Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Sen-Doggie,

There's no easy way to say this, but I'm thinking of letting you go. I know you were the one constant for me since Labor Day 2000. I know I could've treated you better sometimes, but that's how a love/hate relationship goes. But they say if you really care about someone, you'll let them fly away [in this case, drive away]. Since Black Star came on the scene, its like you just faded into the background [Ne-Yo reference #1].

Anyways I kept you around because I underestimated your value. I thought you were worth around $2K, but KBB puts you around $4K! And Bofa knows I could use that injection right now haha. But its not just that amount, its the insurance savings, the maintenance and gas, plus the idea of getting rid of all the excess I have right now. I wrote about trimming the fat, and now I should listen to my own words [Ne-Yo reference #2]. Is 2 whips with one parking spot when I don't drive to work really necessary? Black Star already passed the MacArthur BART on a Friday night test.

Part of me wants you around still because of all the memories and symbolism...I mean, you were my first whip that I bought with my own loot. But I know all my memories are here [*points to head*], and you don't have to physically be present for me to appreciate you.

Break ups are never easy, so let's enjoy possibly these final weeks of being together. I'm sure we'll keep it amicable. Don't worry, you'll go somewhere where someone will utilize you more. Just let me get this right [Ne-Yo reference #3].

one love,