Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm fascinated by the Food Network. Or maybe its just the food. I probably watch this channel more than ESPN and MTV. This weekend is the Battle of the Iron Chefs, with Flay vs Sakai as the heavyweight match. This is the equivalent of Qbert battling Mix Master Mike, the Lakers vs Celtics or bloods vs crips. They're gonna show it year round probably. I recently saw the 2003 showdown, and it was epic. Flay pulled off the upset. The type/amount of food they use is crazy. They had to incorporate one ingredient in all their dishes, and this time it was lobster. Not just any lobster, but literally $100 a piece giant lobsters. And there was hella them. There was lobster sashimi sushi, deep fried. Because deep frying makes everything taste better. There was also a lobster/kobe steak dish. Watching it becomes mouthwatering and makes me sad after my McD's dinner.

Yes I finally had my fast food dinner, not since pre-lent have I dined in one of these establishments. However, it was one of them Premium Salads with GRILLED chicken, which goes against the fried comment mentioned above. It was still good nonetheless.

Dump thought du jour: Wouldn't it be funny (or nasty) if your excretions matched the color of what you digested? Like it you ate a banana, some yellow stuff would come out. Or if you drank coke, you would piss black carbonated liquid. Ouch that would burn

Happy 4/20: To all the smokers out there, maybe they should use this day NOT to smoke. I mean, they smoke regardless of the day right? Workers use Labor Day NOT to work, so why should this be different?

Workout update: Like the cheerleading squad in Bring it On, I need a new routine. So if you have any ideas for good exercises puff puff pass it on.

Was I the only person to not get into the Apprentice? I've only watched snippets of an episode here and there. I guess I was too busy watching the Food Network.

I listen to a lot of music. Every time I drive the radio is on, when I'm at work I have streaming radio, and when I'm home I play my mp3s randomly. That's at least 10 hours a day of muzak. But yet, its usually all the same songs and still my rhythm can't get no better.

G-mail: not sure if you heard, but gooooooogle will be offering an email service, similar to yahoo! or hotmale (umm hotmail). Whereas others only offer up to 5 MB of space, G-mail would give you 1 GB of space. For those mathematically challenged, thats 200x as much as 5 MB! Did I mention that is it free? I'm sure we'll just be inundated with ads. Which is bearable, as long as its not in the pop up variety.

It would be cool if the first endorser for this product would be 50 cent and G-Unit, who would do a cover of "Nuthin but a G Thang," and the ad would have girls in G-Strings. As MC Eiht would say...."gyeah!"