Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Miss A-Z

I recall writing this entry, and it was probably my favorite blog post of last year.  Then again it only had to compete with like 4 others, so it wasn’t that hard to choose a winner lol.  So I was inspired from myself to create this one.  Instead of numbers though, let’s switch it up and use letters!  I mean I have a job now, so I have time to blog.  Duh.  Anyway here are 26 things I look for in the opposite sex.

A – Ass. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m neither an assman or a breastman. I’m both. 

B – Brains. I’m a sapiosexual dude. And if you don’t know what that means, you should look it up.

C – Cups. As in cup-size. I wasn't lying about "A." And just like Scattergories, C-Cups give you double points! Just kidding, Bs are fine too.

D – Debonair. Luda said it best – “I want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!” Yeah, yeah.

E – Exotic. Reeg can’t have no plain chick! This word slightly edged out erotic lol.

F – Funny. I feel I can carry my weight on the humor side, but sometimes I like to be entertained as well.

G – Genuine. This might be a tad clich√©, but it’s up there on my list.

H – Horny. I can’t be the only hornball in the relationship.  Libido is a good thing.

I – Intimate. Not necessarily the physical traits, but someone who can open up to me and share their innermost thoughts.  And wear intimates too though lol - ah I love homonyms.

J – Jovial. I’m a pretty jolly dude, and would hope that gets reciprocated.

K – Knowledgeable. Not saying you have to be a walking Wikipedia, but to abreast of current events should suffice.

L – Laughter. Someone who makes laughing a priority.  Someone who can laugh at me and with me.  And someone who could laugh at herself. 

M – Motivated. This is along the lines of being goal-oriented, but “G” was already taken!

N – Nurturing. Not that I need it, but it shows that you would have good maternal instincts.

O – Organized. I don’t want you to cramp my style. Organization is the key to efficiency.

P – Passionate. About whatever you do. About life. About me!

Q – Quirky. Some idiosyncrasies here and there, but nothing too weird.

R – Respectful. It’s another basic trait, but like a scale, it’s something that holds weight. 

S – Spontaneous. Since I’ll be the rationale one for the most part.  I’m like 70/30 reasonable, so ideally my mate would be 70/30 spontaneous. 

T – Thoughtful. Real talk, it’s the little things that matter.  They go a long way like a hail mary pass. 

U – Unfiltered. Don’t hold anything back.  Whether it’s good or bad, tell me thoroughly or lash out at me. None of this “I’m fine” bullish!

V – Versatile. When it comes to your interests, your steez, your overall persona – someone who can’t fit in a bucket.  Give me a mixed goodie bag! 

W – Witty. I would like challengers in a battle of wits.  Wittiness is like a good corniness, but beware of the fine line between the two. 

X – Xenophilic. Don’t you hate it when you come across these lists and something like ‘xcited” shows up? Effin’ cheaters.  Anyway, the world is an adventurous place.  I’d need a travel buddy!

Y – Youthful. This is not to be confused with young.  You can be a generation older and display a youthful exuberance. 

Z – Zany. I’ve used Funny and Laughter, which can be synonyms.  That’s not redundant, just an important trait to me.

There you have it. I mean again, I don’t think I’m asking for too much yeah?  If you bat 26/26 then let me know where you’re at!