Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now That We [Haven't] Found Love

So it’s been officially a lil over 2 years since your boy been single. Can’t lie, I thought I would find somebody by now lol. But I guess it doesn’t work like that, or maybe my game isn’t as tight as my pants usually are. It’s just baffling how some people meet their subsequent mates so swiftly and easily. Again with the clothes reference, but if you think I’m particular about how my shirt measures, think about how I'd want my lady to fit! Yeah – from that vantage point it’s pretty difficult. Too bad I can’t just have a bespoke chick haha. That would be awesome though, and I’d definitely pay a premium for that. It’s not even that I’m uber-picky, or maybe I am? All I want is someone to complement my freshness [and compliment my freshness lol – jp oknotreally].

I know it’s something I can’t rush. I know that feeling when you’re with someone and nothing else matters, and one day I hope to recapture that. And I’m confident I will, just not sure when. It’s like an earthquake – you know it’s coming, it’ll just hit you when you don’t expect it. Yes – I just compared love to a natural disaster, and sometimes it’s not too far off haha.

Then it got me thinking – maybe I’m too much of a finished product? [I say that now because I got a job!] I mean real chefs don’t buy the frozen lasagna and stick it in the oven, they buy all the ingredients and put it together, make the necessary modifications, and voila – you have your pasta dish! I think girls prefer someone moldable like old bread. I’m not a work in progress [or process if you choose], I’m already a tangible asset. The only caveat being that I have straight-line appreciation instead haha.

But kill that noise, no matter who you are you adapt to your mate to form that meshing, so I’m not as rigid as my selvedge denim might indicate. Plus maybe older girls do want that ready-made fella. At the end of the day, someone’s gonna dig you or not dig you, regardless of what you are. As a result, the best piece of advice I can offer to myself is just to be myself, and I think that’s what I’ve been doing these past couple years. WYSIWYG. [On a side-note, that would be the dopest MC name ever – MC Wyzzy Wyg. I’m claiming it like 5 minutes ago.]

Eff being a hopeless romantic type – I’ma hopeFUL romantic ninja! I’m about to indulge in some libations later on with my glasses being half full. And I promise my next post won't be as emo hahha.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Maganda Girl Rock

I've been bumping this the last few days. Shoot I even put it on our playlist for our hoops runs haha. It's not quite the classic that Knock you Down is, but it's on a tier below. I've just been replaying and replaying, mostly for these 4 bars:

but the only thing I need to know right now/
what a pretty girl like you doing in this part of town/
with a city girl swag and a country girl smile/
I mean - you demoralizing b****s with your style


Twork it Out

Starting week 3 here at work, and I’m still in that mode of pretending to look occupied and busy, when really all I’m doing is writing this blog post haha. It doesn’t help that my manager is sitting adjacent to me, but luckily I have two screens, and this is currently being composed on my laptop one further from him. It wouldn’t matter if those screen filters I ordered on day 1 arrived already, but nonetheless I’m still writing.

So thus far it’s been going pretty well. I’m just poking around old files, trying to build reports off our poorly designed accounting software [Great Plains you POS!], looking at financials and just getting a feel of how this department operates. I kinda replaced someone here, but it’s been a minute since he’s been gone and so I’m somewhat on my own island. The only cross-training I do is at the gym!

More so I’m getting a feel of the culture here. I swear people abuse the “Office – All Employees” email alias. I don’t care if you want a damn flu shot. Or do you really have to share your anecdote with so-and-so since they’re leaving? At my last job my email spiraled out of control, so I’m trying to stay on top of it here. I got mad rules in place already, so I think I’m good. A lot of crap is on our shared drive too, so I don’t need my inbox to mirror that. Efficiency yall!

If I were to change something here, it would be everything. But hey, that’s why I’m aboard. [On a side note, one of the few words I jumble up are aboard/abroad. Once I was introduced to a new coworker, and I was like “welcome abroad!” Hope she didn’t think I called her a broad? Or she probably thought I was a captain welcoming her to our cruise ship? Nonetheless, it was a lose/lose situation.]

Til the next entry! And freakin’ my font is still jacked up…grrrrrrrr. If that's the case, please use Google Reader to read me =/.

What the Font

Testing...font is jacked up on page 1 but page 2 it reverts back to how it should look? What the heezy I don't have time for this!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Miss A-Z

I recall writing this entry, and it was probably my favorite blog post of last year.  Then again it only had to compete with like 4 others, so it wasn’t that hard to choose a winner lol.  So I was inspired from myself to create this one.  Instead of numbers though, let’s switch it up and use letters!  I mean I have a job now, so I have time to blog.  Duh.  Anyway here are 26 things I look for in the opposite sex.

A – Ass. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m neither an assman or a breastman. I’m both. 

B – Brains. I’m a sapiosexual dude. And if you don’t know what that means, you should look it up.

C – Cups. As in cup-size. I wasn't lying about "A." And just like Scattergories, C-Cups give you double points! Just kidding, Bs are fine too.

D – Debonair. Luda said it best – “I want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!” Yeah, yeah.

E – Exotic. Reeg can’t have no plain chick! This word slightly edged out erotic lol.

F – Funny. I feel I can carry my weight on the humor side, but sometimes I like to be entertained as well.

G – Genuine. This might be a tad cliché, but it’s up there on my list.

H – Horny. I can’t be the only hornball in the relationship.  Libido is a good thing.

I – Intimate. Not necessarily the physical traits, but someone who can open up to me and share their innermost thoughts.  And wear intimates too though lol - ah I love homonyms.

J – Jovial. I’m a pretty jolly dude, and would hope that gets reciprocated.

K – Knowledgeable. Not saying you have to be a walking Wikipedia, but to abreast of current events should suffice.

L – Laughter. Someone who makes laughing a priority.  Someone who can laugh at me and with me.  And someone who could laugh at herself. 

M – Motivated. This is along the lines of being goal-oriented, but “G” was already taken!

N – Nurturing. Not that I need it, but it shows that you would have good maternal instincts.

O – Organized. I don’t want you to cramp my style. Organization is the key to efficiency.

P – Passionate. About whatever you do. About life. About me!

Q – Quirky. Some idiosyncrasies here and there, but nothing too weird.

R – Respectful. It’s another basic trait, but like a scale, it’s something that holds weight. 

S – Spontaneous. Since I’ll be the rationale one for the most part.  I’m like 70/30 reasonable, so ideally my mate would be 70/30 spontaneous. 

T – Thoughtful. Real talk, it’s the little things that matter.  They go a long way like a hail mary pass. 

U – Unfiltered. Don’t hold anything back.  Whether it’s good or bad, tell me thoroughly or lash out at me. None of this “I’m fine” bullish!

V – Versatile. When it comes to your interests, your steez, your overall persona – someone who can’t fit in a bucket.  Give me a mixed goodie bag! 

W – Witty. I would like challengers in a battle of wits.  Wittiness is like a good corniness, but beware of the fine line between the two. 

X – Xenophilic. Don’t you hate it when you come across these lists and something like ‘xcited” shows up? Effin’ cheaters.  Anyway, the world is an adventurous place.  I’d need a travel buddy!

Y – Youthful. This is not to be confused with young.  You can be a generation older and display a youthful exuberance. 

Z – Zany. I’ve used Funny and Laughter, which can be synonyms.  That’s not redundant, just an important trait to me.

There you have it. I mean again, I don’t think I’m asking for too much yeah?  If you bat 26/26 then let me know where you’re at!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

6 Months? Wowsers

Just needed to e-dust this thing off and try again. As I'm getting into a flow of things, hopefully blogging will be one of them too. To summarize the past 6 months:

- got
- went to LV, lost mad dough
- went to NYC for the first time in over 10 years
- tried Bon Chon out there, then realized there's a Bon Chon down in the 'Vale
- went to Uniqlo for the first time...lived up to it's hype
- to say I played some golf is an understatement
- skin tone is approaching full-illocano level, although i'm like only 25%
- got rid of my grapes
- took swim lessons for 2 weeks - apparently that wasn't enough
- venture back down to SoCal - went to LegoLand for the first time
- movie of the year thus far:
- man-crush of the year thus far: ryan gosling
- r&b song of the year thus far: lloyd - cupid
- rap album of the year thus far: Krit's? shoot - nothing has really risen above anything else
- went to Yosemite, saw Half-Dome and ran the other direction
- played some more golf
- declined a job with yammer...we'll see how i feel once they get acquired
- 2 goals i had whilst unemployed: clean out my closet and watch the wire. i went 0-for-2
- visited a chiropractor a few times, but i stopped because my insurance lapsed lol
- had a personal high of 181 bowling, including a 4bagger
- started hooping and going to the gym [somewhat] consistently
- went to Kauai for the first time - place is beautiful!
- congrats cheryl/nate on the nuptials!
- rocked out at rock the bells 2011
- accepted a job offer at Axiom Law, started this past monday!