawned upon me – I really don’t need a Nano! Its primary function would just to use when I work out and run, and its not like I ever go more than an hour or so, and even then, that’s only like 15 songs I’d listen to during a session. So having over 130 hours of continuous playback might be a lil OD.

How bout the Nike+ package though? I thought about that for a sec, and I doubt I would ever track my performances. If anything, I could just use a watch haha. Do you think Kenyans use all that technology? Nope, and they seem to be doing pretty well. Shoot sometimes they don’t even use shoes! And then I don’t even have to buy an arm band too, which is good because I dislike getting jacked up tanlines.

So I ended up purchasing a red iPod 2GB Shuffle, which kinda looks magenta-ish. 500 songs is more than enough for a workout session or a love-making session or anything else in-between. Then I randomly filled it up which isn’t such a good idea, since this morning I heard a Blackalicious song followed by a Janet song followed by a Jack Johnson song, so I think now I really have to focus on making playlists.

Or maybe the real reason is I’m kariput and its better to spend $75 on a Shuffle than $250 on a Nano and accessories lol.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Essential Top 25 - The Hip-Hop Edition

So I'm pretty bored at work, so I just scrolled down my iPod and came up with my personal top double dozen plus 1. Understand this was probably the hardest list to pare down, but I still did it in like 10 minutes! Surprisingly there's no Jay, no Big, no Rakim, but had this been another day, maybe they would've made the list.

Plus if I ever have new readers, I don't want them to think that I'm just an R&B thug haha. I bleed hip-hop yall. I'm surprised the Large Professor shows up 3 times on this, tied for most with Nasir.

So without further ado and presented in alphabetical order to quell any potential controversy are Reeg's top 25 Hip-Hop Songs [currently on his iPod]. I think real heads will agree for the most part.

2Pac - Staring Through my Rearview
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down
Camp Lo - Luchini
Common - I Used to Love H.E.R.
De La Soul feat Native Tongues - Buddy [Remix]
Del the Funkee Homosapien - Catch a Bad One
EPMD - Crossover
INI - To Each His Own
Kanye West - Never Let me Down
Kool G Rap feat Nas - Fast Life
Luniz feat et al - I Got 5 On it [Bay Ballaz Remix]
Main Source - Fakin the Funk
Marley Marl feat Juice Crew - The Symphony
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. II
Nas - The World is Yours
Nas - Memory Lane
Nice N Smooth - Hip-Hop Junkies
NWA - Express Yourself
Organized Konfusion - Stress [Extra P Remix]
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
Run-DMC feat Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Down with the King
Souls of Mischief - 93 til Infinity
The Pharcyde - Runnin'
Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Your Neck

Running Isn't Cheap

For real, for a sport that doesn't require any other equipment, running is pretty pricey! Just these past couple of months, I spent a benji on signing up for the Disney Half Marathon, and that doesn't even come with park admission dammit.

I bought some new kicks that have a shelf life of 500 miles, and luckily I got them through FlairFox so I got them for 20% off another benji. [Hope you like the plug Ant haha.]

My 5th gen iPod is way to bulky to run in, so I'm about to get an iPod Nano, and that will run me around $200. I need an armband since I'm not gonna hold the thing, and that's like $30 bones too. I might skip out on the NikePlus+ set, so at least I can save half a benji on that.

Then I need to get my threads for the actual run, and that's gon cost another $75 or so. I just need to find some shorts that don't reveal too much man thigh and maybe some compression shorts. And I want a sleeveless top that makes me look buffer than I already am. Or if all else fails I'll just rock a wifebeater and basketball shorts.

Then I need to accessorize. I sweat profusely after 0.1 miles, so I'm either gonna rock a headband or wristband, and either a manny pack [a Man's fanny pack] or a utility belt for my water. Naw I think I'll pass on those as well.

I should just stick with golf.

The Crack List

Lately I've been addicted to this crap. I try to limit my processed foods but sometimes my willpower isn't strong enough. Call me a fiend.

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips - They taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch potatoes chips, with half the fat! Thanks Louise for the recommendation.

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie - I'm about to buy a case of these and eat them before every run I have.

Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted - My default cereal. I've tried the other HBO flavors, but this gets the gold, and not because of its color!

Ocean Spray White Cranberry Juice - My beverages generally don't have any carbs, but I have two of these in my refrigerator right now. [okay they had a 2-for-1 sale you got me!]

Dandy's Shrimp Chips - I prefer these over the twisted variety. Shoot I even like the spicy ones.

Foster Farms Honey Dipped Corn Dogs - I like them when I buy 16 at a time from the grocery store, but not when I have 60 from Costco.

Propel Fitness Water Peach Flavor - I used to be all about Vitamin Water, but after analyzing their nutrition facts Propel took over. And its cheaper too!

Haribo Gummy Bears - Does the packaging always say Gold Bears? Hmmm gotta check that out when I replenish.

Coke Zero - This has been a staple in my fridge pretty much since it was introduced. It bumped off Diet Dr. Pepper and I wish more franchises besides Subway would carry it.

It's It Ice Cream - I don't usually crave for anything except for this, which is about once every few months.

Damn for some reason I just had lunch but I'm still hungry.


Is there anyway I could check if my pheromone game is on point? I wonder if there are certain scents or foods that could complement my natural aroma, which can then heighten my pheromone level. Is the opposite of pheromones just BO? I wonder if that word derived from “Pharoah”, since that would only make sense because Kings would get all the play they want. Taking it further, a pharoah moan could = pheromone. Haha yeah that was dumb, I should hit backspace but I’m not.

On the real though I’m thinking of upgrading my deodorant steez. You know, something that you can’t get at Target. Back in the day I had a Polo Sport gift set [but then again, who didn’t?] and I used that stick. But then I didn’t want to spend $15 to replace it. So if any of you ladies or metros can suggest a scent, I’m all ears! Not like I’m funky of anything, but we all can step our game up a little at a time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Slow Down

No Brand Nubian, but here goes Bobby Valentino's version. And you could replace Melrose with Market Street haha jp! But yeah this is my non-Ne-Yo song of the moment.

Slow down
I just wanna get to know you
But don't turn around
Cuz that pretty round thing looks good to me
Slow down
never seen anything so lovely
Now turn around
And bless me with your beauty, cutie


This is What We Do, Everyday all Day

This wknd was pretty chill but fun. Thanks Michelle and Anup for letting me crash on Friday, and thanks Alan for giving up your bed for me on Saturday haha. Funny I used to sleep in the city on weekdays and in [Re]E[g]-Ville on wknds, but now its flipped up. A big negative though was eating around 2am both nights, of course that’s not even healthy fare. All good though since I ran the following morning and played a whole football game on Sunday.

- Chug Pub is a great name for a bar
- I should hang out with Michelle more frequently than when I need a pep talk haha
- Unrestricted Free Agents have the most options I have to keep in mind
- Lyon Street steps are no joke, but through the Marina and back is really no joke. Great run though, it was one of the best ones RC has had methinks
- The opening ceremonies was one of the coolest visual spectacles I’ve ever seen, and I only saw like 20 minutes of it! That LED tapestry and those Marble Up blocks were mad fresh. As Dennis and Tiff like to remind me, there’s some Chinese in all of us!
- Thanks Ryan for the San Tung on Saturday
- I don’t know why I go on shoe runs anymore, I never find anything. All good I guess I’m about function over fashion nowadays
- I realized why my phone was being hella juiced fsat. I had on the Blueteeth setting this whole time. But it still sucks
- Truth be told, I don’t really like going to North Beach. But this time I found parking mad quick, wore sneakers and didn’t pay a cover, so it was all good for me this time around
- Off to Milk, and it was crackin’ for real. U gotta love it when you hear Troop, New Edition and other music you first heard on vinyl [our Fam skipped the tape era and straight went from records to CDs]
- Chick at JITB only charged me $4 something for a Sourdough Jack combo right. I was like “but it says $5.79 on the menu,” and I even upgraded to curly fries! Then she persisted it was only $4.xx, so then I was like whatever. But I really did try to pay the normal price.
- Ocean Beach at 3 in the morning is mad cold, even with my super hoody on
- FYI don’t go to a bonfire with jeans on that you plan to wear the next day. If you do though, a sheet of bounce and 15 minutes in the dryer eliminates the smell
- Church at Saint Gabriels = 45 minutes = FTW!
- Mad beautiful weather in the Marina, not so much in the Sunset though haha
- We lost to a team that was 0-5. And I got a crazy flag burn [not to be confused with a burning flag] on my arm. Its pretty funny that about half our team didn’t even play with cleats
- Thanks for the good lucks people, but it wasn’t even necessary haha
- So I met up with a friend to watch Point Break Live at Fat City, and this theatrical adaption was pretty funny, even if you haven’t seen the movie haha. Just beware of where you sit! So thanks for the invite =)
- Once I got home I was knocked the eff out, word to Smokey
- I think my internal clock is on point, since I woke up when I had to without setting the alarm

Friday, August 08, 2008


Gotta love the symmetry. Have a fun weekend and wish me luck! Those who know know what I mean hahaha.

Hawaii 5.0

I should be in Maui right now, but its all good. Stuff happens for a reason. So congrats to my pinsan Ana and welcome to the fam Jeff Lyles! They're getting married today, and at least some of my fam was able to make it out. Here are pics from the gala I attended last week, which was pretty much a pre-party:

This was like the first time all my siblings been together in like 4 years, but we still weren't complete since my folks were in the PI.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man Crush #5

I kinda cheated and added a fictional character there, so let me replace him. And I can't promise I won't stop referencing my MC's going forward.

MC5 = Manny Pacquiao! Actually I kinda forgot him when I compiled my original list. Well boxers only fight a couple times a year so you can’t really blame me. But dude’s built like me, except I’m a lil [okay a lot] fatter and he’s a lot stronger and quicker. Same height [I might be a lil taller], same age [I’m a lil younger], and I probably have bigger feet lol. But dude is a walking living breathing legend. I can’t front, the most boxing I’ve ever watched was on my old Nintendo playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out [and I was the first Tacorda to beat him you dig], but dude made it hella interesting for me. You notice it when you watch him fight in a room full of Filipinos, word to the Ajoste residence, and you can see how proud we are of dude. Yeah he has his dalliances in politics and singing and whatever, so he’s just like us!

But for real, I admire dude a lot. There hasn’t been many Filipino dudes outside of my fam that can be considered role models or inspirations, and I’m glad he’s touched us in that way. If only he got a new haircut though, it would be game over. And I somehow someway want a pair of autographed gloves by him one day.

Pound for pound the greatest fighter alive! Good thing he weighs only like a buck 30.

Vid Du Jour – Check him out with the Boston Celtics, and watch out for Sam Cassell lol.


Not the Bright Day

The Dark Knight

Aight so I’m over a week late with this review. Thanks to Rol, Mark, Nick and Rach for coming out and watching it with me. If you local cats haven’t been to the Kabuki in a minute, it straight transformed to this awesome movie going experience. Kinda like an ordinary girl in high school blossoming into this dime like in her 30s, like whoa where did that come from? I’m frugal, not cheap, so I don’t like spending $6 for a soda right. But freakin’ BEERS cost like $5 here. Wait I’m starting to think I wrote about this [*checks older posts*]…oh schnapps no wonder this sounds familiar…let me just talk about the movie.

- Probably the illest Bat mode of transportation ever
- I can think of 50 other actresses other than Maggie G to play Rachel Dawes
- It wasn’t just Ant and Mark and myself who thought his voice was on one!
- A little long, but didn’t seem too long since it was fast paced and such
- General Ledger was a grimey a villian as any comic book character I’ve seen. Wanna see this pencil disappear??
- I can’t front, if I was like 7 watching this, I would be kinda shook
- Didn’t like how he was always referred to as “The Batman,” like he’s some freeway in So Cal [“take the 101” they say, whereas we just say “take 101”]
- Crazy makeup job on Two-Face…he was looking like half of the T-1000
- I hope this shatters Titanic’s record, but I hate how they never factor inflation when discussing the highest grossing movies of all time. Same thing bothers me when they discuss career earnings for golfers, like of course Vijay Singh has more career earnings than Jack Nicklaus, but it doesn’t mean he’s a greater golfer! Its not hard to adjust figures based on the time value of money.
- Commissioner Gordon doesn’t look gangsta, but homie is for real
- I’m not sure I like this more than Batman Begins. While I did enjoy it, I think I just appreciated the character development in the first one. I mean we never knew how he straight up obtained ninja status
- Why are all superheroes rich playboys? Tony Stark too comes to mind.
- I wish I had an Alfred haha
- Can't wait to see how they outdo this one! Hopefully it won't go downhill like the first installment

T-Mobile Dash Unappreciation = FTL

Once upon a time, like circa Dec 2006, I wanted to get my grown man on, but didn’t want to get a BlackBerry. I’ve been seeing dudes at the mall with their SK3’s hanging from their neck and I’m like damn, time to move on gotta be strong. The Dash caught my eye with its sleekness, its compactness, its PDA features, its Windows mobile apps, its complement-ness with my iPod, and I was able to get it for a good price. Wait – let me take that back, since it was a gift, so it definitely was a good price! Anyway I wanted to make sure I can chat capabilities on it, since that’s what I primarily used it for…well to talk too of course. Nothing better than spitting e-game on the toilet you feel?

That Christmas I asked Kris Kringle for a memory card for my phone, and got one…but I still haven’t installed it! That should’ve been sign #1. The following March, it dropped out of my car unknowingly while I was getting gas. I came back and found it there [thanks Saint Anthony, patron of lost stuff], but the screen was all cracked. That should’ve been sign #2. I ended up getting a new one, selling my cracked out one, and extending my contract. Worst. Move. Ever. Now I be chopping it up, and my phone just cuts out. I charge it overnight, and I have like one bar of life in when its still the AM. Having a broke phone can be the ultimate game killer. Hmmm…either get a new phone with T-Mobile or wait til my contract runs out, then transition to the ubitiquious iPhone…decisions decisions.

I miss my SK2.

Damn I have mad PS skillz.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Can We Chill

You know when you have a favorite artist, you always sway between your most fav song from them? Regarding MC3, aka Ne-Yo, I’ve been really feeling “Go On Girl” for a minute, but super lately its been “Can We Chill”. I honestly feel it just depends on your mood at the time you feel. Like whatever your current mindset is will make you gravitate towards a particular song’s vibe. Not what I said is anything earth-shattering [that phrase is much stronger than ground-breaking], but all good. For real, I know I toss the word anthem around a lot, but currently its “Can We Chill.” It’s like talking to me haha *wink*

Oh yeah, so his newest album got pushed back 2wice and doesn’t come out til mid-September. I heard a couple other tracks besides “Closer”, and I’ll guarantee “Together” will be a hit single. It was love upon first listen, even with all the DJ shout outs dammit why can’t I ever get a clean copy of a song??

Baby don't you be so mean
I try to keep my conversation clean
But you the flyest thing i seen
Since i came up in here, you a superstar my dear
I dont wanna waste your time
With no corny playa lines
But girl if you dont mind
I will love to occupy the space right by your side

Girl can we chill
Talk about leavin together sure we will
But just for now don't let my champagne spill on you
As you make your move to the floor, floor, floor, floor


My Best Friend's Wedding

Well at least one of them. Here are some more pictures from a couple weeks ago. I felt like Alladin rocking that vest!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Man Crush From Back in the Day

Just got Musiq Soulchild tickets! Before there was Ne-Yo, there was Musiq Soulchild. "Just Friends" was my anthem for all of senior year of college, because she didn't even have to be my girlfriend. "Halfcrazy" was my joint after college, since I didn't think we'd be more than just friends. "Forthenight" was my anthem for 2003, since I wanted to pretend for one night that I was the man in her life. "Betterman" was on constant repeat last year, since that is what she made me.

Who's Ledisi though?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Double Dutch

Oh yeah other blurbs about the weekend, which actually started on Thursday in my case haha. So Tiffany and Louise, 2 of the 3 flyest Chinese chicks I know [although per one individual, they are not really Chinese, nor really chicks haha] and Jeff attempted to go to this mixer event thingy in North Beach. [Wait...who’s the third? Or second? Or first flyest? hmmmmm] It was 21 and over, so we figured it would be cool. But for real, some events should have an age cap also. Since I didn’t even go in, but they affirmed that the median age was like 48, like it was some AARP convention or something. Since we had the whole night ahead of us, what else is there to do than eat a Japanese buffet? Although I had a goal of shattering Kram’s record, I fell short like Todd Shaw. And I’m still waiting for my grilled saba dammit. But anyway, the dinner had great conversation and hearty laughter, which are two of my fav things. Plus it was awesome to get all three of their perspectives on various subject matters. Good food too, but next time I need more than 15 minutes to mentally prepare myself for a buffet you feel?

Afterwards we just bar hopped. Actually if you just go to one place, is it still called bar-hopping? **quizzical look**. So after a round of mojitos at this one spot called Mojito [surprise!], we just called it a night haha. Man I feel old.

Hooky Player

Everyone should play hooky [sp?] every now and then, especially if your sick days don’t roll over. My manager actually said “good for you for taking a day off” when I called in sick on Friday haha. That was pretty cool, even though she's leaving this week, so maybe she didn't really care. My old manager sends me a Facebook message saying “sick on Friday again?” haha. I guess he caught wind – last time I update my status about that. But yeah, we all need to hit the reset button on our internal Nintendo’s every so often. Plus golf is waaaay cheaper on a weekday than a weekend! But during Sunday Morning [word to Maroon V] it’s not such a deal for real. My scorecard for the weekend read 87-86-MC. Oh well at least I got to break in my new sticks.