Friday, January 30, 2004

Off I go (well in about 10 hours). Of course I'm not done packing and I'm still at work, and i had a bag of cookies for lunch. Anyways, hope you guys won't miss me too much these next couple weeks. Hopefully I'll check in and give an update if feasible. Ok yall, wish me a happy trip. And Happy Valentine's day to all!


Thursday, January 29, 2004

I don't know how I got so fixated on entertainment news. Must be when I lived in so cal, so I guess I still got some hollywood in me. Things of note:

- Meet the Parents II is gonna be called Meet the Faukers. I'm in line already.
- Beyonce/Pink/Britney are gonna do a Gladiator Pepsi commercial. Supposedly Beyonce and Brit got into a battle! That would be an ill cat fight - on Chloe and Lana proportions.
- Kanye West is blowing up. He was the producer of my favorite jam of 2K3 ("get by" by talib kweli). Didn't think it would happen behind a mic though.
- The AmId tryouts have got to be the funniest thing on TV now. Each time I hear Simon, I start to like him more. That cat speaks the truth. These Asian cats are making me look bad though haha.
- Anyone catch KK on Conan last week? I missed that particular night, but luckily, they replayed it on comedy central. She seemed kinda nervous (or that may have been me). Anyways, highlights include her saying she would write letters to herself (Dear Kristin.....Love, Kristin), and Conan admitting he watches it and saying he's not the demographic they're shooting for.
- Newlyweds! Yesterday was a good episode. It looks like Jessica is maaad busy and Nick always has free time on his hands. The line of the night went to Nick for once ("they wanted to interview me over lunch, and they made me pay for it!)
- Speaking of which, Jessica is gonna star in a movie called Walk On, chronicling a baseball player's career. She's the GF/wifey.

I get a sense of relief when my boss is sick and isn't coming in. Breathe easy. Since that's the case, I get to update my blog earlier! Plus I was anxious to write about this one. Without further ado-do...

LV recap...

- I would be eternally scarred if I were Chloe
- That cat fight between Chloe and Lana is one of the greatest SV scenes of all time
- Lana wears Nikes! Anyone notice it?
- WTF was Adam doing in the girls locker room? Or maybe he was following the battle? And when do they allow non-students on campus?
- The Kents must have a bottomless supply of red pickups
- In this day and age, don't you think Chloe should have her own own personal computer?
- The late-night "support" girl was pretty, but moreso when she put her specks on
- $5 says we'll never see Lana's Handspring again, even though its a pretty cool gizmo
- Adam missed his freakin bus, it hurt to see him walk back towards LL. And what's w/ Lana letting him move upstairs so quickly? Errrrr.
- How does Adam learn judo from library books? And even if you do learn computer stuff from books, you would still need a computer to apply those skillz. He's fishy fa sure.
- The meeting of Clark and Adam was pretty funny, in a non-laughing way. Clark > Adam
- How Chloe's boss croaked was pretty ill, probably the most gruesome death in SV history
- Will Lex get those 7 weeks back? Interest plot buildup towards the finale
- You think Chloe noticed Mr. Kent beating Clark w/ a meteor rock? And how Clark tossed a bushel of hay 50 feet?
- How come we always see the kids at school, but never in class?

Sorry these events aren't in chronological order, its just how they pop into my head. See you soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm still tripping off those ads, but for a different reason. Why is it doubled up? The location is so central too. Oh well, I'll try to fix it later. Made a minor update of my recent kicks - told you I got a few! I know, I only have 2 feet...hence the hiatus for awhile. Now I have to make a major decision - which ones to bring to the PI. So far I got flip flops, wedding shoes, clubbin shoes, golf shoes, and probably like 2-3 sneaks. Hmmmm, oh the everyday challenges we face. Speaking of which, I got to do mad stuff b4 I bounce:

- pay rent and bills
- find my sunglasses (darn i lose shades often)
- pack!
- do laundry (i love it when i go there, all my clothes are already ironed when i wake up!)
- go to the post office (i sold like 5 pairs of kicks - it was hard to let go)
- delegate ish here @ work
- clean my room (so i can come home to a happy place)
- take down pasalubong (so far lava rocks, chestnuts and a male-order bride) anybody want anything else?
- buy my travel toiletries

I was in my mom's kitchen the other day, looking at all these sauce bottles. And it seems like Filipinos don't like using sauce for their intended purposes. For example:

- Juffran banana sauce: Have you ever used this on bananas? No...but its a ketchup substitute!
- Patis fish sauce: Sorry, I like my fish soy sauced and citrused. But its pretty good for tomatoes (or eggs if your callwave, re: 98-99 Madrid).
- Sarsa all-purpose sauce: Since we only use this for lechon, its not very all-purposeful.

(side note: my bro said that is "blog-worthy" - i guess it is!)

Perusing further into my kitchen I found a can of adobo-flavored tuna. That's why my dad shouldn't go grocery shopping.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Whoa I was tripping when I saw the ad on top of my page. I capped it if it changes:

So it mentions renting Smallville DVDs as well as a link to hip-hop lyrics? Man that is pretty scary because that pretty much shows my profile on what I like. Makes you think what else they know about you huh? I visited other blogger sites to see if its the same, but its different.

Monday, January 26, 2004

I’ma try and blog as much as possible before I leave. For those that don’t know, I will be going to the motherland this Friiiday for a wedding (not mine, mind you). I’ll be going with 1 girlfriend, 2 aunts, one uncle, 2 cousins, 1 brother, and 1 sister-in-law. Leaving the 30th and coming back on Valentine’s – but V-may is gonna stay the whole month. So let me know if anyone wants anything! I felt compelled to blog after seeing old bloggees resurface. Good job fellas! I hope everyone had a bomb weekend (except if you’re in the middle east, then that wouldn’t be good).

Friday: Was gonna go to a housewarming, but got tired. Ended up sleeping in. Whooo. Oh yeah, went to Circuit City and bought Zoolander (whooooo!) and Jerry McGuire, which narrowly beat Tommy Boy for my purchase.
Saturday: Lost $20 in the seasonal hold em tourney, finish 8th out of 29 heads. Must improve game play. Could’ve seen some old SB peeps (including an MC!) but ended too late =(
Sunday: Installed new windshield wipers! Gangsta. Now I can see out my windows in the morn. Didn’t go to Church though. Went DT and talked V-may out of buying something from the louis vuitton store. Who needs a $2K piece of white luggage that I can barely fit 3 pairs of shoes in??

So this new years brings new couples….let’s see there chances of pulling an Al Green (stayin together):
- Bennifer: oooops, should’ve never left Cris Judd (he’s half Filipino u know)
- Colin Farrell/Angelina Jolie: Angelina is real pretty. And they both have kids and are pretty similar in personality and wildness, although AJ toned it down a bit. I give it til xmas 04.
- Paris Hilton/Nick Carter: This is an interesting one. Nick is getting (very) sloppy seconds and he’s buds with Tommy Lee (re: Punk’d episode). I still don’t get how Paris is famous. 3 months tops.
- Jessica Alba/Marky Mark: Now this isn’t fair. I used to like the original Eminem too. I felt those good vibrations. What’s Jessica doing??? Man this is a tough one to swallow. I give it 1 week or however long it takes her to meet me! HA

Goal to complete before I leave: update my template! If you think those are the last kicks I got, you are mistaken. But I’m take a hiatus for awhile. And I finally got The Da Vinci Code, I’ma start reading it on PAL. I got new muzik too! And lastly I'm tired of my feet, even though they are pretty sexy I must admit.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Man, I gotta stop turning this into a SV forum. I shall post about more stuff like I used to. Anyways, at least LV keeps me active out here. Plus I'm mad busy at work, so I guess I shouldn't limit my posting to work hours. So for now, here is another recap:

- So whatever happened to that father/son trucking people?
- You would think if something weird happened to Clark (ie losing his vision), he would be inspected by a doc or something.
- Is his superhearing permanent?
- How come Smallville High has a bunch of crazy students? I'd be more scared going there than those inner city schools! (but if LL was in my class that would make up for it)
- Speakin of which, Clark got dissed for the 2nd week in a row. She didn't have to abruptly pull back! That even hurt me (you know, since I live fictionally vicariously through Clark)
- Chloe has balls to go up to Lionel like that (whoa just realized there's 3 LLs in this show...but not one Cool J - ha!)
- So right after that happened we knew her daddy would lose his jobby and her column. If you play with fire you're gonna get burned.
- Does Clark have any other male friends? But I'd be cool if I had Pete as a right hand man. He's good people.
- I've never seen Mrs. Kent so angry before.
- Notice how all the black people in Smallville were in this episode, especially when Pete was telling his escape story.
- $5 says Clark will get Chloe's daddy's job back.
- That last scene was touching. I think Lana is still torn between Adam and Clark, hence the crying. Or was she crying because she hurt him? So are they on better terms how than when she was injured? Where does that put their relationship?
- It was a pretty okay episode, like a 7. But next week looks bananas! Lana turns into the ill lana and goes postal. whoa.

After I let that soak in for a bit. I was almost as excited for the season primo of Newlyweds. Haha I missed that show when it was off-air. Anyways, I still enjoy watching Nick and Jess interact, I find it hilarious. Highlights include Jess's old people phobia (is that considered ageism?); her revelation that objects move faster when on wheels (hehehe); and her dentures and veneers compound word (ventures). Nick is a pretty romantic guy. Or maybe just because he's on camera.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lanaville Recap:

Haven’t done one in awhile, but hey, no episodes have aired since then. Saw the preview on Monday, and was amped about it. I thought it was gonna be shown last week, adding to the tension. I swear it was like preparing for the season premier again. Anyways:

- Crazy opening scene, almost NY Undercover-like. So that’s where Clark puts away all those freaks.
- I really dislike JTT (not to be confused w/ JT), even since the days of Home Improvement
- It was like a Smallville reunion….crazy.
- So did the sniper guy just die and no one questioned it?
- Electro-shock therapy only clears short-term memory? How exactly does that work?
- Lana Lana Lana. Stay away from that guy. But they do share those similarities (injuries, parental deaths). “I wanna be your friend” my arse.
- Lana has nice feet, but she looks waaaay better w/ her hair down than tied back (as do 75% of girls). But hey, she’s in rehab, she can’t always look like she did in Nicodemus.
- Pete got a lot of airtime. And did Chloe overhear their conversation?
- Clark goes to Lana’s Welcome Back party. They make eye contact. And she walks away!! Ouch. Is that a ‘thank you’ for a guy saving your life many times over? Clark > that dude
- I thought surveillance cameras are only video, and no audio. Lionel must be kicking himself.
- All in all a great episode. Drama, action, foreshadowing, Lana, tension...see you next week.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Okay here's an addendum to my latest post, courtesy of michelle. I had 2nd thoughts of posting these, but that was before I saw them. I hope I don't look high or drunk if any of them =). I can assure you, high I wasn't.

New Year 2K4

Feel free to captionize them and send some suggestions. However, a picture does tell a thousand words - word.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

OK here's to my first post of the new year. Sorry it's kinda late, but I'm still feeling the affects of new year's eve. I had to go to the doctor yesterday. For real. Anyways, let us back track. So for Ant’s b-day/new year bash, which took about 2 years of planning no joke, we took BART because we all know that I wasn’t planning on driving. Basically, my blog would be longer, but I don’t remember what happened. I last remember taking a shot, then waking up the next afternoon with a massive hangover. Ironic because that day I see a commercial for hangovers for a product called Chaser. Keep in mind that I’ve never seen this commercial before, but now I might have to try it!

So I got a headache and a stomach ache. But the following morning I have a backache. Usually my back pains go away within a day or a few hours. This one is lingering to this moment. I feel kinda crooked, so I peep a mirror. I’m sideways! I’m bent. Doc says I should straighten out but damn, this is kinda scary. I feel like a sidewalk tree with those wooden stakes to keep me upright. Anyone know a local chiropractor? I may have scoliosis.

Back to the party. Thanks Jefe, Snup and John for carrying me 4 blocks to the BART station. Thanks Michelle for providing the paparazzi. Thanks Michelle and Tiff for tryna calm V-may down. Thanks BART people for giving me h20 and paper towels. Thanks V-may for changing me and hating me and taking care of me simultaneously. Thanks Sylv for not liking your drink, backwashing it, and not stopping me from drinking it. Thanks tarot lady for saying I’m a good lover. Thanks artist man for painting us. Thanks for anyone who bought me a drank. Thanks Ant for throwing it!