Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change is Good, Part II

Remember this picture I posted a couple months back in this post?

So last night I finally decide to count it all [no CoinStar], and after a couple hours of rolling everything up, the total was $576.50 in rolled up change, another ~$20 in unrolled change, and about $5 [translated] in foreign currency, ranging from pesos to pence.

I guessed around $600 so I'm closest so I win! So after 4 years I average about $150 in change. i gotta find a way to get it to the bank.

Quick expense analysis: CS charges 9%, so that would've been a $54 fee. I bought a coin sorter and batteries for $35, which can be used time after time like INOJ. [you probably thought I was gonna say Cyndi Lauper!] So $35 < $54 = Reeg FTW

Remember a penny saved is a penny earned, even if you are a penny pincher.