Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Pho Real Hard to Find

I was fiending for some Pho today, since its mad cold and Pho hits the spot. I yelped it since my default spot down in The Dungeon has been closed for "renovation" seemingly forever. But really I bet that place was rat-infested or something. If you been down there, you know what I mean. For some reason that ish doesn't phase me too much haha. Anyway, I didn't want to walk 500 miles so naturally a spot that served Pho was a Chinese-owned donut shop called Happy Donuts. Yep, I bought my Pho at a donut shop, just for re-emphasis. I ventured down there [well all of 3 blocks] while their Pho was decent. I just don't like it when they give you 3 options - beef, beef ball and house special haha. Naturally I opted for the beef ball.

Pho real though, I can only find decent sandwich, burrito and Pho places in the FiDi. Edible, but not good. Like if they weren't convenient places to go, then I wouldn't even bother eating there again. Hmm I probably should just be brown-bagging my lunch anyway.