Thursday, April 29, 2004

I need a drink. It must be thirstday! (*laughter*) Sorry but those Lebron Sprite commercials with the wannabee lil penny are starting to bug me. I think I'm seeing more King James now that his season is over. It seems the NBA playoffs been on for a minute now, but we're still in the 1st round!

So I turned on the tube yesterday, and took in the variety of shows presented to me. Naturally Smallville was first, and it was a solid episode. We learned of Lex and Lionels past, and see why Lionel despises his eldest son. But we're like fresh milk, no spoilers here. Again no Chloe, Pete or Jonathan on this particular episode. Man if they ever show an episode w/o LL I may have to reconsider my support of the program. Only a couple more episodes left in this season. It seems like I'm the only one watching SV regularly!

The AI results show was on last night as well. Finch finally flinched and was dismissed. He took it like a sport though, and provided a decent goodbye song. I was thinking about how much heat he gets, but its not his fault America has voted him this far. Which is equivalent to hating on Bush, since he similarly is an elected official. Go Jasmine! Glad she made riddance of the flower, for she looks much better w/o it. Which is equivalent to Ruben reppin' with a 205 jersey, because it only could come in so many colors. Talent rankings: 1. latoya 2. fantasia 3. jas 4. reeg 5. huf 6. diana. But having talent doesn't necessarily mean winning.

The Bachelor is also a trip. I loved it when Jesse's best friend showed up and explained herself. Last episode I believe Jesse gave her a peck on the lips, even though she's married to his best friend. Anyone else notice that? Everyone's favorite hooch Trisha is still alive, and it was great how Tara was maad blunt with her. My fav was Tara and continues to be her. You can't go wrong w/ a name beginning w/ a T and ending w/ an a.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday's Ran-dumb ramblings:

- As an active blogger user, i received an offer to try out Gmail! Do you think they read my post from last week? Because the offer on the table wasn't there last time.
- Do you remember me talking about my reliance on mMode following a GTech tourney game? Well I got my bill, and I paid ~ $25 in overages for 1 DAY. Looks like I got mModed.
- I've also mentioned this before, but the town of Brisbane is funky. I can't even call it a city. Never had I been in a 5 lane intersection.
- "This love has taken its toll. She's said goodbye so many times before." (thanks cici). Marroon 5 is dope. I'm just waiting for their collaboration with Jurassic 5.
- Anyone feel a wave of Filipino Frienster users from the Philippines? I swear Friendster was dormant for a minute, but suddenly its poppin again. It is true that everything takes awhile to get to the PI, not just fashion trends.
- Elisha Cuthbert is dating Trace Ayala. What the heazy? She's a famous Girl Next Door, and he's JT's homey. Does he have any merit? Maybe Elisha's using him to get to JT, since she's flyer than Cameron.
- Anyone know who Megan Fox is? She is aptly named.
- I'm gonna fart the next time I hear a Kanye joint, except for Selfish and Jesus Walks.
- I hate it when people sweat me for their expense checks. You'll get it in time! Understandable if you have like a $5K credit card bill due, but when your $50 cell phone bill credit is pending, don't trip! Like Cyndi Lauper and INOJ, this happens time after time.
- What better to spend a beautiful weekend searching for apartments (sarcasm). Man there's hella out there. I got a headache driving around the city this past weekend. Can't someone just find me a place?
- NBA Playoffs: I just can't get into it until the latter rounds. I love my family and all, but I wish I was a Maloof brother. If you don't know, see a Kings game or stay at the Palms.
- Updated reading if you didn't notice. The book is eerily similar to Da Da Vinci Code, with a similar skeleton and all. So far its been an entertaining read, despite the negative reviews.
- I spent a good chunk of my weekend watching IRON CHEF America. Boy can they create some culinary delights. I strive to be a judge in one of those competitions. One day.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

This week I received my new MAXIM in the mail. On the cover was Josie Maran. Wow she's a looker and well deserving of a cover. I'd link her picture but I don't want porn ads appearing above. But the other day I went to Walgreens, and enclosed w/ MAXIM was the 100 Hottest for 2K4 supplement. It didn't come w/ the subscription! I hate polybagged mags, so I discreetly opened the bag to peep the list. It builds up to #1, so naturally I started at the end and read backwards. And according to MAXIM, the #1 stunner is....Jessica Simpson. Followed by Beyonce, annna, halle, j-lo and then I forget. KK wasn't on the list, even though she was on it last year (or 2002?). Paris was #8, and Jessica Alba was #9. What is wrong with that picture? To make matters worse, Mischa Barton was #7 I believe. She's not even the hottest on her show, and I don't even watch it! Bilson > Barton, most definitely.

Wait, a thursday blog and SV isn't the first topic? Yesterday's show was decent. As mentioned last week, Chloe didn't appear in the prior episode, so I guess the producers made up for it this week as the show centered around her. Just when you thought she couldn't get more annoying, she proves you wrong. She narc's on a teacher who may be responsible for a murder, she forces a football player to come out of the closet and basically uses her new found power to make anyone speak the truth. We learn Pete has had the biggest crush on Chloe and Lana is applying to an int'l school (don't go!!!).

I also caught a glimpse of AI. WTF?! As it dominated the airwaves this morning, J-Dob didn't deserve to go. What's funny was that immediately after the announcement, the camera panned to Finch, who had an almost guilty look on his face. She took it like a champ though, and like MSB mentioned, she'll probably land a recording career. Girl can blow! (That's another word for singing you perves).

Saw some NBA action, and saw some lip action on the Bachelor. Yes even Stevie Wonder could see that Trisha is skanky. She's supposed to be a model too? I don't see it. My fav though is Tara. She's a sweet lookin girl and she's a good match for Jesse. This is the 1st episode I saw, and that idea of a spy is brilliant, just brilliant (think Guiness commercial). Props to the cheerleader Julie...too bad she didn't get much airtime.

Whew thursday is a prime time to blog, too bad its also my most busiest day of the work week. I've been spending a lot of quality time with my 27 incher. No not my private part, but my television. Hopefully when summer comes they're no more new episodes and no more hoops. What am I gonna do?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm fascinated by the Food Network. Or maybe its just the food. I probably watch this channel more than ESPN and MTV. This weekend is the Battle of the Iron Chefs, with Flay vs Sakai as the heavyweight match. This is the equivalent of Qbert battling Mix Master Mike, the Lakers vs Celtics or bloods vs crips. They're gonna show it year round probably. I recently saw the 2003 showdown, and it was epic. Flay pulled off the upset. The type/amount of food they use is crazy. They had to incorporate one ingredient in all their dishes, and this time it was lobster. Not just any lobster, but literally $100 a piece giant lobsters. And there was hella them. There was lobster sashimi sushi, deep fried. Because deep frying makes everything taste better. There was also a lobster/kobe steak dish. Watching it becomes mouthwatering and makes me sad after my McD's dinner.

Yes I finally had my fast food dinner, not since pre-lent have I dined in one of these establishments. However, it was one of them Premium Salads with GRILLED chicken, which goes against the fried comment mentioned above. It was still good nonetheless.

Dump thought du jour: Wouldn't it be funny (or nasty) if your excretions matched the color of what you digested? Like it you ate a banana, some yellow stuff would come out. Or if you drank coke, you would piss black carbonated liquid. Ouch that would burn

Happy 4/20: To all the smokers out there, maybe they should use this day NOT to smoke. I mean, they smoke regardless of the day right? Workers use Labor Day NOT to work, so why should this be different?

Workout update: Like the cheerleading squad in Bring it On, I need a new routine. So if you have any ideas for good exercises puff puff pass it on.

Was I the only person to not get into the Apprentice? I've only watched snippets of an episode here and there. I guess I was too busy watching the Food Network.

I listen to a lot of music. Every time I drive the radio is on, when I'm at work I have streaming radio, and when I'm home I play my mp3s randomly. That's at least 10 hours a day of muzak. But yet, its usually all the same songs and still my rhythm can't get no better.

G-mail: not sure if you heard, but gooooooogle will be offering an email service, similar to yahoo! or hotmale (umm hotmail). Whereas others only offer up to 5 MB of space, G-mail would give you 1 GB of space. For those mathematically challenged, thats 200x as much as 5 MB! Did I mention that is it free? I'm sure we'll just be inundated with ads. Which is bearable, as long as its not in the pop up variety.

It would be cool if the first endorser for this product would be 50 cent and G-Unit, who would do a cover of "Nuthin but a G Thang," and the ad would have girls in G-Strings. As MC Eiht would say...."gyeah!"

Friday, April 16, 2004

It's a friiiiday afternoon blog. That's a good thing. Usually it means hugo bossman is gone, work is light, and the wknd is about to commence. Luckily all these virtues hold true.

Yesterday I went golfing with J, Nick and TiffL. Usually you go to the practice range to get better, but with these cats, I may have regressed my game. It was basically like Tiff and the 3 stooges. Skratch that, because any 2 other ppl with J turn into the 3 stooges. I mean, what other sane person wears a ski jacket and batting gloves to play golf?! So after we played we ate at Baker's Square, who's menu consists of anything you can imagine. We took so long to order that our waitress left in the middle of our meal. Lot of memorable quotes from yesterday though:

me: Yo J I have a Big Bertha 3 wood.
J: Oh yeah, I have a Big Girth-a.

me: J would you be a good wingman?
J: Naw I'm more a breastman.

tiff: Reeg you want some of my pie?
me: Naw I don't like lemon.
(it was an apple pie - i coulda swore it was lemon though)

J: I'm laughing so hard I have a stomach ache.
(5 minutes later) J: I'm laughing so hard I have heart burn.
(5 minutes later) J: I'm laughing so hard I'ma die.
me: Make up your damn mind homey!

On Reeg's loyalty:
me: You can count on me like an abacus.

I guess you had to be there for these quotes, because rereading them doesn't hold the same laughter. Its akin to watching a movie in a theatre as opposed to on TV.

With J though man, when he does NOT try to be funny, he's hilarious. However when he tries, ummm he's not. Hopefully we can get a Vega$ trip planned.

Oh yeah, I think I'ma live with Snupe and Meeyushel. They don't know that yet, but I know there both looking for spots. Why not all live together? I think that would be a dope and fun arrangement. Please if you find any cool listings 4wd them to me. =) Yeah it's time for Reeg to bounce. As Pac says, "we gotta go...we gotta's check out time."

Have a happy weekend yall.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


SV was on last night. Just when I thought it was losing some of its luster, and goes and lures me right in, reminding me why I watch the show in the first place (besides KK). I swear it felt like in between seasons between yesterday's episode and the last one I saw. Jorel made an appearance. Jonathan and Lional started brawling. The Kent farm was ransacked. Clark kissed Lana. Lana dissed Clark. There was no Chloe! Or Pete for that matter. No one knows where the Key is. Lex is scheming against Lionel. Jonathan falls from the roof. Lex was rolling in a CL600 AMG (my dream whip - along w/ a dozen others). At 7:59 I was like, okay another episode. But at 8:59 I can't wait til the next one! (although next week's preview only looks okay).

I still have 2 episodes on tape that I haven't watched yet, so maybe that'll carry me over the until next wednesday.

Yesterday during this time slot was AI. Yes, I did record it and watched it afterward. Huf and Diana were mediocre, JPL was comedy, Finch was boring but good. Jasmine sang well, but it seems like she's missing something. The 3 sistas had the 3 best performances of the evening. But Huddy's expressions are waay too much. Quentin T was probably the best celeb judge so far - he was witty, complimentary but truthful. I wanna watch Kill Bill v2, even though I haven't see the first one yet.

I wonder if after the show, the contestants vote for themselves. It would be funnier if they don't allow cell phones a la Real World, but yet have to take turns using the house phone.

I predict Diana will get the boot today.

Friday, April 09, 2004

TGIGF: 2nd G = Good.

Punish me:

So I kept seeing the Punisher commercial and that background song got stuck in my head. It started to bug me because I didn't know it, and I digged it. I went ahead to the official soundtrack website, which had samples of all the songs from the cd. I listened to each snippet at least twice, and none of them matched the song played! I was like, "WTH?!" (what the heazy). I finally googled it and learned that its a Staind song "So Far Away," which doesn't appear on the soundtrack (duh). This is pretty high on Reeg's Pet Peeve list: Songs from movies that do not appear on the soundtrack, compounded by songs that don't appear in the movie, yet somehow are inspired by the motion picture, which do appear on the soundtrack. That is bizarro. Maybe if they had a Big Pun song on there I'd cut them some slack like a seamstress (cutting slacks - yes/no?).

I shall never ever call anyone a retard again, since its innate:
REgan TAcoRDa

A special F.U. goes to callwave for pointing that out.

Goodbye Camile: Well she had a good run, and even though her performance was supbar, she still did better than Finch! She and Jas sang well, probably better than they did when they were judged. Hopefully Jas can inherit her votes.

The following is a story about perserverance, fate and sprinkled with a little luck:

So about a month ago I went to Marshall's to browse around. Shopping at these stores is like shopping in a used record store. No the clothes aren't 2nd-hand, but rather, you don't look for anything specific--you just look. Anyways I stroll to the shoes section even though 99% of the time I don't find jack. This time was the 1%. A shoe stuck out. I said to myself "no way!" and emerged with the Air Garnett III - a 5 year old shoe probably worth about ~ $150. It was a size 10, and I'd prefer a 10.5, but no biggie smalls. Problem was, it was only the right shoe! So I looked around, saying the pair gotta be here somewhere. No luck. The shoe is probably in the stockroom or so, so I asked an employee to take a peek. He couldn't find it! Desperately I talked to a manager there, gave him my number, and instructed him to call me when/if they find the match. Of course I never received the phone call.

Fast forward to yesterday. Again I went to Marshall's, but not with the shoes in mind. As I entered the store though a funny feeling crept into me and willed me to the shoe section. What do I see? Its the left shoe! But wait a minute...its still not paired. I was getting deja-vu as I asked a salesperson to help me. Again he walked into the backroom. After anxiously waiting about 45 seconds, he emerged with the right shoe, with a note to call "Regan" when matched up. Feeling like Cupid after matching up the broken up couple, I gladly purchased them for the clearance price of $29.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Dang it's already April. Yeah its been the 4th month for about a week now, but sometimes I wish I could just step on the brakes a bit. Days fly by like United. Once in awhile I get in contemplative and reflective moods, and this is one of those times. Whenever this happens I remember one maxim of mines - Remember the past, prepare for the future, and live in the present. Okay good, I got that off my chest like punky brewster (get it?). Umm I'm working on my metaphors here, so bear with me.

Sometimes you think skrilla can solve your problems. Most of us think we are mad broke. Peep this site to gain a little perspective. Of course it doesn't factor in cost of living and what not. Basically if u bank in $47.5K, you're in the top 1% of worldwide $-makers. And that still isn't enough to most (including myself - so i'm not getting all righteous haha).

"Always the bridesmaid and never the bride." This statement often applies to male athletes who finish in 2nd place consistently. Why not say "always the groomsman but never the MAN"? Props to Azer for pointing that out.

Caught the latter half of AI last night, and George should change his name to Bounce. Because he just bounces and bounces like a bad check buying fabric softener. And homeboy gotta control his emotions a little more - freakin Clay is more manly than him.

I'm not a big Real World fan, but this Daygo crew is pretty intriguing. You got the Ashton look-a-like, the brotha with the funny commentary, and the asian chicka whom nothing happens, yet comments on everything. I'm starting to like Cameron, she's pretty cute. In other MTV news, Punk'd is coming back and Pimp my Ride is my new favorite show.

I might get evicted.

Okay maybe not, but I think I'd like to move out soon. My roommates sister plans to move in at the end of the year. Problem is, she'd take her husband with her. So thats 2 extra people. Did I mention she's preggy? Wait, make that 3 extra heads. I'd prefer not to live in a crib with a bebe, especially with my rock-star lifestyle (hehe joking). Possible options:

1. stay and endure the extra company (bearable)
2. move back to my folks pad (really don't wanna)
3. get my own place (preferable, not sure how feasible)
4. move in w/ my bro if he buys a crib (indefinite though)
5. find a compatible roommate (unlikely)
6. buy a trailer home (sike)

Man I need more options.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I'm sad still. It'll take awhile to get over this loss. Oh well, at least dook didn't win. I had a candle lit for GT's prior tournament games, which burned throughout March. However, this candle went out right after halftime - symbolizing the teams fizzle. Okay, that's enough college hoops until preseason. I still think its funny how March Madness ends in April.

Really, that banner up there is starting to get annoying. Just recently I had that "Gay Love" ad that Taft referenced in her comment. I know I live in the Bay Area, but this is exactly how rumors get started. See that "get rid of this ad" button? Its a dead link! I've tried several occasions. Luckily it has already changed, but I won't be surprised if it comes back.

I lied last week. I said I wasn't gonna get the remastered Illmatic, but I did anyways. While it does sound a bit more crisp and cleaner, sometimes I prefer the analog sound. I wanna hear the hisses and the imperfections and the lumps. It adds to the mystique of an album/song, while placing it in its proper era. This cd originally came out in '94, so its not that old. Maybe its just my musiq snobbiness coming out. But I'm sure if you ask Beatles fans from their generation what they'd prefer, I guarantee you that the majority will pick their old records over remastered discs.

Last week I also bagged on my man Ruuuben, but Clay's Invisible joint got to be worser. "I wish I could be a fly on your wall" - uhhh, okay. Which reminds me, AI is on tonight. Go La toya, go Fantasia, go Jasmine. Go home everyone else (except Camile). And I hear Usher's joint is hot.

Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm a nervous wreck right now. I cannot function; I barely am productive here at work. Less than 4 hours til tip-off until the biggest game of 15 years of being a college basketball fan. You think thats a long time, but as I was reading the GT fan board, some people have been waiting for this game for over 50 years. This is for all the marbles -- the 1st time ever TECH has made the championship game. We huge underdogs to a team that features 4-5 future NBA playas. Their coach has almost 700 wins, while ours barely has a tenth of that. This is a rematch, since we beat them back in November. 70% of the world is picking Uconn. Hopefully by the end of the day they'll be saying Ucan't. GO TECH.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Happy Friday yall!
- I finished off a box of cookie crisp and a box of apple jacks this week. I guess I'ma cereal killer.
- Instant karma's gonna get you. Remember the elevator fart? Well yesterday I walked into the foulest elevator ever.
- I <3 clean dumps. You know, the ones when you wipe, and you're like "where'd it go??"
- I was complaining to myself that Yahoo! Launch's "hip-hop" station consisted of Chingy and the like. So I basically listened to the Alternative station. However they just added an "underground hip-hop" station, and even though I don't consider nas or kanye UG, it'll do.
- I like that Selfish joint by SV (Slum Village not SmallVille). Kanye is everywhere. Is he becoming a songwhore?
- Wow I haven't talked about SV (SmallVille not Slum Village) in awhile.
- I just dropped a .25G for a single pair of kicks this moment. Ouch.
- .25G sounds way more than 250. Its all relative though - thanks to Einstein.
- For those who didn't get it, Einstein came up with the theory of relativity.
- I just finished that book on the bottom left. A very interesting read. Must take new book from brother's bookshelf.
- Tomorrow's the big game. Please root for TECH.
- I like how my weekend plans hinge on a basketball game in another time zone.
- My cube is pretty vanilla (bland). I should decorate it sometime.
- Lately I've been sleeping late, yet waking up before my alarm. Is that alarming?