Thursday, January 22, 2004

Man, I gotta stop turning this into a SV forum. I shall post about more stuff like I used to. Anyways, at least LV keeps me active out here. Plus I'm mad busy at work, so I guess I shouldn't limit my posting to work hours. So for now, here is another recap:

- So whatever happened to that father/son trucking people?
- You would think if something weird happened to Clark (ie losing his vision), he would be inspected by a doc or something.
- Is his superhearing permanent?
- How come Smallville High has a bunch of crazy students? I'd be more scared going there than those inner city schools! (but if LL was in my class that would make up for it)
- Speakin of which, Clark got dissed for the 2nd week in a row. She didn't have to abruptly pull back! That even hurt me (you know, since I live fictionally vicariously through Clark)
- Chloe has balls to go up to Lionel like that (whoa just realized there's 3 LLs in this show...but not one Cool J - ha!)
- So right after that happened we knew her daddy would lose his jobby and her column. If you play with fire you're gonna get burned.
- Does Clark have any other male friends? But I'd be cool if I had Pete as a right hand man. He's good people.
- I've never seen Mrs. Kent so angry before.
- Notice how all the black people in Smallville were in this episode, especially when Pete was telling his escape story.
- $5 says Clark will get Chloe's daddy's job back.
- That last scene was touching. I think Lana is still torn between Adam and Clark, hence the crying. Or was she crying because she hurt him? So are they on better terms how than when she was injured? Where does that put their relationship?
- It was a pretty okay episode, like a 7. But next week looks bananas! Lana turns into the ill lana and goes postal. whoa.

After I let that soak in for a bit. I was almost as excited for the season primo of Newlyweds. Haha I missed that show when it was off-air. Anyways, I still enjoy watching Nick and Jess interact, I find it hilarious. Highlights include Jess's old people phobia (is that considered ageism?); her revelation that objects move faster when on wheels (hehehe); and her dentures and veneers compound word (ventures). Nick is a pretty romantic guy. Or maybe just because he's on camera.