Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lanaville Recap:

Haven’t done one in awhile, but hey, no episodes have aired since then. Saw the preview on Monday, and was amped about it. I thought it was gonna be shown last week, adding to the tension. I swear it was like preparing for the season premier again. Anyways:

- Crazy opening scene, almost NY Undercover-like. So that’s where Clark puts away all those freaks.
- I really dislike JTT (not to be confused w/ JT), even since the days of Home Improvement
- It was like a Smallville reunion….crazy.
- So did the sniper guy just die and no one questioned it?
- Electro-shock therapy only clears short-term memory? How exactly does that work?
- Lana Lana Lana. Stay away from that guy. But they do share those similarities (injuries, parental deaths). “I wanna be your friend” my arse.
- Lana has nice feet, but she looks waaaay better w/ her hair down than tied back (as do 75% of girls). But hey, she’s in rehab, she can’t always look like she did in Nicodemus.
- Pete got a lot of airtime. And did Chloe overhear their conversation?
- Clark goes to Lana’s Welcome Back party. They make eye contact. And she walks away!! Ouch. Is that a ‘thank you’ for a guy saving your life many times over? Clark > that dude
- I thought surveillance cameras are only video, and no audio. Lionel must be kicking himself.
- All in all a great episode. Drama, action, foreshadowing, Lana, tension...see you next week.