Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Music Musings, Part II

I like how artists just had part IIs rather than a remix, hence the inspiration for my blog title. Anyway I did my post last night half-asleep [wait, is that a pessimistic term? I should've said half-awake] so upon hitting the "post" button and reading RB's, SB's, and TB's list [darn, i'm the only non-B surnamed] I have a few more awards to hand out:

The Chris Isaak Award [meaning you only watch the video because there's a dime in it and don't sweat it if it comes on the radio, word to Wicked Game]

Kardinal Offishall feat Akon - Dangerous. That chick gets the nod for Video Vixen of the Year, but I'm sure King Mag already bestowed that honor to her.

The "When Did That Drop?" Album of the Year
The Large Professor - Main Source. Had this been 10 years ago, I would've been all over this. But I only realized it released last month upon scouring Best of 2008 lists. While his last release was underwhelming, Extra P always has a spot in my hip-hop heart. I'll cop it soon.

The "When I rejoin Columbia House I'll Cop" Album of the Year
Keane - Perfect Symmetry. Only because that's how I obtained their last albums haha. But no joke Hopes & Fears is probably my fav Emo album ever.

Unreleased Song of the Year
Ne-Yo - Together. So I did sone research on this one, and I concluded it is him on the track and Stargate did the music. I have no idea why it wasn't on YOTG, since it gets play than any other song on there, except maybe for So You Can Cry.

The Autotune Song of the Year
Young Jeezy feat Kanye West - Put On. This was the song that gave me false hope for Kanye's joint, but alas I wasn't feeling 808's too much. Anyway this song still gets the spins from me.

The Redundancy Award Imeem over Pandora all day for me! And I have a pretty diverse selection of artists, but they seem to play the same 5 songs from any given artist.

The Breakup Song of the Year
Murs - Break Up [The OJ Song]. I was surprised to see him all over MTV and I've only heard this jawn on the radio, but its pretty dope. Past winners include Burn by User and Take a Bow by Rihanna [that was '07 yeah? don't know if it was on the original release, the re-release, or the re-re-release lol]. Anyway this award leads to...

The Stripper Song of the Year
Dream - I Love Your Girl. You get to the club, scour the chicks then identify the one who's tuition payments you want to support. And you know someone's gotta be doing the pipework here, and it's not you. Oh well at least you got a dance.

Freestyle of the Year
Fabolous - Brooklyn [We Go Hard]. Okay I'll admit that I don't listen to too many freestyles, but I've always liked Fab's peripheral releases [mixtapes, freestyles] moreso than his actual albums. This didn't disappoint, but calling it a 'freestyle' is probably a misnomer.

Comeback of the Year
Journey! And it's only because of their new Filipino lead singer hahaha. I really do wish I went to their concert a few months ago. I think Wal-Mart sold the remakes of their old songs exclusively with that dude with the lead vocals. And you probably thought I was gonna say NKOTB!

2008 Music Musings

Well Sylv just passed the baton to me, so I'm coming with my 2 pesos about the sound of music, version 2008. I thought about this for a couple weeks, since I've done annual reviews before. But this year seemed more difficult than before. I probably listened to more R&B this year than any other genre. So without further adoodoo, here we go!

Disappointment of the Year
Usher - Here I Stand. Not a good sign when the best song is the first single, and the second best song is the remix of the first single. Album had no replay value whatsoever. If there was still a Justin and Usher debate, this release should've ended it. I know it was hard to follow-up Confessions, but damn he gotta breakup with his girl or something to revive his career.

Remix of the Year
Common feat Pharrell - Punch Drunk Love Remix. Lovely upon first listen and easily outshined the original featuring Mr. West. It's just a smooth beat. Too bad its only found on the UK release of the CD, so I had to bootleg it.

R&B Song of the Year excluding Ne-Yo, John Legend & Musiq
Ray J feat Young Berg - Sexy Can I. Even though this featured rapper is wack, this song got mad play from me. Yeah so what, I'd rather listen to Ray J than watch him apparently haha.

Ne-Yo Guest Appearance of the Year
Plies feat Ne-Yo - Bust it Baby Part II. And I hate Plies! It has that Janet Jackson sample and just one of the dopest choruses of any song this year. "She got me speeding in the fast lane pedal to the floor mayn..."

Rap Single of the Year
Nas feat Keri Hilson - Hero. Damn I haven't got stoked off a Nas song upon first listen since Nas Is Like. Polow da Don channeled his inner Preemo and delivered a similar hyped track. Unfornately the album is on too much of a Black Power tip so I haven't spun it much, but probably will on MLK day.

Obligitory Musiq Soulchild Ballad of the Year
Musiq Soulchild - Someone. He basically says what he wants in someone. And its not much, just like me! Another joint I fell in love with first listen. Rol knows about this one haha.

Annoying Lil Wayne Song of the Year
Lil Wayne - Lollipop. Damn I never liked this song, and I'm not even going to link it! I never let it finish either. If its on the radio, I'd change the station. I have the Carter III on my iPod, but this has a zero times played count. Surprisingly, I listen to most of his subsequent singles though. Hmmmph.

The "Oh Yeah I Forgot they dropped an Album" Award
Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt. Well the sophomore slump was expected, especially after the caliber of their debut. They got bigger names on their joint, but I totally forgot about it. That tends to happen a lot. Cookie Jar is dope still though.

The 2007 Album that I Hella Bumped in 2008 Award
Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens. I almost predicted this based on my 2007 Year in Review. This album still gives me hope for Hip-Hop, as it was my favorite indy release in quite sometime. Which leads to...

Album that I Really need to listen To
Blu & Mainframe - Johnson & Jonson. Drake and Wale get all the hype of the next MC but I prefer to wait until someone delivers an album. I'll take Blu.

Emo Artists Who's Previous Releases were 10x Better than their 2008 Albums
3 way tie: Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams >>> Sleep Through the Static; Coldplay's X&Y >>> Viva La Vida and Death Cab for Cutie's Plans >>> Narrow Stairs. I haven't listened to FOB or AAR but I have a feeling they'll follow the same pattern.

The Happy Song of the Year
Chris Brown - Forever. I just start cheesing when I hear this! "I'ma take you there, I'ma take you there." Funny that past winners include Take you There by Blackstreet-Mya-Mase and Memory by Sugarcult.

Emo Song of the Year
The Killers - Spaceman. I liked Human right away, and I really liked Spaceman faster than that! I wasn't expecting too much from this album but its pretty dope, as it probably got the most spins out of my Q4 album purchase.

Guilty Pleasure Song of the Year
Leona Lewis - Better in Time. When my windows are down and this comes on the radio, I roll them back up and turn it louder. This song is dope and so is she.

Hip-Hop Album of the Year
Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd. So this is my most prestigious award I can give it, but these kidz deserved it. Album was fresh beats-wise and rhymes-wise, and it solved a few "where are they now" questions [Camp Lo, Masta Ace]. Paper Trail is probably my favorite song off the album, even though I *heart* The Driving Down the Block Remix.

R&B Album of the Year
Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman. I don't have to say much more. Its probably his 3rd best album, but still good enough to win this. Kind of like Jordan winning the MVP after a so-so year. Did I just compared Ne-Yo to MJ? Man I must be on something haha.

Damn I'm sleepy. I'll try to link some more songs later and maybe have another supplement list. Go Taft your turn!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hidden Valley Ranch

Course: Sunol Valley Ranch, Palm Course

So about a week ago I hit up Jeff, Mike and Dennis and asked them if they wanted to play golf. Naturally I ended up in the same group as Kaho, Scott and Eric haha. But its all good, since they were behind us [way behind us sometimes lol]. Anyway we trekked out here since none of us had played here before and it was close to Luna's and Lee's houses. MosJef gets a special shout since he worked a 13 hour shift, napped for an hour, then played a round of golf. **Applause** He told himself if he would break 120, then he would reward himself with a PS3 after the round. And he shattered it with a 118 so we proceeded to Best Buy after devouring 75 wing stop wings. And I'm secretly envious of his tech setup [well except for his TV stand, which is literally a "TV" stand hahaha], but ssshhh don't tell him.

So I'm not really talking about my golf game because there's nothing really to discuss. It pretty much summarized my 2008 golf season - a couple bright points and mostly mired in mediocrity. I shot a Curtis Jackson [aka 50] in the back after a double-MJ [46] in the front. Yes I struggled to break a 100. Ouch. Oh well at least I didn't lose any balls.

We played from the tips so it was a pretty long course, clocking in over 6800 years. 230 yard par-3s are no joke! But for real, even though I flag-sticked a chip and holed another one, I wasted about 10 pitching/chipping strokes. Your sand-wedge is like your point guard - if its not on point then your team will fall apart. And that's indicative of my game.

I think next time I hit the range I'm just going to bring my sand iron [as Jack Nicklaus calls it] with me. That and I need a hybrid [gasp!] for them shots in between my 3 iron and 3 wood. Off to eBay to find a new wood!

Glaring Ommission Alert!

I totally forgot to include someone in my fractional Asian Chick list. She was the whole point of me blogging about that! Well at least there's a precendent for this, as I left out Manny in my Man-Crush list too haha. Honestly, it might be better this way, as she has a whole post dedicated to her.

So basically bump everyone from Moon on down a spot, then insert the lovely Olivia Munn as the Copper Medalist Hybrid Hottie. To be honest I never seen her show on G4, but she's regularly featured in Complex Mag.

4. Olivia Munn, 26 [Chinese/White]

Oh yeah I was surfing NT last night [shocking eh?] and came across the trailer for KK's StreetFighter II Chun-li-something trailer. Since its her birthday today and all I'll post it. And even though it looks like one of the worst adaptions ever, I still might watch it! Haven't seen KK on the Silver Screen since Euro Trip or something. Remember that song "Scotty Doesn't Know?" Or that's probably only me.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To You Joe

Me adding you on my blog list is like Oprah name dropping something on her show. Haha just playing. But this is like an old welcome, since you've been blogging since '04. Well duh, he's still using Xanga. And he's probably on AsianAvenue too while DL'ing music from Napster than he found on Lycos while browsing in a Netscape browser on his AOL connection. Remember when you thought I was all about my Asian awareness because I was defending Tiger Woods in teh screening of The Golf War: A Story of Land, Golf & Revolution in the Philippines? Here's the backdrop: basically golf developers were clearing out land where people lived in the PI blah blah and she pinned blame on pro golfers, and I just argued that the situation was much greater than that. Little did you know I was just frontin'. I didn't like the film-maker at all, and not just because she went to Duke.

I dunno, I guess I just don't like it when pute folks think they know what's best for minorities. And that Stuff White People like dude seems to agree with me.

Anyway peep Joe's blog on the blogroll. He even did that survey. And thanks for the plug!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn 40 More Questions to Answer

Doing back to back surveys actually has a precedent on these pages. See, I referenced it here. Anyway here we go again! This time jacked from Rolsuno:

1. Do you pee in the shower?
Yes, even while brushing my teeth while rinsing the shampoo out of my 'do. Multitasking FTW!

2. When taking a shit after wiping do you look at the toilet paper?
No, I just take a leap of faith. JK. But for real, how do blind people know when they're really done wiping?

3. How old are you?
Double Baker's Dozen Plus a Triple.

4. Do you blog?
I thought it was obvious.

5. If so whats your blog site?
peep the URL.

6. How old were you when you first had sex?
Like with a girl?

7. F*&king or making love?
All of the above.

8. Sneakers or Pumps?
I'ma addict for sneakers.

9. Whats your favorite Color?
Color Me Bad.

10. Whats your favorite Sports Franchise?
Golden State, even though I could run the team better.

11. Left side or right side?
Southpaw represent.

12. Home cooked meals or outside dining?
Outside dining, since you won't have dishes to do.

13. What do you want for xmas?
"All I want for Christmas, Christmas is my girllll" - One of my fav New Edition songs ever

14. do you believe in the saying, "its the thought that counts?"

15. Do you masterbate? and how many times a week?
Affirmative. Depends on the frequency...I try not to on Sunday, since that's the Sabbath and all.

16. Whats your favorite porn site?
Craiglist's Casual Encounters section. And Niketalk's General Forum.

17. Whats your fantasy?
Probably in the Georgia Dome on the 50 yard line.

18. Do you lust, love, have a crush on someone at this moment?
Sure, yes and maybe. Maybe they're all different people too!

19. Favorite Rap song of all time?
It rotates among these 25 songs.

20. running or walking?
Runnin', word to Pharcyde.

21. ice cream or cake?
I scream.

22. Bitch or slut? which name would you rather be called?
I prefer the term broad.

23. Do you have a fetish? if so what is it?
Hmmm...if I think about it, probably an earlobe one.

24. Missionary or doggy?
My fams reads this!

25. Shaved or Hairy?
This is a very vague question and can be interpreted in a number of ways. I can say I have hairy legs rather than shaved ones. However if you're discussing the female genitalia area, and based on the other questions here, I think you are. So who would choose hairy and therefore increase your chances of getting pubic lice?? Like Neanderthal-like? But shaved is kinda I don't know. You gotta play golf on some sort of grass.

26. Hoodies or Jackets?
Depends on the occasion, but I like to rock both with equal aplomb [<-- FYI one of my fav words]

27. Giver or taker?
Tis better to give than to receive.

28. Is weed a drug?
Affirmative, otherwise how would people with stinky urine fail drug tests administered?

29. Favorite movie you seen this year?
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Review here.

30. Do you believe in ghosts?
Hell yeah! And not just because of Patrick Swayze.

31. How was your 08'?
In one word - tumultuous.

32. If a guy who is your man crush? if your a woman who is your woman crush?
I like how Rol picked questions that anyone who reads any of our blogs already have the answer too. But currently its Steven Colbert. Not!

33. would you have sex with your man or woman crush?

34. Do you know what sissor action is?
Maybe Rol should hit delete, so you can backspace and spell scissor properly haha. For real you even spelled masturbate wrongly! And yes of course, and I didn't have to urbandictionary it.

35. Iron or throw it in the dryer?
Huh? Isn't the process to remove from the dryer and proceed to iron?

36. Facebook or Myspace?

37. If you were about to die what would be your last meal?
Probably something with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, since that would increase your lifes expectancy. Duh.

38. Do you floss?
Yes, in both senses of the word.

39. Do you rock butt floss?
All the questions you can ask and you ask this one?

40. Did you even read this survey?
Is this a trick question?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Didn't Realize How Many ?tions Were Here

Boredom leads to filling out questionnaires. Jacked from Swissely:

Are you anyone’s first love?

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Kuya Jed. [Edit: Arvin just called].

Do you have to work today?

Are you waiting for something?
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing [its a Jack J song]

How many people have you kissed in the past week?

What was the last thing you drank?
Texas Sunrise coffee FTW!

Who was the last person you hugged?
Norman last night. We refused a handshake and just hugged it out.

Did you have a dream last night?
The probability is likely; however, I don't remember.

Who was the last person you texted?
G - she texted me that she landed and I told her to have fun at her brother's engagement party.

If you could have something right now, what would it be?
Hmmm where do I begin? I want it all, but I'm not just talking about material things. Pure happiness I suppose...but that's always been something I've always strived for. How do you really know? Oh yeah and a navi system for Black Starr.

Have you ever had a panic attack?
I'm as cool as a cucumber chillin in a fridge in the temperature controlled drawer.

Do you want someone back in your life?
How bout a variation of someone?

When was the last time you cried?
Over the summer.

Have you ever licked someone’s cheek?
Face cheek - affirmative. Butt cheek - negative.

What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
Oxtail! Kare^2 is the greatest.

Do you have a best friend?
I have good friends, I have better friends and thus I have best friends. However I don't like to advertise their names, but some things are just understood. Excluding a SO, I have a couple [that's all you really need] of friends I can absolutely completely spill myself too and know they'll have my back regardless. I think they know who they are.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
*cues that Buster Poindexter song* Hot, Hot, Hot

What is your favorite color?
It always use to be Red and a rotating second. However purple is closing the gap.

If you could go back in time, how far back would you go?
Probably college, so I could re-live it again. Would everything still play out the same? If not, then I wouldn't go back. It would be pointless then haha.

How do you feel when someone kisses you on the forehead?

Are you dating the last person you kissed on the lips?
Hmmm...I really don't know how to categorize it.

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Not sure?

Has anyone ever told you they want to spend the rest of their life with you?

For sure.

Who was the last person you talked to in person?
Norman, after leaving his hotel room at 3a proceeding to my walk of shame.

Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
Uhhh...hello! Hi Roland. [Not Alan though, since dude doesn't talk at all when he's lit haha].

Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
Uhhh...hello! I have a blog, so yes I talk about them.

Did you go to sleep smiling last night?
Yes indeedy.

Do you currently have a hickey?
Nope...actually don't think I ever had one.

Have you ever collapsed on the bathroom floor?
Naw that's gross. I stepped out and collapsed in the hallway.

Are you afraid of falling in love?
Emphatic No!

Have you hurt anyone’s feelings in the last 5 days?
In my mind I have, but not in real life haha.

Do you look like your mom?
No, as she's a 60+ year old woman and i'm a young stud in my 20s!

What was the last thing you bought?
A round of drinks for Norm and his homies.

What song are you listening to?
"Sunday Morning" ?love Remix. Actually I cheated, I read this ?tion then I played the song, so technically I'm not really lying. But it is Sunday morn and rain is falling. And this song I hella feel, although I didn't love this album upon first listen as I thought I would. I need to curtail my expectations, and not just with music.

What are you doing after this?
Probably put on some clothes, since I'm just prancing in my boxers.

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
God. [as I am shirtless now haha].

Who do you usually have late night phone conversations with?
G - but not in awhile. My conversations at night are usually just with myself.

Do you like to cuddle?
Uhhh...hello! WHy do you think the spoon is my favorite kitchen utensil?

Are any of your ex’s still in love with you?

Will your next kiss be a mistake?
Negative. I don't think many kisses are mistakes, unless you're kissing the wrong a$$.

Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Yes, but I'm not a brat.

When is the last time you talked to your father?
This morning, as he wanted to know if I wanted to go to the driving range, but its raining.

When was the last time you were disappointed?
Each time I check my fantasy squads.

What is your favorite kind of weather?
sunny yet breezy!

Would you change yourself?
"Change" can mean a number of things, so yes I would. Anyone who says no is lying.

Do you like hugs?

Are you a loud person?

Are you wearing any jewelry?

Are you wearing underwear right now?
I just said I was in my boxers!

What color is your tooth brush?
Neon green and white. Matches my bathroom.

What would you rather be doing?
Nothing really, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this! I like staying in on a rainy day.

If someone paid you $100 would you dance in the middle of times square?
Yes, and I'd even square dance if you would double it.

The current person you like, how long have you been interested in them?
Probably since the first time I saw her pic.

Remember the last person you kissed?
Yes, and didn't I just answer this question? Darn redundancy.

What’s the greatest thing that happened to you today?
I woke up.

Does it take a lot to make you cry?
Depends how many onions I need to cut. But emotionally yes indeedy.

Are you in a good mood?
I like same-format, non-rhyming words. Sure though.

Does it annoy you when someone says they’ll call, but never do?
Uhhh...hello? It is annoying when someone says they'll do something but don't follow-up. Don't make promises you can't keep.

Do you believe exes can be friends?

Have you ever hated someone but then ended up liking them?
Yes. See Kanye West entry below.

If you could move somewhere else, would you?
Yes I could.

When is the last time you got really frustrated?
I think I have muted frustration now.

Do you miss your past?
Some aspects. But my one of my fav acronyms is KIM - Keep it Movin'.

Do you ever think ‘what if’ about anything?
Of course...and anyone who hasn't doesn't think.

Are you happy with the way things are going?
Ummm, methinks so. But everyone is in control of their own destiny. The ship is just gotta steer it.

In the past week have you cried?
No! Why do you keep asking?

Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week?

Last December how was your heart?
Better then this December that's for sure.

When was the last time you went camping?
Fourth of July weekend...hello I blogged about it!

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
Yes, since I'ma see all my lil nephews shortly.

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
Normy did. And he was sober. It was quite bromantic.

Do you think you would be a good parent?
No, I know I'd be a great one.

What about if you had a kid right now?
Aside from worrying about logistics, I be totally stoked and feel blessed!

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you had a conversation with?
G last night.

What are you wearing on your feet?
For the third time, I'm just rocking boxers, meaning I have no other articles of clothing on! But I wore some AM93's last night.

Do you usually have weird dreams?
Dude it seems all my dreams are weird. Like there's random pairings in them.

What color is your keyboard?

Any fun plans for today?
I'm getting a headache answering all these redundant questions. Yes I'm go to my folks to have dinner with la familia.

Is there a reason for your MySpace song?
Luchini by Camp Lo. Yes, the reason is that its one of the dopest songs ever.

Will this weekend be a good one?
*Ice Cube* I gotta say it was a good [weekend] *Ice Cube*

Have you ever been cheated on?

Is anyone interested in you right now?
I would hope so!

Where does most of your family live?
The best place on Earth aka the Bay Area.

Rent a movie or go to movies?
Go to, as I like the movie-going experience.

Whats your hair look like today?
Messy since i just got out the shower.

Do you believe that any of your exes think about you?
Probably...I would think about me.

What are your chances of getting with your crush?
Depends how much effort I put in haha *wink*.

Have you ever slept in a bed with the same sex?
Yes, as that tends to happen when 4 dudes stay in a 2 bed hotel room.

Are you keeping a big secret right now?

Do you own a strapless bra?
Who told you? Ha sike, nope I don't.

Who do you live with?
My Myself and Eye.

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Labels are so unnecessary. But I can't give a definitive answer either way at the moment.

If not, are you happy with being single?
I haven't really been truly single in a minute, but sure, I'll be happy in whatever situation I would be in. Or I would like to think so.

Are your parents protective of you?
Naw, but only because I have a younger sister.

What’s one action you do when you’re really nervous?
I guess clench my teeth?

Are you a good liar?
Naw, although I have great thespian skills.

How long were you with your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
Way too long lol.

Would you rather give up the computer or the TV?
That's like choosing between your mom and dad.

Do you lie about your age?

What did you last cry over?
For real, how many variations of crying questions can you have?

What is your ring tone?
Default T-Mobile tone. And when I hear a T-Mobile commercial on TV, I think someone is calling me.

Does the person you like know it?
Yes and no.

What did the last text message you received say?
’are you going to be in h-town for the holidays?’ from Eric B.

Whew - longest questionnaire ever!

**Shakes Head**

Puts my people to shame. *shakes dome*
Puts my city to shame. *shakes brain*
Puts my passion to shame. *shakes noggin*

Damn why can't people line up be all civilized? And what's even funny is that these chicks are fighting for kicks they don't even fit. Dumb broads. I wish I could put on a pair of the shoes they're waiting in line for and give these people involved a swift roundhouse Ryu-style kick [figuratively speaking of course].

For the record, I've never ever ever lined-up overnight [or hella early in the morning] for any kicks. Shoot, the longest line I waited was when I got some Tiffany Dunks, but there were like 11 people in front of me [the store received 12 total pairs], and I waited like 15 minutes total mwahaha.

I had a revelation once. I was actually in line around 7a for the first DMP release. I looked around and said that I was too old for this, and proceeded to go home. I smacked myself and said "reeg - you're waiting in line for kicks you ALREADY have better versions of." Then reeg said "you're right" and proceeded to go back to bed haha.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fractional Asian Girls

Whether they are 1/2, 1/4 or even a 1/3 [as I recall someone claimed once], I'ma sucker for "half"-Asian chicks ["half," while technically incorrect, will be the blanket term going forward used to describe this phenomenon]. And I know I'm not the only one! I remember having an epiphany during my Asian awareness phase, which coincided while taking all those As-Am studies courses, where I used to despise Asian chicks not dating Asian men. I realized if they never would procreate, then we wouldn't have any of these heavenly hybrids! However what I still dislike is when Asian chicks only say they want to marry a white dude so they can have pretty children. That doesn't always work trick!

Anyway I haven't had a chick list in a minute, so I present to you the flyest .5chicks on the scene. FYI this list is free of video vixens, tweens, import models and adult stars, of which the latter which could be accessed on the premium ReegSpeak site.

I'ma keep it at 8 since Asians love that number and it keeps 2 spots in my top 10 open to any recommendations. So here it goes!

8. Lindsay Price, 32 [Korean/Irish] - G was watching Lipstick Jungle, and I noticed her again after all these years. I blurted out "Is that Steve Sanders ex-girlfriend?!" And it turned out I was right! She was my first halfy crush, then Donita Rose, then it was all over.

7. Amerie, 28 [Black/Korean] - Yes, the only repeat from the last list I had.

6. Kelly Hu, 40 [Hawaiian/Chinese/English] - Damn I didn't even know she was 40! If this was a 40+ list she probably would medal!

5. Vanessa Minnillo, 28 [Filipina/ Italian/Irish] - She kinda fell off, but it wasn't because of that sword battle picture she had with LiLo.

4. Moon Bloodgood, 33 [Dutch/Irish/Korean] - Koreans mix well don't they? Anyway she makes the list solely for her name. What if she married former SF Giant Joel Youngblood? She would be Moon Bloodgood-Youngblood. Totally under the radar, but keep an eye out for her.

3. Kristin Kreuk, 25 [Chinese/Dutch] - Sorry KK, but you held on to the top overall spot for the majority of this decade. It hurts to put you here, but you had your time to shine. No hard feelings K?

2. Vanessa Hudgens, 20 [Irish/Native-American/Filipino] - Yo V-Hud, let me tell you a lil secret - Zac plays from the other side! I can't front, I watched HSM2, but only because it was already on TV.

And the number 1 spot goes to…

1.Nicole Scherzinger, 30 [Filipino/Russian/Hawaiian] - There was a reason why I didn't bowl too well last Friday. It was because I was distracted by the PCD video block they were playing! But really, she tops all the lists I have - even ones she don't qualify for! Favorite basketball player? Nicole! Favorite food? Nicole! She is the most flyest. Don't Cha! [agree?]

Just missed the cut: Cassie [until she gets a lil thicker], Rachel Bilson [until she verifies her heritage] and that one chick from that one season of Real World.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Sen-Doggie,

There's no easy way to say this, but I'm thinking of letting you go. I know you were the one constant for me since Labor Day 2000. I know I could've treated you better sometimes, but that's how a love/hate relationship goes. But they say if you really care about someone, you'll let them fly away [in this case, drive away]. Since Black Star came on the scene, its like you just faded into the background [Ne-Yo reference #1].

Anyways I kept you around because I underestimated your value. I thought you were worth around $2K, but KBB puts you around $4K! And Bofa knows I could use that injection right now haha. But its not just that amount, its the insurance savings, the maintenance and gas, plus the idea of getting rid of all the excess I have right now. I wrote about trimming the fat, and now I should listen to my own words [Ne-Yo reference #2]. Is 2 whips with one parking spot when I don't drive to work really necessary? Black Star already passed the MacArthur BART on a Friday night test.

Part of me wants you around still because of all the memories and symbolism...I mean, you were my first whip that I bought with my own loot. But I know all my memories are here [*points to head*], and you don't have to physically be present for me to appreciate you.

Break ups are never easy, so let's enjoy possibly these final weeks of being together. I'm sure we'll keep it amicable. Don't worry, you'll go somewhere where someone will utilize you more. Just let me get this right [Ne-Yo reference #3].

one love,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Pho Real Hard to Find

I was fiending for some Pho today, since its mad cold and Pho hits the spot. I yelped it since my default spot down in The Dungeon has been closed for "renovation" seemingly forever. But really I bet that place was rat-infested or something. If you been down there, you know what I mean. For some reason that ish doesn't phase me too much haha. Anyway, I didn't want to walk 500 miles so naturally a spot that served Pho was a Chinese-owned donut shop called Happy Donuts. Yep, I bought my Pho at a donut shop, just for re-emphasis. I ventured down there [well all of 3 blocks] while their Pho was decent. I just don't like it when they give you 3 options - beef, beef ball and house special haha. Naturally I opted for the beef ball.

Pho real though, I can only find decent sandwich, burrito and Pho places in the FiDi. Edible, but not good. Like if they weren't convenient places to go, then I wouldn't even bother eating there again. Hmm I probably should just be brown-bagging my lunch anyway.

Kanye West Appreciation

This goes to the only Louis Vuitton Don. I used to be hate on you also [please see my July 2004 boycott blog], but you kept delivering music that I felt. I thought the self-comparisons to the #1 Soul Brother Pete Rock were asinine, but now they are very legit. I saw the passion in your work in a time when a lot of established rappers were one-butt-cheeking [half-assing] their songs. Hip-hop hit a flatline until you injected the culture with some life. You transcended the genre and showed that you don't always have to be hood to make it as an emcee. Pink polos didn't hurt the Roc, but it just expanded your fan base.

You kept it true to the roots of hip-hop by pushing boundaries and expanding on your musical horizons, essentially representing what it is all about - creativity and expression. When Pac left and Jay delved into other business ventures, you inherited that torch and kept it about the music. You helped bring Lupe to the scene, revitalized Common's career and truly defined what having swagger is about.

We all know you're a prick and a douche, and I'm sure you know that too. You're an egotistical maniac - like a Tiger, Steve Jobs, Trump - but that's what makes the great ones great. I'm glad you speak your mind, as you keep your name in the media creates all this free advertising! You're probably the face of hip-hop of the 21st century, for better or for worst. But us heads wouldn't want it any other way. Your "Thank you and You're Welcome" book is a permanent fixture on my toilet, but that is a compliment despite how it sounds.

They say if they hate you, then you must be doing something right. So big ups on that.

Keep up the good work, but next album please retire the autotune.

"I ain't play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards
I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars
" - "Last Call" - Kanye West

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pacman Knows

Back in the day one of my favorite shirts I owned was a fluorescent BO KNOWS shirt, remember that? I matched the bright orange with some Local Motion orange shorts that I vividly recall rockin' on that Caribbean cruise I took with Nate and Wesley haha. Anyway Bo was a people's athlete, and no one at Nike since really had that distinction. Tiger and Michael and to an extent Lebron have that aura that they are above you, when it reality they just have a bigger bank account and are at the top of their craft.

But Pacman, that's another story. He is the People's Champ indeed. He represents his people, both Fil-Ams and natives, like no other Pinoy B-boy has ever had. Pound for pound, he's the baddest in the game. Pacman knows. And this is a fresh shirt.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shopping Lunch Bags

Ain't it funny when you open your floor's fridge or whatever, and see all these premium stores used as lunch bags? Like I just saw some beat up Saks 5th Avenue bag, and I'm unsure who it belongs to. C'mon, you probably just bought one thing there, but you're gonna floss by using their shopping bag as your lunch tote? And not to long ago I saw a Neiman Marcus bag in there. I can't hate on the Lululemon bags I see because them ones are mad durable!

But I can't front, the reason I brought this up is because I packed my lunch today. Amid all the Target and Marshalls plastic bags, I tried to find one that was compact, paper and semi-stuntastic. Luckily I found a Lacoste one, which was reasonable haha.

Anyway my work fridge is starting to look like a damn home refrigerator. I saw a loaf of bread in there, a carton of eggs and a half-gallon of juice with someone's name all attached to it. Isn't there etiquette to what portion of the fridge you should occupy? I also saw a freakin' banana - who refrigerates those?! Anyway when the day comes if I ever get my own office, best believe the first thing I'm gonna get for it is one of those mini-fridges, like we used to have in the dorms. Ahhh one day.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Greatest Karaoke of All

Man, I know most of my audience has seen this video, but this is why you never ever battle Nick to a singing competition. I'm not sure if this was after 1 or 2 40s haha. Who needs Magic Mic after all? Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Who knows, maybe you'll make a cameo in it!


Another CoaSH edition, volume VI

Let me preface this by saying that I haven't bought a pair of Jordans since 2006. Decemeber 2006, but still 2006. So that is almost 2 full years. Essentially every Jordan I wanted was part of a pack, and I refused to purchase a 2-pack of shoes when I had no desire for the second pair. The only article of clothing that should be bought in packs are undergarments! Plus these packs retail for $310 so that is just rediculous. I don't know where these kids can afford to wait in line and drop over 3 bills on a pack of kicks. Wait. I did that before [albeit once] but that was in a healthy economy lol.

Let me pre-preface this again by saying back in 2004 [or maybe 2005], I entered my sister in the first ever Sole Collector shoe exhibition, held at NTSF. She won an award for Rarest Jordan, which was a pair of original Carmine Air Jordan VIs. I made a mental note to myself that if I get the chance to cop I would.

Fast forward to 2008, and of course the Carmines are being retroed. However they are part of a pack, and no one wants the XVII's that they are paired with. So its a semi-easy pass. With kicks you win some, you lose some, and I was just gonna chalk the L. Last week eBay forwards me a coupon for 40% a single purchase [10% instant and 30% rebate] and I see a seller with just the Carmines, B-grades though. He got a few pairs, but for some reason he has different prices ranging from $200-$250, luckily with my 10.5s on the low-end. And free shipping. So I thought about it for roughly .003 milli-seconds before hitting the buy-it-now button.

So I received them this weekend and did my usually inspection...they're listed as B-grades but they're more like B+grades. Manolo's Mano-no's I can't tell. [they're definitely authentic though.] $120 is not a steal but it's definitely a deal, and most definitely better than the $310+tax on release day. So woo-hoo, another pair of kicks!

So you didn't think I would sell 50 pairs without getting one back would you? Sneakerheads don't retire, we just slow down.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Few-dee? More like A Lot-dee!

Where: Cleo's Brazillian Steakhouse
When: December 4, 2008
Who: Tiff, Amy, G, Rach, Trish, Dennis, Jeff K, Amelyn, Ed, Victor +2, Mike, Nick, Ant & Reeg
What:Brazillian Buffet
How Much: $29

Ah yes, you know the year is winding down with the year-end foodie arrives. In '06 we had Morton's, and I think it was like $75 a person. Last year we went to Asbestos [okay its really called Espetus] and that was aorund $50. And this year it was under $30 haha. At this rate, we might have to go to Costco's food court for the '09 edition.

Anyway I was just glad this place was open, considering we tried going during a Friday night a couple months back. It was pretty good though, relative for price. Except that they charged $3 for soda! That is more than Boulevard charges for real. So best believe I got like 4 refills of my Diet Coke hehe.

Dishes served on spears [no Britney]: Steak, Beef, Meat, Lamb, Spiced Sausage, more Meat, Chicken Wings, Bacon-wrapped Chicken, Beef Hearts and paprika/cinnamon flavored Pineapple. Burp. I didn't really mess with the other food on the buffet line except for the rice, since all Asians need that white stuff to complement the meat.

I'm usually not an instant deucer. But I went as soon as I made it to a toilet. That is a good sign believe it or not. I really liked it, especially since I prepped myself for like 24 hours. Almost like how boxers put on the pounds after the final weigh-in. I didn't eat dinner the night before, skipped out on breakfast, and had a JITB 2 taco lunch [shoot is it $1.49 everywhere now?]. I was ready, set match for whatever they were willing to bring out. I strategically sat closest to when the meat first came out [well, Tiff was closest, but she deserved that spot.]

Stuff I learned last night: Amy went to Brazil in '04 [but probably not to Mike's Apartment]; a Nike Nazi rocks a Swooshtika; the hierarchy of a trim dude from first to worst is: svelte, slim, slender, skinny, scrawny, skin and bones, skinny as sh!t [word to Ant in grade school]; this Alpha Pan battle will last forever, but they should both bow down to Peter; and Dennis is the man for solving one-side of a Rubix cube.

Okay I have over a month to think about my choice...hmmmmmm.

Maybe Its Not My Inner Demons Then

So ever since I could remember, sometimes right before I would fall asleep I would be in an almost frozen state, like I couldn't move, scream, kick, push or do anything. Once in awhile I feel like I see things [even though my contacts aren't in] or that I'm levitating. It feels like a demonic blanket is covering me and was holding me down, but I'm no Harlem World. It doesn't matter what bed I sleep in, since it happened at my folk's house, my various apartments and my current pad.

This still happens, and each time it does I say an Our Father until I am released. It always happens when I'm like 90% asleep and 10% awake. So during this semi-alertness I start saying the rosary haha.

As a kid though I kept this in, thinking I was possessed. Uhh hello, my name is Regan, just like the little girl in the Exorcist! Spelled the same too! Anyway after I started hearing other people talking about similar symptoms, I was like "hey that's me too!" Turns out that I have a case of Sleep Paralysis, which sounds a lot better than being possessed by Demons. As Nas says "I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death."

I googled it and came up with this page, and it sounds like a support group for people who also experience it. Maybe I might contribute to it too haha.

The Daily Dime

And you probably expected a hot chick huh? Nope, just 10 thoughts currently occupying between my ears:

- Is it Just me or do more people say 'ping me' instead of 'call me' or 'text me' or just 'hit me up'? Hmmm…usually when I hear 'ping' I think of golf clubs, or tryna find a live IP address in an MS-DOS window.

- How come I feel all my sizes aren't really my sizes?! I try on a size 32 waist, it seems a lil loose. I get a 31, and it seems tight. A 30" inseam is slightly long, but a 28" looks like I'm flooding. Some 10.5s are spacey, but a 10 can like only be worn with dress socks. A Med shirt is sometimes an extra-medium or a large-medium [in this case, a large-medium is bigger than an extra-medium]. I'm kinda scurred to get too tailored clothes since my body tends to morph.

- I haven't been this excited about a boxing match since I made it to Iron Mike in Mike Tyson's Punch-out. This fight could just validate a movement. And if you don't care for boxing and rather shop, Serramonte Mall will probably be deserted tomorrow night. [thx to G for that joke]

- At work it feels like I'm on my own island. Everyone around me is sick, but I stay immune. All I need is my Wilson and I'd be set!

- Missing: 3 of the 5th Dimension bloggers. 2nd Dimension doesn't sound right. Last seen: commenting on ReegSpeak.

- The GOAT Christmas Song: "Do They Know Its Christmas?" You know, the one that had all them artists on there. "Feed the Wor-rld, let them know its Christ-mas time again!" Wham's "Last Christmas" is a distant second.

- I literally have 5 current chap-sticks I'm using: 2 at my desk, 1 in the whip, 1 in my pocket and 1 on my nightstand. My fav ones is the State Farm promogranate SPF-15 promotional item. I hope they don't expire.

- I think I'ma get a pair of kicks soon.

- Oh yeah I never blogged about Kristin Kreuk's cameo in Smallville. She came back! But it wasn't love at first sight like when I saw her on that billboard while driving through Hollywood in the summer of 2001. It was more like, "oh…she looks different." Don't get me wrong she's still as fly as a bird, but I didn't get that tingling feeling.

- Facebook follies: A few months ago, I was trying to add Melanie M, one of the dopest girls I remember from college. I saw our mutual friends, and they were her roommates and the 50pixel by 50pixel pic looked like her. Then I get an email the other day saying that Merianne M confirmed me as a friend. haha whoops! Funny, at least she didn't reject me. Maybe she felt sorry for me? Like look at this dweeb. Oh well, I think they're cousins or something. So this was one end of the FB spectrum, as the other end happened when Michelle C added me as a friend woohoo! I think I had a crush on her for the 4 years I was there haha.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


And I thought last week's double dose of The Killers and Kanye was a treat! Look what next week's releases bring forth. The last time I remember 3 legit records dropping the same day was back on September 29, 1998 when my roommates and I went to MorningGlory Music in SB, and I got Jay-Z's Vol 2 Hard Knock Life, Norm picked up ATCQ's Love Movement and Eric swooped Outkast's Aquemini. Which was really ironic, since all of those respective artists are right up our respective allies.

Which reminds me of another story. My theme song for us was "City Town to the LBC", by JT The Bigga Figga featuring The Gov and Young Swoop. I was JT, since I repped the City of SF, Eric was The Gov, since he repped the 'Town [even though he is Oakland Hills] and Norm was Young Swoop, being from Long Beach and all. It was like the perfect song tailored for us! Of course I never told them this haha, but I think of them every time I hear that song.

Okay back to 2008...I thought this was gonna be a down year for music releases but it looks to finish strong. Keep CD's alive!

I heard 'Punch Drunk Love' and that was fresh. With the exception of The Electric Circus, he always comes through for me. I expect yet another love-rap album.

Peep the credits. Premier. Pharrell. Cool Kids. Ali Shaheed Muhammad. ?Love. Mary J. I'm mad that I didn't know about this earlier!

I don't care how wack his show was, Musiq has at least 2 bangers on all his joints. And besides his first single, I remember a new ballad he sang during that horrendous performance that sounded decent.

I think its time for me to host another iPoddy!

If They Had That Feature Then I'd Keep Them

So I took a lil hiatus from selling stuff on eBay, but then I realized I have a couple Burton snowboarding pants to get rid of. I was gonna keep a pair, but then I realized I wanted something funkier than solid black. Anyway, ever trip of how come a "pair of pants" is called that, when there is only one? It can't be because of the 2 legs, since shirts also are designed for multiple limbs. A "pair of scissors" too...hmmmm, I really wonder how this stuff came about!

Oh yeah, my bad for that tangent. As I have a pair currently on eBay, I received this question from a Norwegian:

Dear reegsta,

hi! i have two questions for you? how much do you take for shipping to norway? an does the pants have a microfiber buttwarmer?

- siljesjo

Hahaha I wish all my pants had microfiber buttwarmers. They would even be better if they were wicker-proof, kinda like premium athletic socks. Wouldn't that solve the swamp-a$$ problem some people have? But for real, I listed all the features of the pants and that wasn't one of them, so I don't know how common microfiber buttwarmers are. But best believe my next pair of snowboarding pants will have that!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Emo Song of the Day

I can't front, this is one of my fav songs, as it holds a place on the prestigious Top 25 Most Played songs on the iPizzle. It's really poignant and it pretty much speaks to me. Shoot I didn't even know Switchfoot was a Christian rock band until recently, but I've been playing this since I first heard it on Smallville circa 2005. I swear every time I get contemplative it gets a spin.

This Is Your Life - Switchfoot

Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead
Yesterday is a promise that you've broken
Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes
This is your life and today is all you've got now
Yeah, and today is all you'll ever have
Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be
When the world was younger and you had everything to lose


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Annual Christmas Wish List for 2008

Granted I know I won't get all of this stuff, but they all would make for excellent stocking stuffers. In no real order:

What is it: Kenwood DNX7120 Navigation Receiver
Where to Buy: Crutchfield
How Much: $1300
Why I want it: I really dislike using an iPod transmitter to play my tunes. And if I upgrade the deck might as well go all out yeah?
Why I don't: It might attract potential theft. Plus its hard to watch movies and drive simultaneously.

What is it: Nikon D-80
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $800?
Why I want it: Well duh, its the shooting tool of the uglystick. Plus if I get a D-SLR, it'll force me to go to new places.
Why I don't: I don't like carrying around a point-n-shoot, let alone a bulky one.

What is it: Nike Air Max 90 Clerk Pack
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $200-$250
Why I want it: Since I've given up on obtaining some Bacons, and for some reason I want some pinkish 90s, these are next in line.
Why I don't: Pink-based sneaks for over 2 bills?! Are you effin' crazy?!

What is it: Apple iPhone
Where to Buy: The Apple Store
How Much: too much once you factor in monthly fees
Why I want it: My Apple transformation is almost complete, as I just need an iPhone to validate it.
Why I don't: I never did like having the most ubiquitous phone on the market, but this seems to be an exception. And my contract isn't up til Mar-09.

What is it: Custom Cufflinks R & T
Where to Buy:
How Much: $50
Why I want it: I have one set of links I always wear, and I'm pretty tired off them.
Why I don't: I wouldn't know if it should read "RT" from my perspective or facing me?

What is it: Manny Pacquiao Signed Glove
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $300
Why I want it: It would be one cool piece of sports memorabilia to have. Right next to my Stephon Marbury signed ball.
Why I don't: If you think about it, it's pretty wack to buy signed memorabilia. Regarding the aforementioned ball, I did meet Steph back in 1996 and he did sign it for me.

What is it: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $250
Why I want it: If I can't play like Tiger Woods, at least I could use his putter.
Why I don't: If I can't play like Tiger Woods, I might as well stick to the flat-stick already in the bag.

What is it: Sunroof Wind Deflector
Where to Buy: WeatherTech
How Much: $60
Why I want it: I need something other than color to differentiate Black Starr!
Why I don't: I might not like it after a month or so. I'm fickle like that.

So these were the first things that came to mind. I don't really expect any of it unless I buy it, word to my 2007 Wish List haha. [ed's note: whoa ~ 75% of that list was obtained! whatever reeg wants, reeg gets.] But who knows, maybe one day I'll end up having some of it.

Happy shopping yall!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Parallel Lives

I knew it was possible, but it didn't really hit me until it actually happened. I'm not too fond of hybrids, but this is pretty cool. And all thanks goes out to tiffanyblue since she provided me with the necessary software. On that note, I tried to reinstall my CPA software and my ish expired! I spent all that loot on software, then it expired on me. That is probably the biggest L I took in 2008. [Oh wait, let me check my property value...and my 401K...and my ROTH...oh nevermind.] But I still have the relevant textbooks and flashcards, so I'm thinking of going old school [meaning circa 1999] and just study off of that. The 2009 test should have like 90% of the pertinent stuff in the 2007 books anyway haha.

Anyways give me a late pass, but Windows on a Mac is a trip. And no, this is definitely not a photoshopped pic:


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top 5 Burrito Spots - Burp

Aight here it is - Reeg's Top 5 Burrito spots in the city. I feel like I'ma Burrito connoisseur. Shoot, I just had a Carnitas one for lunch today. As Rol would also say, this is my go to food when I can't think of anything else to eat. Comfort food just doesn't have to be from the South! So starting in reverse order:

5. La Morena - Yeah, how much credibility can this list have if the first place listed is in South City? At least the area is surrounded by Mexicans, making the place legit. But its my blog, my rules, and thus it makes the list. They probably make my favorite Al Pastor ever.

4. Pancho Villa Taqueria - Yikes, at least this place has a city locale in addition to the original spot in San Mateo. They have a grander menu and their churros are on point, well more than **insert amusement park**, Costco, and that dude on the corner slanging lukewarm ones.

3. Gordo's - Gordo's is that spot, I'm sure you Richmond/Sunset/Parkside people will admit. Their burritos are dense and girthy [pause], but I guess that's what happens when your order has a "super" prefix in front of it. Plus I never usually order Quesedillas but wouldn't hesitate here.

2. Papalote's - Okay this isn't a surprise if you read my previous entry. I know no authentic taqueria's should have tofu as an option or have wheat tortillas, but I'll make an exception. Order a Carne Asada and they'll cook it on the spot, so you have to wait a lil longer but it's well worth it. And their house Orange House Salsa puree is mad official. I could eat tortilla chips and wash it down with that stuff.

1. La Taqueria - Okay, despite many Best Burrito of the City accolades, this is my fav joint. On half days back at MIssion Dolores, dad would swoop us up and pick up burritos here for lunch. So I always will have a soft spot for it. Shoot even nowadays I'll take PT down there during slow times at work and enjoy a tasty one! Think about it - its the OG Taqueria that it doesn't even need a second name - its simply La Taqueria.

There you have it. If I missed any, then maybe they're ranked 6th through 10th haha.

Golf Is My Medicine

Course: Chuck Corica Golf Complex, Jack Clark Course

So I was reeeeaaallyy sick a couple Fridays ago, and to feel better I ventured out to Alameda to play a round of golf with MosJef. Plus since it was a belated birthday gift I wanted to play on a weekday so I could save some loot hahaha. Anyway a couple weeks prior to this round, I felt a part of me missing. It turns out it was my golf bag, since Arvin borrowed my sticks as he's looking to get some Mizuno's too. So I got my clubs back, all clean and all, so everything should've been back to normal. I actually bought a new sand wedge to complement my 'zuno's and haven't even used it at the range, so I was pretty excited to play.

I like Chuck Corica since if its not busy they'll let you go out in twosomes, which is what happened that day. You could shag balls if you want, just be on the lookout for the Marshall. So on the first hole, I pierced a drive down the middle. Only thing is the middle of the fairway contained a sloped bunker! Anyway the 1st Hole pretty much dictates your round, and I double-bogeyed it eeek. The ensuing holes weren't much better, as my score ballooned and I didn't have a par or better in the front 9! Meanwhile MosJef was competitive in his time to shine, and he was playing solid golf, even birdieing a hole. Back 9 started out similarly to the front, and after 13 holes I find myself trailing him. WTF?? I can confidently say I'm undefeated against all the 3rd Floor peeps since 1996, and I've never collected a penny on all the monetary bets we've had.

Realizing I might lose, I was thinking of excuses [I was sick remember, well its his b-day, bro cursed clubs, etc]. However I just turned on the Eldrick Juice and finished bogey-par-bogey-birdie-par. I finally knocked in a birdie putt on 17 and had another snake on 18, pulling out the pin for a crazy save. My last two holed putts covered like 75 feet, so I was even impressed with myself. Breaking it down, I was +23 over 13 holes and +1 over 5 hahaha. My 95 beat his 98, but congrats to him for breaking 100 for the 1st time! I thought I wasn't even gon break the Century Club that day whew.

Since I was victorious, I enjoyed a burrito with Rol at Papalote's afterward, which is probably the 2nd best burrito spot in the Sucka Free.

Hopefully I'll have at least 2 rounds left in me for December!

Monday, November 24, 2008

One Crabby Saturday

So on Saturday Anthony [sous-sous chef] and myself [head chef] cooked for Steph and G, doing you know, that crap older people do, liking hosting dinners and stuff. Anyway initially it was a competition since they cooked for us a couple weeks ago, but really there wasn't a competition and I think they would admit that haha. I'm glad they came too since that kick-started me cleaning my condo.

The menu was as follows:

Lori's Brie and Apple Appetizers
Green Beans & Oyster Sauce
Dungeness Garlic Crab Butter Noodles
Oven-Roasted Dungeness Crab
Tiramisu Affogato

Jamie Cullum - twentysomething

Lastly there was White Wine for the girls while Any and me had San Mig Lights haha.

I was responsible for the noodles and crab and ambiance while Ant handled the appetizer, veggie and dessert. And I'm usually a humble dude but our dinner was on point. Granted there was some initial issues [thinking that Pacific Sales was a grocery store when in actuality it is an appliance store lol, not knowing how to get to Ranch 99 in Rich-town, finding the Mirin, almost mincing my finger while mincing the garlic, etc]. Yeah, I honestly felt like we were in the kitchen stadium on The Iron Chef, since we wanted to get everything done in an hour. [Whereas the girls took 2 hours to make chicken hahaaha].

First I had to steam the crabs, and its pretty fun dealing with live crabs. They get all active tryna escape the pot but then they quickly perish. Sad but we gotta preserve the food chain. Then as I was making this sauce I had to preheat my oven to 500 degrees, and no joke I didn't even know it could get that high. Ish was mad hot though when we had to open it. The noodle dish was proper, but next time I wanna use thicker noodles. We saw some dude at the grocery store, and we were all loud looking for a specific type of egg noodle. Then he chimes in "oh like the ones at Thanh Long?" and we're like "yeah!" So we jacked his noodles since he was making the same thing! But really, those dishes weren't similar at all haha.

Oh yeah, 3 of the four crabs were fully limbed, but one crab had his whole left side amputated. However his one claw was gigantic, like the size of a lobster. I wonder if he grew up like that, and his arm got bigger since he just had to rely on that? Hmmm.

Afterwards we were mad stuffed and my place probably still smells like garlic lol. But it definitely helped my cooking swagger in preparation of the sides we need to prepare for this upcoming holiday. So if anyone else wants to battle, me and Ant will take you on!*

* except for Tiff L

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh yeah I never wrote about Amelyn and Ed's wedding. While they already celebrated their ceremony in the Great White North known as Banff, Canada, they also had a dinner celebration at Dynasty Something for the family and friends up in the Bay. Well Cupertino was mad far from my crib, so it felt like I was driving to Santa Cruz or something. But that town gets a pass since its home to Apple HQ. But anyway I had to coordinate with Jeff, Rol and Ant to make sure we weren't goin to wear the same colors haha. I just knew already I wasn't gonna match anything Al was gonna rock lol. I opted for a brown pinstripe, which doesn't really fit me like it did when I bought it. Maybe I need to re-alter it I dunno.

Anyway we had the grand ballroom in the restaurant, when there seemed to be like 10 other celebrations going on. Ed probably was the tallest dude, so he probably got first dibs. You know, tall folks get everything. Anyway, maybe I should stop mentioning height when I talk about Ed. I swear he has other redeeming qualities too. He has dimples, and not on his ass [not that I know of at least]. Did you know if Ed and I went to UC-Santa Cruz we were gonna be roommates? Yeah I don't know how he leapfrogged the rest of the UC's and ended up at Berkeley. Well I wasn't gonna go to UCSC anyway, regardless of how much I like Pulp Fiction.

Ant played the MC, and he did a good job, except he never advertised Stergeron Enterprises, so I'm a tad disappointed. So there was the Filipinos at our table [less Nick] and some other random people. You know you're at a Chinese wedding when the person sitting next to you neither knows the Bridge or Groom hahaha. Luckily we were placed with a dude who didn't like seafood, and seafood comprised bout 75% of the dishes. More for me! Dish du Jour was probably the SeaBass. Ish was good. They tried to fool us 2wice though, as the crab soup wasn't shark-fin soup and the roasted chicken wasn't duck. I guess 2008 is the year of the cupcakes since that was the dessert, and I think I had one of all 4 flavors haha.

2008 is also the year of the Photobooth, and we did a few No on 8 poses. Blame Roland for that. Another 3rd Floor alumnus got wedded, so we did that pose too. Now that I think of it, I don't think I was in the one for Steph's wedding? Hmmm. Anyway the liquor kept flowing and Jeff and Nick ended up being impromptu bartenders. And I was gone after one of Luna's concoctions. The night was winding down and there was excess beer left, so naturally with the ShotGun Kings in the house [shouts out to Man G holding down the East Coast], we had to take it to the dome. And it was refreshing.

The ride home was mad long. G drove Black-Starr and we followed Jeff home to make sure he arrived safely. Then we made it back. All in all another one bites the dust. But congrats guys!

Attached are some pics, and really the Bride was there somewhere although you won't see her hahaha:


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

9-0-2-1 Uh Oh!

I knew there was a reason I kept watching this show. I sometimes have problems living in the past. Why do you think I have so many retro kicks? Why was the my last playlist created called Mission Dolores R&B Ish? [FYI first song I put on there was Troop's Spread My Wings]. So naturally I'ma be drawn into 90210. Anyway after watching the Dubs slip by the Sportscoats, errr, Blazers [haha!], I quickly launched my DVR to put on the latest episode. [note to self: write about hoops soon to maintain some man-cred].

And guess who makes a cameo?! None other than Nubian Princess Number One LL, the one and only Nu-Nu aka Lauren London. She is to Regan as TI is to G, to use an SAT analogy. Hmmm…no wonder we were both quiet when we were watching ATL during their love scenes! Its all making sense now. But anyway, I was wondering where L-Boogie 2K went after messing with Turtle in that one Entourage episode, and apparently she just enrolled in West Bev high. Good thing she peaced out, since that would've been statutory for the Turtle and he wouldn't be in this position messing with the Sopranos first daughter Jamie-Lynn.

But yeah, she plays a cheerleader, so I'm expecting a Gabrielle Union routine from Bring It On or something. I thought it was just a one-time cameo, but I IMDB'ed her and found out it’s a recurring role woohoo. Unfortunately the show is on hiatus [hi haters!] and won't come back until after the new year. So the anticipation builds up.

Another bonus: the last song played on the show was Death Cab's I Will Follow You Into the Dark, which made me think if I should at least try to obtain tickets for their upcoming show?? Hmmph. Man one day I'ma stop watching CW shows, but at least I honestly can say I don't follow Gossip Girls and Priviledged lol.

I Got 99 Problems...

But blogging ain't one!

1. Doubtful about a raise or bonus for 2009, when I had decent ones in prior years.
2. I feel like the antithesis of Big's "Mo Money Mo Problems"
3. Only roughly 28 years left on my mortgage.
4. HOA fees kick in during Q2'09.
5. I have a car note after not having one for like 4 years.
6. I still have school loans to pay.
7. My wallet is worth more than the money that's in it.
8. I took a peek at my retirement accounts.
9. I cashed out all my change, so the clang is louder when I throw it in the bucket.
10. My financial advisor disowned me.

11. I'm in the financial services industry.
12. Our company posted 11 consecutive months in the red.
13. I realize I need to get certified to get to the next level.
14. I sit right outside the Corporate Controller's office, and he calls my got damn name too much.
15. Our stock today has reached a 52 week low, and for the record, an all-time low.
16. I'm the most tenured in my department.
17. I feel guilty requesting for time off.
18. I've never taken a full-week off since I've started here.
19. I feel like I do other people's work in my department.
20. Sometimes work feels like groundhog day.

21. About half of my threads don’t fit me right.
22. Don't know what I should do with my 'do.
23. I have more man-crushes than woman-crushes.
24. I'm cranky pants when I don't have my morning coffee.
25. I think I want to get a colonic.
26. I want a dog, but can't even take care of an e-pet [RIP Flappie].
27. I have my wisdom teeth still, but am scared to get them extracted.
28. Debating whether or not to let go of Sen-dog.
29. I don't remember the last time my whole immediate fam has been in the same city.
30. About 18 months of personal statements need to be recorded and filed away.

31. I have Lebron in one of my leagues, and I'm closer to last than first.
32. The Warriors have a losing record.
33. The Niners have a losing record.
34. I haven't shot at a hoop since our last playoff b-ball game.
35. I shot over a 95 last time I played golf.
36. I bought football cleats but we haven't played a new season.
37. I have a mediocre fantasy football squad too.
38. My golf game peaked when I was 17.
39. If Tech makes the NIT I think that would be a successful season.
40. I got fast hands but slow feet, word to Chris Mullin.

41. My MacBook Pro thus far is a glorified Internet surfing tool.
42. I have a Smartphone, but am on a Stupidplan.
43. I still got that dumb light on my truck. Lights out please.
44. I got a lil ESPN ghostmark on my Plasma.
45. My wireless speakers aren't working properly.
46. I pay hella for cable, but don't even get the channels I want [NBATV, HBO, Spice]
47. I need PC access to download my CPA software.
48. My web projects and ideas haven't taken off.
49. My blog needs a facelift.
50. Ayyyyo, I'm tired of all this technology.

51. I haven't got a physical since I can remember.
52. My back is crooked and balky, word to that dude from Perfect Strangers.
53. I have a gym membership that I pay for but don't utilize.
54. I go to Run Club only because it’s a precursor to Breakfast Club
55. I haven't rode my bike [well, Arvin's] in a minute.
56. I'm not following my perfect pushup schedule.
57. I never stretch really before anything.
58. I play golf riding a cart when I see 80 year olds walking the course.
59. My eating habits lately have been horrible.
60. My fingers and left wrist are the body parts that get worked out the most.

61. Not sure when our winter Tahoe trip is gonna happen.
62. The homie Roland is moving to Sac.
63. I talk to some people more via technology than in person.
64. Some of them aren't blogging as much as before.
65. Some of them just are Swayze [ie. Ghost].
66. I don't live in the same vicinity as some of them.
67. Sometimes I feel some of my friendships aren't met halfway.
68. Friends shouldn't just be friends because of history, word to Kelly and Brenda.
69. I can't and shouldn't have to choose between friends.
70. Sometimes I feel that I can't count on some of them.

The Crib
71. I can't maintain a clean place when I only have 750 square feet.
72. You could probably remove half the crap in my condo and I wouldn't miss it.
73. I have a couple bins in my folks garage in their big house, and they want me to get rid of it.
74. I have a couple power outlets that aren't operating in my kitchen.
75. I still haven't filled out the paperwork to get my property tax adjustment.
76. Sometimes I feel workers still have keys to my crib.
77. I don't get enough natural light in my unit.
78. My plants are dying even though I water them weekly.
79. My sofa and granite counters are dust magnets.
80. I'm not really done furnishing, and I've been there for over 18 months.

81. I'm tired of all my Pandora stations.
82. I want to go to that Killers/Death Cab concert, but its sold out and I don't like paying above retail.
83. Hip-hop, why have you forsaken me?
84. My whip only is a single disc changer, for now.
85. I still buy CD's.
86. I don't know where my New Edition "Under the Blue Moon" CD is.
87. I have vivid flashbacks of that Musiq concert still.
88. My iPod is full, but think anything over 30GB would be too much scrolling.
89. I don't seem to dig deep enough for good music.
90. I have high hopes for Kanye's album.

91. I have about 50 other non-kicks I haven't yet listed on eBay.
92. I'm struggling to come up with 8 more problems.
93. I'm superstitious.
94. Sometimes people close to me annoy me for no apparent reason.
95. I'm addicted to Diet Coke and Coke Zero.
96. I have a dinner to plan with Ant on Saturday but we haven't started discussing it.
97. I spend a lil too much time on Facebook.
98. I lack motivation right now…you gotta get up, get out, get something.
99. Sometimes I front like its all good, but sometimes its not really.

Whew. But on the real, I love life and all its issues and problems. And I guess if these comprise the bulk of my troubles then it mustn't be too bad. I even do 55 in a 54, but don't have to worry about stepping out the car. Its all part of the ride!

Regan and Himself Go To Best-O Burger

So obviously we don't have a White Castle in Northern Cali [them frozen ones they sell at grocery stores don't count]. My coworker told me about this place nearby work that sold sliders. And I was like for real, I gotta peep this. I ventured up Kearny and swung a right on Pine, and I could smell the patties being fried as I was approaching the establishment. They're menu was pretty limited, as I believe they're going after the In-N-Out approach for simplicity. So then I just decided to order the 2 slider with fries and frings bag for like $6.

First the good: the patties were like 10x the width of White Castle…shoot it shouldn't even be a comparison. The frings were good too. Oh yeah and they have a gelato selection. Then that's about it! So homie asked me if I wanted lettuce and tomato on them, and I was like sure. Didn't know that cost an extra 25 cents for each! Ordering the combo meal didn't save me one penny - I hate when they do that! The bread was decent, but got soggy from all the grease. And the biggest crime was using their thousand island dressing on it - ew. Loyal readers know how much I don't like that sauce on my burger [well actually you don't have to be loyal, you could've just read last week]. Oh yeah the fries were overfried too, which I generally like, but not if they have a pretzel-like crunch.

So I'll probably only go back to sample the gelato, even though they too have a secret menu. Its kinda wack though when they advertise their secret menu on their website. Lame!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'ma Jack Rol's Steez For a Sec...

Everyone loves to link up ballers and rappers to see similarities, especially Rol lately haha. How come only brothas are being used? Well obviously, since they dominate both groups, but I'ma do reverse affirmative action. Here's one we've always talked about but now its time for the pictures:


Just look at the facial hair, nose, ears...its all there.

And Yes, Dennis is a rapper, as I have 2 of his CDs! This whole time I thought I was the dopest spitter reppin' SI Class of '97, but I'll bow down to him. Diverse Curse in the house for real [and thanks for the shout out on that one song.] And if you haven't seen him in action yet, go watch Contour. And Marco is a baller technically, since he gets NBA paychecks haha.

And how come I see Marco more often than Dennis??