Monday, January 26, 2004

I’ma try and blog as much as possible before I leave. For those that don’t know, I will be going to the motherland this Friiiday for a wedding (not mine, mind you). I’ll be going with 1 girlfriend, 2 aunts, one uncle, 2 cousins, 1 brother, and 1 sister-in-law. Leaving the 30th and coming back on Valentine’s – but V-may is gonna stay the whole month. So let me know if anyone wants anything! I felt compelled to blog after seeing old bloggees resurface. Good job fellas! I hope everyone had a bomb weekend (except if you’re in the middle east, then that wouldn’t be good).

Friday: Was gonna go to a housewarming, but got tired. Ended up sleeping in. Whooo. Oh yeah, went to Circuit City and bought Zoolander (whooooo!) and Jerry McGuire, which narrowly beat Tommy Boy for my purchase.
Saturday: Lost $20 in the seasonal hold em tourney, finish 8th out of 29 heads. Must improve game play. Could’ve seen some old SB peeps (including an MC!) but ended too late =(
Sunday: Installed new windshield wipers! Gangsta. Now I can see out my windows in the morn. Didn’t go to Church though. Went DT and talked V-may out of buying something from the louis vuitton store. Who needs a $2K piece of white luggage that I can barely fit 3 pairs of shoes in??

So this new years brings new couples….let’s see there chances of pulling an Al Green (stayin together):
- Bennifer: oooops, should’ve never left Cris Judd (he’s half Filipino u know)
- Colin Farrell/Angelina Jolie: Angelina is real pretty. And they both have kids and are pretty similar in personality and wildness, although AJ toned it down a bit. I give it til xmas 04.
- Paris Hilton/Nick Carter: This is an interesting one. Nick is getting (very) sloppy seconds and he’s buds with Tommy Lee (re: Punk’d episode). I still don’t get how Paris is famous. 3 months tops.
- Jessica Alba/Marky Mark: Now this isn’t fair. I used to like the original Eminem too. I felt those good vibrations. What’s Jessica doing??? Man this is a tough one to swallow. I give it 1 week or however long it takes her to meet me! HA

Goal to complete before I leave: update my template! If you think those are the last kicks I got, you are mistaken. But I’m take a hiatus for awhile. And I finally got The Da Vinci Code, I’ma start reading it on PAL. I got new muzik too! And lastly I'm tired of my feet, even though they are pretty sexy I must admit.